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Jr.-Maureen, Mark, Roger and Joanne

Sophomore- Angel


The bell rang loudly and it was now time for homeroom. It was the first day of Collins senior year and like the past three years he was going to make it a year to remember. Collins walked into class only to see one of his partners in crime. There was a tough looking, blond, rocker, in a leather jacket; Roger. He walked over and sat down.

"Hey Romeo how thing with you and April?" he asked.

Roger sighed "she moved."

"Wow wait did she say anything."

"No just left a note."

"Man I'm sorry."

"Whatever" he slumped down in his chair.

The teacher started to take role, there was only one open seat.

"Ángel Shunard" the teacher said almost done with role, but got no answer "Ángel shunard," nothing again.

Then a young Latino entered out of breath "sorry I'm late…" he started but was cut off.

"Ángel I presume?" he nodded "take your seat" he pointed to the empty desk in front of Roger. He quickly sat down but not before he notice Collins staring. See Collins was gay but no one knew NO ONE. Ángel sat down and was glad the boy behind him couldn't see him blush. He had been out for almost a year now which had caused him to be hated by almost everyone in the school.

"Hey Collins you ok man?" Roger waved his hand in front of his face.

"What? Ya I ….. Uh just was staring off into space" he made an excuse.

"Well come back to earth you got this creepy smile."

"Oh sorry so now that April's gone are you gonna go out with that stalker Marquez girl?"

Ángel turned around "Wait is her first name Mimi."

Suddenly Collins lost all ability to form words "ya what if it is." Roger cut in.

"I'm just wondering because Mimi is my best friend."

"Well can you tell her to leave me alone she's a little too young for me. But thanks for ease dropping."

"Oh sorry" he bit his bottom lip "I was just… why are you staring at me?"

"Oh what," Collins snapped back to reality "I was just… I mean I haven't seen you around are you new?"

He shook his head "No we had art together last year we sat in the same row you probably don't remember cause I was only a freshman then."

"Oh, sorry I didn't see you" Collins blushed.

Ángel smiled and shrugged "s'alright. I'm Ángel,"

"An-he wait what?" roger tried to say.

"an-heL" he giggled

Roger was a little annoyed "well I'm Roger and this unusually quiet guy is tom but everyone calls him Collins"

"It's nice to meet you" Ángel said calmly but inside his heart was racing and had butterflies in his stomach.

"Ángel turn around!" the teacher roared and everyone was staring.

After class Ángel had to talk Collins again. Well Roger was ranting about some prank he was gonna pull on Mimi so she will leave him alone. But Collins wasn't listening to a damn word he was saying he was thinking about Ángel. He's really hot well not just that he's beautiful…and probably has a girlfriend or something. Wait isn't he the gay kid the jocks were always beating up? GOD why haven't I noticed him before Collins thought.

"Hey Collins! Roger!" Ángel came running up "I need your guys help, I can't find my next class." He passed them his schedule.

When Collins took it he noticed the mostly chipped away blue nail polish he had. Collins and roger quickly read threw it.

Biology 525

Jazz band 600

Home Ec. 198

Geometry 900

English 122

Spanish 409

P.E./track 200

Damn they only had homeroom together which was fifth period.

"Which class" Collins asked.

"Chemistry. You'd think I'd know this school by now but ya" he lied.

"Down the hall make a right go upstairs and follow it all the way down" Roger sighed.

Ángel smiled and walked away. You idiot he thought find your class HA girl you know this school like the back of your hand. Stop being a love sick puppy and focus he's straight he doesn't want you he wants like some cheerleader or some girl similar to that. Why? Why do I always fall for the straight ones? Oh and if that's not enough he's a senior way to go. Maybe it's a good thing I just have to suffer through this year then he'll be gone and we can forget about each other.

They didn't talk for the rest of the day; they spotted each other a lunch but sat far away from each other. Ángel and Mimi sat down and started talking in Spanish, Collins sat with his friends Mark, Roger, and Maureen. The only person who wasn't there was Benny only because he is dating a cheerleader so he now sits with the Jocks and stopped talking to them.

After school Ángel was too happy to go home. Having a crush can always brighten up any day. Not wanting to kill the high he took a detour on the way home. It's only a ten minute walk home but three hours later he arrived.

"God damnit" he looked in his pocket mirror and rubbed his eyes.

Stubborn eyeliner refused to go away. He was experimenting with makeup again over at Mimi's. The eyeliner was as stubborn as he was. Mental note no more water proof make up he sighed and walked through the door of his crappy house. His mom was smoking in the kitchen wearing a slutty outfit and too much makeup and talking on the phone. His dad was in the living room practically drunk watching TV in the recliner. Ángel walk past them and when in the fridge for a glass of mango juice the only non-alcoholic drink in the house.

"Your late!" his mother hung up the phone, "honestly who do you expect to cook and clean around here me? Not with my newly manicured nails and you….. Are you wearing makeup?"

"WH-what no I uh…" he tried to explain his mom just laughed.

"Oh my god I knew you were a fucking fag but this is a new low." She left the room.

In a moment his dad came in yelling and started yelling. He tried to block it out and soon he was getting beat up. After a few minutes he was knocked to the ground he quickly got up and ran to his room not giving them the satisfaction of seeing him cry. Once in the safety of his bedroom he flopped on his bed not caring that he was currently bleeding he curled up in a ball and started talking. Ángel knows it's really stupid to talk to yourself but it helps him calm down sometimes and gives him a glimpse of how life would be if he had good parents.

"Hi mom, hi dad how was your day… my day? Oh my day was pretty good the boy I like finally noticed me because I was late because you wanted to yell at me this morning… his name is Collins. The only problem is he's straight." He cried harder and in a few minutes he got up to treat his wounds.

Collins had been home for a while and was acting different. Well what do you expect from a love struck teenager his parents where a little freaked out.

"Tom you feeling ok your acting a little funny are you sick" His mom touched his forehead.

"What? No it's just I kinda met someone today" he shrugged not trying to let them know it was a guy.

"Oh really" his dad suddenly became more interested "what's her name?"

"Her name? Uh... her name is uh… Angel! Ya and she's super nice and pretty."

"Have you talked to her?"

"Ya a little"

"That's great when are we going to be able to meet her" his mom asked.

"Mom I barely know her"

"Well I'd still love to meet her….. Aw my little tommy's all grown up." She cooed, Collins sighed and let his head fall onto the kitchen table with a loud thud.

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