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A boy, approximately 16 years of age, could be seen climbing over a small hill, a look of accomplishment on his face. The reason: he has reached Camelot! The market, bustling with all sorts of people, young and old, small and tall, fat and skinny, whites, blacks, all the sorts. There were strong, tall knights, with their red capes billowing behind them. There were commoners, dressed in cheap cloths, running from place to place. The houses themselves were an accomplishment. Sure, maybe they didn't look all that great, but the sheer amount of them! Each and every one, unique in it's own way. And then the boy's gaze went to the castle. All other thoughts fled from his mind, the castle trumped all those others he had seen. It's white, glistening walls sparkled as the noon sky reflected off it. The tall towers loomed high in the sky. True, the boy had only seen one other castle, Cenred's, but this one trumped that castle, there was no comparison.

He took a deep breath, and he walked toward the walls surrounding Camelot. This is embarrassing, I can't even find the gate! He walked a while, finally reaching an arched passage in the wall. It had bars everywhere, except the middle. In the middle was a door with two guards guarding it. I walked toward the door, but the guards barred my way.

"What is you're business here in Camelot?" One said kindly, yet rough.

"I'm looking for a man named Giaus," I declared confidently. "I need to ask him something."

"The physician?" The first knight asked. "You can find him in the castle, ask for Giaus."

"Alright, thank you." I said. I continued walking through the town surrounding the castle. I noticed a crowd gathering by a raised platform. This is cool, the king puts on plays for the town! I thought. Then I noticed the man wearing what seemed to be a big black hat with holes for the eyes. And he was carrying an axe.

"You all are gathered here to witness the execution of John Collins. Sentenced to death for the use of enchantments and magic. Let this be a sign to all of you, magic is not to be tolerated!" A voice boomed. I looked and saw a man standing on balcony, his hand raised toward the executioner. He had a face with a few scars, and graying hairs. He had a golden crown upon his head. The king! I thought to my self. "Bring him in!" The king said.

At his words, a group of 6 knights marched threw the crowd escorting a man who looked to be no more than 30! He wasn't even struggling! When they walked up to the platform and shoved him down onto a stone slab that was placed there. The executioner walked towards him and raised his axe. Oh gosh, I can't watch! I thought to my self, but doesn't turn his head, he can't, transfixed by the scene ahead of him.

The executioner hands went down. The boy closed eyes, just as he heard a gross, maybe sympathetic moan from th crowd. He opened his eyes just as the executioner walked away, towards the castle.

"UTHER! HOW DARE YOU!" A woman screeched, startling the crowd. "THE EVIL YOU HAVE CAUSED, THE PAIN YOU CREATE! You do not deserve to be king! At the last part she hissed.

The king, Uther, looked around the crowd, his eyes searching the person, all the while yelling, "Guards! Seize her!" Soon his eyes saw her, as did mine. She was an old woman, perhaps 70 years of age. She was glaring at Uther.

"You will pay dearly for all the grief you have caused, Uther Pendragon!" The woman cried out. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a toot," She paused. "A son for a son." She finished.

"SIEZE HER!" Uther cried out.

"pLean cristo SABBANA!" The woman cried out, and then a tonado just appeared in thin air and swallowed her up. The tornado fizzled out.

Visibly shaken, Uther ordered the guards to find her, and then retreated into his castle. The crowd realized there was no more action and dispersed. The boy saw some servants collect John Collins dead body, then looked away.

Well that was fascinating. He thought sarcastically. My first day in Camelot and I witness an execution. Oh what joy this will be.


The boy knocked on the door. It was a small, wooden toward that curved into a point at the top.

"Hello?" He asked tentatively.

He heard a grunt from inside, and a voice said "Come in."

He opened the door and walked inside. The first thing he noticed was it was a small room, with bookshelves full of books, glass vials, and some instruments. Then he noticed an old man on a ladder, leaning against the wall, reaching for one of the vials.

"Just a moment." His voice called out, than an oof.

Time seemed to slow down for the boy as he realized the man was falling. As quick as instinct he reacted. He felt that pull that 6th sense reach onto him, his gut clenched as his eyes seemed to widen. For a second, he saw the world in gold. The man slowed down to barely moving and, with a quick look from the boy, the bed slid over to right beneath him, just as the man dropped.

Time stopped for the boy as he realized what he had just done. Magic. Crap. Now he was exposed, he would be killed today, he knew it. Maybe tomorrow. It wasn't his fault, he was born with it he didn't choose it! He couldn't even control it, he reacted out of pure instinct.

"I-uh-uh-umm-I-uh-...Are you okay...?" The boy asked, nervously.

The man just lay there, breathing hard, then the sat strait up and turned to me.

"Was that you!?" The man asked incredulously.

"Ummm... Maaaaybe?" He said, drawing out the a.

"What is you're name!?" The man asked.

"... Merlin." He, Merlin, started. "... Listen sir, I would do anything, please, just give me a chance, PLEASE!? It's not my fault, I was born with it!" He cried, no, begged, the man.

The man looked unsure of himself, looking at the door with a look of indecision on his face. Muttering to himself, he quickly walked to the door and slammed it shut. He whirled around and looked at me. "My name is Giaus." The man, Giaus said.

"You're Giaus?!" Merlin asked. "My mother told me about you." He paused. "Here, a letter from my mother." He reached into his bag, containing clothes, some gold, mementos of his past-ah hah! His letter. He grabbed it and pulled it out. He turned toward Giaus, who had a curious look on his face, and gave him it. "My mother said you owe her, or something like that."

"Really? Well, let us find out." Giaus said, his voice bursting with curiosity. He went to his desk and opened a drawer. He reached in and pulled out a knife. "Letter opener." Giaus informed me. He cut the envelope and he pulled out the letter. Giaus began reading it, hmm-ing at different times. He looked up at me thoughtfully, then a troubled look came upon his face, though he tried to hide it.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"No-no, nothing wrong... Hunith is you're mother?"


"Very well, then! I wasn't expecting you. You can put you're things in that room," Giaus said, indication another door. "I will sleep in here."

"Ooh, I wouldn't want to intrude, if it's to much trouble, I can always go somewhere else." Merlin suggested, though Giaus could tell Merlin was hopeful he could stay here.

"It's fine, I sleep here most of the time anyways." Giaus replied.

"Alright, thank you, Giaus, you have no idea how much I appreciate this." Merlin said gratefully.

"You can only stay here on one condition." Giaus said mischievously, a glint in his eyes.


Giaus handed him a sheet of papyrus, as long as his own body! "Fetch me those items, say it's for the king." Giaus said.

That shouldn't be to hard. Merlin thought. "... Alright, I guess I could do this..."

Merlin turned and walked out the door, but Giaus stopped him. "I don't believe I said thank you, Merlin."

Merlin looked behind him, "You're welcome, Giaus." He said with a smile, then turned and left.

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