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'Thinking' / "Talking"


Chapter One: 'Amity Park, meet Raven'

Raven's POV

'Is all of this pointless?'

That was all an indigo haired teen thought as she traveled around the streets of yet another town. Ever since she arrived in Earth she had been refused what she needed most: help and understanding. Once in the streets she heard about some people who were extraordinaire. People who had abilities and skills that no one could match. People that was different, as different as she was. As soon as she heard of this so called 'Heroes' she went to search for them; and once she did, they refused to even let her finish tell her story. Since the Justice League refused to help her with her problem she wandered from town to town.

After her encounter with the members of the League, she went to a town called 'Jump City' or more like 'Some massive outer space creature just jumped on every building there was around just for the heck of it'. It was a total wreck once she got there. So as to not be blamed or caught in whatever was happening there; she just kept on going until she made it to another town and the next, and the next…she kept going like that for a couple of months.

Along the way she got to think about her "Growing Mistakes List":

1) Go and ask another to help her deal with her problem.

2) Trust anyone telling her the tale of her life.

3) Walking around the city dressed in nothing but a cloak and a leotard!

4) Departing from Azarath with nothing else but her clothing.

After realizing how foolish she was she started to use her own abilities to 'Survive' (which was better than calling it 'stealing'). Oh, she was not proud of it, but she never stole money, she only took whatever she needed, small things from one place then from another so as to not call too much attention. As time went on she was basically a very pale backpacker travelling the country.

Looking back on it now, she knew she made a hasty decision running away. But she was so scared and worried for what would happen, when it happened…she just had to take the danger somewhere else, whatever it was. All she knew about it was that she would be the cause of some terrible disaster.

Now on the move, she was headed to a town called 'Amity Park' somewhere in Minnesota. Not that she minded the change in scenery; she really didn't like all that much sunny California. In fact, this new town seemed to be a good place to hide for a while. There were some woods around the area, a bit of urban lifestyle, enough people in the town so that no one would really notice her, even a good amount of teenagers to blend amongst in case she ever dared to come close to a crowd (Which was not very possible). She could even settle down for some time… try to find a place called home, at least have a roof over her head to protect her from the rain. She was getting really tired of sleeping in the open.

And here comes the next problem: to try and blend and disappear for as long as possible and avoid her destiny she needed an identity, she needed to have a life of her own, a story and some background. Documents she did not posses, so…either she needed to forge them (which she really was not very forward to do…stealing was bad enough) or have some miracle (much less likely) to come upon her. She was a runaway, and she needed a mean of surviving. Scraping food from trash cans was not going to let her live for long, at least not healthy. She was either cornered to keep on 'Surviving' going against all that Azar taught her or…attempting to do the one thing she had been avoiding the most since she got to Earth…socializing… and try to get a job. But on the other hand, she didn't do well with people, she needed to gain some control over her emotions before she attempted to be surrounded by others and, and…

"Nothing, just get over it. Might as well get started to 'train' myself around other people". And off she went to look for one place where you could find plenty of job offers: The Mall.

Danny's POV

He had had a rough day. Not only he had to wake up at bloody 2:00am to chase around the Box Ghost (he thought it was funny to wake him up), it was followed by some creepy breakfast, apparently toasts and ectoplasm didn't mix very well. After escaping being eaten by his food, came the school torture. Lancer had the 'great' idea of making his class research all they could about mythology, but it had to be something not very common, as in 'No, you can't copy down Disney's Hercules Mr. Baxter'. Of course the thing was due tomorrow, so on top of patrolling during night he had to lose even more sleep over that assignment.

Then it was gym class and dodgeball, obviously he became the jocks target immediately. When it was lunch time Sam and Tucker were bickering once again about their eating habits making him lose the little appetite he had left. And once he talked to them about his suspicions of the Ghost making him lose sleep time on purpose, they just told him that they could do nothing about it. It's not that he wanted them to take over patrolling for a little while, it's just that it would be nice of them to offer it (he would decline it, of course, but it was the thought that counted).

It just got worse when he had come home to find their parents locked up in the basement and a note left for him on the fridge.

Danny, would you mind and fetch us some shipment that arrived at the hardware store, we need to keep on working on our latest anti-ghost project, Shhht its top secret. Anyway go there and bring it back soon. Love Dad.

P.S. Would you bring me some more fudge?!

That was his dad alright. Well at least he could cool down on his way to the Mall and take in some fresh air. Lately he just wished more than anything to be a bit more…normal. It was exiting and cool to have ghost powers of course, but the responsibilities that came with it, he didn't know if he could manage all that charge now. But every time he thought about taking a break from the 'hero business' a little voice inside of his head told him that what he was doing was the right thing and shouldn't give up. It sucks to be the good guy sometimes, but someone had to do it, at least for now. He stopped with his ramblings when he got close to the mall. Once he got there his stomach started rumbling and he remembered that throughout all day he hadn't had much to eat, anything resembling food that is. So deciding that his parents shipment could wait a little longer he headed for the food court. But on his way there; he was a little distracted thinking about which type of hamburger he could get, he didn't notice that he was walking straight into someone else.

Raven's POV

Things have not gone as she planned. As it seems, getting a part time job was more difficult than she thought it would be. They asked all kinds of requirements! Where she lived, which school she went to, her parent's names (As if she had any…that she cared about). After about 10 job interviews she had lost hope. It got worse when one of the managers started checking her out and all the lights in the store exploded. So much for training around other's emotions. It was back to scraping food from trash cans then, at least this place looked clean and decent; maybe the trash wasn't that bad. She was heading out the mall when someone knocked her to the ground.

"I'm sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!" Said a boy with raven hair and blue eyes.

"Yeah, I noticed" She said snapping at him as the boy tried to help her up. She stopped him and did so by herself. "Watch it next time" she said in her typical monotone, but a little annoyed on the inside. In the distance, the front glass of and exhibit started cracking.

"I'm really sorry. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" Said the boy with a look of panic on his face; not only that, she could sense it too. He looked truly worried, she didn't show it on her face, but she felt a little guilty.

"I'm fine" she said softening her voice as much as she could. 'No need to break anything else'.

"Are you sure? You didn't bruise did you? You look a little pale, are you healthy, did I make it worse, oh my God I'm so so…"The boy just started blabbing about so much nonsense that it was quite amusing, but she wasn't showing any emotion on her face, which made the boy even more nervous and she noticed he kept on his monologue. 'Sigh'

"I'm fine… thanks for asking" she said in her nicer tone so far and the boy seemed to relax.

"Oh sorry… I guess I just get nervous around pret- oh um, sorry again…oh man! Never mind" he just kept on blabbering, so if she didn't try to shut him up, nothing will, and people where starting to stare at them so she needed to make him stop.

"Look, I'm fine so let's just pretend it never happened" She said in her flat tone which made the boy stop and look at her.

"Oh, okay then. Since that never happened let me introduce myself. Name's Danny" He said stretching out his hand for her to shake. She looked at his hand. It actually was the first nice gesture anyone had towards her…but, she couldn't tell him her name….who else in this place goes by a bird's name? She hesitantly reached out to shake his hand when all of a sudden a crash was heard not far from where they were.

Danny's POV

'Why is it that every time I get to speak with a pretty girl I can't stop talking?' thought the boy as he nearly told her the exact same thing. He was sure hopeless. And whatever God was there seemed to enjoy torturing him as he was about to shake hands with her, when mist came out from his mouth and heard a loud crashing sound.

"Where are you, my prey, It's time to play!" Oh crud, Skulker…again. And rhyming, this was definitely not his day.

Having appeared, everyone started to panic and run around like headless chickens. He turned around to tell the girl to find refuge, but she was gone. Weird, she couldn't have gone that far in so little time. Deciding to ponder about that later, he went to the nearest corner so he could transform. There was one good think about Skulker showing up; he could finally vent some extra stress out.

"Going Ghost!" He yelled as two bright rings separated from the middle of his body and began to change his appearance. His once raven black hair was gone and was replaced by a snow white mane. His blue eyes were replaced by a fluorescent green pair. He wore a black and white hazmat suit with a fading 'D' containing a 'P'. He now was Danny Phantom, and he wanted to kick butt.

"You trying to make it to the music business or you downloaded a really bad rhyme app?" Said the Ghost Boy as he floated behind Skulker, who was previously trashing some video game store. "Hey! I liked that place". He said as he launched himself at Skulker knocking him over.

And so the battle began. They were going at it the usual way. Taunting, launching ecto-rays at each other, well, that is until Skulker decided to put civilians in danger throwing around tables from the food court. He lifted one and threw it at some blond jock that happened to be around the mall at the wrong time. Danny was about to jump in the middle when he saw her again. The girl with the violet hair. She ran towards Dash and pushed him with enough force to get him, and her, out of the way. Dash was no little wimp, and she was not very muscular so he wondered for a second how she managed to do it. But then a table came his way and he had to move again. But just as he was about to get hit, a weird black energy encased the table stopping it just a few centimeters from his face, and then the table fell to the ground as the energy dissipated.

"Come on Ghost Boy, is that all you've got? What with the black light, huh?"

"None of your business, but I think is time for you to chill" Said the ghost boy forming a giant snow ball and throwing it directly into Skulker's face, which took him completely off balance. He took out the Phantom thermos and captured him there. He wheezed a little, he still was not used to creating such large amounts of ice. He looked around at the damage of the mall. The Mayor was going to put the blame on him again for this. But he didn't cause all of it.

Danny got out of there as fast as he could. He had quite a lot on his mind at the moment. Like how was he going to explain to his parents that he did not have their package, or maybe how would the Authorities make him responsible for Skulker's mess. And who was that girl he met at the mall. And last but not least important, what was that black energy from before. It did not feel ghostly, so what was it? He needed to think about that later, now he had to go home and confront his Dad…Damn it! He forgot the fudge too!

Raven's POV

She ran to a corner as soon as she heard the crash. Never mind she was making progress talking to another person (And about to shake hands). He didn't seem to be disgusted by her (that was a first); he also seemed to be quite eager to talk to her. But all hell broke loose once that presence made itself visible in the compound. She sensed it before it became visible, she was just hoping it wouldn't do anything and she could have something to eat. Wishful thinking.

Once she was hidden from everyone's eyes, she noticed the boy she was talking to earlier, disappeared from the scene as well. Maybe he went to hide as well. There was a lot of chaos going on the place. A bunch of teenagers with red jackets were standing around as if waiting for someone to appear. And then the voice of the kid she was talking to came from behind the spirit. She couldn't' get a good look at him but for a second she saw white hair and something green.

And then they began to battle. But that voice, she could not be mistaken. The way that spirit looked like, although in a different outfit, was very similar to…'What was his name?' but she had to stop her musings as the machine look alike spirit started throwing stuff everywhere. And one of those things he threw was a table, a table that was going to smash one of those teenagers to a pulp if she didn't move…fast.

She jumped and pushed him out of the way, at the same time as she came to a stop not far from were the table landed. The blond boy was flat on his stomach before he lifted himself up and started talking, or in his case yelling.

"Dude! I had a front sit of the fight, what is your problem you dumb a-… oh" he said as he faced her, but then for some reason he just stopped talking while staring at her. He then had the nerve of eyeing her and his face turned a little red.

"You welcome" said the girl in an icy tone, standing up and turning around. Stupid people were all over the world, apparently.

"What…oh wait!" Although he was too late; as the girl was nowhere in sight.

But she just went back to hide in the corner. And right on time too. She saw the other spirit about to be smashed by one of the tables the mechanical spirit was so fond of throwing. The boy was not aware of that fact, though. Suddenly she saw a dark energy forming around the table that stopped it in front of him for a second. That was when she realized it was she the one controlling the energy, she had her hand stretched out and encased in black energy. She dropped it as soon as she realized this. Food would have to wait. She went out running as fast as she could from the mall.

What was she doing? Why were there spirits around so freely? Why did she protect the boy? A boy who now she realized had a striking resemblance to the boy she was talking to earlier. And that voice. He looked a little different, but she was quite good remembering that kind of details. The voice of people held their emotions, and she was skilled recognizing them. It was part of what she learned from the monks in Azarath. She could not see their faces, but she recognized their voices quiet perfectly (that way she could stay away from the mean ones). So…was he a hero, like the ones who denied her help? Why would a spirit be living around humans? And why would it try to save them? There was a lot going on in this place.

This town was not as quiet as she thought it was. It was actually quite interesting; it would be worth her time if she could stick around for a while. After all, she was starting to get bored of traveling.

To be Continued...



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