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Chapter 11

A Coup's End

The dull thuds and smacks of wood hitting wood echoed through the secret Assassin hideout, as Raphael and Naruto were currently sparring with wooden training swords. Raphael easily parried a hasty lunge from Naruto and whirled his sword around with practiced ease, lightly touching Naruto's neck. "Dead. Again," he said calmly.

Naruto let out a disappointed grunt and resumed his position, attacking again. Raphael blocked a few blows then went on the offensive, forcing Naruto back. The young Assassin recruit managed to sidestep a downward slash, attacking at Raphael's arm while he was overbalanced, only for Raphael to roll away and strike Naruto's legs lightly. "Crippling blow," he said.

Naruto groaned, slumping in disappointment, as Raphael stood. "Sorry sensei," he said softly.

Raphael sighed as he stood. "Naruto, you cannot expect to be a skilled swordsman after only a few months of practice. It takes time, and dedication. So cheer up. You're getting better."

Naruto nodded as he stood again, ready to face Raphael. As their blades 'clashed', Raphael continued to lecture. "Remember Naruto, a swordsman must be balanced. Strength is nothing without the skill to focus it. Skill is nothing without the speed to enact it. Speed is nothing without the strength to empower it. You must possess all three of these, not just one or two."

Naruto nodded, wiping some sweat from his eyes, as he tried to focus. Raphael nodded approvingly as they continued to spar.

Nearby, Anko was watching them as she did a bit of maintenance on her hidden blade bracer. "Kid has really come along, hasn't he kitty-chan?" She teasingly asked, glancing at the blonde woman.

Yugito didn't respond, as she seemed intent on staring at the pair of katars in her hands. Anko glanced at her face, and saw a few tears silently falling from Yugito's eyes. "Hey Yugito, you okay?" She asked, touching the girls shoulder.

Yugito's head shot up, before she hastily set aside the weapons and wiped the tears from her eyes. "I-I'm sorry, what?" She asked hastily, turning back to Anko.

Anko set aside her bracer as she looked at Yugito with concern. "What's wrong?" She asked softly, as Yugito looked away.

"I-It's nothing," she said in a muffled tone, sheathing the twin katars in the special hip sheathes attached to her belt. Before she could move off though, Anko had stopped her.

"Yugito, you know you can talk to me, right? I'm here for you. We all are," she said.

Yugito looked up at her, trembling a bit, before gently leaning against Anko, her head down. "Can you call the others over?" She asked softly.

Anko just blinked in surprise before turning and calling Raphael and Naruto over. When they arrived, Naruto worriedly tugged on Yugito's arm. "Yugito nee-chan, what's wrong?" He asked.

Yugito smiled as she gently ruffled Naruto's hair after pulling his hood down. "I…I think it's time you all learned why I was so willing to betray Kumo," she said softly. "Please, make yourselves comfortable."

As they did so, she quietly began. "When I was barely a baby, I was given a…a 'special power', if you will," she said. She couldn't inform Naruto of the fact that she was the Nibi jinchuuriki, but Anko and Raphael both knew.

"This 'gift' had the potential to make me a very powerful kunoichi, one that could increase Kumo's power. So naturally, they wanted to make sure I was well trained. That wouldn't have been a bad thing, except for the way they wanted to train me. They wanted to take me away from my family at a very young age, and isolate me, focus all of my time and energy into training me until I was strong enough. I would have no friends, no contact with my family, nothing at all. So naturally my parents, despite being skilled shinobi of the village, weren't exactly happy with that plan."

She sighed softly as she reached into a pocket and slowly produced the picture she had looked at in her apartment when she first arrived in Konoha. The picture of the younger self with her parents. "They approached my parents on my fourth birthday. I remember them talking to my parents, my parents seeming upset, and then them leaving. And that's when everything changed, for the worst," she said softly. "My parents refused to let me go. They had waited so long for a child, and to have their first one ripped away was too much. And they knew that what waited for me would be as close to torture as you could get. So they tried to flee with me, to protect me."

She handed the picture to them, so they could see it. "It took me a while to remember what happened next. They sent five squads of shinobi after us. Five squads, just for me. My parents never stood a chance. They…they tried to hide me, so I wouldn't see what happened, but…but…" Tears fell from her eyes, as she looked away. "Thirteen years ago today, I watched as my parents were executed by Kumo shinobi, for being 'traitors' to the village. My parents were called traitors because they wanted to protect me."

Raphael and Anko both were about to reach out to her, but were beaten by Naruto, who hugged her. Yugito looked down at him as he buried his face against her stomach, as he hugged her tightly.

Yugito gently hugged him back, holding him close, as she looked up at the others. "That…that is why I abandoned Kumo," she said. "They found me when I rushed out to my parents bodies. They tried to suppress my memories, and put me through the training they intended for me. But I remembered what happened. And I swore that I would get my revenge on Kumo."

Anko gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "I'm so sorry Yugito. What happened to you…that's so horrible," she said.

Yugito just nodded, as tears fell from her eyes, as Anko hugged her as well. She slowly broke down, and began to sob, as the emotional dam she had put up finally broke, and she slumped against Anko, sobbing heavily.

Raphael sighed softly, watching Anko and Naruto comfort Yugito. He touched Anko's shoulder, and when she glanced at him, he nodded towards a nearby bench. Anko nodded as she guided Yugito over there. Naruto let go as Anko sat down with Yugito, letting the girl keep sobbing against her.

When Yugito's sobs slowed, and she began to calm down, Raphael slowly knelt in front of her. "Are you okay Yugito?" He asked quietly.

Yugito nodded gently. "I am…s-sorry…," she said, wiping her eyes. "I…I didn't mean to break down like that."

Raphael smiled at her. "Don't be," he said. "You're human, just like the rest of us. You have emotions, feelings. And you've been through something horrible," he said. "Something all of us here know. We won't judge you Yugito. We're here for you."

"We're like a family!" Naruto piped up, causing them to look at him. "We're here to help each other."

Yugito just smiled weakly. "T-Thanks," she said, as she finished wiping her eyes. "T-Thank you guys."

Raphael just nodded, before glancing at a nearby clock and sighing. "I need to go. Urgent meeting with Hokage-sama. Will you be okay Yugito?"

Yugito nodded. "Yes Mentor. I'll be fine," she said with a bit of a grin.

Raphael grinned back. "Drop the Mentor bit. I'm not ready for the title yet," he said, as he headed off.

Anko just grinned at Naruto, ruffling his hair. "Family huh? Sounds about right," she said, as Naruto whined.

"Why does everyone ruffle my hair?" He groaned, causing Yugito and Anko to just laugh.

Laughter would have been something Sarutobi could use at the moment. The aged Hokage was not currently sitting in the office of the Hokage, but was sitting instead within one of the fortified bunkers within the Hokage's monument. In the event of emergency, a series of bunkers had been placed there to act as a refuge for those unable to fight. They also doubled as a fortified keep from which the shinobi of Konoha could make a final stand, including a secondary office for the Hokage, which was where Sarutobi was at.

On either side of him sat his advisors Koharu and Homura, with Danzou sitting on the other side of Homura. The quartet was currently waiting for Itachi and Raphael to be escorted here secretly by ANBU stationed at the Hokage's Tower.

Homura glanced at his former teammate and now leader. "Hiruzen, I have to question you asking for that assassin Raphael to join us for this meeting. Is it wise?"

Sarutobi turned his head slightly to look at Homura. "I believe it is," he said quietly. "I am hoping that a peaceful solution might yet still be reached with the discontent members of the Uchiha clan, but I am preparing for the worst. And since this is a situation that must be handled quietly, I feel the services and advice of a man who has mastered the art of ending people's lives with stealth and discretion is invaluable. Don't you?"

Homura just sat back quietly, while Danzou now added his input. "Sarutobi, peace at this point is irrelevant. After two years, Fugaku has not and will not change his mind. We need to forgo any chance at diplomacy and simply end this."

"I will not order the deaths of people and shinobi under my command and protection unless there is no alternative," Sarutobi snapped at Danzou. "These are people, the same as us, Danzou. I will not treat them as kunai or Shogi pieces to cast aside when it suits me."

Danzou just impassively watched him, as the door opened. In walked Itachi in his full ANBU armor and with Weasel mask in place, followed by Raphael who was blinking a bit. "I will never get use to that shunshin," he said, as he stood next to Itachi, and bowed with him.

Sarutobi sighed softly, leaning forward. "What is said here is not to be discussed with anyone outside this room, in front of anyone. Understood?" He asked everyone in the room. "Itachi, please remove your mask."

As Itachi did so, Sarutobi leaned back. "Two years ago, Itachi Uchiha informed me that elements of the Uchiha Clan were planning a coup attempt against the position of Hokage, with the intent of taking over the village. In that time, I have made subtle attempts at diplomacy towards the leader of this coup, Fugaku Uchiha. According to Itachi, all attempts have failed," he said. "His most recent report has indicated that the elements involved will soon be ready to begin informing the rest of the clan of their plan. Sadly, I fear the rest of the clan may join them, feeling loyalty to their clan above the village."

Raphael blinked in surprise. "So what do you intend to do, Hokage-sama?" He asked.

"That is what I called this meeting for. We need to resolve this situation, but in a way that does not hurt the village anymore then it has to," Sarutobi said.

At that moment, Danzou leaned forward slightly."The solution is simple, Sarutobi. The Uchiha clan must be eliminated. If we strike now, we can neutralize the threat before it can get out of control."

Itachi tensed at that, while Raphael balked. "What do you mean eliminate the clan? You mean kill all of them?"

Danzou's one visible eye narrowed a bit as he looked at Raphael. "We must ensure that the threat to Konoha's safety is eliminated. We cannot chance that such an uprising will happen again."

Raphael growled in anger. "Are you mad?! You're talking about slaughtering people who have no idea what is even going on! Are the children of the clan who aren't even shinobi yet a threat to the village? Are the infants? The elderly, infirmed, the civilians in the clan, are they all threats?"

"As Itachi pointed out in his reports, members plotting this coup are civilians within the Uchiha Clan. And so long as one Uchiha remains, so does the threat," Danzou said. "You are an assassin, Raphael-san, a killer. Surely you understand the need to ensure the job is done."

The Assassin just glared at Danzou. "What I understand is killing those who deserve it Danzou, killing those who are an actual threat to the safety and wellbeing of others. What you are proposing is genocide. You want to slaughter everyone in the clan for the simple crime of being associated by name and blood with a few who are a threat to the village. Most of those people in the clan are still currently loyal to the village, and you would slaughter them just because their last name is Uchiha. I really wonder who the threat to the village is, them or you."

Danzou bristled, and was about to retort, when Homura spoke up. "If I may, there is another reason why it might not be a good idea to kill the entirety of the clan," he said, adjusting his glasses. "If it was ever found out that we took action against an entire clan like this, even in defense of the village, the other clans might become nervous, and even start to wonder if they are safe within the village. It might be best to try and subtly deal with only the current members of the coup, before they have a chance to bring the whole of the Uchiha clan into this."

"I agree," Koharu spoke up next. "The village must remain strong. If we take out the whole of the Uchiha clan without justification of doing so, we leave the village weakened. If we can spare the majority of the clan, it will leave Konoha strong, and not give our enemies reason to think us weak. We're still recovering from the Kyuubi attack, and we do not need another incident like the one with the Kumo Ambassador," she said.

Danzou looked at them all, before sitting back. "There is some truth to your words, Koharu-san. Perhaps my judgment was hasty," he said, though anyone could tell he didn't believe the words he said.

Sarutobi nodded. "Then our path is clear. We must deal with the current leaders of the coup, before they can spread their plan to the rest of their clan. Itachi, how many are part of the planning of this coup attempt?"

Itachi silently produced a scroll. "Currently there are at least seven members of the coup attempt, counting Fugaku Uchiha. Three of the other six are shinobi, with the last three being civilians."

Sarutobi took the scroll, opening it and reading it. "I see…then we'll need to eliminate these seven people. But it must be done silently. Raphael, since this is your area of expertise, what would you suggest?" He asked.

Raphael blinked, as all eyes settled on him. It was a bit unnerving, considering Sarutobi and his advisors probably had far more life experience then him. "Well…it would be extremely difficult to kill all of them quietly within the walls of the Uchiha District, especially the four shinobi on that list," he said. "So we need to divide them up, and take them out at the same time. If we could lure Fugaku and other members of the coup to a meeting, we could offer him a final chance at diplomacy. And should he refuse, we kill him then and there. Meanwhile, I would suggest allowing Anko-san and perhaps Yugito-san to infiltrate the Uchiha District and finish off the stragglers, though their deaths should look like natural causes rather than them being murdered."

Danzou watched Raphael with grudging respect, before speaking. "A sound plan, but what about those who come to the meeting with the Hokage? Their deaths will look suspicious, won't they?"

Raphael gave a nod. "Yes, they will. But other than somehow sending the shinobi on missions and killing them out in the field, I can't see another way of doing it without negatively affecting the village."

"I can," Itachi said quietly. "We will make it seem like I forged the Hokage's handwriting to lure my father and the other's to the meeting. The shinobi who have agreed to my father's plan so far are among the most powerful in the clan. I will write a note and leave it in my bedroom, making it appear that I've grown disillusioned with the village, and seeking to test my power, I lured the most powerful members of the clan so I could test my limits against them. Afterwards, I will flee the village, as a missing nin," he said quietly.

Homura and Koharu's eyes were wide in shock, while Danzou studied Itachi with approval in his eye. Sarutobi quietly leaned forward, studying Itachi. "You realize that if you do this, your clan and Konoha will view you as a traitor. Your mother, brother, and fiancé will come to hate you," he said.

Itachi bowed his head slightly. "I know, Hokage-sama. But I cannot put myself ahead of the safety of this village. This needs to be done," he said softly.

"Very well then," Sarutobi said quietly. "Due to one of these targets being out of the village currently, this operation will begin at the end of the week. What has been spoken here is a SS-ranked secret, and cannot be shared without expressed authorization of the Hokage. Danzou, Homura, and Koharu, you are dismissed. Itachi, Raphael, please stay so we can plan the finer details of this mission."

As the three advisors left, Raphael turned to Itachi, sorrow in his eyes. "Itachi-san, surely there must be another way. We could disguise ourselves as foreign ninja, kill them that way," he said.

"No, we can't," Itachi said. "If we did that, we would risk starting a war with another power. For the sake of the village, I must do this."

Sarutobi smiled sadly. "Truly, the Will of Fire burns in you Itachi. You would have made an incredible Hokage." Itachi merely bowed in thanks at the Hokage's words. The aged Hokage merely let out a sigh. "If we're going to go through with your plan Itachi, then I have a mission for you outside of Konoha. You spoke to me of this…Madara Uchiha. I want you to join his organization, and spy on them for us. Do you accept this mission?"

The Uchiha gave a single nod in response. "Of course Hokage-sama."

"Good. Now, since I'm assuming you and Raphael will be handling Fugaku and the Uchiha at the meeting, we'll need someone inside the Uchiha District to help Anko and Yugito get in, as well as help you keep track of the various targets. Itachi, is there anyone you believe will help us?"

Itachi thought for a moment, before speaking. "Shisui Uchiha. He was asked to spy on me recently by my father. But he has confided in me that he is disturbed by the way my father has been acting lately. He is devoted to the village, and will do what it takes to protect it," he said.

The aged Hokage smiled. "Good then. Quietly discuss all this with him. But be careful Itachi, just in case."

With Itachi's nod of confirmation, Sarutobi turned back to Raphael "Now, let's discuss how Yugito and Anko will take care of their targets within the District."

Uchiha District

Sasuke Uchiha panted softly, as the massive fireball he had spewed from his mouth dissipated, with steam rising from the lake he had unleashed it over. Next to him, his father nodded approvingly.

"You did well Sasuke. I am impressed," Fugaku said. "But remember, you must never relax, never relent. As an Uchiha, you are part of a clan that is the strongest in the Elemental Nations. We Uchiha are descended from the Sage of Six Paths himself. And as such, you must reflect that image and heritage."

Sasuke nodded. "I understand dad. I promise I'll become the best Uchiha ever!"

The head of the Uchiha clan gave a satisfied nod. "That's good son. Never forget that goal. Now, let us return home."

Sasuke smiled happily, before rushing over to his mom who standing nearby. "Did you see mom?! I did it! I did it!"

Mikoto Uchiha, dressed in a purple long sleeved shirt and light tan dress, smiled at her son. "I saw Sasuke. That was really well done," she said. "I'll make sure to make you a special treat to celebrate when we get home."

Sasuke grinned happily as he rushed ahead, with Mikoto watching him, before turning as Fugaku joined her. The clan head was frowning a bit. "You spoil him," he said.

"And you don't give him enough credit or help," she said, her own smile gone. "You did nothing to help him learn that technique, and abandoned him when he didn't get it as fast as you wanted. Now that he has it down thanks to mine and Itachi's help, you're all happy to see him again."

Fugaku glared a bit at her. "Self-reliance is important in a shinobi, especially an Uchiha. We do not need help from anyone."

Mikoto shook her head. "We are part of a shinobi village, Fugaku. We cannot go through this world believing we don't need anyone. It'll make us hated by our allies, and make us easy targets for our enemies."

Fugaku just scoffed. "I can't believe I'm hearing those words come from your mouth. What happened to the girl I met at the Academy, who was just as proud of being an Uchiha as I am?"

Mikoto mentally cringed, as she remembered her younger self. In the Academy, she had been just as arrogant as Fugaku was now, believing in what her parents had told her. That had all changed when Kushina Uzumaki crushed her in a spar. She had tried to get back at Kushina for her loss, leading to the development of a rivalry that continued to their team assignments, when they were teamed up with Shibi Aburame. Their sensei had tolerated their rivalry for a time, before letting them go at each other in a full out spar. The two beat each other black and blue, and were left nearly unconscious. They ended up sharing a room in the hospital as they recovered from their spar, and somehow ended up talking to each other about various things. When they left the hospital, one would have thought they had been best friends for life.

Mikoto looked Fugaku in the eyes. "I realized the truth, Fugaku, that we were kidding ourselves, allowing arrogance to override common sense. We cannot rely on a bloodline and heritage to make us strong, we must become strong ourselves. After all, if I remember correctly, weren't you defeated by Kushina in your first Chuunin exams?"

Fugaku growled angrily. "That bitch only won because of what she held," he snapped.

Mikoto just shook her head. "I don't want to see our son die because he arrogantly believes he will always be the best. Itachi is probably the strongest shinobi in our clan, and he got there through hard work."

Fugaku just turned away, starting to walk off. "Maybe he is, but soon it won't matter," he half muttered to himself, while Mikoto blinked as she heard him.

"What was that?" She asked, as Fugaku stopped, before shaking his head.

"Nothing. Let's just go home." With that he headed forward, as Mikoto blinked, worried about what her husband meant by his words.

Hyuuga Compound, Next Day

Hiashi Hyuuga looked at the three elders before him. "May I ask why you three have called this meeting?" He asked.

One of them calmly bowed his head. "Hiashi-sama, we have come to express concerns about reports we've been hearing, regarding your eldest daughter."

Hiashi's eyes narrowed at the mention of Hinata. "And what exactly is it that you've heard?"

The only female elder of the group spoke this time. "We have it on good authority that she has been associating with those who's standing in the village are less than befitting that of our clan's image. The former apprentice of Orochimaru, Anko Mitarashi for one. That woman has no public decency, and will corrupt Hinata. The other is far worse though, as she has been seen in the company of 'its' container."

Hiashi's face was emotionless as he listened to them. "I see. I have not heard of such things. Where do you get this information from?" He asked.

The final elder spoke up. "From members of the clan who have seen her associating and training with them. Hiashi, you must deal with this before our image is further damaged by your daughter. It is bad enough she so far has not shown any excellence in the Academy."

"It might be better to simply cut our losses with her, Hiashi," the first one said. "She obviously is not main branch material, or even shinobi material. We should remove her from the program and simply put her into the branch family. Or better yet, remove her from the clan entirely, so as not to have her tarnish the image of strength of the Main Family of the Hyuuga Clan."

Hiashi simply gave a small shake of his head. "Unfortunately, the first option is unavailable to us. When the Hokage restored the previous curriculum of the Academy, he also instituted a rule that no member of the Academy may be removed without a proper hearing explaining the reasons why. And while she is not living up to the standards of our clan, she is doing well enough in the Academy that we cannot simply remove her on a whim. However, I do agree that if she cannot show any form of improvement, she should be pushed into the Branch Family. As such, I will give her a final chance to prove herself. I will arrange for a spar to be witnessed by key members of the clan. If she performs acceptably, I will either assign her a tutor or again take control of her training. If she does poorly, I will place her into the branch family, where we can then control her actions outside of the Academy. Is this acceptable?"

As the three elders nodded, Hiashi turned. "Very well then. For now, let us turn to other more pressing matters. The trade contract with the silk merchant in Kusa is coming up, and we must ensure that everything goes smoothly," he said, as the quartet walked off.

Konoha Academy

Three shadows stealthily bounded their way through the forested area of the Academy training ground, making their way from cover to cover. As they neared a clearing, they stopped, hiding in cover.

Naruto slowly peeked a bit around the corner of the tree, before turning to one of his fellow shadows and nodded to her. Hinata gave a nod back and activated her Byakugan. As her doujutsu activated, her vision of the world altered. Now everything was colored in various shades of white and gray, except for her two companions near her, who were black in color with blue lines indicating their chakra systems running through their bodies. As she began scanning in all directions, she soon found three more people hiding nearby, guarding their 'objective'. She slowly reached up, touching the radio strapped to her neck as she began whispering.

"T-There's one of them in the tree on the other side of the clearing, r-right above our target. A second is in the bush to our right, a-and the third is hanging further back," she reported to Naruto and their third teammate.

Naruto nodded as he turned to look where Ino was currently hiding, activating his own radio. "Ino, can you see any of them?"

Ino scanned the area a bit, before nodding. "Yep. I can see one of them," she said softly.

Naruto grinned. "So you want to show us that special move you keep bragging about? The one your dad showed you?"

Ino just gave a smirk in response as she quickly ran through a couple handsigns and held her hands out like she was framing her target within them. "Shintenshi no jutsu," she whispered, before her body slumped over. Her target, the enemy hiding in the tree, stiffened a bit, before grinning to themselves.

Naruto saw Hinata give him a nod of confirmation, and he quickly jumped out into the clearing. "Oi! Anybody home?!" He called out, grinning.

Almost immediately, a wooden kunai sailed from the bush to try and strike him, and Naruto skillfully dodged it, as Sasuke rushed out from the bush to engage him in a fight. Naruto grinned as he ducked under Sasuke's punch, landing a blow to Sasuke's stomach followed by an uppercut, sending him reeling back. Naruto was forced to duck though as a girl named Ami came rushing in, trying to clock Naruto so she could avenge her 'Sasuke-kun'. Sasuke growled and moved in as Naruto tripped Ami up.

At that moment, Ino, in possession of one of their other classmates named Mumei, dropped down and grabbed their objective, a small flag. 'He' quickly untied it form the post it was attached to, and tossed it to Hinata, who began sprinting away as Sasuke and Ami were distracted. At that moment though, Ino winced, feeling her control of Mumei slipping due to her small chakra reserves. She had barely learned her clan's signature jutsu, and could only use it for short periods of time. She was forced to return to her body, and a disoriented Mumei blinked.

"Huh? What…Hey, the flag's gone!" Mumei shouted.

Sasuke and Ami both blinked at that, whirling to look at where the flag should be. And in that moment, Naruto bolted, with Ino following him swiftly. Sasuke immediately rushed after them, followed by Ami and Mumei.

Naruto grinned as he saw Hinata far ahead of them, before glancing back to see their three opponents rushing after them. Sasuke was closing in, but the other two weren't able to catch up.

Hinata soon burst through the trees, and rushed over to their fellow students, stopping in front of their chuunin instructor while holding the flag up.

"That's it! Team 1 wins!" The chuunin called out, as Naruto, Ino, Sasuke, Ami, and Mumei came out of the trees. Naruto and Ino cheered, as Sasuke looked enraged, while Ami and Mumei were disappointed.

This was another of the training exercises for the students at the academy. It was a simple game of capture the flag, but it was used to train teamwork, as well as strategy and tactics. It also taught them about how some missions would involve capturing secret enemy documents or other items, or defending them from enemies.

The chuunin instructor nodded to them. "Team 1, you did very well. Not only did you capture the flag, but all your teammates returned alive and unharmed," he said. "Team 2, you did manage to hold onto the flag for close to twenty minutes, which is impressive. However, you allowed the enemy to capture the flag, and successfully return with it."

Sasuke seethed angrily, glaring at Naruto. He couldn't believe he lost. It had to have been his teammates. They just got in the way. He growled, glaring at Mumei and Ami.

The chuunin instructor glanced at the sun, and nodded. "That'll be it for today. We'll pick back up next Tuesday," he said. This had been the fifth round of capture the flag today and they needed to return for their last lesson of the day.

Ino sighed softly, stretching a bit. The last two years so far in the Academy had been a bit of an eye opener for her. Listening to her father's stories, she had thought it was all about heroic deeds, and how she'd get to meet some prince Charming who would rescue her in battle, and they would fall in love and get married. But the reality so far had been quite different.

The instructors put them through hard training. When they weren't inside listening to lectures, they were outside, training in taijutsu forms. Even after getting the moves down, they were told to constantly practice, to get what they called 'muscle memory'. When she asked her dad about it, he told him it was where you trained your body to the point where it could almost react on its own. Your muscles would be trained to move and react exactly the way you needed them to during a fight. And it could be very important during battle if your mind was tired and you couldn't entirely think straight.

They were also taught how to throw kunai and shuriken, and again it was constant practice and practice to get the movements and muscle memory down. And then there were all the various exercises and drills. The stealth exercises of hiding from each other, and occasionally hiding from the Chuunin Instructors. The teamwork exercises, like the D-ranked missions every other Friday. Or what they had just done, the simulated mission exercises.

Ino would admit, she disliked being dirty and sweaty. She really did. But her father said it would be important, as it could save her life. So for now, she would put up with it. Once she graduated, she hoped she'd have plenty of time to be more lady-like. Like her mother, who was very graceful and elegant.

Ahead of her, Naruto was grinning happily as he walked next to Hinata. "You did incredible Hinata-chan," he said, causing the girl to blush.

"B-But I just ran with the flag," she said, not thinking she did much.

"Are you kidding? You're the one who scouted them out! Plus you got away with the flag. You and Ino did all the hard work," Naruto said with a grin at her. "All I did was distract them."

Hinata smiled a little at his praise. "I-I think what you did was hard work too," she said.

"Naw, I just danced around a little. Like this," he said, doing a bit of a goofy dance as they walked, causing Hinata to giggle. Naruto grinned at that. "Your laugh is great," he said.

Hinata blinked, blushing. "W-what?" She squeaked out.

"When you laugh. It's great. You seem so happy," he said. Hinata just blushed more, scrunching her head down and raising her shoulders as if she could hide.

Behind them though, Sasuke growled angrily as he glared at the happy pair. How dare they humiliate him like this? He was an Uchiha! He couldn't let his father down like this! He would have to train harder, prove he was the best. And next time, he couldn't rely on teammates. They were worthless. That girl Ami did nothing helpful, and the idiot Mumei allowed the Yamanaka girl to possess him.

Sasuke looked over at Ino now, glaring at her as she was right in front of him. Decided to get a little payback, he walked a bit faster, bumping into her and knocking her over. Sneering, he just kept walking.

Ino let out a yelp as she hit the ground, before looking up and glaring at Sasuke's retreating back. She winced a bit as well, feeling some pain in her palm. She looked at it, seeing she had scraped a bit of skin on a rock. She suddenly found herself in a shadow, and looked up, seeing Chouji Akamichi there. She knew about him due to their father's being friends, but she hadn't really ever interacted with him before.

"You okay?" He asked kindly, offering her his hand. Ino blinked, before taking it and letting him help her up.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Hurt my hand a little," she said, wiping herself off, only to groan seeing some grass stains on her shorts.

Chouji smiled. "I'm glad you're okay then," he said a bit shyly, before turning and walking off, joining Shikamaru Nara.

Ino tilted her head, before calling out "Thank you!" to his retreating back. At that moment, her friend Sakura rushed over.

"Ino are you okay? I heard you yelp, and then that boy Chouji was helping you up. What happened?" She asked.

Ino smiled a bit at her. "It's cool Sakura. Just a little accident," she said with a smile. "Now c'mon, I feel like celebrating my being awesome!"

The girls giggled as they headed off.

Uchiha Compound, three days later

As evening fell over the village, Shisui Uchiha quietly watched over the Uchiha jounin Tekka, wondering how things had come to this. He had known that things were not as peaceful within the clan as he had wanted them to be when he had been asked to spy on Itachi by the clan head Fugaku, but what Itachi had told him seemed like pure madness. He knew though that he couldn't let the rest of the clan fall into this either, as it could lead to many people dying who didn't have to, and that was why he had agreed to help Itachi. The village came first, above all else. He had taught that to Itachi, much like it had been taught to him by his teammate, a civilian born kunoichi named Juku (lessons).

Shisui once had the arrogance that many in the clan had. It was an arrogance passed down from being descended from the Sage of Six Paths, the father of all ninjutsu. An arrogance further increased by the knowledge that their clan was one of the two founding clans of Konoha. As a young genin, Shisui had always believed that he was superior to those around him. Then he had been assigned to his genin team, and the kunoichi on the team stopped him dead in his tracks. Juku had been an orphan, the daughter of a prostitute and a shinobi. Neither had wanted her, and so she was dumped at the orphanage when she was four years old. The brown haired, blue eyed girl had grown strong, and had used her abandonment by her parents to push her in her quest to be a strong kunoichi, and a strong person who would be nothing like her selfish parents. When she met Shisui, Juku had been friendly to him, only for him to brush aside her greeting like it was nothing. In the weeks that followed though, Shisui found himself being pushed by her. She was constantly challenging him, sparring with him, and most surprisingly, winning several battles against him. The two formed an intense rivalry, pushing each other to become stronger. And before Shisui knew it, his arrogance was long gone, destroyed by this kunoichi who had challenged his beliefs, challenged his strength, and showed him that a clan name and bloodline alone wasn't enough to be strong. That as a shinobi, they're loyalty and pride should be in their village.

It wasn't surprising then that in perhaps one of their most intense spars ever, Shisui got inside her guard and ended up pinning her to a tree. And before either knew what they were doing, they were kissing, right in front of their teammate and sensei, to their chagrin. They had been unable to talk to each other or even look at each other without blushing for two whole days, until he had finally asked her out on a date.

Shisui looked down a bit sadly. Juku had been killed one year ago on a mission, mortally wounded by a rogue ninja from Kusa, who had then died at Shisui's hands. As Shisui held her in his arms, Juka confessed she had been too scared to confess how much she loved him. And Shisui confessed his own love to her, giving her one last kiss, before she passed on. In that moment, Shisui swore he would uphold her ideals, no matter what. And in that moment, his Sharingan morphed into the Mangekyou, something that was almost a myth in their clan.

Shisui watched as Tekka entered the house of the clan head, and he used a brief shunshin to slip into the yard of the house, sliding around the side. He soon stopped under a window outside the study, as he heard movement within.

"Fugaku-sama, you requested my presence?" Tekka's voice could be heard, since the window was open. Shisui went still to listen.

"Yes. Sarutobi has recently requested a meeting with me and a few select members of the clan. However, the people he's requested are part of our group," Fugaku said. "I fear he is planning to make a move against us, as it's apparent he knows we are planning something. You weren't one of the people he requested to the meeting, so I have a mission for you. Leverage to use against Sarutobi," he said. "When the others and I head to this meeting, you are to go to this apartment. It is the home of the Kyuubi brat, who I know Sarutobi is close to. You are to hold him hostage, and if you don't hear from us within three hours of the meeting, kill him," he said.

Shisui's eyes widened at this, as he heard Tekka accept the mission. Afterwards, he heard the clink of two sake cups, and the pair drinking to the future of the Uchiha clan.

Shisui stealthy moved away, knowing he had to warn Itachi or the Hokage about this. As he did though, he saw a figure quickly ducking into the shadows of a nearby house. Shisui slowly followed, worried it was an Uchiha who had seen him, or a spy from another village.

He soon saw his target disappearing around another corner, and he quickly followed, watching as his target was heading in a southerly direction. It was a smart move, as there was a thick heavy woodland in that direction, so it was an easy place to disappear to when one exited the Uchiha district of the village. Shisui continued to stealthily pursue his target, as they soon exited the districted, and took to the trees. As they did, Shisui analyzed his target. They were fairly proficient with stealth, having avoided everyone but him. And they were moving quickly and with great purpose. This was a highly skilled high chuunin or jounin level shinobi.

After about twenty minutes, Shisui watched as his target dropped to the ground near a clearing. He stopped, and slowly began to stealthily approach the area, seeing several shadows in the clearing. He stopped when he was close enough to hear them.

"I was rather surprised you contacted me, Danzou," spoke a person whose features he couldn't make out, due to the cloak and hood they were wearing. But now he could identify Danzou, flanked by two hooded and cloaked figures wearing blank masks. The shinobi he had trailed was a bit further back, waiting to report.

"I contacted you because I know you can help me. I know now that Sarutobi and those running our village will destroy it. While he has shown backbone in the previous two years, Sarutobi is still unwilling to do what must be done to protect this village. And his teachings have infected the village and shinobi as a whole," Danzou said. "His ruling regarding this incident with the Uchiha has made that abundantly clear. That is why I have come to you, as I know you hold little love for Sarutobi or this village."

"I see. But surely you know I am not exactly someone you can so readily trust. I was once part of your little training program, so you know me, just as I know you," the figure said, in a strangely snake like voice.

"True enough, but I can trust you to act a certain way. And that is why I wish to make this offer. That you help me in saving Konoha, from the cancer that is infecting it," Danzou said simply. "I will give you the chance of revenge, and you will help me clear out the sickness of the village."

The figure seemed to chuckle. "You always did have a way with words. Very well then Danzou. It'll be interesting working with you again. Though I must request a few things from you, when the time comes. Do we have an agreement?"

At Danzou's nod, the figure simply faded back into the shadows, seemingly disappearing. Danzou stared at the space the person had been in, before jerking his head slightly. And in an instant, Shisui felt himself being slammed from behind, and into the ground, with two figures holding him down.

"Shisui Uchiha, known as Shunshin no Shisui. Jounin of the Uchiha Clan. Holder of the Kotoamatsukami Mangekyou Sharingan," Danzou said, turning to face the pinned down Shisui. "I have to say, it is an honor to meet you. You are quite the skilled shinobi."

Shisui grunted softly, testing to see how much room he had to move. He was quickly pressed harder into the ground. "I would say thank you for the compliment, but coming from a traitor, that's not exactly high praise," he said.

Danzou stared down at him. "You may view it as treason, but I view it as being a patriot," he said calmly. "This village has become weak. We are diplomatic when we should fight. We concede when we should press. We are shinobi, killers, and mercenaries. We can't be weak, if we are to survive. What I do, I do for the sake of the village," he said.

Shisui chuckled softly, shaking his head. "Is that really what you think? You think what you're doing is for the village? How the hell can you say you're doing what's best for the village when you're planning to betray and kill the people? That is what makes the village. We serve the people of the village, not the stone and wood, not the power of the village."

"It is sad to see one so skilled could be so naïve," Danzou said, as he indicated for his two agents to hoist Shisui to his knees. "I would bring you into my organization, but it would cause too many problems. However, there is a way you can prove useful to me," he said as he produced a glass vial and a small knife. "Your eyes, and the Mangekyou Sharingan ability they possess. My agents have informed me about what they can do. The power to influence people will aid in my saving of the village."

Shisui glared at Danzou. "You're insane, you know that? You are absolutely deranged. I will never let you have my eyes," he said, deactivating his Sharingan, which he had active while tracking the ROOT agent.

Danzou simply nodded to one of the ROOT Agents. "I'm afraid you have no choice," he said, as the agent placed a seal on Shisui's neck. And Shisui let out a grunt of pain as he felt his chakra surge, activating his Sharingan and morphing it into the Mangekyou form. "It's really quite simple. That seal was designed to be used to counter prison seals that lock a person's chakra down, as well as medical instances where a person's chakra network needed to be jumpstarted. However, a colleague of mine found it most useful in forcing a person's bloodline to activate so he could take samples of their blood and study them. In this case, it will allow me to harvest your Mangekyou Sharingan," Danzou said, as he readied the knife, approaching Shisui.

Shisui growled angrily. "I'm afraid you've underestimated me," he said, as he felt the chakra surge throughout his body. With a roar he used it to strengthen his muscles, yanking free of one of the ROOT agents and punching the other one so hard it broke his neck, sending him flying. The ROOT agent he had broken free from tried to grab him again but Shisui swung his head backwards, breaking his mask and sending him stumbling back with a broken nose. He turned as the other three agents charged, tantos drawn, and he grabbed a tanto from the ROOT shinobi he had just head butted, drawing it and slashing the man's throat before parrying a thrust from one of the charging agents. He spun around him, punching the next one before trading blows with the last agent. Grinning, he flipped over the agent, appearing behind the agent and stabbing him through the back, only to curse as he felt the blade stick into wood, the ROOT agent disappearing in a substitution, leaving behind a log. Unable to retrieve the tanto Shisui let it go, ducking under a slash aimed at his head. He quickly struck the ROOT agent, knocking the air out of him, only to roll forward under a swing from the other ROOT Agent. The one he had thought he stabbed appeared from above; trying to stab down at him, But Shisui merely flickered away again, facing the three living ROOT agents. Sadly, he forgot there was a fourth person there. Shisui felt Danzou's cane strike the back of his knees, knocking him down. Shisui tried to roll to get back to his feet, only to find a tanto heading for his head. He tried to jerk out of the way, but was only partially successful. There was the sound of metal cutting flesh, and a splash of blood.

Shisui let out a scream, clutching the place where his left eye had been. Blood seeped form the wound, which now was a mess of destroyed ocular organ. Shisui panted in pain, backing away from the ROOT agents, who advanced on him.

"Fools, do not destroy his other eye!" Danzou growled out, as the ROOT Agents prepared to attack.

At that moment, Shisui felt his chakra start to settle down, as the seal's effect began to wear off. Feeling like his chakra was under control, Shisui grimly smiled at Danzou. "Sorry…but I don't think I can stick around," he panted out, before pouring as much chakra as he could into a shunshin, and disappearing.

Danzou merely glared at the spot Shisui had been in. With a snap of his fingers, the three Agents appeared in front of him. "Clean up this mess, and then return to the base for punishment," he said, as the three ROOT agents just nodded and moved to clean up the two bodies. Danzou merely turned and left, knowing he would have to let things die down before he could move again in the open.

Elsewhere, Itachi was quietly waiting at a pre-arranged spot for Shisui, where they would exchange notes on what they had observed. Though he appeared calm, Itachi was nervous, as Shisui was late. He heard a rustle, and turned, only for his eyes to widen in shock and horror.

Shisui stumbled out, clutching cloth ripped from his shirt over the wound of his left eye. "H-Hey there Itachi," he said weakly, before dropping to his knees.

Itachi rushed over to him. "Shisui, what happened?!" he said, trying to help Shisui to his feet.

Shisui shook his head. "There's no time. Itachi, you need to warn the Hokage. Fugaku is going to have Tekka kidnap Naruto and hold him for leverage. And Danzou is planning to eventually ally with a traitor of Konoha and wipe out the leadership of the village, replacing it with himself," he said.

Itachi nodded. "I will Shisui, after I get you to a hospital," he said, trying to help Shisui up, only to be pushed away.

"You can't Itachi," Shisui said, as he looked up at him with his one good eye. "If you take me to the hospital, Danzou can send someone after me there. He tried to take my eyes, Itachi. He wants the power of my Mangekyou. And he almost had it," he said.

"Then what am I supposed to do Shisui?! I can't let you die!" Itachi said, allowing emotions to break through his usually calm mask.

Shisui smiled weakly at Itachi. "I'm afraid there's no other real choice Itachi," he said, before slowly reaching up. Itachi's eyes widened in horror, and he tried to stop Shisui, but it was too late. The Uchiha, without making a single sound of pain, removed his remaining eye, gently holding it in his hand. "I can't be left alive Itachi. Danzou will get to me, and the clan would never allow it. It would be a stain on their honor," he said, spitting out the word honor.

Itachi trembled in horror and despair. "Why Shisui? Why are you doing this?"

"For the sake of the village," Shisui said. "I won't let my eyes be used against this village. Not by Danzou, and not by the clan. I entrust it to you," he whispered softly, holding out the eye. "Please…do this for me Itachi. I beg you."

Itachi gently took the eye from Shisui's hand. "I will Shisui. I'll protect this eye, and find a way to use it to help the village," he said.

Shisui shakily and sadly smiled. "I must ask one more thing of you, my brother. Help me…help me to go join Juku?"

Itachi trembled, eyes closed, as a few tears fell from them. "…if that is your wish, my friend," he said softly. "I will help you join your beloved," he whispered.

Shisui gave Itachi a serene smile, as he felt himself being helped to his feet, and guided away, into the darkness.

That Sunday evening

Kiseki was a bit nervous as she travelled with her father Yashiro, as well as Fugaku and Inabi Uchiha, all of whom were top ranked jounin of the Uchiha clan. With them as well was Teyaki Uchiha, one of the civilian members of the clan and Fugaku's brother (1).

The entire clan had been on edge when the body of Shisui Uchiha had been found washed up against the bank of the river that flowed through the Uchiha district, feeding into the lake near the clan head's house. An autopsy showed that he had died of drowning, after apparently cutting his eyes and destroying them. An examination of the river led them to finding a bloody kunai with his blood and fingerprints on it further upstream. And at his home, there was a suicide note clearly written in his hand. In it, he stated how he could no longer live without his beloved Juku, and that he wished to join her in the afterlife.

While the evidence pointed clearly to suicide, many wondered how this could be, considering that while Shisui seemed to still mourn the loss of his teammate, he seemed to be living his life happily otherwise. Some wondered if foul play was involved, but it seemed preposterous, as only someone with a Sharingan could have copied Shisui's handwriting. Still, an investigation began, while the corpse of Shisui was cremated and the ashes were then sprinkled over the water of the lake, to dissipate. This was Uchiha tradition, to ensure no one could steal secrets or DNA from the dead of the clan.

Kiseki glanced at her father. "Dad, why am I here?" She asked. "All she knew was that they were currently heading to a meeting with the Hokage, and her father had requested she come along.

Yashiro looked at her, smiling softly. "I suggested that you come along sweetie, to act as a guard to make sure no one interferes with the meeting. You should be honored, to guard the head of the clan."

Kiseki smiled a bit weakly in return, not sure why they needed a guard. And if they did, why her? She shook her head, accepting it all, as they continued on their way.

Back at the Uchiha district, two shadows slipped into the area, and then with nods to each other, separated to take care of their targets.

At the meeting point, Itachi stood in full ANBU gear, wearing the traditional ANBU armor and his Weasel Mask. Sitting next to him was Sarutobi, who was quietly puffing on his pipe. And crouched in the rafters, not making a sound or movement, was Raphael, his lower face covered by a crimson face mask.

Itachi glanced at Sarutobi, as they waited for the arrival of the Uchiha members. In the aftermath of Shisui's death, Itachi had reported everything to the Hokage, concerning Shisui's warning regarding Danzou and Fugaku. Sarutobi had assigned an ANBU to watch over Naruto, but sadly, there was nothing he could do about Danzou, without hard evidence to accuse him with. Trying to take Danzou out black ops style would more than likely fail, so for now, Danzou would have to be left alone. Though Sarutobi swore that he would find a way to end Danzou for good.

At that moment, the door opened, and in entered Fugaku, followed by Teyaki, Inabi, and Yashiro. Itachi's eyes widened as he saw a flash of Kiseki through the open door, before it closed.

Fugaku bowed to Sarutobi once they all were in. "You summoned us Hokage-sama?" He asked.

Sarutobi nodded quietly. "I did, Fugaku. I think it is about time we dispensed with the charade. I know that you're planning a coup against the leadership of Konoha. I brought you out here for one final attempt at diplomacy, and to prevent an incident from occurring. What you are doing, Fugaku, is madness. It will push the village into civil war, and could lead to the village's destruction at the hands of the other villages."

Fugaku just sneered at him. "Do you think I honestly care about this village, Sarutobi? Our clan was one of the founding members. We are descended from the Rikudou Sennin himself. And yet our clan has continually been pushed aside, denied what should be our right. Our founder was denied the chance to be Hokage. Our clan was and still is kept separate from the rest of the village. It is time the Uchiha took their rightful birthright and control this village," he said, with nods of confirmation coming from those with him. "And do not think that having my traitorous son on your side will prevent us from succeeding," he said as he glared at Itachi, as he and the two shinobi drew kunai from their pockets, ready to fight.

Sarutobi looked at Fugaku with disappointment. "Is that your final answer then?" He asked quietly, lowering his pipe to the small table in front of him and quietly tapping it out into the ash tray.

"It is, Sarutobi. And before you think to try and kill me, just know that-" Fugaku said, only to be interrupted.

"Tekka Uchiha is on his way to capture Naruto Uzumaki. Should you not report back in time, Tekka is to slay Naruto. A rather foolish mistake, as it will lead to the destruction of this village and clan," Sarutobi said coldly, standing up. "I've already set an ANBU guard for Naruto."

Teyaki stepped back, as the three Uchiha shinobi prepared to fight. "It doesn't matter, Sarutobi. Tonight ends your reign, and begins the reign of the Uchiha!"

Sarutobi shook his head. "Then I have my answer. You are hereby guilty of treason. Your sentence? Execution," he said simply, as a smoke bomb dropped from the ceiling and exploded amongst the Uchiha.

Kiseki blinked, hearing muffled raised voices, but thought it was merely a heated discussion. But then she heard the dull explosion of a smoke bomb, its noise one that any well trained shinobi would be familiar with it. In an instant she threw open the door, drawing her swords, only to find her vision blinded by smoke. She coughed, stumbling back, eyes watering slightly as something in the smoke made it hard for her to breath and irritated her eyes. Her vision soon cleared, and she looked up, only for her eyes to widen in horror.

Teyaki Uchiha was pinned to a wall, a sword through his chest keeping him upright, as a crimson robed figure held Ibana Uchiha by the throat, with a blade protruding through his neck. Fugaku was staring blankly at the kunai that Hiruzen Sarutobi had buried through his throat, before his legs buckled and he began to fall. But worse, far worse, was the sight of her father's headless corpse slumping to the ground, his head having rolled a few feet away. And the man standing over her dead father was none other than Itachi, his sword dripping with her father's blood.

Kiseki stood there, her weapons clattering to the ground as they fell from her nerveless hands, before she sunk to her knees. She just kept staring at where her father had stood, as the crimson robed figure turned to the Hokage, saying "I'm going to go check on Naruto," before disappearing.

Sarutobi sighed as he looked at Kiseki's shocked form. "Itachi, please take care of her," he said, as he retrieved his pipe and quietly left.

Itachi just numbly nodded, as he sheathed his still bloody sword, and slowly removed his mask, looking down at Kiseki. She slowly looked up, her eyes lifeless, as tears fell from them. "Why?" She whispered.

Itachi felt his heart shatter, seeing her like this. "I'm sorry," he whispered, as his Sharingan began to morph into the Mangekyou Sharingan, the three tomoes becoming a pinwheel. "Tsukuyomi."

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto trembled in fear as he watched Tekka Uchiha approach him. He didn't know what was going on. One minute he was getting ready for bed, and then the next he heard the sound of glass shattering outside his bedroom. He had rushed to the door, only for his eyes to widen in fear as he saw an unknown man stabbing one of those masked ninjas he had sometimes seen around the Hokage. The masked man slumped to the ground, blood pooling around his body as he weakly tried to cover the hole in his throat, before falling still.

Tekka grinned as he approached Naruto. "Well, well, well. Looks like it's just you and me now, brat," Tekka said maliciously. He suddenly appeared in front of Naruto, kicking him in the chest and knocking him back into the bedroom. Naruto slammed into the wall, the air knocked out of him, before he fell to the floor, crying and panting for air as he held his chest and stomach.

Tekka smirked as he approached. "What's the matter fox brat? Don't like being hurt?" He asked, as he grabbed Naruto by his hair and threw him against another wall, making Naruto cry out again. "Well it doesn't matter now. Cuz after tonight, you'll either be dead, or you'll be the Uchiha Clan's little pet," he said. "And personally, I'm hoping for the former."

Naruto sobbed, looking up at the man who grinned, raising his leg to kick Naruto, only for him to yell in pain as little Tomo rushed out from under the bed and clamped his teeth into Tekka's ankle, his claws digging into the man's leg as he tried to do as much damage as he could.

Naruto weakly scrambled back into the living room, when he heard Tomo yelp in pain and the thud of something hitting a wall. He managed to reach the dead ANBU when he heard footsteps behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw a very pissed off Tekka limping towards him. "Forget what Fugaku said! I'm going to kill you and that damn rat!" he said, raising his kunai.

Naruto scrambled madly, managing to grab the hilt of the dead ANBU's tanto, as Tekka lunged. Naruto pulled the sword out and stabbed upward on blind instinct.

Raphael rushed up the stairs to Naruto's apartment, only for his eyes to widen in horror as he saw the broken window. He immediately rushed inside, only to stop at what he saw. The ANBU Sarutobi had assigned to guard Naruto lay dead on the floor, stabbed through the throat. Next to him lay Tekka on his side, his face forever locked in surprise as he held the tanto in his chest that had ended his life.

Raphael quickly scanned the room for any sign of Naruto. "NARUTO! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Raphael shouted, only to hear sobbing coming from the bedroom. He rushed in, where he found Naruto.

The boy was covered in blood, and was huddled in a corner, sobbing and crying. Tomo was resting in his lap, whimpering softly and trying to comfort him, even though one of his legs was bent at a funny angle. Raphael immediately rushed over and knelt down, touching Naruto's shoulder. "Naruto, speak to me! Are you okay?"

Naruto just looked up, trembling as he stared blankly at Raphael. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out for several minutes. Finally, he spoke. "I-I really am a monster…aren't I?" He choked out.

Raphael pulled him into a hug, shaking his head. "No Naruto. You're not a monster. You never could be," he whispered, as he held the boy close, letting him sob into his chest, as he held him. It would be this scene that a full squad of ANBU would come across when they arrived.

Outside the village, Itachi quietly stared at his former home. He now bore a slash through his headband, the universal symbol of a missing nin. His face was lined with tear trails, though his eyes were dry. He slowly turned and began to run. His life in Konoha was over, and his life with Akatsuki was about to begin.

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