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So, this is my second attempt at a fanfic. My other one is still ongoing and is kinda dark. This... is definitely light hearted. Just a silly idea of Squall having to attend a support group post-Ultimecia. :-P I might also explore some of the other character's therapy sessions...

In Treatment: Prologue

Finally it was over. The ten tortuous sessions that all of them had been forced to do after Time Compression. Cid had thought it was important to have all of them evaluated on a psychiatric level shortly after the the adrenaline subsided from the second Sorceress War.

To be honest the let down at first rewarding, there was finally time to breathe, but very soon after it had left all of them antsy and paranoid. They were always looking for a new enemy.

Squall supposed there was mild benefit towards the whole thing, or atleast that was what he had told Cid. He was just glad it was over. Being forced to talk about his feelings for an hour straight for almost three months, while Kadawaki asked him about his personal life and dreams was quite possibly the most painful experience of his life. Far more painful than sharing a tent with Zell after he had eaten a can of gas-producing beans, or the week when Selphie planned the Garden Festival, or one of Quistis lectures on 'proper leadership', or the visit to Laguna Rinoa had dragged him to.

That was another thing, Dr. Kadawaki at Garden had referred them all to a psychologist, Dr. JANE Kadawaki, her sister. Wasn't there some sort of ethical boundary of patient privacy that had been breached?

"God, thank goodness that's done. Can you believe that Kadawaki thought I might have an eating disorder?" Zell flopped his cafeteria tray next to him, one of the hot dogs teetering close to the edge, "I mean, I clearly eat enough."

Squall rolled his eyes and crossed his arms That's the understatement of the year

"Over eating is an eating disorder too, Zell..." Quistis facepalmed as Zell panicked at the stray hot dog, carefully placing it back on his tray.

"OVER eating? gfdllkgj gGFslmi lsid, Quistmflg," Zell mumbled, bun sticking out of his mouth thankfully impeding the rest of whatever he was planning on saying.

Squall chose not to comment, knowing that if he expressed the thoughts he had, he may effectively end his friendship with Zell. He wasn't that heartless. Rinoa had been mercifully patient with him, and one of the things he had learned was that while she loved the fact that he was finally saying what was in his head, it was also sometimes important to NOT say everything.

"Zell, that is CRAZINESS. But, like, I'm not surprised, she didn't get me at ALL either. She thought I was like.. ugh, let's not talk about it, she's making me go to more sessions. Can you believe that?" Selphie pointed her fork at him forcefully to emphasize her frustration.

They can do that? Squall looked over at Selphie curiously. He felt a gentle hand on his leg giving a squeeze, "We don't know what you're thinking, Squall," Rinoa murmured in his ear.

Squall sighed, "She can make you go to more therapy?"

Selphie jabbed her fork in the hot dog on her plate, causing Zell to flinch, "I GUESS. So lame, right?"

Rinoa reached over him, pilfering a fry off of his plate, "Why did she want you to come back, Self?"

"She said I was like, co-dependent or something. Like, I focus all my happiness on other people or whatever. I mean, I don't HAVE to go to more sessions, right? It's super lame and you'll fix it, right Squally?"

Squall shrugged. Selphie's emotions being dependent on other things and people? The woman cried hysterically for days in her room when he said the Garden Festival might be delayed this year, prompting Irvine to threaten his life in order to have him recant the statement. Maybe Kadawaki #2 wasn't as big of a quack as he thought.

"Zell, you're on your FIFTH hot dog, that can't be good for you," Quistis took of her glasses and carefully put them away, "And Selphie, you're not the only one. She said I have control issues, though she DID recommend that I be reinstated as an instructor."

Everyone shifted uncomfortably at the table, forcefully looking away from Quistis.

Quistis glanced around the table, her head quickly jerking back and force, "I'm not controlling, am I?" No one spoke, "AM I?" Quistis stood up quickly, pushing her chair back causing it to loudly scrape against the cafeteria floor, "I...I have to go," she mumbled apologetically quickly exiting the room.

Irvine coughed, "Come on darlin, it's not THAT bad. You might learn something, right?" He hung his arm around Selphie, "Me, on the other hand, she thought I was just 'bout perfect."

Yeah right, you probably just heard what you wanted to.

Selphie raised an eyebrow, "Didn't she call you a narcissist?"

"Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of narcissism, darlin," Irvine tipped his hat with a grin.

"How did it go for you, Squall?" Rinoa squeezed his leg again gently, shifting her chair closer to his.

I am not going to talk about this in front of everyone "Nothing. It's over."

Rinoa wrinkled her nose and leaned her body onto the table so she could tilt her head to look up at him, "hmmmm... my Squall-dar says that the good Doc got under your skin."

"BOYAKA, Rinny you are SO right, look at his face!" Selphie squealed.

Squall rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

"It's okay, Squall. I mean, we all have things to adjust to, it's nothing to be embarrassed about." Rinoa cast her eyes to the table, her hand reaching up to her hair to twirl it between her fingers. A nervous habit she had picked up in adolescence.

"What happened with you, Rinny?" Selphie's voice had dropped to a normal decibel.

Rinoa frowned, and pulled the piece of hair in front of her, glancing for split ends, conveniently making her look disinterested as well as forcing her to not have to look at her companions, "I... my sessions have to continue one on one and they have also been making me see Odine. Lame, right?" She laughed nervously.

I had no idea Squall looked over at her and placed his hand on her knee under the table reassuringly, as she had done for him earlier.

Selphie was opening her mouth to speak but the loudspeaker interrupted her.


Squall sighed and stood up, placing his hand on Rinoa's shoulder as he walked away, "Meet me later."

Short but sweet. They had adjusted to each other enough over the past few months to the point where Rinoa no longer had to ask where or when he was referring to. She let him be quiet, she let him be himself and she loved him for it. He was a lucky man.

Squall made his way to the bridge, each step increasing his sense of dread. His nervous anticipation was justified as the elevator doors opened and he found Cid, Kadawaki and other-Kadawaki standing together.

Why can't they just leave me alone?

"Sit down, Squall," Cid gestured to one of the plush seats in the office

If I sit, you will make me listen to you babble on for hours. "I'm fine," Squall stood at full attention, hands clasped behind his back.

"Sit DOWN, Squall," Cid said again. Squall realized it was not a merely polite offer.

Squall sighed audibly and sat on the aforementioned chair, "I completed the required 10 weeks, sir."

"I know Squall," Cid dipped his hands into his pockets and leaned back on his desk. For a man who wore sweater vests he had a way of being very subtly threatening.

Dr. Jane Kadawaki cleared her throat, "Squall, it is in my professional opinion that ten weeks was not adequate."

Yeah, well I don't think very much of your professional opinion.

"Given that, I am recommending that you attend a support group on trauma."

Squall's eyes widened Are you freaking kidding me? He was opening his mouth to speak, but one glare from Cid shut him up. It was clear there was no arguing this.

This is a joke.

"There is a group held weekly in Balamb, Tuesdays at 4:00."

And let me guess, YOU are the preceptor.

"It is led by Dr. Georgina Kadawaki."

At the last comment, Squall couldn't help but have his facade crack. "You have a third sister?" The question was directed at Dr. Kadawaki #1

"Good heavens no." Kadawaki #1 said, flashing a quick grin to Squall, "She's my sister-in-law."

"Sir, I-"

There is no way in hell you can make me do this.

What trauma have I even been through anyway?

Assholes anonymous, sure I could see maybe going there, but..

I should have just stayed quiet and none of this would have happened.

"Squall, this is final. Period. You will complete a minimum of 10 sessions, and it MUST be signed off. If you fail to complete this I will have to relieve you of your duties."

"Fine," Squall grunted as he stood up quickly, "Are we done?"

Squall didn't wait for the answer as he strode out of the room.

Kadawaki #1 clicked her tongue, "Well, THAT went well. Nonetheless, I agree with my sister. I think this will be good for the Commander. He has seen way too much at such a young age, the poor thing must always be looking over his shoulder."

Dr. Jane Kadawaki nodded at her sister, "Yes. We will see how Mr. Leonhart does In Treatment..."

A/N: Sorry, I PROMISE this is going to get better, just wanted to get a prologue out!

Going to be VERY lighthearted with a little bit of drama. Follow Squall as he goes to his support group and eventually will learn about himself and Rinoa. :-P I might also do a few scenes of some of the other characters... we shall see.

(btw, I am not in any way trying to downplay psychiatric illness in this fic or make fun of it)

Next: Squall's first session...