The scene takes place on a tropical island. Everything is calm and well until a large serpentine dragon dropped out of the sky and landed safely on the ground. He held a microphone as he stared at the camera with a smile on his face.

"Hello everyone and welcome to Total Pokémon Insane Island!" The Green dragon exclaimed. "I am your host Rayquaza and-"

A blue dog like creature came out of nowhere as she jumped out of the water and stood next to Rayquaza.

"And I am your Co-host Suicune!" The water type said with a smile.

"Just to explain this show, this is where 32 pokémon are able divided into two teams for a chance to win 1 million poké!" Rayquaza yelled while flying around.

"But, the vic- uh I mean contestants have to do a series of challenges. If one team fails that challenge, then the losing team must vote someone off and board the Lapras of Losers where they will not return...EVER!" Explained Suicune.

"And because the author is a moron and has nothing better to do, he has made a poll for which two of his O.C.'s to enter along with the other contestants that you will soon enter." Spoke Rayquaza as he flew back down to the ground. But for now, please enter your pokémon!













"Now that's all the time we have. See ya soon!" Yelled Rayquaza as he waved goodbye.