June 4, 2025- Prudence Johnna (P.J.) Hart, Daughter of Phoebe and Coop Hart, 18

The service had been beautiful. The eulogy, written by three of my cousins, showed how great of a person my aunt was. Tam and Kat wore twin expressions, grief mixed with a weird look of acceptance. I couldn't imagine their pain. My mother was injured and temporarily in a wheelchair and my Aunt Piper was scarred but Aunt Paige… died.

It was quick. My mother and her sisters were on a lunch date when the demons showed up. From what my premonition said, she froze the scene. Auntie Paige put up one of her shields that made sure the demons couldn't hurt any innocents. Mom said there was about ten, more than they'd seen in a while. She quickly got to work zapping the demons with emotions they were supposed to have. Piper was killing them left and right. Paige was powerless while her shield was up but I heard she was kicking ass too. A demon snuck up behind her and my mom sensed what was about to go down. Before she could help, Auntie was dead. That's when mom got knocked out. Piper told us that when she called Wy. He took the rest out and tried to heal Paige. It didn't work. And here we are. The flashes I kept getting were unbearable.

Wyatt sat beside his mom, balling. He was closest to Paige. Well, besides Junior, Kat, and Tam obviously. Henry was dead too. He was killed on the job a while ago. A parolee was out of hand and he tried to restrain him. The parolee had a gun. That funeral was really said too. I loved Uncle Hank. He always gave me candy when I went over to play with the twins. He'd tell me stories about when he was an actual cop for two years and how he got scared shitless that time he was chased by a rabid Rottweiler to his car. He was locked in for and hour before back up came. This funeral was much worse though. Wow, am I ranking the funerals I've been to? Heavy shit.

The car ride from the burial was rightfully silent. Tamora and Kat decided to ride back to the manor for the repass with me instead of in the hearse with Mom, Piper, Leo, Dad, and Junior. I turned on the radio and my favorite song was on but I thought it inappropriate to sing at a time like this.

"'Cause love's never felt this way! No, No," I heard from my right. My head snapped to see Kat singing her lungs out. She got her voice from her mother and it was beautiful. Tamora joined in. She got her voice from her dad and it wasn't so great. I joined in with my mediocre vocal chords and a-singing we went. We got to the Manor before the funeral procession. People looked at us funny as the three girls dressed in black, fresh from a funeral sang up the front pathway of the Manor. We sang well into he kitchen and we reached the end of the song. The twins laughed their butts off and I joined in. then Kat's bells of laughter turned into sobs of sadness and Tamora's took a similar turn. I hugged them, thanking God I didn't have the empathic power my sister has. I wished I could help take some of their pain away.

Same Day- Prudence Melinda (Mel) Halliwell, Daughter of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, 18

I couldn't handle this. My mom needed my support but I couldn't do it. I sat in the back, among the barely-friends and the walk-ins, and the cousins-of-ex-co-workers. I figured the farther away from the body the better I would feel. I had reused to go to Henry's. I was only 13 so I had a choice. I sat at the Manor by myself and watched the catering team set up for the repass. I should've done the same today. Sweat sheeted down my face. The priest was finishing up and some people were already leaving so I snuck out with them. I slipped into my vintage convertible Volkswagen Beetle that Paige had talked me into getting when I graduated high school last month. This car made me think of her a lot more. I drove full speed to the beach. My mom said this is where her oldest sister, Prue used to go when she needed t think and me and my mom and my sisters took numerous trips here when I was little. I could literally drive here with my eyes closed by now. When the sea spray filled my nose I smiled. No death here. Just the birds and sand.

I had been here for forty minutes when I looked at my phone for the time. The reception should have been completely over by now and the Manor clear of any artificial people. Hearing my condolences one more time would've literally made me break someone's neck. On that somber thought I made my way back to the manor.

Later That Night- Tamora Kate Mitchell, Daughter of Paige and Henry Mitchell, 18

"Do you need anymore help, Piper?" I asked. She looked tired. Her eyes were red and there were bags under them. Her voice was shaky but stern.

"I'm fine, Tammy, " she said. I loved it when anyone called me that. Mommy had looked up names for Tamora and Tammy came up on every site so it stuck. That was the first time someone had called me that since the morning my mom died. She had called me bitching about my dirty room; I threatened to move out, she said fine. I apologized. She sent 'I Love you, Tammy," but I left my phone in the car and I got the text after I got the news that's she had died. I didn't notice I was crying until I found myself in my aunt's arms.

"It's okay Tamora, I didn't remember that Paige called you that first," she said as she rubbed my head.

"I'm okay, really. I'm gonna check on Hal," I said. I kissed my aunt on the cheek.

"Okay," she said as she threw away the last little plate that had had a half eaten muffin on it. She frowned down at the waste of food and them she seemed to recall her train of thought, "You and your brother and sister are welcome to stay here until you're ready to go through the stuff at your house. You can even move in here sooner or later," she assured.

I didn't answer. I couldn't see myself leaving my house.

I drifted up the stairs.

I walked up the creaky steps to find the attic door slightly ajar. I heard sobbing from the inside. I ran into the attic to find Henry doubled over the podium the book was on. There were candles in front of him, all lit in a circle.

"Why wasn't I given powers? I just want to see my damn mother! Is that too much to ask?" he sobbed and I patted his head. He is a solid 6'0 and I am a half-foot shorter but somehow I led him to one of the couches strewn around and he folded into my arms. His sobs shook me.

"Honey, even if you had powers it wouldn't have worked. Mom needs to be where she is right now. Let Grams and Gran take care of her," I said as I rubbed his dark hair.

"First dad, and then mama. What else can God take away from me, from US?" his sky blue eyes were bloodshot and red.

"Yes, Henry, think about daddy. Our parents are together again. Remember how mom felt after dad died? She never has to feel pain like that ever again. Where she's at, there is no such thing as pain. She is free and in love and with daddy. No demons, no magic… well no stressful magic, just the fun stuff. Mom is fine!" I said.

I cried too. My eyes betrayed me and mooted my whole speech. I meant what I said but my brother hurting and my mother being gone… I had no idea what to do.

Meanwhile, Up-There

"A Charmed One has died," The Elder said, restating a common knowledge, "and she was not destined to die until much later." Fewer Elders knew this fact. Clicking went all around the vast chamber.

"Silence!" The Head Elder called. A hush fell across the horde of golden robes. A lone hand went into the air. It was Sandra, an Elder the Charmed Ones had frequently dealt with.

"Yes, Sandra?" The Head Elder acknowledged the politeness of the gesture.

"Rowan, if she was not destined to die, then won't Evil have the upper-hand? Will they not take over without the Power of Three?"

"Good question, Sandra, but -,"

"Please Rowan, allow me to answer," came a voice from nowhere. Then a woman in extravagant robes with braids down to her waist materialized. "I was the Angel of Destiny for the Charmed Ones," she said.

Most Elders had never seen an Angel of any kind before. They looked in awe. "Now that Paige Mitchell has died, the Power of Three is gone. Disbanded. This cannot be. Demons will soon wipeout the entire Halliwell Line and then other Witch lineages will follow. Your little kingdom will fall, and you will all die."

The Angel's bluntness took many of the Elders by surprise. Rowan looked on in annoyance. This speech had already been delivered to him.

"We must combine our powers to make sure the line doesn't end now," she said.

"But I thought all Angels were neutral?" a brave Elder inquired.

"There is no neutrality when one side takes over," she said with what looked like fear in her eyes.

"Let's start the incantation!" Rowan said as he stepped off of the platform, followed by the Angel of Destiny.

The Elders all held their hands up and instantly a pool of light gathered above them.

Trajectionem Potentia

Matrem Filia

Potestatem Trium

Totum Iterum

Sic Fiat