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Chapter 6

The first time and only time she'd stepped into room 12 in the ICU had been with Will three weeks ago. The sight of the mother of her daughter surrounded by machines and eerily still was too much to bare. She hadn't lasted more than five minutes there. The Quinn on the bed was not the strong headed, crazy teenager who'd tried to steal back Beth. No all Shelby saw was a child, Beth in sixteen years. Without a word she'd run out, run to her daughter who was with her biological father. When not at school, work, or with Quinn, Puck had been with Beth. At first Shelby had been hesitant but after seeing Quinn, she couldn't deny the boy his only connection to his high school lover. Ever since she'd heard about Quinn, since Will gave her a swift metaphorical smack on the head, Shelby had begun to see both Puck and Quinn for what they were, teenagers. Scared, confused, heartbroken teenagers who'd been forced to make decisions that were difficult for adults twice and thrice their age struggle with. Then she'd seen Rachel and the ache to hold her daughter as she cried over her friend was overwhelming, it was a feeling only someone who'd given up a child would know, a feeling Quinn and Puck knew. Will had been right that night in his apartment, how could she condemn Quinn for doing the same thing she'd done, only she'd been an adult in her thirties and Quinn was barely 18.

A deep baritone voice interrupted her inner thoughts as she neared the private room at the end of the hall. "Never can keep your pathetic self out of trouble."

"Why do you even care?" Quinn's voice floated towards Shelby's ears, there was a distinct hatred to her tone that Shelby had never heard many adults, let alone a teenager have.

"Considering my money is paying to fix another one of your mistakes, I came to see if it's actually necessary." Contempt it filled the males voice.

"I don't need your fucking money."

"Like your poor excuse for a mother could afford all the cripple's equipment you'll need. You'd be surprised how much diapers cost now a days." Shelby gasped at the comment, who the hell was this man who felt he could talk to Quinn in such away.

"As much as you gonorrhea medicine I'd guess." The retort was quick and nasty but hidden tears could be heard deep within Quinn's voice.

"You little bitch." Shelby was moving even before she heard the slap.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" Shelby ran in and pushed past the broad, tall, blonde man. She reached out and turned Quinn's head towards her a red welt was already forming on her ivory skinned cheek.

"Disciplining a spoiled brat. Who the hell your you?" The man glared at her and Shelby was shaken not only by the angriness in his eyes but the shade of hazel, the same as Quinn's and Beth's.

"Shelby Corcoran, and the woman who is about to report you for child abuse."

The man laughed, "Ah the moronic woman who adopted my daughter's bastard child."

"Don't you dare talk to about my daughter like that," Quinn's words mirrored her own. Shelby with held the urge to turn and smile at the teen.

"No matter. I am leaving now. Clearly I'm not wanted. Tell your mother I am taking you off my insurance, your 18 now, I refuse to continue to support you. Goodbye Quinn." Russel Fabray's exit left an awkward silence between the two women who hadn't spoken in months.

Shelby wasn't sure what to say. What she'd just witnesses shocked her, worried her. Quinn's father was an atrocious horrible man. Had he always been that way, had be been so cruel and abusive to Quinn?

"He really knows how to make an impression." Quinn broke the awkwardness. Shelby turned to her and gently touched the bruise.

"Are you alright?"


Shelby shook her head; that had been quite blow and Quinn had had severe head trauma just a month ago, she'd only awoken from a coma recently. "I should get the doctor to check you out, report your father, he can't get away with that."

Quinn shrugged, "He has for year this is no different." Well there was the confirmation Shelby never wanted. She shook her head, looking at Quinn again she saw her in a new light. No longer was she the rich girl who'd gotten pregnant and then gone off the deep end after giving the baby up. She was the strong woman who'd survived years of abuse, who'd lost her way when she could take no more pain and heartache.

"Quinn." Shelby's voice trembled; she had no words.

"Don't. Nothing's changed, my past, it… it doesn't excuse my actions."

"Your right it doesn't." Shelby sank into the chair beside the bed. "Nor does mine excuse my actions."

"You did nothing wrong." Quinn protested.

"I was a hypocrite." Shelby admitted, "I offered you a place in Beth's life but I didn't make it easy for you."

Quinn looked away, Shelby could see the tears forming in her eyes, "I was a mess you had every right to keep her away from me."

"Perhaps, but I should have seen just how much pain you were in, helped you more. You changed so quickly I though you were fine, but you weren't, and I of all people should have known better. I still hurt over Rachel."

Quinn didn't reply so Shelby ran her hand up and down Quinn's arm, "I punished you for doing what I had done."

"You didn't try and frame anyone as a bad parent."

"No but I did get one of my student to date Rachel and then plant a tape in her room. Then when everything wasn't as I thought it would be I left, I abandoned her again."

"That was pretty shitty, I even felt bad for Rachel then, and we weren't even friends."

Shelby couldn't help but giggle, which caused Quinn to do the same. They sat in comfortable silence for a moment when the giggles died down before Shelby turned to Quinn, "I still want you to be part of Beth's life, I want you and Puck to be part of our family."

Quinn rubbed her eyes as tears began to fall, "I want that too."

"Good then lets start over, the past is in the past. We start fresh now." As she said that Shelby pulled a picture out of her pocket, it was of Beth on Santa's lap at the mall. She handed it over to Quinn. "When you're out of here, we'll set something up. A visiting schedule, one that is fair for us all. Than we'll figure things out as we go."

Quinn stared down at the picture her thumb rubbing Beth's face, "Thank you Shelby, you have no idea what this means to me."

"Oh but I do." Shelby left a little while later but not before informing the doctors of Russel's visit and getting Judy's number. Russel Fabray wouldn't harm Quinn again if she had anything to say about it.

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