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Prue- 24 Andy- 24

Piper- 22 Leo- 24 (moral age)

Phoebe- 18

Paige- 16

Phoebe stopped in front of the door from a Victorian manor on the Pretescott Street. "Should I come in?" She said to herself. "What am I going to say, what I'm going to do…

Piper- Phoebe? She opened the door and hugged her.

Piper- Phoebe, are you ok? Oh God you are hurt. Phoebe had a cut on her front head and some braises at her arms.

Phoebe- It was nothing where is… Before she could finish Prue hugged her tight.

Phoebe- I'm so sorry I shouldn't' had left… I was so scare…

Prue- I'm sorry to I act like an idiot I should believe at you not Roger.

Piper- This doesn't matter anymore; all that matter is that we are together again.

Prue- We need to face the true we are witches.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Flash Back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Piper- Phoebe, why did you get that, stop being a kid we don't believe in that stuff.

Phoebe- But grams said… The spirit board started to move A-T

Prue- Grams were delousing from the meds…

Phoebe – Guys, I think that I'm delousing now. The looked T-I C

Prue- ATTIC?

Piper- Ok that was weird.

Prue- What game are you playing Phoebe? Because I'm not likening.

Phoebe- I'm not doing nothing, If you guys don't believe me I'm just going to sleep. She left

Phoebe walked on up steers but she didn't went to her room.

Phoebe- I'm going to check this out. She went to the attic. The younger Hallowell opened the door.

Phoebe- Weird this is always looked. The first thing that she saw was a big book. As soon as she touched the pages turned on their own. She stars to read.

"Hear now the word from the witches;

The secrets that we hide in the night;

The eldest gods are evocate here;

In this night and in the hour;

I call upon the ancient power;

Give the power to we sisters three;

Give us the power, we want the power"

At the next morning the girls were having breakfast. Phoebe was in her way to the bathroom when she tripped and started to levited.

Phoebe- Help me! Prue move her hand but before she could get Phoebe she made her be throw away.

Piper- Phoebe are you ok?

Phoebe- Yes. Do you believe me now?

Prue- So this is it! We have power;

Piper- You guys have I have nothing to do with that. Tow witches! Phoebe threw a piece of cake at Piper but when she made her move the cake stopped in air.

Phoebe- See you have a power

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx End of Flash back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phoebe- Ahhh! She Phoebe when Piper started to make an curative on her cut.

Piper- I have to clean this or you prefer Prue to do it.

Phoebe- No thank you. Piper was the middle sister she always were more sweet and kind. Prue the eldest was different… She was more protective but she was really hard sometimes. Phoebe love them bout more than anything.

Prue- Who did this to you? She said with angry in her voice she just wanted to strangle who ever had hurt her baby sister.

Phoebe- A demon but I got ride from him.

Piper- Are you hurt in someplace else? Asked Piper in a worry tone.

Phoebe- No. Talking about hurt did spoke with Leo? Leo was Piper's boyfriend or ex-boyfriend Piper had broke up with him cause he hide from her the existence of magic the fact that he was a whitelighter, a kind of guardian angel for witches.

Piper- We got back together but he is in some important conference with the elders. The elders were mediators from the Gods. They could heal and orb( molecular teleportation) like whitelighter. They also could destroy things and a lot more.

Phoebe- Is good to know, I'm going to get some sleep, I'm exhausted.

Piper- You don't want to me cook you something, you must be starving.

Phoebe- No I'm too tired.

Prue- Phoebe, are you felling alright? Prue putted her hand on her front head.

Phoebe- I'm but I really need sleep.

Prue- Ok than. Night Phoebes. She hugged Phoebe

Phoebe- Night.

Piper- Hey, don't worry she is going to be ok.

Prue- I know but… I just can't stop not worry… She was been alone all this time… Is just I had been always there to protect her, I'm just not used to don't be there for her.

Piper- Prue, Phoebe only have been gone for a few weeks she is a big girl now you won't be able to watch her 24 hour for the rest of our lives, I know that you want to, and so do I but we need to trust her.

Prue-You right. You always so mature… I think that if wasn't for you me and Phoebe would have killed each other.

Piper- Probably that time that Phoebe took your favorite dolly, I think that I was about six, so were around eight and Phoebe was only four…

Prue- I remember, I think that was really pissed at her… I wanted to throw her taught the window but you convinced me that wasn't a good idea.

Piper- Good times…

Prue- I steal feel so guilt for all the Roger's thing.

Piper- Prue…

Prue- The worse thing is to know that he tried to hurt her…And she couldn't tell me cause I was accusing…

Piper- Prue we can't turn back time what we need to do is gate Phoebe to talk about this and help her to get over.

Prue- You right Pipe. Is just hard. Like today wasn't hard already.

Piper- It would be Paige's birthday. Paige was there baby sister she had died when she as three. They never knew how it happened.

Prue- After all this the is years is steal so hard.

Piper- Yes. I steal remember how she used to jump in my bad when she had a nightmare.

Prue- She was your baby. She always rather to be in you lap then with me or even Grams.

Piper- Yeah! She said with tears in her eyes.

At the middle of the night Prue remember to get one extra blanket for Phoebe. Her room was colder. She found Phoebe hugged to her pillow. Prue put the cover over her.

Prue- I thought that you would be could.

Phoebe- I am. Thanks. Prue put the cover over her and realize that her sister was crying. She laid next to her.

Prue- Came here kiddo. Phoebe rested her head on Prue's chest and cried like a little girl. She didn't know what to say she stood there all night.