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Chapter 6


In Training Ground 4, four figures were undergoing training. Each of them was wearing a hooded outfit. Raphael was watching his three recruits training. Anko and Yugito had begun adapting the Asashin no Ken to their own taijutsu styles, and were practicing with each other, as Naruto practiced against a wooden training dummy with moving parts. Each of them was also adjusting to their new Assassin recruit uniforms. The uniforms consisted of shinobi pants with zori sandals, and a long-sleeved tunic with the peaked hood that marked the Assassins.

Raphael had asked that at least during their training sessions as Assassins, they wear the recruit uniforms, to adjust to them. If and when they achieved the rank of full Assassin, they would be allowed to create their own Assassin uniform.

As he watched the three of them train, his line of thought went to the talk he had with the Hokage. Per their agreement, he had gone to discuss those he had recruited, in case the Hokage wished to make an exception.


Raphael quietly sat down in front of the Hokage's desk, as the aged leader read over the three files in front of him. Sarutobi looked at him.

"I thank you for coming Raphael-san," he said. "I wanted to talk to you about the three people you've recruited into your brotherhood. I must admit I am a little…nervous about you recruiting both Naruto and Yugito-san," he said.

Raphael raised an eyebrow at that. "May I ask why, Hokage-sama?" He asked.

Sarutobi took a deep breath as he gathered his thoughts. "Both of them are jinchuuriki, and thus are prime targets. Yugito even more so, since she is a defector from Kumo. As Assassins, they could be going on many missions that take them behind enemy lines. While I do not view them as weapons, I do view them as valuable shinobi and assets of Konoha's military force."

Raphael nodded. "I can see your point, Hokage-sama, but will they not still be in danger just going on regular missions? If anything, being jinchuuriki ensures that when they are skilled enough, they'll be deployed on missions involving lots of combat against bandits, missing nin, and enemy shinobi. How is that any different to them working as Assassins?"

Sarutobi sat back. "You do raise a good point," he said quietly. "They both chose this path?"

"They did indeed, Hokage-sama. I told them what being an Assassin entailed. What their life would become. In many ways, it's not so different from being a Shinobi. They both accepted willing. As did Anko," Raphael said with a bit of pride in his voice.

Sarutobi smiled softly, before sitting back. "Alright then. I'll agree to them being members of your Brotherhood. So long as they do not betray this village."

Raphael slowly stood up. "Thank you Hokage-sama. Before I leave, may I ask a favor? I've been looking for a blacksmith or some other metal worker to help me craft the components necessary to create more of these," he said, holding up his right arm, showing off his hidden blade bracer. "So far, I've found none in this village who could do it, or who I thought was trustworthy enough not to start making and selling their own versions to other shinobi. I was wondering if you might know of anyone in or outside the village I could go to."

Sarutobi blinked, puffing lightly on the pipe he had pulled out and lit. He finally answered. "I can think of two," he said finally. "One is a not so well known weapon shop here in Konoha. They sell a variety of well-crafted weapons, as well as several unique, 'inventive weapons', but the extra quality has led to extra prices. As such, most shinobi go to most other weapons stores for cheaper equipment, since they usually buy in bulk. The other place would be the Land of Iron, far off to the north. I would suggest trying the place here in Konoha first. Go to the market, and head south down the main road, till you're almost to the training grounds. Then make a right, travel about thirty feet, and you should find a shop called Kurodzuru. That's the place you want," he said. (1)

Raphael nodded. "Thank you Hokage-sama. Good day," he said, as he left.

Flashback Ends

Raphael looked up as he saw Naruto sprawl on the ground near him. He grinned as he leaned over him. "Having fun?"

Naruto just groaned as he got up from Anko tripping him. "No," he said, wincing a bit as he had landed on a small, thankfully dull rock.

Raphael nodded to the two young women still sparring. "That's enough now! Bring it in," he said.

Anko and Yugito stopped, coming over to Raphael and Naruto. Raphael nodded to them. "I'm going to go look into a possible blacksmith to forge the components we need to make hidden blade bracers. When I get the parts, I'll begin showing you all how to construct, as well as maintain your hidden blades."

Naruto blinked. "Maintain?" He asked, not knowing what he meant.

Anko answered. "He means how to fix it and repair it," she said. "You know, to make sure they keep working."

Raphael nodded. "Exactly. Now tomorrow, Naruto starts the Academy. So your physical training will be handled over the weekends. After the Academy though, we'll continue your mental lessons. Understood?"

Naruto nodded, looking a bit nervous. "I-I understand," he said.

Anko smiled, pulling his hood down and ruffling his hair. "Don't worry about it gaki, you'll be a natural," she said, while he glared at her and tried to fix his hair. "Little bit of advice though? Don't be a show boat. You'll just make the other kids angry."

"Actually, that's sound advice. Naruto, there is a bit of Assassin training you can do while in the Academy," the Assassin said, stroking his chin a bit in thought.

Naruto nodded eagerly at this. "Yes? What kind of training?" He asked.

Raphael smiled. "It's a mixture of training you in being discreet, and being deceptive. Traits you'll need as a shinobi and an Assassin. I don't want you to draw too much attention to yourself, alright? I want you to hold back in the academy. Not a whole lot. Just try to…blend in with the students who are roughly average in their ability," he explained.

Naruto blinked. "But why? Shouldn't I try to be the best?" He asked, confused.

Raphael nodded. "Oh yes, you should train to be the best. But if you try really hard and get everyone's attention, then they'll all be watching you. Everyone's attention will be on you, and so you won't be being discreet, will you? And that's what an Assassin needs to be. Not to mention, if you show everyone your best skills, then they'll know about them, and you won't have any surprises, will you? It's better to have a hidden skill, so you can surprise your enemies in fights and such."

Naruto's eyes widened in understanding. "I understand," he said. "So I want to try and be average, so no one will really notice me?"

Raphael grinned. "Exactly. That way, you can surprise your enemies if need be. And also…try to make some friends your own age, okay?" he asked.

Naruto looked down a bit. "I-I'll try, but…everyone's parents always keep them away from me," he said.

Yugito looked at Raphael and Anko. She still had not been informed of Naruto's burden, mostly as a security precaution the Hokage had set in place. Anko though quietly hugged Naruto. "They're all just jerks," she said softly. "I'm sure once the kids see you, you'll make friends in a heartbeat," she said.

"Anko's right," Raphael added. "Besides, you remember that girl you saved from those bullies? When we first met? I'll bet she's in the Academy."

Naruto blinked and a small smile appeared on his face. "You think she'll want to be my friend?" He asked excitedly.

Yugito grinned. "I know if someone saved me from bullies, I'd want to be their friend," she said. "Why don't you keep an eye out for her tomorrow, okay?"

Naruto nodded eagerly, as Raphael grinned. "Alright then. Why don't you get home and get ready for tomorrow? And remember, wear normal clothes while in the Academy. Don't want to draw attention to yourself."

The young blonde nodded in understanding. "You got it Raphael-sensei! C'mon Tomo, time to go home!" He called to the small fox kit, who yipped eagerly and rushed over to Naruto, hopping up in the small backpack that had become his carrying case. Naruto slipped the backpack on and rushed off towards home, as the three older people smiled.

"He's going to run those teachers ragged," Anko said with a smirk. Raphael just chuckled softly.

Yugito, meanwhile, was checking the position of the sun. "I better get going too. I've been assigned a routine patrol around the village with a couple other chuunin tomorrow. Need to go get ready for it."

Anko and Raphael nodded to her, and Yugito quickly left, leaving the pair alone. Anko grinned at Raphael.

"Well, I should be off to. I hear a plate of dango calling my name," Anko said with a grin.

Raphael chuckled. "You and your dango. You eat anything else?" He asked.

She smirked. "Maybe. You'll just have to find out," she said, as she turned and left.

Raphael just chuckled to himself, shaking his head as he went off to find the blacksmith Sarutobi was talking about.

After thirty minutes of walking and a couple wrong turns, he found himself outside of a rather non-descript building. The only thing that really stood out from the ones on either side of it was the wooden sign with a black crane on it. Raphael grinned as he entered.

He found himself in a rather large main room, filled with shelves and racks of weapons. The walls were lined with various long and large swords, axes, poled weapons, and chain based weapons. Armor mannequins held various pieces of both shinobi and samurai armor. Barrels were filled with smaller swords and weapons. There was a greater variety of weapons here than in any of the other blacksmiths Raphael had been in so far.

Raphael headed to the counter, where a bell was. Not seeing anyone present, he saw the bell, and rang it. "Anyone there?"

There was some clattering; a few muttered curses, and then a figure stumbled out from the back room. The figure was stocky, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. He was wearing a studded leather apron, pants and boots, and heavy leather gloves, with a pair of goggles over his eyes. His entire muscular frame was covered in soot.

The man was coughing a bit, as he raised his goggles from eyes, revealing brown eyes. "Sorry about that," he said, patting his leather apron, removing his gloves. "Names Ganzo, proprietor of this shop," he said, holding out his hand. (2)

Raphael nodded. "Raphael. I was told you might be able to help me with something," he said.

Ganzo raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Is that so?" He asked. "And what, may I ask, do you need help with?"

Raphael looked around. "Can you promise me that you won't share the secrets of what I'm going to show you with anyone else?" He asked. "Otherwise, I'm leaving. What I need help with is something I don't want others to know about or be able to utilize. Alright?"

Ganzo nodded. "Alright. Client-blacksmith confidentiality," he said.

Raphael slowly undid his right bracer and slid it off, before laying it upside down, so the hidden blade components, as well as the other weapon attachments, were exposed. He then did the same with his left hand bracer, which only had the hidden blade component. "I need you to build me the various parts I need to make more of these," he said.

Ganzo's eyes widened, as he slowly picked the right one up. "What is this?" He asked in some awe.

"It's a hidden blade bracer," Raphael responded. "It contains a stabbing blade roughly one foot in length, which is retracted into this mechanism here, and released by flexing the forearm muscle and pressing a release button with said muscle. There is also a poison blade here, which is activated the same way, after flipping this switch here. Rounding it out are a spring loaded poison dart launcher, and a hidden pistol." (3)

Ganzo looked up. "Hidden pistol? What is that?"

Raphael chuckled. "A weapon that utilizes explosive powder and small projectiles," he said.

Ganzo blinked at that, one hand going to the stubble around his chin. "I see…the explosive force would cause the projectile to travel at tremendous force and speed. But how can you do it without blowing your arm off?"

"Perhaps we can discuss that another time," Raphael said, as he began to undo the weapon attachments on the braces. For now, I'd like to see if you can make the components necessary to build more of the hidden blades, the poison blade, and the dart launcher," he said. Having been trained in repairing and maintain his hidden blades, Raphael easily took them apart, showing Ganzo the various pieces and mechanisms required. "Think you can do it?"

Ganzo just grinned. "Oh I think I want to give it a try! This should be an excellent challenge!" He said, eagerly grabbing a scroll, brush, and ink pot, and began taking notes and measurements. "Now do you want me to just make the components, or put it all together?" He asked.

Raphael watched him as he took his notes. "Just make the components please. I'll need to teach the ones I'm going to be giving these too how to build and repair them."

Ganzo nodded as he finished taking notes. "And how many do you want?"

"Enough to make six of the hidden blades, and three of the poison blades and dart launchers," he said. "I'll also need six bracers, either leather or metal," he said.

Ganzo smirked. "You got it. This should probably take me about a week, maybe two. Check with me in eight days," he said. "In the meantime, feel free to check my wares out here. Or…I have some more 'unique' pieces in the back."

Raphael chuckled as he put the bracers back together again, and slid them back on. "Thanks, but I think I'm good. How much do you think this will all cost?" He asked.

Ganzo waved his hand. "I don't have an exact price. I'd say maybe thirty-thousand ryo altogether," he said.

Raphael smiled. "Well then, thank you for this. And I'll see you in a week," he said, as he headed off.

Ganzo chuckled as he took his notes into the back with him. "This should be most interesting," he said, as he set to work.

The Next Day

Hiruzen Sarutobi smiled as he watched the eager crowd of young children who were gathering to enter the Academy. They were the newest students who wished to become shinobi of Konoha. They were gathered before the doors of the Academy, where Sarutobi himself stood to welcome them. Behind them were their parents, family members, or in certain cases, guardians.

Sarutobi held up his hands for silence, before beginning to speak. "Welcome! Welcome all of you to the beginning of the Academy year. I am truly honored to see so many of you here, who are eager to become shinobi of Konoha," he said. The children began to murmur excitedly. Sarutobi knew that within a couple of years, several of them would abandon the Academy, seeing that being a shinobi was not a glorious life of heroic adventures, but a life and death business with many tragedies. But those who did endure and graduate would become the proud defenders of this village.

"When you enter these doors, you are entering into a new world. One that will require dedication and endurance. Your fellow students around you will be your fellow comrades as you learn what it takes to be not just a ninja, but a shinobi of Konoha. And when you graduate, they will be your comrades in arms not just in the good times, but the bad times as well. Trust in yourselves, and each other!" He said, to cheers from the kids and the parents as well. With a smile, he stepped aside, as two of the chuunin instructors opened the doors. "Please give your names to one of these two instructors, and they'll tell you which classroom you'll be assigned to," he told the children.

As one, the children, excited by the stories told by their parents, or by the ideas of battling evil villains and being heroes, rushed forward to the chuunin. There were a few stragglers, either very nervous or more composed. As the students eagerly gave their names, and headed to their assigned rooms, Sarutobi turned to the parents and guardians.

"Before you all leave, I'd like to discuss the new curriculum that will begin this Academy year, so you know what we expect from your children," he said. "For the past few years, Konoha's Academy has been more focused on academic and theoretical lessons. It was believed that the jounin sensei would pick up the slack when they took their students. This year, that is going to change. The students, in their first year, will be introduced to the basics of being a shinobi, including ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. They'll begin physical exercises to increase their physical strength, as well as chakra reserves. And they'll be taught how to feel their chakra, and access it. The years following will become more and more focused on physically and mentally training them to be shinobi, and in doing so, will remove those who are not fit for this lifestyle. This will include increased physical training, daily taijutsu spars with their classmates, chakra control exercises, constant combat, weapon, and stealth drills, and the teaching of the three basic ninjutsu techniques. We'll also be supplying the students with other basic ninjutsu techniques, which they'll be allowed to select from or suggested to train in. This will help us better understand where their skill sets are at. Also, beginning in their third year of training, they'll be assigned to randomly selected teams of three on every second and fourth Friday of the month, and will be given D-ranked missions here within Konoha. This will not only help us with the overabundance of D-ranked missions we do have, but also teach them the qualities of teamwork, and being able to work with different teammates. We will also use this to help determine which students work best with each other. There will be academic classes, but their focus will be more on subjects that enhance their abilities as shinobi, such as cryptography, cartography, diplomacy, and cultural recognition. Their last year, the students will attend classes that incorporate the darker side of being a shinobi, such as assassinations, interrogation, as well as the risks that come with their lifestyle. Afterwards, they'll undergo a final exam, and if they pass, they'll become genin of Konoha," he said. "Are there any questions?"

One of the civilian parents raised their hands. "What about the more generalized academic courses? What will you do with them?" When the Academy's standards were lowered, the Academy became a pseudo school, teaching things that normal children would learn in schools.

Sarutobi sighed. "Those classes will be kept in the first year, as we work on introducing the children to the world of Shinobi. However, they will become optional classes around the third year. At that point, all mandatory classes will be focused on training the students as Shinobi. If you wish for your children to learn advanced Academic courses, I suggest you either have them take the optional classes or you teach those things to them yourselves. We are here to teach these children to be shinobi, not scholars. Any other questions?"

There was some murmuring in the crowd, but no one else really spoke up. Sarutobi nodded to them. "Then thank you all for your time. Please return here at three in the afternoon to retrieve your children," he said, as he left with his ANBU escort.

In the crowd, Raphael grinned, nodding softly in approval before leaving.

Naruto, dressed in a white shirt with a red design and dark blue pants, grinned as he entered room 104, his assigned classroom. The classroom was constructed with stadium like seating, with their being three lines of desks, each capable of sitting three students. Naruto looked around the room, trying to find a good spot. Eventually he decided on a spot in the back, where he could observe everyone. He sat down, sighing softly as he looked at the various students in the room.

As he did, his eyes widened and he grinned as he saw a familiar figure enter the room.

Hinata Hyuuga shyly entered, hunching a bit as she felt the students in the room eyeing her. Things had not been good for the Hyuuga Heiress in recent months. When her father had been told about how she had been bullied and then rescued by the village pariah and a relatively unknown person, he had verbally chastised her in front of the entire clan, calling her weak and hopeless. Her mother had just stood by, not looking at her. She had run to her room when she was dismissed, crying her little eyes out on her bed. The following months were filled with hard drills and training, her father pushing her to her limits and verbally abusing her the whole time, destroying her confidence and will. Other members of the clan followed suit, or they flat out ignored her. The only one to try and comfort her was her mother, but only in the privacy of Hinata's room.

Now, Hinata found herself facing a bunch of unknown children. She was honestly very nervous, almost terrified. She moved towards the back, hoping to be ignored back there. She was about to sit down when a voice nearby startled her. "Hey Hinata!"

She squeaked and turned to the voice, only for her eyes to widen. It was the boy who had saved her from those bullies. And he was in her class. Hinata blushed as he smiled at her, waving her over. Shakily, she took a few steps towards him.

He smiled at her. "You're Hinata Hyuuga, right? That girl those jerks were messing with?"

She shakily nodded in response. "Y-Y-Yes. You…you're Naruto Uzumaki?"

He smiled. "Yep! That's me! You want to sit here next to me?"

She blinked. "R-really? You want me to?" She asked.

Naruto nodded. "Well yeah. It's nice to have a familiar face here. I'm kinda nervous, but really excited."

Hinata just blushed as she slowly sat down next to him. Naruto just grinned. "So, you excited about learning how to be a shinobi?" He asked.

Hinata just nodded a bit. "Y-Yes. Though…I'm really nervous," she said, admitting only a fraction of the truth.

Naruto grinned at her. "Don't worry! We'll both become the most awesome shinobi this village has ever since," he said.

Hinata's eyes widened and she blushed lightly, looking at her desk. "Y-You think so?" She asked quietly.

Naruto grinned. "You know it," he said.

At that moment, another student entered and sat next to Hinata. The two of them looked at this new student. The boy had a brown afro hairstyle, black sunglasses, and a coat whose collar covered his lower face.

Naruto smiled at him. "Hi, I'm Naruto Uzumaki," he said, as he leaned back and extended a hand to Shino. "Who are you?"

The boy glanced at Naruto, his face seeming very stoic. He finally answered in a monotone sounding voice. "Shino Aburame," he said quietly.

Naruto blinked. "Aburame? You're from that clan, right?" He asked. "The ones who use insects?" Anko had taught Naruto, as well as Raphael, about the various clans of Konoha, and their special bloodlines or techniques. The Aburame clan, from what Naruto understood, was able to use insects to attack their enemies. They were also known for being very quiet and not being very emotional.

Shino nodded quietly in response, before looking to Hinata. Hinata gulped a bit, as she introduced herself. "I-I'm Hinata Hyuuga," she whispered out.

Shino raised one eyebrow. "The Hyuuga Heiress?" He asked quietly.

Hinata nodded a bit weakly in response. "Y-Yes, that's me. A-and you're the son of t-the A-Aburame leader?"

Shino gave a single nod, as he turned his attention forward. The other students had entered, and now they waited for their teacher. They soon were rewarded by the door opening, and a female figure entering.

Kurenai scanned the room, looking over her students for the next year or two. Taking a deep breath, she smiled, adjusting her chuunin vest. "Welcome, all of you. I'm your chuunin instructor Kurenai Yuuhi, and I'll be teaching you for the next year or two. Before we get started, perhaps you'd all like to introduce yourselves?" She asked them all, pointing to one of the students at the front.

As that student stood up, the others grinned. Their adventure had begun.

Elsewhere, Yugito hummed as she waited at the main gate for the other chuunin who were part of her patrol. She was a few minutes early, which would explain why she was currently alone. Hearing approaching footsteps, she looked up in time to see a figure approach, dressed in the standard uniform of a chuunin. He had tanned skin, brown hair done up in a high pineapple style ponytail similar to Anko's, and a unique scar across his nose. He also appeared to be around her age.

He stopped as he neared him. "H-Hi there! You're Yugito-san, yes?" He asked a bit shyly.

Yugito raised an eyebrow. "I am. And you are?" She asked, trying to give him a disarming smile.

The man actually seemed to blush lightly. "O-Oh umm I..I'm-uh," he stuttered out.

Yugito raised an eyebrow. "Cat got your tongue?" She asked with a smile.

Iruka blushed more in embarrassment. "I'm Iruka Umino," he mumbled out, looking down a bit.

Yugito sighed. "I'm sorry if my presence makes you uncomfortable. I guess it's not easy being around a jinchuuriki and former Kumo kunoichi, yes?" She asked.

Iruka blinked. "N-No! That's not it at all," he said quickly. "I'm just, well…I'm nervous. This is my first patrol mission so I'm nervous something will happen and then add in the fact that there's a rather pretty girl and—!" His eyes went wide and he slammed his mouth shut. Yugito's eyes widened as a light blush went across her cheeks. She smiled teasingly as she approached.

"So, you think I'm pretty?" she asked with a grin. Iruka just began to babble until he was saved by two more people arriving. One was a chuunin with white shaggy hair and a bandana tied around his head. The other also had a bandana tied around his head, but it was reversed so the ties were in front. He also was chewing on a senbon.

"There you two are. My name's Genma Shiranui, and I'll be leading the patrol," he said. "You two are Iruka Umino and Yugito Nii?"

When they nodded, he pointed to their third member. "This is Mizuki Touji, the final member of the team. If you're all ready to go, let's get this started."

Each of the three chuunin nodded, and Genma smirked a bit before leading them out. As they jumped up into the trees and began tree hopping, Yugito glanced at Iruka, grinning a bit.

'Mm, he is kinda cute too,' she thought with a grin, as they headed off on their patrol route.

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