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Cook's POV

It's been a week since we got back from Cardiff but I've never seen my best mate Emily laugh or smile and it bothers me to see her that way since its been ages the last I saw her this upset. Me and Katie both have tried every little thing we can to cheer her up, but she ends up being either cross with me or with her twin, so Katie have decided to leave her alone until she gains back her lively mood.

I can't leave her that way, I know there's really something wrong and I'm in great need of finding out what's going on her mind, even though she'll take a piss on me. I'm never gonna let the same old thing happen to her ever again.

Our band were having a rehearsal at Freddie's shed and I've convinced Emily to be there so she could somehow forget whatever the fuck is bothering her and I'm glad that she has agreed.

I playfully nudged her as I stood right in front of the sofa where she was sat, 'You alright red?'

She only gave me sigh.

'Cook, we're all set. Ready for our practice mate?' Freddie called out and I turned around towards them to ask them for a few second and Freddie nods.

I turned my attention back to Emily and as I stare at her further she gets too timid and I couldn't help but to sigh in frustration. I can no longer stand seeing Emily like this and I feel so helpless not knowing what do to.

'Ems, I'm heading off with the band yeah? And we'll start our practice if you feel like talking just do it okay? I'll be right here.' She gave me a shrug.

We went on for about two hours of practice when Emily finally stood up and say something.

'Cook' she calls my name helplessly, and I know at that very moment something's isn't right so I rushed to her side and ask her what's wrong. Right at that moment when I stood beside her she collapsed on the floor and starts shaking and crying. I hug her tightly hoping this isn't really like before when we were younger.

I could still remember every bits of it; we were in our middle school. It was the stage where Emily was getting to her senses that she was gay. At first she thought it was just some lame cute girl crush from an older girl named April from our school. Yeah that fucking stupid bitch April who broke Emily's heart after Emily refused giving her a drunken sex. She got so fragile after that fucking stupid bitch have humiliated her in front of everyone in school and not just that, she even outed Emily in front of a family holiday. She was so depressed after those series of humiliation in which I can't stand how hurt she gets. She belittled herself all the time, thinking that's how people see her. And right at the very moment when I saw how hurt she was, I promised not only myself but also to her that I'll never leave her side and I'll be there no matter what it takes to make her all alright.

I was brought back to reality when Emily gripped my hands to wrap around her. I whispered soothing words to her ears until she finally stopped crying and I moved her back to the sofa. Thankfully Freddie and the rest of the band have decided to leave us both alone. I reached for a glass of water and gave it to Emily who willingly takes it.

'Thanks Cook' she says as softly as she can and I can't almost hear it.

I wanted to ask her again, what's wrong but I didn't want to push her any harder. So I just sigh as I rubbed my hand on the small of her back, and I guess she noticed that I wanted to talk about it so she lets out a deep sigh before opening up.

'Cook' she calls out again with her croaky husky voice.

I shifted my position so I was looking at her. 'Yeah?'

'Sorry for breaking down, I just feel upset right now. You know? I had a fight with Naomi the night before we went back here.' She begins.

I wanted to protest and call Naomi a bitch but Emily gave me the look that she wants to go on.

'It wasn't her fault Cook; I'm the one who's to blame here.' She continues and I can't seem to figure out why, so I asked her.

'How was it your fault?'

She tuts and told me the reason.

'Remember me leaving the hotel all dressed up and excited? I was about to meet Naomi that time for a date. But while I was on my way to pick her up as a surprise instead of meeting her at the restaurant as we agreed earlier, I decided to call her, she was—she was just so mad. She starts yelling at me. So I decided to drive to her flat as quickly as possible. When I get there, it took her ages to open the door but you know what to my surprise, she didn't open it. I sat outside her door as I let her speak and tell me why she was so mad. She said she's mad that I made her feel so special when after all I'm leaving her cause I'm going back here in Bristol. She's so fucking mad at me hence I tried to explain, all she ever does was to cut me off. The worst part of it? She told me to fuck off and go on with my normal life and forget about her, forget whatever happens to us. She even rubbed on my face that at least Katie gave Effy a consolation of letting her know that we're going back here.'

Red ended up giving another sigh before starting crying all over again. I tried to process everything that she said and honestly, I think Naomi has overreacted about everything. Like, come on seriously, why is she so mad as if Emily cheated on her or did something worst. I notice Emily fidgeting beside me and she tries to get air as much as she can after crying really hard and she went on.

'How can I fucking go on with my normal life when I'm starting to like her a lot.' She chuckled sarcastically and paused.

'Have you tried sending her a message or calling her since we got back here?' I questioned.

'Yeah I did and I never get a reply and if I try calling her she ends up cancelling the call and even turning off her phone for like ages.'

'You know I'm never good at giving advises I'm shit and all that, but I can ask Peter, our manager to push our gig in Cardiff so you can go back there earlier than what is planned'. I stated hoping it'll cheer her up.

Emily shook her head in my surprise. 'No Cook, apparently I don't know how I'll face her after what I've done.'

'But Em, you can do it, I know she'll accept any explanation you have in hand. So just give me few minutes to talk to Peter about our gig alright?' Then she nods.

After the call I made, I immediately informed Em that we are set off to Cardiff over the weekend and I saw her flinch a little bit but then she lightens up and smiles for the first time we went back here. 'Thanks Cook.'

'Welcome Em, you know you always are. You're my little red aren't you?'

She nods and speak out. 'Can I ask you a little favor Cook?'

'No matter how big or small it is I'm willing to give. Sex or no sex involved I said with a wink.

I was answered with a roll of her eyes. 'I'm serious Cook.'

'Sorry, what is it then?'

'Have you heard of The Click Five's song called Just the Girl?'

I tried to remember the familiarity of the song she asked me and I nod.

'You think your band can play it or maybe I can sing it?'

'Are you telling me you're going back as our female vocalist?'

Emily shrugs, 'who knows.'

'Well we can rehearse that by tomorrow.'

'Alright'. Emily grins and it gave me a feeling she'll be okay again in no time.