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empahsis / "Dreaming"




Chapter six: 'Green Monster'

Raven's POV

She was getting tired of this. It had all happened three days ago and they kept on avoiding her. It was not Danny's secret to tell, it was hers! The worst of all was that they were giving Danny the cold shoulder as well. It was not his fault either. Did they expect that he told them everything? It was illogical. At some stage Danny had to keep something from them. It also didn't help that he kept on whining behind them to try and earn forgiveness. Those guys needed to get over it, the three of them. Well, at least this alone time would allow her to find a place to practice her new spells. It wasn't all that bad that she lost consciousness.

(Flash Back)

She was in darkness. She felt pain around her; confusion, anger, guilt. She could feel that, but just a tinge of it. She was in darkness now. Every second she went deeper into it. But it didn't feel cold, it was warm, welcoming. It felt familiar somehow. Almost like…

"Azar?" she asked the darkness. She coulnd't see anything yet, but that presence, she could never forget it.

"Yes, child, it is me" she heard a voice. She longed to see her face again 'I needed to discuss something important'

"Am I dreaming?" she asked her voice full of sadness.

"No" the voice sounded sad "I can only reach out to you through your mindscape" said the kind voice.


"You'll soon find out" she answered tiredly "right now child, you need to grow stronger"

"Is it about…?" asked Raven with a pang on her chest.

"Yes…You have to get stronger, wiser. You have to be ready"

"Why bother?" Raven knew now the real reason she could no longer see her mentor "It is going to happen no matter what I try, isn't' it?"

"It isn't" said the voice sternly "Not if you are ready to fight back"


"My dear child, time is running thin between us, I must leave you now. Remember that you were always dear to our people and that the only thing you need to success is a little hope"

"Don't go!" yelled raven to the void.

"We all love you, my little bird" she could no longer feel that warmth…

"Don't leave me!"

"Don't!" she screamed as she sat upright. 'This can't be true…'

Just then she realized she was in Danny's room…and that there were other two people in it. She looked around and the first thing she saw was Danny. He had a guilty expression on his face, once she saw behind him she understood why he looked guilty. Behind him where Sam and Tucker and they looked pissed. Oh joy…teen drama.

"Can you explain to me Rachel, why are you wearing that outfit and why Danny seems to know the reason?" said Sam accusingly. Why did she need to know? …well, might as well just tell her the truth.

"We work together"

"What?!" yelled Sam and Tucker.

"So you are going to replace us now?" said Tucker offended.

"You have to be kidding me, you just met her!" said Sam pointer at Raven "All we know about her is that her name is Rachel"

"Raven…" Sam turned to look at her "My name is Raven"

"Sam, Raven just wants to help, it's not like I'm replacing you but she-" intervened Danny.

"You knew it!" yelled Sam

"Knew what?" said Danny shrugging.

"What else have you kept from us?!" she was making a scene out of this.

"Guys! I couldn't tell you because it was her choice to do so!" yelled Danny now losing his temper.

"Yeah, right. Tucker, we better leave, let's leave them to plan things through, he doesn't need us anymore" said Sam dragging tucker behind her. But he didn't look completely convinced that he should leave.

"Guys please, let's just-" and Sam slammed the door just as they went out "Ugh! You could've said something!" he asked Raven accusingly.

"You know they were overreacting, they'll get over it eventually" she said with a calm voice. This was too much drama.

"But what if they don't I don't want to lose my only friends!" Danny collapsed to the floor grumbling. Suddenly Cujo (in his little puppy form) whined at him and put his paws on his legs "Hey there" he looked really conflicted.

She really didn't do comfort, but he looked like he needed it.

"I'm still your…friend…if you let me?" she said awkwardly. He looked up at her and so did Cujo barking happily. He smiled a little.

"Of course you are…is just that we've been through all this stuff together since the beginning, they have always been there for me, so it's…hard"

"You don't fight often do you?" she asked understanding. Cujo jumped off Danny's lap and landed on the bed with Raven. He wagged his tail and started licking her face "You cause too much trouble" she sighed. 'But you saved me…' she started patting the puppy as well.

"He tends to cause trouble" he chuckled "Look we'll figure what to do tomorrow, now I think you should tell me what happened. Who did this to you?" he asked sitting on the bed looking at Raven's injuries.

"Apparently you forgot to tell me that there is more than just ghosts out there" she said annoyed, she soon realized he was a little bit too emotional so she needed to be careful with this "A girl with ghost hunting gear attacked me, it wasn't until this little guy came up that the whole thing stopped"

"She did what?!" he looked really shocked "I'm sorry Rae, I completely forgot about her…I tend to avoid her so…"he looked guilty now. Emotional rollercoaster…

"Don't' blame yourself, I'll be fine in the morning. I just need to get back to Blanchard's"

"Are you sure, it looks like she was really mad to have done this to you…let me get the first aid kit" he dashed out of the room before she could tell him that she didn't need it; but she allowed herself to smile a little. It felt good to have someone worry for her.

"I guess this friend's deal is not that bad"

(End Flash Back)

The one thing that she took out of that entire scene was the knowledge she gained. Azar left her a place full of books, parchments, tomes, everything she could imagine; containing an incredible amount of information. All she needed to do right now was to find a place where to open the gate to it. She needed a place were not too many prying eyes could see her disappear for hours at a time. Somewhere quiet and peaceful and somewhere were not too many teens would be around. She smirked as she thought of the one building that fitted her requirements. At least she could get away from all this drama.

She decided to spend lunch time under a tree. It was a bit cloudy so not too many people were out. She sat under a tree and breathed a sigh of relief. She could meditate a little bit here.

"Hey Rae" or not.

"Hi Danny" he sat next to her. He looked really sad "Still giving you the cold shoulder?"

"I talked to Tucker…he's on the forgiving side but is still a bit hurt…"

"You guys are taking this way out of proportion" she said annoyed. She took her thermos out of her bag and poured herself some tea.

"What are you drinking?" he said trying to change the topic.

"Herbal tea"

"Is it good?" he asked looking at her weirdly.

"It is very nice…at least to me" why so much interest in her beverage now?

"Can I try it?" that was why.

"I don't know…can you?" this was going to be good.

"Are you challenging me?" he answered with mockery.

"That I am" she said matter-of-factly.

"Now I have to try it…give me a sip"

"Get your own cup" she glared at him.

"What? Como on it's just a sip!" he said reaching for her cup. She took it out of his reach.

"It's not hygienic" she glared harder.

"Now I want to try it, give it!" he said standing and trying to take it away from her.

"You are not touching my cup" she said defensively. What was with this guy and annoying her!

"Okay then" he said stepping back. He looked down and…he wouldn't dare "I'll just take the rest of it" he would. She dashed to retrieve her thermos from the ground but he got there first. He shook it teasingly and drank a huge gulp of it… only to spit it on the ground. "Ugh! Why would you drink that?"

"It helps me stay calm" she said dangerously "and it has a nice taste"

"Well, have it…" he said trying to give it back to her only for Raven to stop him.

"No…you wanted to drink it…now you will have all of it" if looks could kill. Danny was helpless now.

"I'm sorry?" he apologized trying to get out of it; giving her the puppy dog eyes. It'll never work.

"You better. Now drink"




Sam's POV

"Sam I think you are overreacting about this entire thing" said Tucker trying to change her mind.

She was not takings things out of proportion. She was just so frustrated! All this entire time she had been a loyal friend. Then they noticed Danny was getting distant towards them, as if he was mad at them. She and Tuck talked about it and, yes, they reached the conclusion that Danny was overworking himself and that if they didn't do something soon he would retract in his shell and hide his problems. So a night off was due. Then Danny starts talking about a girl… she was a bit annoyed by that, but of course she couldn't complain… Danny deserved to have more than one girl friend… so she relented when she met Rachel.

It was a bit creepy the similarities that they both shared. But that totally blew up when she found out about that Rachel…was not Rachel! She could as well be a spy for all she knew! Making her way through Danny's life to lure him and then… she was not overreacting!

"And I think you need to shut up" she snapped at him.

"I talked to Danny…and I see his point" said Tucker stepping back from her.

"You too?!" she yelled at him turning around they were headed to the benches out in the school yard "I can't believe it! Why-"

"Sam, chill; you need to listen to him…it wasn't really his right to tell us about Ra-"

"I don't want to hear it" she kept on walking.

"Just admit that you are jealous!" shouted Tucker behind her making her stop. 'Me, Jealous?' she turned around to face him. "What did you say?" she stared.

"Sam, I've seen that look on your face. It's the same you had when the whole Valerie deal went on" he said giving her a knowing look.

"I'm not-" he kept the look….and gave her a hard stare. Since when could he stare? "Ugh! Fine! Maybe I'm a little jealous"

"Finally! Now just admit that you have a crush-"

"But!" he groaned "I'm not sure we could trust her. She just popped out of nowhere and becomes partners with Danny? That smells to me" she said really serious.

"But he trusts her Sam" he pleaded to her.

"He trusted his little cousin at first, and what happened?" she stared at him and saw him flinch. Good.

"Okay, you have a point. But in the end, Dani sided with Danny…well you know what happened. Besides it doesn't have to be that way this time….and also…"he said looking away.

"What?" she sure was not going to like what he was going to say.

"Promise you won't break any bones!" he pointed at her alarmingly.

"Why would I-"

"Just promise" he interrupted her.

"Okay! Now spill it" she said crossing her arms across her chest. They kept on walking outside when they reached the doors.

"Hum…well, Danny seems to like her" he said in a little voice.

"He what?" how could she do that so fast! That girl was getting on her nerves "Explain"

"Look at them" he said looking behind her and shying away. Sam turned around and saw them.

Danny was sitting next to her under a tree. They were talking and Danny seemed amused by something. He leaned close to her and tried to snatch something away. He looked…happy. Oh, why did fate hated her so much? She felt a pang in her chest.

"You know, the more you refuse to talk to Danny, the more time those two will spend time together" said Tucker behind her.

"You…are right" and she punched him.

"Ouch! Hey you promised!" complained Tucker.

"Nothing is broken" Sam was going to walk towards them when she heard someone.

"Hey guys, what's up?" heavenly sent Jazz. Sam smirked.

"Hi Jazz" she turned around failing to hide her smirk.

"Who's with Danny?" she asked. Apparently Jazz didn't know Rach-Raven...Tucker saw that look on Sam's face and tried to stop her but she just shoved him aside.

"Funny you asked, you see…"

Tucker was right, but that didn't mean that she had to like it. She couldn't prove that Raven was a threat to Danny, yet; it was too risky to completely trust her. She needed someone by her side to beat sense into them. She was not losing her friend to that girl.




Jazz POV

How could he? Why didn't Danny trust her enough to tell her something like this! It was too much of a risk to let anyone else know about his secret. And to a stranger no less! Her little brother needed to see things from her perspective. She could be dangerous, by what Sam told her, she was in a fight, with a ghost more likely, and came back harmed. She went on a fought something she didn't completely understand and got hurt. Such a reckless person could bring Danny to harm as well. Besides, it could all be a trap. Maybe Vlad was still after her brother and used a 'Damsel in distress' tactic; or maybe the GiW.

This girl could mean trouble, not if she could do something about it! As soon as she got home she went straight to Danny's room. She knocked on the door and waited till he opened the door. Once he opened she stormed her way in. She sat on his bed and crossed her legs. She looked at him seriously and waited.

"Uhm…can I help you?" he looked confused.

"I know about Raven" she cut to the chase.

"Wha-how?" he looked shocked then mad "Sam told you" he wasn't asking.

"She did" he groaned and sat near his desk "And I agree with her, she could be dangerous for you!" she excused herself.

"Why did she tell you?" he looked at her outraged "I promised Rae that I wouldn't tell them…yet"

"Yet?" he was surprised by that…and what did he call her? 'Rae?'

"Look, you don't know Rae, she's…very private" he stood up and paced in his room.

"Do you really know her that much? More so than Sam and Tucker that you doubt them?" it was logical to think that Danny would hear out his friends first. What did this girl say to him to side with her so strongly?

"No I don't know her that much but-" he held his head "You are doing it again"

"Do what?"

"You are trying to make me tell you about her…you do that when I don't want to share information" so he noticed that little trick.

"Look Danny I…I just don't want you to get hurt" she said sitting down once again. He sat next to her "What if all of this is a trap? What if she is after you? What if she's working for Vlad or the-"

"Jazz" he took her hands smiling at her, trying to calm her down. 'Oh Danny' she could see the worry in his eyes "she won't do any of those things"

"How could you be so sure?" she looked at him trying to understand. All the things that Sam told her worried her. She wanted her brother to be safe; she had a right to worry. How could a person come around and suddenly partner up. He wouldn't even let her join him on patrols!

"I just…" he looked away as if lost in thought, then smiled "I know she won't"

"But how-" he smiled even more this time.

"I think she needs to be kept from harm" that threw her off.

"Huh?" What was he talking about now?

"I've got it!" he suddenly jumped off the bed.

"Got what?" she asked really confused.

"Just wait!" he turned around with a huge smile. As if he had a bright idea "I'll be back soon!"

And with that he dashed out the door and to who knows where, she had the feeling that things were going to get complicated. And she had gotten nothing out of him!




Raven's POV

She could not believe it. Everything in the room belonged to her now? Shelf after shelf she skimmed through, the place was filled with books she only dreamt of when she was a child! The amount of spells and potions that were kept in all of those pages was beyond the imagination. And now she had it… she needed to keep calm, but she was just so excited! To anyone else she was just smiling a little, but in the inside she was jumping and running around in happiness.

Then she remembered why she had all of these beautiful tomes at her disposal. She was gone; the one person she looked up to was far beyond her reach and would never be able to feel her soft touch upon her head. All of that glee left her as if it never was there in the first time. Some of the shelves shook and several books fell off. She needed to focus. She came here with a purpose.

When she opened the gate to the library that Azar left for her, she was so excited and enthusiastic about the things she could learn that she forgot why she needed to learn those spells. She was now going to work with someone else; hunting ghosts with a half ghost no less, so she needed to get stronger. The other night she got lucky when Cujo stopped her before she did something terrible. She needed to increase her control and she needed desperately to grow stronger (mentally and physically). She wasn't that bad fighting, but she was no expert on hand to hand. Besides, she drained her energy after her stunt with Johnny 13; she was almost beaten up by a mere girl with fancy toys. She was humiliated. The only reason she got the upper hand was because she had a temper tantrum, she could not release that kind of energy under control, at least not yet.

And that's how she ended up here. She wanted to train herself. To be able to keep control and have the power to fend off whatever came her way. She needed to be strong if she wanted to protect this city; if she wanted to protect Blanchard and Danny. She shook those thoughts out of her head.

"Artem Forma Mutans" she read out loud the title of one of the books close by "Looks promising"

"Woof!" she turned around juts to see Cujo sitting behind her and wagging his tail happily.

"What?" how did that dog followed her here? Maybe she was too excited that she didn't notice him "Will you ever leave me alone?" the little ghost dog just barked again. "Just stay out of the way" she said giving up.

So the training began.




Danny's POV

Ha ran as fast as he could. He didn't know where she lived, so that only left him with one place to look for her. She did mention that she liked books.

The past three days they had hang out a lot, since Sam and Tucker refused to accept his apologies. He got to know her a little more these past days. She enjoyed reading, a lot. When she told him the amount the books she read, he honestly couldn't believe her, so he picked up a book and started asking her questions about it. Then another book, and another…she answered them all correctly! She just told him it was normal. No way in hell was that normal, but hey, he was a halfa and she was a sorceress. She snapped at him when he called her witch…and got a lecture about the differences between them. (*)

She was fun to be around, or more like it was fun to try to make her lose control. She already told him that her powers were emotion based, but the look of annoyance that he got out of her was priceless. She didn't torture him after he'd made her snap….much. And she was a good help with ghost hunting, although Rae looked tired every time they went out. But she kept going and helped him a lot. The guys needed to know her better. This girl had plenty of chances to harm him and yet she hadn't. She looked more lost than anything. And she had been wandering homeless for months! When he asked her why she was so weary of other people becoming close to her…she said 'people fear what they can't understand'. Something must have happened, someone must've hurt her badly and she had become this way, he just couldn't figure out what they did to her. Or who did it.

Anyway, he needed to find her now, and he was nearing the library. He got inside the building walking to the reception where a woman with a flowery dress was standing.

"Can I help you?" she said with a smile. She must be Blanchard.

"Actually, I'm looking for someone" he asked awkwardly.

"Someone?" the lady looked confused for a moment. She eyed him and then flashed him with a way too bright smile. "What's your name?"

"I'm Danny Fenton" he said nervous…why was she smiling so much?

"So it is you!" she jumped over the desk and landed in front of him and took him by the shoulders squealing.

"Excuse me?" he asked uncomfortably under the gaze of the woman.

"Oh, sorry" she let go of him "I'm just excited to meet Rachel's friend…she's talked about you" she smiled knowingly. "I'm Rachel's aunt it's, Mary Margaret, nice to meet you" she said shaking hands.

'Her Aunt?!' that was weird; she told him that she took her in; he would have to ask her about that.

"Nice to meet you too; uh…well, I'm looking for her; do you know where she is?" he asked now embarrassed since she was looking him up and down.

"Oh! Yes, she's somewhere in the back section, she's been there since she came back from school"

"Okay then, thank you" he waved her and walked to the back. That woman was weird. Maybe Rae was right about her.

Once in the back section he couldn't find her. He was about to head back to Rae's…aunt when his Ghost Sense went off. He looked around and saw no one near. He walked to a some of shelves in the corner and got knocked out by a green blur.

"Cujo! What are you still doing here?" he said as he got up and took the puppy in his hands.

"He followed me around" he knew that monotone. He turned around and saw Rae step out the shadows in the corner. She had her hand pressed against a wall. It looked as if was made of water or something. Almost like a portal.

"What's that?" he said pointing to the wall.

"A wall" she said plainly.

"Yeah but-"

"Celare Porta" she said while her eyes shone white. She walked out of the corner and headed towards the exit.

"What was that!" he said pointing to the wall.

"I believe it is called a wall" she said a bit tenser now.

"Yeah but how-" she turned around and stared at him. He still had Cujo in his arms so she called the little dog to her and kept walking "Hey!"

"If you must know, I found a place where I can train" she stopped.

"Oh" well, she was very private with her personal issues. But they worked together now. "Can I come sometime?" she stopped and looked at him "We could test each other's powers?" he said trying to make up an excuse. But she looked like she was considering it.

"Maybe" he wasn't expecting that, but he was glad she was willing to "Now, how do we get rid of him?" she said pointing to Cujo.

"Hum, wait I got it!" he backed into the corner and transformed. Then made a ball out of ectoplasm and shook it "You want it boy?" he asked the puppy and it yipped at him "Then go and get it" he threw the ball towards a window on the other side of the room, and the puppy followed it.

"I'll need to learn something like that" she said looking at the window "why did you come here?"

"We need to talk" he said serious now, changing back. He walked to a table nearby and sat waiting for Rae to join him.

"How bad is it?" she asked even more expressionless that before.

"Sam told my sister about you" he stated. He could see a flash of something cross Rae's eyes before it disappeared completely. She kept quiet for a while.

"How much do they know about me?" she asked clinically now.

"Just what they saw in my room, I haven't told them about your powers or anything else" she needed to handle this carefully "Rae, I want to ask you a favor" he asked looking her in the eye.


"Can you talk to my sister?" her eyes widen as he asked her.

"Why?" she asked narrowing her eyes.

"If you talk to her about us being partners, she might come to trust you" he looked at her nervous.

"I'm not-" he looked down at her gaze but kept talking.

"You don't have to tell her everything, just…talk to her" he looked up pleading at her. Her face was blank until she sighed.

"I'll try" she said as if defeated. He suddenly got excited. He got up and took her arm.

"What are we waiting for then? Come!" he dragged her to her feet and walked towards the exit.

"Leaving already?" said Blanchard as the approached.

"Yes, she'll be home late, having dinner at my place" he said while dragging her; her expression still blank. "If you allow it" he asked the woman.

"Why, of course!" she suddenly looked as excited as he was "Call home if you need me to pick you up!" she waved them as Danny kept dragging her.

"What?!" she said coming out of her stupor. It was too late because they were already on the street.

"Oh, to be young" said a dreamy Blanchard looking at her charge.




Raven's POV

She was now having a staring contest with a red headed girl. She was older than her and it looked right away that she disliked her; the feeling was mutual. The moment she stepped in the Fenton's household she was greeted by Danny's mother. She didn't mind her since she began talking about their inventions (which she was interested about), Danny went to to get his sister and as soon as they locked eyes she could fell that she didn't trust her and that she was a bundle of nerves; nerves and worry towards Danny. How could he cope with such a person?

To make matters worse Danny's Father took his son away to the basement to have a Father-Son talk. Danny looked horrified but Jack was oblivious to this fact and whisked his son away. Maddie excused her husband for being so inopportune, she was about to take her leave when she had invited her to stay for dinner. The woman looked eager to have company (also she could feel it), so she agreed to it but soon regretted it. After they were left alone in the living room Danny's sister just kept staring at her. It had already been 20 minutes when the doorbell rang. Jazmine gave her a stare and went to get the door. She felt a wave of anger that she grew accustomed to the last few days.

As if things couldn't get more awkward.

"What is she doing here?" asked Sam as soon as she saw her.

"Danny brought her home" said Jazz behind her. Did they think that she couldn't listen to them? She was tired already from her training earlier, but if she wanted to get stronger she needed to keep control around these two. As if nothing bothered her.

"Hello to you too, Samantha" she said turning around her face impassible.

"Sorry Rae, my Dad just crept the hell out of me, hi Sam?" Danny just walked in to watch the scene "You guys okay?" he asked they all looked at him as if he was crazy…

"Hey there, young ones!" and now Jack Fenton makes his entrance "I'll leave you to it son, remember what I just told you" now Danny looked a bit pale "I'll be back by dinner, tell your Mom I'll be at the hardware store!" and with that Jack Fenton skipped away not noticing the tension in his living room. Ignorance is bliss.

"We should have this conversation down in the lab" said Danny walking towards the basement once again.

She just followed him because she was not up for any drama. These girls were too overprotective. The pair followed suit and soon they were all in the lab looking at each other to see who would start this conversation.

"Well, Jazz, Sam I know you guys don't really see eye to eye but-"

"Danny, why is she here?" Sam asked looking at her venomously. And here comes the jealousy, this girl was too possessive.

"I brought her home so that she could explain herself, I have no rights to tell her story, and so if you really want to know about her, she's the one who should tell you" he said seriously. "I know you feel like I betrayed you but I didn't want to break my promise" he said in an 'end of discussion' matter. He actually had the nerve to stand on his own now; impressive.

"Well then, who are you?" asked, more like demanded, Danny's sister.

Raven looked at Danny; he motioned her to start talking. It was not going to be that easy; she kept her cool, but didn't speak.

"Please Rae?" asked Danny.

"-ven!" she snapped. He was smirking now; he tricked her into talking by calling her that nickname. She was going to get back at him, but for now, she just glared at him.

"We're still waiting" said Jazz.

"Why do you want to partner up with Danny? And why were you patrolling in his place?" asked Sam nearing her.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but none of that is any of your business" she said in a dignified tone. She was not going to stoop to their level "I'll be leaving now Danny, apologize to you mother for me" she said as she walked away.

"Wait, Rae just-" He never got to finish his sentence. All of them were so engrossed on their little dispute that they failed to notice that the Ghost Portal was open. And that someone had been watching them the entire time.

A ghost with green hair, red eyes and a red miniskirt was staring viciously at Raven. She launched herself at her taking her by surprise, too bad that standing near her were Jazz and Sam, who also got caught by surprise in the grip of the ghost girl. She flew at top speed throwing the three of them into the Ghost Zone.

"You won't' interfere in this!" yelled the enraged ghost shooting a ray towards the on button, frying the interrupter. She dashed to the portal and got through before Danny could.

"NO!" he punched the closed portal gate.




Kitty's POV

The bitch was going to pay! She deserved what she was getting, if it wasn't for her, her dear Johnny would be fine; not the useless lump that hid in a corner of their realm. Even Shadow wouldn't dare come out from his hiding spot. The only thing that she got out of him was that it was a she that caused all his pain.

As soon as she got near the Fenton's Portal she saw a new girl….she felt something weird about her. When the Goth one mentioned something about patrolling…she knew it was that bitch the one who hurt her lover. She would pay…and she had just the right place to leave her with the other two.




Raven's POV

"What do you want!" once the portal closed, she felt the aura of this place. It hit her like a truck. It was hard and she started to suffocate form the intensity of the emotions around….this place was made out of emotions! All of them screaming at her; she was mentally attacked from every direction.

"You scarred my Johnny! Now I will scar you for life!" she said as she picked the couple of unconscious girls. "See if you can save this two on time" smirked evilly the ghost.

She flew at top speed and raven was left behind floating in the green space. She was low on energy but she had to save that pair. She could try and use that spell now; it wouldn't be a good idea to expose her identity to all the ghosts around. Her eyes glowed white and the shadow of a Raven encased her body. As the raven disappeared she was left the way she looked when she arrived on Earth. Now ready she followed the enraged ghost only to see that she was coming close to a maze. There were intense emotions of grief, sadness, anger and despair coming from it; they were brutal, and sought vengeance. The ghost flew atop of the maze and dropped both girls inside. Damn it! She didn't know what was inside it, but she sure as hell was not going to like it.




Sam's POV

Her head hurt like hell. She felt dizzy and couldn't quite remember what she had been doing. She remembered she was angry at…Raven! She bolted upright just to feel the dizziness increase. She opened her eyes trying to steady herself. She felt someone taking her shoulders.

"Easy Sam" Jazz, thank God!

"What happened?" she looked around and all she could see were green walls, as if they were in an aisle.

"Kitty dragged us here"


"I think she was after Raven" she also looked around "And dragged us in this mess"

"Awesome" said Sam while rolling her eyes "We need to get out of here…how we got here?"

"I don't' know…I fainted" said Jazz shrugging.

"And where is the girl of the hour?" she asked annoyed. Now they had to go look for her!

"Sam, are you jealous?" asked Jazz concerned. Not again!

"I'm not-" Jazz gave him the look as well "Okay fine! I am jealous, happy now?" she already gave that speech today.

"Was that the reason you told me about her?" she asked with that 'psychology mode on' look. "You were trying to drive her away from him" apparently she didn't need to answer her.

"Am I a bad person for that?" asked Sam as she sat again and folded her legs close to her chest.

"Well, you have a crush on my brother so it's perfectly normal to be jealous… but I think maybe you went a little too far"

"Seriously? You are just as bad as I am" accused Sam. Honestly, wasn't like about an hour ago that they both agreed that Raven was not trustworthy?

"Okay, I admit that I don't trust her either. It's just too suspicious to me, that's all" she sat next to Sam "Is just that, something is bugging me"

"What is it?" asked Sam now interested. They really didn't know where they were so they could talk for a bit.

"Danny wouldn't tell me anything about her; he told me that she is a very private person, but also…"

"Spill it Jazz!" she was getting anxious.

"He told me that…what is that sound?" they both noticed too late the sound of giant footsteps getting closer, suddenly the wall that was placed in front of them fell apart after a loud crash.

"ROAR!" as the wall collapsed they saw a green creature with the head of a Bull and the body of a man, wearing a Greek attire.

"AH!" the both screamed as they got up and ran away from the thing. They ran through the path before them and noticed that the place was built like a maze; one that contained a Minotaur inside it.

"What do we do?" yelled Jazz.

"Keep on running!" they turned left, left, right, then left again, and right, right, and left and one last time to the right and the sound of footsteps chasing them started to fade "I think it wasn't after us, maybe" they stopped after a couple of turns.

"Well, I'm not sure about that, anyway how are we going to get out of here?"

"We need to find the exit" said Sam "maybe we could climb the walls or something"

"It won't work" said a flat voice behind them.

When they turned around they saw that Raven was standing behind them, leaning on the wall with her right arm, as if supporting herself. Sam recognized the outfit she was wearing now, a navy blue cloak and a black leotard. How did she change her clothes…unless she also had powers of some sort? She thought that she used weapons like Valerie's.

"Raven?" asked Jazz since her face was concealed under her hood, only showing a glowing pair of white eyes.

"Yes" she looked up "Are you all right?"

"We were until you showed up" she snapped at her "Thanks for dragging us here"

"Sam…" Jazz tried to intervene.

"Listen to me carefully" Raven raised her voice, commanding her attention "we could spend all of eternity trying to bite each other's heads off, or we could work together and try to get out of this place before it's too late"

"Too late?" Jazz looked nervous.

"Before the creature find's us" she said in a 'no nonsense' matter "it's clearly disturbed by our presence here, so if he finds us he won't stop until he's taken his revenge"

"Wait a second!" what was all of this about? "How come you know all of this stuff? You've been here before" she looked that Raven sighed.

"The girl…Kitty told me" huh?

"Why would she do that?"

"Because apparently a scared the shit out of her boyfriend the other night" she said tiredly.

"You scared a ghost?" asked Jazz unbelievingly "How could you do that? It's their job to scare us" said Jazz raising an eyebrow.

"Look, all I know right now is that that crazy threw you in this maze to trap me as well, once I put a feet inside this place I couldn't leave, and if you try to climb the walls they'll just get higher and higher" she straightened herself and started walking "I suggest you follow me so that we can get out of here"

"I don't trust you" said Sam "why would I follow you"

"You don't have to trust me, but right now, you don't have a choice but to follow me" she said ending the discussion and started walking away.

"We should follow, we could learn something about her if we do" said Jazz reassuringly. It seemed she was going to follow that girl.




After a while walking through the maze Sam noticed that the girl was actually knew a way out, somehow. They reached a couple of dead ends on their way, but for the most part, it seemed that Raven knew what she was doing. It only made her more suspicious. When she voiced her questions the only answer she got was silence. That was the other thing. Raven looked extremely tired, as if she ran a marathon for a whole day and went through another without sleeping. She might not really like the girl, but she was not that heartless. She was about to ask the girl but Jazz beat her to it.

"Are you all right?" the girl was leaning once again against a wall.

"Yes, keep moving" she said taking a deep breath.

"We would but you stopped, seriously we won't bite, so tell us what's wrong" this girl was as stubborn as…herself.

"We are close, we should keep on" she avoided their gaze.

"Look, just tell us how can we help you…you look as if you are in pain or something- whoa!" just as she was finishing Raven collapsed to the ground.

"I'm fine" she was kneeling on the ground taking deep breaths "We need-to get out"

"Raven, you need to tell us what is wrong with you, we want to help!" said Jazz lowering herself to Raven's level. Raven looked up to meet Jazz's gaze…then looked away.

"For the love of- come on! Why won't you let us help you?!" Sam was about to strangle this girl.

"Help?" Raven stoop up and marched towards her "how could I let anyone help me when for the most part of my life people had been trying to either kill me or lock me away!" she poked Sam with her index finger "How would you feel if you had nowhere to go and ended up running away and hiding, with nothing to eat for days and when finally someone seems to accept you people around you start questioning if you are a threat to them!" she released some black energy behind her, making a wall collapse with some dark rays "Would you tell the story of your life to anyone that came by? Would you?!" several more collapsed behind the first one, creating a tunnel of sorts. She topped and started panting.

"I'm-I'm sorry…" was all that Sam could whisper. Had all of that happened to Raven?

"Damn it!" Raven swore one she noticed what she'd done "We have to move, now!" there was a look of alarm on her face.

"Hold on guys!" Jazz came closer to the two of them "Raven, you need to relax" she guided Raven somewhere that was not covered in ruins and made her sit and rest against a pile of green rocks.

"What did just happen?" asked Sam once again, suddenly feeling extremely guilty.

"That was me losing control" she said tired, a little calmer now.

"Your powers work on emotion?" asked Jazz. Raven looked up surprised…or something close to it. It was hard to tell with the hood.

"Yes…how did you figure it out?" asked Raven.

"It wasn't hard to tell" Jazz smiled sympathetically to Raven.

"So, if you get angry you'll smash stuff with that black thing?" asked Sam shyly… she didn't know what to think anymore.

"Kind of" she looked paler now "I'm an empath, I can feel everyone's emotions around me" Wait, if she could feel emotions then…oh God, she knew all along what was going on through her head! "This place is a torture to me" huh?

"How is it torture?" Sam was getting intrigued by the second. They looked at Raven waiting for an explanation, she looked defeated and started. Probably tired of their prying.

"Normally I'm capable to remain under control; so in a large crowd I would be fine, since there would be a variety of emotions, positive ones and negative ones, mixed. I'm used to block them away from me. Plus, human emotions are toned down. But the Whole Ghost Zone…I felt it through the portal when it was closed the first time I came to your house" she said to Jazz "The whole place is made out of strong negative emotions, it's the core of the dimension, it threw me off balance when the portal was closed, but now that I'm here inside the portal…"

"It's taking all of your strength not to lash out" said Jazz finally.

"Pretty much" she stood up "Now I'm even weaker than I was a while ago"

"I'm sorry Raven" said Jazz to her "I misjudged you and got carried away by my concerns" she said looking guilty.

"It's normal, people fear what they can't understand" she said "Now we need to move before-" she stopped talking and pushed Jazz towards Sam.

"What are you-" they soon were encased inside a black dome. The heard a loud crash and dust lifted around them. Once they had visibility of the place they saw the Minotaur (it was the only thing they could call it), pounding on…"Raven!" the dome fell apart and formed a translucent wall between them.

"Run!" said Raven while stopping one massive fist with a black shield.

"We are not leaving you!" yelled Jazz.

"You can't stop him alone!" yelled Sam. How could this girl just…send them away? After all they said to her. She should be running for her life, not caring about them.

"You have to go back!" she pushed them away with a wave of her hand, only to weaken her shield and barely escape a hit "the exit is close, just go!" she looked extremely weak in front of the beast…making that wall should've been consuming all of her energy.

"But-" the Minotaur finally landed a solid hit on her. The shield collapsed before them and they saw Raven crash against one of the remaining walls.

"RAVEN!" someone yelled… it was Danny! He flew at top speed towards them, guided by a Supersized Cujo.

"Danny! How did you get here?" asked Jazz as the Minotaur saw even more intruders in his maze.

"No time to explain; hop on Cujo!" he said as he picked up an unconscious Raven from the floor "Go now!"

As Jazz and her got on Cujo's back, Sam saw the way Danny held Raven in his arms, as if she was extremely delicate (which right now she did look like). It hurt to look at them…he looked really concerned about her. Cujo ran off, through the maze, apparently towards the exit. She kept on thinking about what Raven told them, alone and running away? Was it really that what happened to her? Was she just as much of a bitch to her as it was Paulina?! That pulled the shade form her eyes…she was behaving like her, a conceited brat, just because she was jealous! In the moment of truth, though; Raven just tried to protect them…what had she done?

Once they were out of the maze, Sam heard Danny's Ghostly Wail, she looked back and saw the whole maze collapsing, probably burying the Minotaur inside of the ruins. Then she saw him flying towards them. She looked ahead and she could see the portal. Jazz was holding on to her.

"Sam, we owe her an apology"

"I know"

They crossed the gate and the portal closed immediately behind them. Tucker was waiting there for them. ('When did he get there?') Both Sam and Jazz got off Cujo and the pup turned back to normal. They looked behind them and saw that Danny was still carrying Raven in his arms.

"What the heck happened?!" demanded Tucker looking at them confused.

"She saved us" answered Jazz looking down ashamed.

"Do you trust her now?" asked Danny harshly.

Jazz and Sam jus looked at each other…they felt horrible now.

To be Continued...




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