And here it is! My NarutoxAssassin's creed fanfic! Oh I've been thinking of doing one of these ever since I played and beat Assassin's Creed! Which was like four years ago, I think. Maybe less.

But anyways, here it is! I hope that you all enjoy it! I am a little nervous about this, because I really wanted to do this idea, and I'm scared of either screwing it up or you all not liking it. But I guess we'll see!

Now before anyone asks, no this story won't feature Altair, Ezio, or Conner in any great detail. The main reason why not is because I want to try and make this story a little unique in comparison to other NarutoxAssassin's Creed fanfics I've seen thus far. And most of them feature Naruto learning from either Ezio or Altair. Throwing Conner in would be similar to using one of them.

Anyways, enough about that. Let's get on with the show!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Assassin's Creed in anyway. They are the properties of Masashi Kishimoto, and Ubisoft.

Chapter 1

A New World

Paris, France 1507

The full moon in the sky lit up the quiet streets of Paris. A few people were about the streets, most of them being the city guard. The few who weren't were courtesans plying their trade, or men and women stumbling home drunk from the taverns they had been populating.

Near the great cathedral of Notre Dame, a man dressed in somewhat regal clothing was making his way towards the cathedral. He would look over his shoulder occasionally, as if searching for something or someone. But nothing was visible to the naked eye. Eventually, he made his way around the side and stopped as he reached a certain section of the wall. Looking around again to make sure no one could see him, the man pressed a certain part of the wall. That part of the wall slid in, and a clicking noise was heard. Suddenly a large section of the wall, big enough for a man to slip through, opened up. The man slowly slipped inside, and the wall closed behind him.

All was silent and still for a moment, before a figure emerged from the wall of the nearby canal. The shadowy figure moved with purpose to the same section the man had just disappeared through, and quickly imitated what the first man had done. Within seconds, the secret door was open and the figure slipped through.

The shadowy figure found himself at the top of a long steep staircase, with some torches lit along the walls. The figure seemed to scan the stairwell for something, before descending downwards.

Further ahead, the first figure had already descended down the stairs, and was now in a large room filled with many stone tombs. He slowly passed them all, stopping at a wall in the back. The wall seemed just as normal as any of the others in the crypt. The man pulled a piece of parchment from his coat, and immediately began looking it over, unaware of the second shadowy figure reaching the crypt and hiding behind one of the tombs. The second figure slowly peeked around the corner, watching as the unaware man began tracing a finger over the wall.

He slowly began to press certain parts of the wall, and those parts actually sunk in. When he pushed the last one, the entire wall slowly split apart, revealing a narrow, dank passage. The man stuffed the parchment back into his coat and quickly entered. His silent follower stealthily shot up and rushed into the passage after him, just before the wall closed behind them.

The first man slowly made his way along the passage, following its twists and turns until eventually, the passage opened into a hall that stretched before him. The hall was mostly bare, save for pillars and torches in their wall sconces. At the end though was a raised stone platform, with a faded red cloth covering it. And lying on that cloth was two objects.

The man eagerly rushed forward to the platform, and stopped as he reached it, admiring the two objects on it.

One of them was a round, silver sphere, with strange glowing markings upon it. The other was a spear, the pole simple, but the spear head decorative. Like the sphere, it was also silver, and also glowed with strange markings.

The man grinned, as he slowly reached out to grab the objects. That is, until a voice stopped him. "I would not do that if I were you, señor."

He whirled, his eyes widening as he saw the second figure step out of the shadow at the foot of the stairs. Now the figure finally became fully illuminated. The man was wearing a long crimson robe with splits in the front and back to allow for easy movements. He also had long sleeves, an open collar, and a hood that came to a peak. Underneath the robe he wore another closed collar shirt and black pants with boots.

Over his robe, the figure wore a pair of steel bracers and a red sash around his waist. Over that sash was a belt covered with supply pouches, sheathes with throwing knives, and a pair of scabbards; one had a sword with a simple hilt and cross guard, and the other had a long knife. The belt buckle was shaped in a strange triangular design, with a rounded bottom.

Finishing out the outfit the man wore was a cloak worn over his right shoulder and arm, a small crossbow slung on his back, and leather armor covering his chest, left shoulder, and boots. (1)

The figure's face was half hidden by his hood, keeping his eyes in shadow. But the lower part of his face was revealed, showing a tanned, youthful face. He was grinning slightly, with his hands spread out.

The first man snarled. "Assassin!" He yelled, reaching into his coat and pulling out a wheel lock pistol. Just as he prepared to fire it, a crossbow bolt smashed the firearm from his hand, causing it to go as it hit the floor. The first man glared at the Assassin, who was calmly putting his crossbow away.

"Francois Ansel," the Assassin said calmly in somewhat rough French. "Member of the French chapter of the Templar Order, assigned to investigate the rumors of strange artifacts within Paris. My name is Raphael Cortez, and I'll be the assassin assigned to stop you tonight."

Francois growled at him. "You can't stop me Assassin! With these artifacts, I'll be invincible! I shall take over the Templar Order, wipe out your pathetic kind, and finally bring peace to the world!" He spun around, lunging and grabbing the spear off the platform. As he did, Raphael rushed forward while grabbing his sword from its scabbard. Francois spun, stabbing at Raphael, who parried the blow in time with his sword and punched Francois across the jaw. The French Templar rolled over the platform and got up as Raphael jumped on the table and slashed down at him.

Francois blocked the sword with the spear before Raphael was blown back by a sudden explosion of energy from the spear. Raphael managed to land on his feet, staring as Francois grinned almost insanely as he now held the glowing spear. "Yes…..I can feel the power now. The power coursing through this! Do you know what this is?" He asked with a grin.

Raphael slowly held his sword in a defensive position as Francois continued. "This is the famed Spear of Destiny! The Holy Lance! The spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ during the Crucifixion! With it and that Apple of Eden, I am invincible! I will take over the Templar Order and kill your pathetic rabble of Assassins! And then the world will know true peace!"

Francois lunged at Raphael, who barely parried the spear head to one side. He swung his blade around, going for a quick strike at Francois. But as his blade neared the Templar's arm, a strange golden energy erupted around him, deflecting the blow. Raphael's hidden eyes widened in shock before the haft of the spear slammed into his chest, knocking him back. Raphael rolled, bringing his right arm up and activating a small mechanism on the bottom of the steel bracer on his right arm. The mechanism went off, revealing it was a small pistol.

The bullet smashed into the energy field around Francois, but was deflected again. Francois laughed madly as he rushed forward, swinging the spear down at Raphael. Raphael blocked with his sword and pushed him back. Francois growled and stabbed at him again. Raphael rolled behind him, swinging and striking hard and fast at him. Yet again, the energy field stopped his attack.

Raphael quickly jumped back, creating some space between himself and Francois, while sheathing his sword. None of his weapons were having an effect it seemed. The spear seemed to be protecting him with some type of energy field.

Francois growled and lunged at him, trying to stab him again. Raphael grabbed the spear shaft and punched at Francois, who titled his head to avoid the blow. The two now held the spear shaft, and were struggling to pull the weapon from each other. Their struggle pushed them towards the stone platform.

Suddenly, Francois smashed his head into Raphael's in a nasty head butt. The surprised and stunned Assassin fell back onto the stone platform, his hood falling down. This revealed his shoulder length brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail, as well as his dark brown eyes. He shook his head, trying to clear it, only to grunt as he felt Francois pin him down with a foot on his chest. The French Templar grinned as he held up the spear, ready to stab down at him.

"You will be the beginning," he said with a mad grin. "You are the beginning of your order's end!"

He raised the spear higher, savoring the moment before the kill. Raphael's eyes widened, before he madly looked to either side. His eyes locked on something to his right and he reached over, grabbing it.

As Francois stabbed down, Raphael yanked the nearby sphere and used it to block the spear, knocking it so it stabbed into the stone platform. His left fist clenched and reared back, slamming into Francois' face and send him flying back. He dropped the sphere on the platform, not noticing the two glowing with energy crackling over the surface of the sphere and the spear head.

Francois slowly got up, drawing a knife from his coat. He growled, lunging at Raphael. Raphael blocked his arm holding the knife with his right arm, while he punched Francois in the face repeatedly with his left fist. He then shoved Francois against a wall, holding him there with his hand at Francois'. "I take no joy in taking a life," he said quietly, as he raised his left arm. "But I do what is needed to protect the freedom of mankind," he said as he seemed to flex his left hand. As he did this, a foot long blade emerged from the underside of his left bracer. He plunged it into Francois' neck, causing the French Templar's eyes to widen in pain and fear. Blood began to seep from his mouth, as Raphael retracted the blade from Francois' throat. Francois slowly slumped to the ground, blood seeping from his throat and mouth as he stared at Raphael. Slowly though, his eyes glazed over, and he slumped over.

Raphael slowly knelt down and closed his eyes. "Descansa en la paz (Rest in Peace)," he whispered in Spanish. He stood again, looking towards the stone platform. It was then he noticed the now high amounts of energy radiating from the two artifacts. His eyes widened as he lunged over to them, but it was too late. There was a sudden explosion of energy, sending him flying back. He crashed onto the floor, as the spear went flying by, crashing into the far wall. The sphere landed next to Raphael.

Raphael groaned, slowly trying to get up, only to blink as he felt a pull. He looked up, his eyes widening in fear. Where the stone platform had been was now some type of tear in the very air. And it was sucking in everything in the room. Even now, the Apple of Eden, the sphere next to him, began rolling forward towards the rip. Raphael struggled to back away, grabbing onto a pillar, as the Apple was pulled into the rip, followed by Francois' body. Raphael grunted, as his body was slowly lifted from the ground, being pulled towards the strange anomaly. He felt the pull getting stronger, as he struggled to hang on.

Eventually though, it was too much. Raphael felt his grip loosening, before he was pulled free. With a yell, he fell into the rip. A few minutes later, the hole disappeared, as the energy that fed it, built up from the contact of two Pieces of Eden, burned out.

Unknown Place and Time

A man dressed in the robes of a Buddhist monk sat on a hill overlooking a grassy plain. He was humming quietly, as he wrote in a scroll with a calligraphy brush. As he paused in his writing, he looked up, enjoying the afternoon. He smiled, his eyes closed.

Those eyes snapped open though as he heard what sounded like explosions coming from above him. His eyes widened as the sky darkened, and lightning began to streak across the sky. Before he could even get up to head for cover, the sky seemed to split open, and a strange silver object shot out of the opening, smashing into the grassy plain below. Almost as quickly as it appeared, the opening disappeared.

The monk blinked before standing up and grabbing his staff off the ground. He slowly approached the object that had crashed into the ground. Perhaps it was some strange meteorite?

When he arrived at the crash site, he was surprised. There was a small impact crater, but there was no fire or debris. And the object he could now see was a sphere, made of what seemed to be silver with strange glowing runes. The monk slowly reached out with his staff and touched the object. After a few seconds he pulled it back and touched the end of the staff. Feeling that it was still cool, he knelt down. Very slowly, he reached out a hand, and touched the sphere. It was cool to his touch, so he picked it up, to examine it. He slowly began to turn it over, looking it over. His eyes widened as he saw the glow intensify. Before he could drop it, energy surged from the sphere and struck him in the eyes.

He let out a scream of pain as the energy continued to pour into his eyes, into his mind. He felt such agony, that he had never experienced before. At the same time, he felt like his body was filling with fire. Fire that spread to every tip of his anatomy.

This continued for a few minutes, before the energy faded, and the monk fell to his hands and knees. The sphere rolled a few feet away from him, as he remained there, shuddering and panting. The monk slowly lifted his head, panting, his eyes closed. But when they opened, his eyes were changed. Where once they had been black, they now were purple, almost gray, and had numerous rings in a ripple pattern.

The monk panted, as he looked to the sphere. So much information was coursing through his mind. So much knowledge. And that fire from before. He felt it in his body. He had never felt this before, and yet it felt natural. As if it had always been a part of him.

The monk looked to the sphere. This knowledge….this feeling in his body. He needed to understand it more. To understand what had been done to him. Slowly he grabbed the sphere and stood up. Whatever this energy was, he would need a name for it. Perhaps…..chakra? That could work.

It was upon this day that the man known as the Sage of Six Paths was born. (2)

Another Unknown Place and Time

The night sky above a village was filled with fireworks going off, illuminating the sky and the village. Below, the people were celebrating some type of festival, enjoying their merriment. Children giggled as they ran from stand to stand, while their parents watched over them. Young couples stopped to buy items, or slip into a quiet corner to make out. Older men and women stopped to talk with each other, reminiscing about their younger years.

It was due to the fireworks and explosions above, and the merriment of the festival below, that no one saw the rip opening in the sky, or saw the figure falling from it.

On the outskirts of village, inside a massive defensive wall that encompassed it, the figure hit the water of a pond within a wooded area, and sunk. A few moments later the figure burst from the water, swimming to shore where they collapsed, panting heavily.

Raphael Cortez didn't know how long he lay there, but eventually, he felt some strength return to his body. He managed to pull himself further out of the pond, and onto the ground. He slowly staggered to his feet, holding his head. His whole body felt like it was burning, and his head was pounding. The sudden sound of an explosion forced him to look up, his eyes widening as he saw fireworks going off in the night sky. And they widened further, as he saw them illuminate a strange mountain that seemed to have massive faces on it. Four faces, each overlooking what looked like a village in the distance.

Raphael just stared in bewilderment. Where the hell was he? He had been in a crypt under Paris, and now he was in some type of field with a village in the distance, and fireworks going off? It made no sense.

Grunting, Raphael slowly headed towards the village, hunched over a bit. Maybe they could help him understand where he was.

As he walked, he felt the pain slowly leave his body. He still ached form the impact with the water and the frantic swim to shore, but the pain from his time in…whatever that was, was fading. He slowly stood straight, moving more normally.

It took him about twenty minutes to finally reach the village. When he did, his eyes widened. There were hundreds of people milling about, in some sort of festival. They were wearing a variety of clothing. Most seemed to be wearing some type of decorative robes, with a few wearing normal shirt and pants in a variety of colors. Others seemed to be wearing some type of uniform, consisting of dark blue pants and shirts, and a green vest with a red swirl on the back. These figures also wore headbands with a metal plate on the forehead, with a strange emblem on it. This seemed to be some type of uniform, indicating they were soldiers or guards of some type.

Raphael slowly slid into an alley, observing them. Wherever he was, it certainly wasn't any place he had seen or heard of before. Since when did people have green or red or blue hair?

As he remained in the alley, a family passed by, stopping at a stall. He blinked as he tried to listen in on them. He stopped though, when he heard what they were speaking.

'Is that…..Japanese?' He thought. His mind went back to a few years ago; to a woman he met from that country. A fellow Assassin who had fled from Japan when a samurai killed her father and raped her mother.

Her name had been Tsuiseki, which translated to the word tracking from her language. An excellent name for an Assassin. She had fled from Japan by way of a fishing boat. She had come across an Assassin cell in China, and they had accepted her into their ranks. After she became a full Assassin, she had travelled to Rome, seeking more training from Ezio in how to start an Assassin Cell in Japan.

During her time in Rome, she and Raphael had become friends. She had learned some rough Italian before reaching Rome. Raphael had helped finish her lessons in Italian, while she in return had taught him Japanese.

Now, he tried to recall those lessons. And as he did, the words coming from the family began to make sense.

"Otou-san, can we go play the fishing game next?" The family's son asked eagerly, as the father bought some food.

"Of course Sochi. This is a special night after all," the father said with a smile, as they moved off.

Raphael sighed quietly. He hoped he could remember his lessons. Otherwise this could be trouble. But this definitely could mean he was in Japan. Perhaps he could find Kuki again? Find out how he ended up in Japan? He needed more information. And the best place for that would be some type market or plaza. He wouldn't see anything from down here though.

Looking at the buildings on either side of the alley he was in, he nodded as he saw imperfections and footholds. No windows though. That could be troublesome. But he'd find a way up.

He turned and ran up the wall he had been leaning against, gaining enough height to grab an imperfection in the wall. He then moved to a jutting piece of masonry, before continuing his climb up, till he reached the roof, and pulled himself up onto the top of the building. Slowly, he looked around for a high point her could climb and scan the village. His eyes landed on what looked like a tall apartment building nearby. Nodding, he began to run in that direction.

The people below didn't notice the robed and hooded figure running form rooftop to rooftop. But a group of four shadowy figures did. They had been racing along rooftops themselves, heading in the opposite direction, when they had seen the figure. The leader of the group of four raised a hand, and pointed in the direction of the figure. As one they followed, shadowing the assassin.

Raphael soon reached the apartment building and began to climb to the top, quickly reaching it where he crouched down on its highest point. Slowly he began to scan the village with his eyes, taking in the layout as far as he could see. As he did, he stopped to admire the large mountain with four stone faces on it. Some type of monument. Definitely impressive. But when his eyes turned back to the village, he blinked, confused.

He hadn't really noticed before, but the buildings, and the streets. They were illuminate din a strange manner. He had seen the lights, but assumed they were torches or lanterns. But now as he took a more serious look, he could see that wasn't the case. Many of the lights seemed to be some strange glowing sphere, that didn't waver like the flames of a torch or candle would. What were these strange lights?

He shook it from his thoughts and was about to scan the village again, only to stop when he heard yelling. He turned to the general sound of the yelling, trying to pinpoint it. There seemed to be some sort of scuffle in a side street. Raphael bit his lip, before nodding to himself. Standing up, he looked down below to the street. Seeing a hay cart, he took a deep breath before spreading his arms and jumping. He somersaulted in the air and landed in the hay cart. Taking a moment to recover, he hopped out and headed down the street, drawing a few stares. Especially form the four shadows who had been tailing him.

Raphael quickly headed to the street where he had seen the scuffle, and stopped at the corner of an intersection, peeking around the corner. What he saw made him freeze, and blood boil.

There was a group of people, each carrying an item of some sort. Knives, rocks, and a few carried broken glass bottles. They were yelling at a pair of figures in front of them.

One of those figures was a small boy, perhaps five years old, wearing a dirty white shirt with a red spiral, and blue pants. He had blonde spiky hair, but any other features were hidden as the boy was cringing and covering his head with his arms.

The other was a girl about seventeen years old. She had violet hair in a strange, fan like short ponytail. She had brown eyes that didn't seem to have pupils, and was wearing a mesh fishnet top with no sleeves, with a black tube top covering her breasts. She also was wearing dark colored shorts, knee high boots, and mesh armbands covering her forearms and elbows. She also had the headband he had seen others wear. She was gripping some type of knife, and yelling at the group before her. (3)

"Just leave him alone!" The girl yelled at the others, gripping her knife.

The leader of the group sneered. "Look at this, boys! The snake whore is defending the demon! Why isn't that surprising?" the others sneered and yelled.

The girl growled, her eyes narrowing in anger. "The only demons I see are the people who would pick on a defenseless boy! Just leave him alone!"

One of the men scoffed. "Forget about it! We'll kill them both and rid this village of the demon and the traitor!" He shouted as he rushed at Anko with a knife raised.

The girl named Anko gripped her knife, ready to block. She didn't have to. The man was hit by a red blur from the side, smashed into the ground. The red blur became identified as Raphael, who proceeded to smash his left fist into the man's face, knocking him out.

He got up and turned to look at the small mob, who now gripped their weapons. "You will leave now, if you know what's good for you," he spoke in rough, almost broken Japanese.

The leader growled. "He's just one man! Get him!" He shouted, as he rushed Raphael, his followers behind him.

Raphael shook his head as he settled into a stance, raising both hands. The first man, armed with a rock, tried to smash it into his head. Raphael grabbed his arm and flipped him over, smashing him into the ground, before kicking back at the next one, his foot smashing into the second man's stomach. He rolled to one side, kicking the third assailant's feet out from under him before knocking him out with a rapid punch to the face. The fourth one came at him with a knife. Raphael grabbed his arms, twisting them around behind him and forcing the knife out of the man's hand. Grabbing it he spun it, smashing the hilt into the man's skull.

The leader came at him, armed with a butcher knife. Raphael flexed both his hands, causing two blades to emerge from under his bracers. He raised them, blocking the man's overhead swing before parrying it down and to the right. He smashed his left elbow into the man's face and kicked him in the chest. The leader of the small mob hit the wall of a building, only to find both of the blades coming from Raphael's bracers crossing over his neck, ready to slit his throat in a second. Raphael panted slightly as he stared at the man, before head butting him, knocking him out.

Anko watched the whole thing, amazed. This man had come out of nowhere and defeated the small mob within a minute. She didn't notice the blonde figure she had been protecting run away. Anko was about to speak, when four shadows dropped down, surrounding Raphael. Each was wearing dark blue pants and sleeveless shirts. They also each had grey metal bracers and some type of armored vests. Each also had a tanto strapped to their back, and wore a full face mask with what looked like a different animal design on each mask.

Raphael blinked at these figures as each drew their tanto. The one wearing what looked like some type of bird mask spoke up from behind their mask. "Sir, we must ask you to step away from the civilian and keep your hands in the air," he said.

Raphael slowly backed away from the now unconscious man, his hands moving to his sides. As he did, he stealthily pulled some objects from his pouches on his belt.

The bird masked figure stepped forward. "Sir, put your hands in the air or we will be forced to attack!" he shouted.

Raphael slowly raised his arms, hands clenched. As he did, he smirked slightly. That smirked triggered the instincts of all four masked figures. "Take him down!" The bird masked one yelled.

Just as they lunged at him, Raphael threw his hands down. The smoke bombs he had been concealing exploded, enveloping the area in smoke.

The four masked figures jumped back, not wanting to be caught in the smoke and lose their target. When the smoke cleared though, there was no sign of Raphael. The four masked figures looked at each other and nodded before splitting up.

Raphael was rushing through the crowd of festival goers, trying to escape. People were watching as he rushed by, some yelling as he almost knocked some of them over or crashed into them.

Raphael kept running, only for his eyes to widen as he saw a cart blocking his path. Seeing no choice, he strafed left, jumping through a stand, causing the person running it to duck down. Raphael bypassed the cart and continued his run.

Above, one of the masked figures had found him and was following him using the rooftops. As he did, he reached up to touch his ear. "Found him!"

Raphael was moving down a side alley when one of the figures wearing a green vest and headband appeared in front of him. This man also had red eyes with strange black markings in them. Raphael blinked as the man made strange gestures with his hand, before his eyes widened as a massive fireball seemed to erupt form the man's mouth and shot towards him.

Raphael turned, seeing an awning over an entrance to a shop. He grabbed it and flipped over, landing on it as the fireball went shooting by. Raphael jumped from the awning to a sign post sticking out, before climbing to the roofs. He began to run again, not wanting to look back.

He didn't know what the hell that was, but it certainly wasn't something a normal person could do. Was it a power from an artifact? He didn't know.

What he did know was there was now a fist heading towards his head. He barely managed to duck under it and spun, now facing his attacker. It was one of the masked figures, this one with a tiger mask.

"Surrender now or I'll have to use lethal force!" The figure said. Raphael's response was to raise his fists, ready to fight.

The figure shook his head and charged at Raphael. Raphael blocked his first punch but received a second to the ribs. He grunted and grabbed the man's arm, throwing him away. The figure flipped in the air and bounced off a power transformer, shooting back at Raphael.

Raphael launched a fast punch at the masked figure's head, only for his eyes to widen as the man disappeared in a poof of smoke, replaced by a log. He felt a sudden blow to the back of his head, knocking him to his knees. A kick to the ribs flipped him over, causing him to land on his back. He hit the ground and skidded, his crossbow falling loose. He struggled to get up, only to see the masked figure pin him down. His last conscious sight was a fist coming at his head, before all became blackness.

The masked figure sighed as he stood over the now unconscious figure. He slowly reached up and activated his mike. "This is Tora (tiger) to Tori (bird). Target has been subdued."

"Acknowledged. Remove all weapons on his person and take him to ANBU headquarters. I'll contact Hokage-sama about this," the leader said over the comm radio.

Tora nodded to himself as he began to remove Raphael's weapons. It looked like things were going to be interesting in Konoha.

Well, here we go. Start of a new adventure!

For those of you who are wondering, the next few chapters will be centered on my OC Raphael here. But don't fret. It's mostly till he gets settled in Konoha. Once that happens, we'll be getting to our beloved blonde knucklehead.

I hope you all enjoyed this opening. I thought it was pretty good, but I am a bit unsure. Hopefully you'll all think it was good.

And if it wasn't quite clear, Raphael does understand Japanese. He learned from a woman from Japan who joined a group of Chinese Assassin's, and came to Ezio for aid and instruction in building a Japanese Assassin Cell. This was one of my ideas for dealing with the language barrier. The other ideas were just ignore the language problem altogether, or have the knowledge zapped into Raphael's mind during his trip through the rip in time and space. Out of the three, the one I chose seemed preferable.

1. Basically it's the Brotherhood Assassin outfit, except crimson instead of white. He's also armed with a blade similar to Altair's sword. Also, flip everything so the cloak and weapons are on opposite sides. Why? Because Raphael is left handed.

2. For those of you who might be wondering, no. The Apple of Eden here didn't give the Sage his chakra. What it did was unlock the knowledge and potential for him to use it. The potential to use it was already there, he just needed a push. Which the Apple provided.

3. This is Anko's outfit she wore when she took her own Chuunin Exams. I figured it would work for current time period. I also altered her age. Canon Anko would be about 13 at this point, which is 5 years after the Kyuubi attack. For the sake of my story, I need her older. So now she's 17.

I'm providing a biography on my Assassin OC here, to help provide any information I might miss having him discuss with others during the course of the story. If you don't want spoilers on him, don't read it.

Biography of Raphael Cortez

Name: Raphael Cortez

Age: 18

Nationality: Spanish

Occupation: Assassin of Rome Assassin Brotherhood

Appearance: shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin. Approximately 5'11" in height. Wears crimson Assassin robes with leather chest plate, greaves, and pauldrons.

Personality: A bit witty, sometimes sarcastic, but loyal and quick thinking.

Weapons: Dual Hidden Blades, Hidden Pistol, Assassin Sword, Long Knife, Throwing Knives, Crossbow, Smoke Bombs.

History: Raphael Cortez is the illegitimate brother to infamous Conquistador Hernado Cortez. Martin Cortes de Monroy had an illicit affair with the scullery maid Maria, resulting in a pregnancy. Maria was instantly cast out of the household, and forced to leave Medellin. She had Raphael on her own, and journeyed to Italy, where her uncle and aunt could provide her and her son a new life. Raphael grew up happily with his mother, uncle, and aunt in Rome, until 1498. A group of thugs broke into their home on the outskirts of Rome. Raphael was the only one to survive the encounter. At eight years old, he turned to the only option available. He spent the next four years surviving off of scraps and whatever he could pickpocket off of people. Constantly running from the city guard gave Raphael excellent hiding and free running skills.

At age 13, Raphael attempted to pickpocket Master Assassin Ezio Auditore, and ended up flat on his back. Ezio applauded Raphael's technique, and offered the boy new life when he heard Raphael's tale. The boy was accepted into the Brotherhood as a trainee in 1503.

During his time training, he worked alongside a female Assassin from Japan named Kuki (stalk), who had come to Ezio for aid in establishing an Assassin cell in Japan. Both Raphael and Kuki worked on a number of assignments together, learning each other's languages and customs. Kuki eventually returned to Japan, leaving a slightly heartbroken Raphael, who had developed a teenage crush on her.

After three years of training, Raphael became a full Assassin. He worked alongside the other Assassin's in furthering their influence through Rome and outside of it into other parts of Italy and Europe.

In 1507, a request for aid from the French Assassin Cell was sent to the Roman Cell. The Templar's had become aware of the identities of the French Assassin's, and they needed a new face to deal with the problem. Raphael was sent to Paris, where he began working alongside the French Assassin's. When rumors of a Templar Agent seeking ancient relics reached them, the French Assassin's dispatched Raphael to track him down. Raphael never returned.