Finally over

Angel got out of the car the same time Collins did. They saw each other and froze neither one could believe it after what seemed like an eternity they ran to each other and fell into each other's arms. They were crying and shared a kiss.

"Oh my god Collins I missed you" Angel cried into his chest.

"I know Angel me too" he held him tightly "I love you so much."

"I love you too."

After a few minutes and a heated make out session they looked to their friends with big smiles. They came over for a big group hug.

"Well now what?" Collins started "I mean where are we going to live?"

"That's the thing we didn't want you guys to get found or move far away from us so please don't freak out but we all ran away." Mimi explained and Collins and Angel gasped. "but turn around."

They did they were in what looked New York by a crappy apartment building. This could only mean one thing.

"Well we figured we could all get jobs and live together" Mark said.

"But we can't let you all drop out or us" Angel objected.

"Hey they let me in I let myself out" Roger joked.


"Angel we made up our minds we are staying with you guys" Maureen jumped in.

"Ok" Angel agreed.

"So do we have a place to stay?" Collins asked.

"Oh let's take you to our apartment." Mimi said and led them upstairs.

Their apartment was old and run down with 3 bedrooms and a nook that could also be used as a room, a small kitchen and one bathroom. It wasn't much but it was good enough for them all their stuff and everything else they needed was in the cars. They spent the rest of the day unpacking and by dinner time they were finished.

"SO Ang. what do you think?" Collins asked.

He looked around at all of his friend who were happy and back to Collins and smiled "it's perfect."

Within a week they all had jobs. Maureen was a wedding singer, mark was working in a coffee shop, Collins was a waiter at the moon dance diner, Joanne worked at the library, Roger got a band and played gigs whenever he could but his real job was being a personal trainer, Angel was working at a drag club, and Mimi was working as a babysitter. They didn't have the best jobs but they were enough to bring in some good money so they could stay together which made it perfect for them.