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Chapter 4
The Missing Fighters I

Subject: Re: Onward and Upward
From: Leveche

Congratulations on making it passed the 3rd Round of the Cup.

That you've noticed glaring flaws in your style and are willing to admit it just goes to show me your strength of character. And the guilt you feel for the damage your vivosaurs took only increases my respect for you. Don't worry, for one thing, your vivosaur could never hold it against you for having flaws and loves you despite them. That is simply their nature. For another, we all have flaws we need to deal with, be it in our fighting styles or our own personality. We all have to deal with them. For example, I am a merciless fighter, in Fossil Battles or any other type of competition and don't take losing well. I will mow down my opponents no matter what or who they are and I simply can't figure out how to hold back and play nice. It's part of the reason as to why I don't act as a proctor for those wishing to try for Master Rank. Even Saurhead is nicer than me in that aspect.

While on one hand your own troubles completely baffle me, I can't even begin to comprehend being unable to time attacks well or making mistakes that are costly to my vivosaurs, I simply don't have that problem. On the other hand, the logical one, it makes sense. I'm no psychologist, I'll say that right now, so I'll stick to what I know and put it in Fighter-speak.

You are a Fighter of opposing affinities. Earth is patient and observant, waiting to act until that one moment which will make all the difference. Wind is ever moving and functions on a what's-happening-right-now mentality. It won't wait for an opening to show itself but actively seek them out or, if that's not happening, create its own. Because, of the two, Earth has the advantage it is your primary affinity you're quite content to sit back and watch things progress, only acting if you see an opening but your Wind affinity gives you a mischievous streak and sometimes you can't help acting to cause the occasional bit of havoc.

This is what's causing you trouble.

Instinctively you don't like to act first (something I can't comprehend to save my life, being primarily a Fire affinity Fighter and all.) and are more of a follower than a leader, though you have the makings of a good leader. Thus when you do have to act and a part of you doesn't feel it's time you'll fall back on your Wind affinity and flutter about with a sort of hit-or-miss kind of strategy. You stop focusing on details and potential openings and just let things happen as they may. If you want to become a better Fighter you MUST stop this.

Become more alert, keep observing your surroundings and what is happening, brace yourself for attacks so as to take less damage and be ready to strike when your enemy is off balance. But don't get all tense, that's what a Fire aligned does, they act very quickly, hit hard and with confidence, which you don't do. Being all rigid will just wear you out. Instead, relax—not enough so that blows take more damage—work on brushing off lesser blows, let your enemy wear themselves out, sidestep attacks if you must, but be patient and you'll find your perfect opportunity.

Don't be afraid to act. It doesn't hurt to be cautious, waiting for more information and whatnot, but when you act it must be with confidence. If you doubt your own actions then you'll stutter, for lack of better term, and you actions will lose much of its strength.

That's the best advice I can give. Keep in mind, though, that it is only advice and in the end you must figure out what it is you need to do on your own. You're the only one that can truly figure it out. I just hope my words will help.

As for Rupert's words… As a primarily Water aligned Fighter he is vulnerable to the pull of kin and family. He is more likely to act according to their wishes than to act on his own as a person aligned with Fire would do. As such he does whatever his Father asks of him without question and he hinders his own growth as a Fighter and weakens his inner Fire. While yes I understand that a child must obey their parents, they shouldn't allow their parents to decide how they live. That is not what Fire is.

It is hard to explain and is another thing one must see firsthand to really comprehend. I suspect Mr. Faro will come to the islands at some point and you will see what I mean.


Subject: Re-Conflict of Interests?
From: Leveche

What I mean is why would a Christian take part in a competition which possesses necromancy, magic, and demons? I have several times witnessed those of Faith form protests—and in one notable instance an outright mob, that was a very bad day…- demanding that all Fossil Fighting be abolished and the vivosaurs destroyed. I can't help but wonder at your words.

Are you truly a Christian? Or amongst those I've heard preach their faith, but act against their own teachings?


No wonder they call it 'Rainbow Canyon'. Amber eyed distant, colorful bands of cliff face. 'The rocks here put skittles to shame.

A faint clatter of claw-against-pebbles and a high-tenor bark-bark made Vestello look up, and pause.

Huh, didn't know they let dogs on the island… He watched an attractive young blonde, presumably the dog's owner, kneel down before the small canine.

"Hey, Vestello."

Hey Todd. An absent wave of greeting.

"Whatcha looking at?" Curious, the blonde peered around his friend's shoulder. "Hey, cool! That Fighter has a dog! We should go say hi."

Smiling, Vestello nodded.

Blue eyes snapped up and the woman quickly stood as they approached. If Vestello hadn't known better, he'd have suspected she was anxious about something.

"Hi!" All smiles, Todd waved. "We've never seen a Fighter with a dog before."

The woman relaxed.

"My goodness. I am glad, no?" By her accent, she sounded French. "At ze moment, I was thinking…" High ponytail swinging, she shook her head. "Ah, but no. It is nothing." Smiling, she stepped forward. "Bonjour! My name is Joanie." A surprisingly polite wave towards the dog. "And zis is Madame Pooch. She is entered with me in ze Cup."

There's…something different about that dog. Its eyes seemed to hold a gleaming intelligence in their depths. And that deferring wave, hm…

"You are both Fighters, no?"

"You bet!" Todd stepped closer. "I'm Todd, by the way." Still grinning, he gestured towards Vestello. "And this is my best friend, Vestello."

Arm crossing over middle, the bluenette bowed.

Smiling, Joanie dipped her head, then went stiff. "Sacre bleu! I was almost forgetting! I have discovered here a thing which is being quite lovely." Kneeling low, she reached into her backpack.


"It is a lovely bowl, no?"

Not exactly the word I'd use to describe it…though the fruit looks nice.

"It is big and round, and so I have made with ze filling it with fruit!" The other blonde looked quite pleased with herself.

Vestello and Todd exchanged looks.

"Okay, she's a little different." Todd whispered.

Madame Pooch barked, a sound just a little deeper than the annoying grate of a Chihuahua's yip.

Joanie nodded. "Of course, Madame Pooch! We shall be making ze exit now." Putting the odd, spiky bowl—which looked strangely familiar to Vestello—she straightened once more. "Adieu!"

With the dog taking point, the duo headed towards a nearby rope bridge.

"I guess we should go too, huh?"

Smiling, Vestello nodded and the two followed the French woman and her dog.


"Hey, it's Todd and Vestello!" Grinning, Terry waved the duo over. "You beatin' the head and diggin' your digging?"

Both boys nodded.

"Rainbow Canyon is the premier dig site on Cranial Isle." Terry went on. "There are tons of great fossils, but the best part—" Here his gaze grew sly. "—is excavating from the gondola!"

Gondola? Confused amber met equally confused blue.

"Oh, hey! I should probably teach you how to work the gondola, huh?" Seeing their leery glances toward the cliff he added. "Don't worry. It's not hard, I promise."

The explanation that followed was short and sweet and easy enough to remember. Hopefully it would be just as easy to put into practice.

"So that's the gondola in a nutshell. Did you get all that?"

Blond and bluenette nodded.

Settling back on his heels, Terry let out a shrill whistle. "You guys are the best." A smile. "Minds like steel traps, I tell you. Now—" He waved them off. "—go ride the gondola, and get yourself some awesome fossils!" He turned back towards the bridge. "See you later!" And he was gone.

The trip down the gondola was fun for both boys. Along the way they picked up several new Fossil Rocks including, in Vestello's case, a bizarre looking neutral-type giant fossil rock that was long rather than broad.

He had a pretty good idea what it could be, and couldn't wait to try and clean it…

…After buying those fancy tools Felic had mentioned.

Wobbling slightly, Vestello stepped out of the gondalla. A flicker of pink in his peripheral vision made him pause.

"What are you looking at, Vestello?" Todd followed his friend's gaze. "Oh! There's someone there." Curious, they approached the other Fighter.

Pink tipped-with-yellow pig tails bobbed up and down.

"Where did it go, digadig?" The familiar-yet-too-gentle voice whispered, tone frantic. "Without it, I…" The girl glanced around some more. "I know it diga-dropped right around here."

I wonder…that looks just like—

"Do you see that, Vestello? That girl..."

Of course I see—uh oh.

Wide, love struck blue stared at the frantic Fighter.

"She is sooo cute! Come on! We should go help her find whatever she's looking for!"

Here we go… Massaging the bridge of his nose, he trailed after his friend. Don't you recognize her?

"Hey, are you having trouble?" Was Todd's voice louder than usual? "Because I can totally help."

A yipe, and pink pig tails vanished behind rock.

Amber blinked. Well…that was different…

Suddenly contrite, Todd called after her. "Whoa, wait! Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you! We're nice, I promise." A backwards glance. "Right, Vestello?"

The bluenette nodded.

"Look, I'm Todd, and that's Vestello." Todd crept towards the rock. "I wasn't expecting to find a cute girl like you wandering around Rainbow Canyon!" A dreamy smile. "Someone must have dropped an angel, because I see myself in your eyes!"

Vestello cringed.

"…Wait, that's not how it goes." Todd realized his error. "I mean, I can see an angel walking around… No, that's not it…"

Lord help me, he's been watching soap operas again.

"N-never mind! What do you need? Are you looking for something?"

Wide, scared blue peered out from behind the boulder. Then, oh-so-hesitantly, the pinkette stepped out.

She is quite cute. Vestello had to admit. Must be the big blue eyes.

"Can you…help me, digadig?"


Todd, not even noticing the odd add-on-word, nodded eagerly. "Sure! We'll help, right, Vestello?"

Of course. The bluenette nodded.

The girl shuffled nervously. "I dropped something very important, digadig. Please, diga. Please help me find it."

"You got it!" A sharp salute. "Just stay right there, and we'll be right back with your…um… Your… Hey, wait."

Vestello snickered.

"What are we looking for, anyway?"

"You will know it, diga." The girl responded cryptically. "It is big and round and helps to protect me."

The memory of Joanie's bowl came to mind.

I wonder…

"Big and round… Hey! That sounds like the bowl Joanie found!"

Wow, we're totally in sync.

"Okay, we'll go find it!" Todd promised. "Come on, Vestello!"

"Thank you, digadig."


"A bowl zis big, it is rare, no? I can fit so many things inside it! Like cheese! Or ze baguette."

A crisp howl sounded.

"Wait! Waaaaait!"

Startled, Joanie stood up as Vestello and Todd ran up.

"Ah, it is Todd and Vestello. You are well, no?"

"We're fine." Todd's eyes were glued to the 'bowl'. "But the owner of that bowl would like it back. She lost it a little while ago."


Isn't that the fancy term for slugs?

"The owner of ze bowl, she is missing it, no? Ah…" Her expression grew a little sad. "It is a shame. We have grown so attached to ze bowl, you see?" Frowning, the French blonde considered. "Very well. We shall return ze bowl—"

Madam Pooch yipped sharply. Joanie jumped, then knelt.

"No no, Madame Pooch!" She scolded. "If we do not return ze bowl, we are no better than the burglar of cats, no?"

Amber blinked. This is…odd.

"Although, you may be more of ze dog burglar."

As Todd and Vestello exchanged incredulous looks the small dog growled, hovering defensively over the bowl.

"Ah!" Joanie recoiled. "You do not find ze joke to be amusing, no?"

Another growl, then a pause, followed by a sharp bark.

Intrigued, Joanie canted her head. "Ah, I see, I see. Very well. Zaat is what we will do." Straightening again, she turned to the two boys. "We want to make ze Fossil Battle with you." A gesture towards the dog. "If you can defeat Madame Pooch, we shall give you ze bowl."

A dark brow quirked.

"You want us to battle your dog?" Todd asked, incredulous.

"Ah, no." Eyes wide, Joanie quickly shook her head. "I have not said zis correctly. You will make ze Fossil Battle with me, Joanie."

Vestello hummed. There is definitely something funny about that dog.

Todd, still a little skeptical, nodded. "Yeah, sure. All right. We can have a Fossil Battle."

Madame Pooch whined.

Casting a sideways glance at the canine, Joanie shook her head. "No no! Zat will not do! She wishes for me to make the battle with Vestello. Ze request is good, no?"

Blinking, Vestello pointed to himself, then nodded.

Todd, on the other hand, was beginning to lose patience. "Look, lady? We just want the bowl—Ow!"

Vestello lowered his stinging palm, adopting an innocent expression as Todd glared at him while rubbing the back of his smarting skull.

"All right, Vestello, do your thing."

Smiling, the bluenette raised his gauntlet as Todd and Joanie stepped back to safer distances.

"Are you ready for ze challenge?"

Of course. A sharp nod, amber eyes sharp.

"Oui!" Joanie smiled. "Then let us make with ze battling of fossils!"


From behind Vicious, Regal, and Stark, Vestello eyed the opposition.

Of the three vivosaurs he was only familiar with the machai. The other two were new.

Standing beside the machai was a bull loosely resembling a long horned steer decorated like a Mexican statue. Derived from a pelorovis or 'monstrous sheep'—though why they called a giant bull a 'sheep' was beyond him— it was called a peloro as a vivosaur and was around four-plus meters in length. It also resembled the giant fossil rock skeleton he had failed to clean. Behind them both stood a tall avian-like vivosaur. Standing at around two meters it was derived from the ancient, flightless bird called a diatryma, meaning, for some bizarre reason, 'Canoe'. As a vivosaur it was known as a Tryma.

Two Fires, and an Earth… Let's see if I can put yesterday's practice, and Leveche's advise, to good use…

A bark.

"Peloro Combo!"

The monstrous sheep started forward, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed.

::Regal, match it.::

While the resulting steam cloud was no surprise, the fact that the peloro, hardly half Regal's size, was able to match him strength for strength was.

::Can you hold like that?::

Waves crashed affirming greens against hard, determined red-oranges.
::As long as necessary.::


Feathers and fur flashed.

'Uh-oh. Vicious, Stark: block them, quick!::

Gusts of sharp aggressive reds cut through eager oranges.

With a snarl, Vicious's head slunk down then up, catching the enemy tryma under the chest and sending it talons-over-beak across the dirt.

Blazing embers crackled in a sudden starburst of raging reds.

Stark met the opposing machai mid air with a resounding crunch of bone-and-muscle crashing against bone-and-muscle. They didn't even hit the ground before they were snapping and clawing at each other.

For a moment, Vestello froze, uncertain of whether to send another order or to let his vivosaurs finish the fight on their own. Then his gaze fell on Regal and the peloro and he made his decision.

::Tricera Combo followed by Running Smash.::

A rogue wave of aggressive red surged forward.

With a loud bugle, the ceratopsia rammed his chin down, horns locking with the peloro, then he reared up, throwing his head back.

Something snapped and the monstrous sheep crashed hard into a cliff face. Minus at least half a horn, it fell from where it had hit but didn't even touch the ground before Regal struck, sandwiching it into the cliff again. When Regal pulled back it was a dino medal that hit the dirt.

Winds stuttered as graying colors suddenly swamped formerly aggressive reds.

Vicious crashed into the ground, a three-toed impression imbedded across the side of his face.

A victorious howl.

"Finish it with Raptor Combo!"

::Stark: Machai Rend! Regal, cover him with Running Smash!::

Tearing away from his opponent, Stark spun towards the leaping canoe-vivosaur. The other machai tried to jump him, but suddenly rammed into the ground by an onslaught of blue and white. Its medal joined the peloro's in the dirt.

Roaring, Stark opened his fearsome maw as a jet of fire streamed out.

The tryma crawed in pain as the flames engulfed it. It mistimed its landing and crashed first into Vicious's side, then into the dirt, feathers alight.

::Vicious: your tail!::

A snarl, echoed by a sudden mental maelstrom of malicious reds and blacks, split the air as grey-and-white feathers blurred.

Still aflame, the tryma was sent sailing, right into Stark's waiting jaws.

With one sickening crunch its dino medal was sent skipping across the dirt.

"Our vivosaurs, zey have lost!"

That was easily the oddest Fight I've ever experienced. Recalling his vivosaurs, Vestello watched a teary-eyed Joanie kneel before her dog.

"Do not be angry, Madame Pooch. It was bad luck, no?" A soft hand ran over bristling fur.

Growling, the dog seemed to be glaring at Vestello, much to the bluenette's bewilderment.

"Well—" Joanie straightened and turned towards them. "—you have defeated me, so I shall return ze bowl." Stepping forward, she handed over the still fruit-laden 'bowl'.

Fur finally settling, Madam Pooch approached Vestello. She stared up at him with unnervingly intelligent eyes, then licked the bare skin just above his boot, then she barked.

"Madame Pooch says ze Fossil Battle was fun."

Smiling, Vestello knelt and rubbed the dog's velvety ear.

"But now, adieu!"

Dog and owner nodded their fairwells, then walked away.

"That's weird." Todd's frowned. "It's like she was talking with the dog or something."

Yes Todd, I think that's exactly what she was doing. Vestello stood up.

"Oh, well. Let's get this back to that cute girl, okay?"

Vestello rolled his eyes as Todd's face grew dreamy.

"She's got to be thankful, right? Maybe she'll even like me!" A decidedly disturbing giggle escaped the blonde.

Oh brother…

The paleopagers beeped.

"This is an alert for all Fighters. The BB Brigade has begun kidnapping Fighters from Rainbow Canyon."

Say what?

"As of now, they appear to be targeting young females."

I…really hope that's not implying what I think it's implying.

"Female Fighters in Rainbow Canyon are urged to seek shelter immediately."

"The BareBones Brigade is kidnapping girls? How low can you get?" Todd frowned. "Joanie's got her dog, so she's probably all right, but that cute girl could be in real trouble! Come on!" Hand shooting out, he yanked Vestello's arm. "Let's get back and find her!"

Unfortunately, when they got back down to where they had left the pinkette she was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey!" Todd yelled. "Hey, cute girl! …Hello?" Now getting anxious he looked around. "That's weird. Where'd she go?"

"H-help me, digadig!"

There she—oh shoot! Vestello took off running.

"Uh-oh! Meddlers!" The first Brigade lackey yelped. "Let's cheese it!"

Together with his partner they leapt onto the gondola, the frightened girl held firmly between them.

"Come on, Vestello! We can't let them get away!"


"Hmm…" Fierce blue eyes stared suspiciously and nailed two-by-fours. "This door looks suspicious."

The door? I'd say that big yellow 'do not push' button is the more suspicious. Maybe if he…

"It's the BareBones Brigade!"

Vestello jumped, snatching his outstretched hand back as if stung.

"Wh-what do we do?"

Hide of course! Grabbing a fist full of blue-green jumpsuit, Vestello dived behind a large wooden crate. Hunkering down, the two teens listened.

"Whew! Fruit is a lot heavier than I though." One lackey lamented. "I'm covered in sweat."

"Quit your griping!" His companion snapped. "Those girls are waiting!"

A click, a whir, and the sound of their footsteps on wooden boards faded.

"Hey, that button opens the door! Let's check it out!"

Ooh, goody, so I do get to push the shiny button!

"Uh, Vestello, could you quit giggling? It's kind of creeping me out."

It was actually kind of gratifying. Pushing the 'do-not-push' button and seeing the wooden door slide up. It left him feeling rather smug for some reason.

"Nice work, Vestello! Now let's go help that cutie!"

And into the dark tunnel they went.

I'm actually surprised Todd's 'stomach' hasn't been acting up. Vestello mused, carefully edging towards the distant lighting.

Or not so distant, it didn't take too long to reach it. And what they saw in the bowels of the cave were not what they were expecting, or what Vestello had feared.

"Holy crow!" Thankfully, Todd kept his voice low. "Look at all the kidnapped girls!"

Look at all those lawn chairs and mini-umbrella-tipped drinks…


From her place on an outdoor couch, one of the female Fighters spoke up, her voice carrying easily thanks to the accustics of the cave.

"Hell-oooo! I ordered some juice nearly five minutes ago! Where is it?"

"Y-yes, ma'am! Right away!"


Then another, younger girl piped up.

"I'm ever so bored." She eyed one of the nearby flunkies. "You there! Do something funny!"

The lackey snapped to attention. "Of course, ma'am! Feast your eyes on the BB Brigade Shuffle! And a-one, and a-two-" He then proceeded to perform a stylized variation of the moon walk, to the girl's delight.

"Oh my goodness, that is so adorably creepy!"

Creepy, yes, not so sure about 'adorable' though…

"Um…" Beside him, Todd shifted. "…are these girls really kidnapped? Because they're treating them like royalty!" He paused. "Look!" He almost smacked Vestello in the head in his rush to point towards the furthest part of the cave. "Over there!"

A familiar pair of yellow-tipped pig-tails could be seen.

"It's the cute girl! Come on, let's go rescue her!"

Vestello had to grab his friend's collar to keep him from just running out into the open. While the lackeys scattered throughout the cave seemed to be too busy catering to the girls to notice them it was better to err on the side of caution than risk unnecessary confrontations. So they kept to the walls, slinking around the perimeter of the cavern until they reached the girl.

"Are you okay?"

The girl jumped, spinning around in alarm before recognizing them and relaxing. "I'm okay. They haven't diga-done anything to me. Those BareBones goons are just glorified servants, diga. They've been pampering us diga-day and night." A frown. "Most of the girls love it! They say they don't even care about the Cup anymore! …Digadig!"

Todd jerked. "They're being nice to girls so they lose interest in the Cup? That's just diabolical!"

It was actually pretty well thought out, Vestello had to admit. It lowered the Cup participants by a large percentage, yet didn't break any laws since the girls didn't seem to be restrained in anyway. Sure the initial kidnapping wasn't exactly legal, but no one was hurt.

"But why only girls?"

A surprisingly insightful question from you, Todd. Unfortunately, none of them had an immediate answer to that.

"Actually, you know what? We can worry about that later." He stepped closer to the pinkette. "Okay, so have you learned anything from your time here? If you know who's in charge, we can knock him out and chase off the rest of the BB Brigade."

Vestello blinked. Is this the same Todd who quailed at the thought of facing a couple of lackeys a short time ago?

He must really be taking this seriously then. Good for him!

The girl nodded, gesturing to a smaller tunnel in the back of the cave. "I think the man in the back is the boss, digadig."

"Okay!" Eyes fierce, Todd turned to Vestello. "I'm going to show him what's what! Let's go, Vestello!"

"Be careful, diga! I heard that man is a BB Brigade commander. Everyone is scared of him, including the other BB Brigade members."

"A commander, huh?" Todd hummed. "Well, I guess it makes sense the other goons would be scared of him." A flicker of unease flashed across his face. "B-but I'm not scared! N-no sir! Not me!" He stood rigid. "Let's move, Vestello!"


Subject: Re-re-Conflict of Interests?
From: Harmattan

People actually want to destroy vivosaurs? There was this one guy at my church who was convinced that vivosaurs were the work of the devil and when he learned that I had Vicious he cornered me after service and went on a long tangent about how I was following Satan's will and I would be going to Hell for my blasphemy. To be honest, I almost set Vicious on him when he kept getting into my personal space. Thankfully he doesn't go there anymore.

I didn't know that there were people who actually tried to abolish Fossil Fighting. I just can't imagine why anyone would want to, they're amazing creatures! The idea of facing a mob of those types of people gives me the chills just thinking about it. You must be really brave and strong to stand up to so many at once.

As to your question on how I can be a Christian but still have become a Fossil Fighter… well, if you actually believed that description you gave me of what Fossil Revival and Fossil Battles is then that would make you a total hypocrite. After all, wasn't it you who gave me a rundown on how the relationship between vivosaur and Fighter work?

All the same, here's the answer(s) to your question:

Fossil Revival isn't actually bringing dinosaurs back from the dead. Technology just can't do that. No, what the revival process actually does is create a brand new creature using the fossils as a genetic blueprint. The newborn vivosaurs may already be in adult bodies but they are still just newborns. Remember your earlier explanations about how vivosaurs learn and grow as they age? Well, they do, and their primary source of learning is from their Fossil Fighters. I suspect they have much greater access to our minds and memories than people suspect. After all, they can understand our verbal orders almost immediately after being 'revived'.

As for magic… My parents and I did some research on the how and where vivosaurs get the power to do what they do before they would let me really get into it. In a nutshell, they're all solar powered! Yes they can take energy from their Fighters, but their primary source of energy comes from the solar radiation they're exposed to. They take that energy, store it, and then utilize it in ways we can't yet imitate with technology.

So no, I don't think being a Fossil Fighter conflicts with my beliefs. I think that vivosaurs are just a really fun way to grow in faith and as a person. You become aware of all sorts of things as a Fighter that you may not necessarily have noticed before. Such as how your actions affect others, or how to watch over those in your power. Vivosaurs are like the perfect cross between a human who may come under your protection, and a pet. They're completely devoted to us, as a pet usually is, but they are intelligent enough to make their own decisions if needed and can truly communicate with us if we bother to listen. Does that make sense?

Also, just so you know, the people in that mob you mentioned probably weren't true Christians at all. Our teachings say that we should be kind to one another and live humble, quiet lives. That we should let others make their own decisions and not try to force them to accept Christ. Those who try to bully others into following their way, and those who aggressively quote scripture to try to guilt you into doing what they think is the way to go, are NOT true Christians. They are posers, zealots, and fanatics who should be avoided if at all possible. They are people who have their own beliefs of how the world should run and simply try to exploit the Gospel to get their way.

Please don't think that they represent Christianity. They just draw attention to themselves and give us all a bad name because of their coarse actions.


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They sound like some fun, entertaining cats to have. And yes, there are three cats here at my house. Two aging females, Scratch and Sugar, and a mischievous male kitten named Romeo. Darn cat makes it a game jumping on the bar and counter and fleeing before we can grab him, to say nothing of his consistent stealing of the other's cat food. And he has very little fear of the squirt bottle. ((I say we need to put vinegear in it, but nooooo, everyone else in this household complains that he would smell awful if we did so. Never mind that such things are usually very effective))

Also, to answer your last question: I generally try to update once a week, give-or-take a day, so long as I have pre-written material. Your question this morning actually reminded me to post this one ^_^


Sneak Peak:

"I do believe you are referring to me." Dirt crunched underfoot as a white-clad figure stepped into view.

Vestello blinked, eyeing the notably artistic coat, pants, and boots.

"You have guts to come in here and challenge me—" From behind classy tinted red-rimmed glasses, the young man—though Vestello had some doubts about his gender—looked Todd up and down. "—the most revered of the three BB Brigade commanders."

Now eyeing the man's broad streak of crimson-amidst-black hair, Vestello quirked a brow. 'Most revered'? That's a mighty high opinion of one's self.

A fanned coat tail swished as the man twirled and struck a pose. "Say hello to Cole!"