AU: Emily lost her film that holds her future as Photo-Journalist and documentary film-maker while on her way home. Naomi is Journalist on a local Economics and Politics tabloid and a law student. Read along to see where they story may lead.

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Emily and Katie

Shut up Katie! If you weren't too careless helping me bring my staffs then maybe we would be here in this stupid city roaming around in search of my film roll.

Those were the things I finally let out in frustration, while me and my sister are roaming downtown Cardiff in a hot Saturday afternoon and yes, Katie couldn't stop complaining about the heat of the sun hitting her skin, but I don't care after all this was all her fault why we had to come back here.

Okay I'm sorry. After all that's just a stupid film roll, yelled back Katie.

Emily crossed her arms as she turns around on her sister's direction.

Excuse me, what did you just said? Now Emily's anger grew further.

Come on Ems, we all know its just a film roll and we both have to admit that its gonna be way to impossible for us to have it back again.

It's true though, it's too impossible for them to find a small bottle that houses her film, but then Emily just can't give up yet.

Emily frowns to answer her twin, I know its hard Kay but we both know too how important it is for me.

Naomi and Effy

Oh fuckers! Where the hell is Effy. She's always late on meeting me. Naomi frowned in frustration as she's almost waiting for Effy at about 30 minutes few blocks away from their meeting place.

Suddenly her message tone came in.

Be there soon. like 15 minutes, just need to drop by somewhere-Eff

Naomi then growls in frustration and accidentally stepped on a small hard bottle.—Emily's missing film roll.

What the hell is this? Ow! Naomi then looked down the tiny bottle she stepped on and picked it up as if it was something explosive.

She stares at it curiously, tried to sniff it as if it was a spliff. Then kept it inside the pocket of her trench coat never letting her right hand leave it inside, she continues playing with the tiny bottle.

Hey! Effy called out.

Naomi rolled her eyes, finally you're here.

Doesn't fucking give me that Campbell roll eyes of yours.

Naomi then made a tiny giggle and dragged her best friend inside their favorite coffee shop.

Effy noticed what Naomi had been holding during the entire time of their conversation.

Hey, what's that? She asked pointing towards the small bottle.

Oh, Naomi frowns not knowing what to answer.

Err- I-I actually don't know. Honestly.

You don't know? Effy smirked at her.

Oi! I'm being honest here. Naomi raised her eyebrows.

You know, if you don't have any idea what that is, then why are you still holding it? Like it's a special treasure for you.

Naomi frowns to what Effy just told her, its true she doesn't even have any idea what it was but she can't let go of it. Having a feeling that she has a connection with the person who owns it. Then nonchalantly, Effy grabbed the film roll from her hands and opens it.

Effy's blue eyes widens in both surprise and confusion. Naomi, honey its just a film roll the owner must've have lost it.

Oh—Is there any name there or anyway we could contact the owner? Naomi asked.

Well, there's a name scribbled down here.

What does it says?

I can't quiet read it. Effy gave it back to Naomi as she takes a sip to her frappuccino.

Naomi took a closer look and pulls out the film roll. I think it says "The Cardiff Project".

Oh. Effy answered in a bit of her normal sarcasm.


Emily sat down while she waits for her sister, Katie order some sandwiches and some hot tea.

She then receives a text message from her best friend, Cook.

Any luck babe?-Cook

No. I'm getting frustrated mate. But I can't just give up on this.- Emily

Emily laughed on herself as she took a second glance on the text message she sent Cook, she sound like she was talking about a girl. She thought to herself.

What are you smiling at lezza? Katie bantered as she takes a seat and passed Emily's hot tea.

Oh nothing, really. It's just Cook sharing his shag moments from a random girl she met at a bar last night.

Eiw! Katie exclaimed in disgust.

As if you don't share your shag moments with me.

Then the twins laughed and suddenly fall on a comfortable silence. Until Katie's croacky voice breaks the silence.

Emsy, I'm really sorry I lost your film roll and I know how much that tiny things means to you. Don't worry I promise you that we're not going home in Bristol until we find it. I'll help you out. Katie held out her pinky finger for a pinky promise.

Emily raises her eyebrow for a joke. Are you sure? But what about your shopping times?

Well I can shop here; I mean I don't think it's a bad idea to shop here around. I've done it before when we first came here for your documentary.

Okay then. Emily agreed, feeling her sister's sincerity.


Emily might try to hide how much she hates me right now for losing a very important thing from her but I know deep down inside her she really hates me that she might have slapped me the moment I told her it was missing once we got home last night.

I can't blame her for being mad. Her career rather her life as Photo-Journalist and documentary film-maker relies there.

So without any doubt or sarcasm. I've decided to help her whole heartedly with no complains again that I'll help her out. I just hope that there'll be a Good Samaritan who will bring it back to me or Emily soon.

"I promise you Ems, I'm with you until we find it and if we don't I'll coordinate with anyone I know that could help us do another documentation."

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