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And there are three OC's in this story, so I've gotta tell you their celeb lookalikes:)

Charleigh Mitchell-Becca Tobin (plays Kitty Wilde on Glee)

Britney Zevon-Melissa Benoist (plays Marley Rose on Glee)

Maddie Stetson-Selena Gomez

When I met Camille at the Palm Woods park to give her this promise ring, I thought she would happily accept, we would kiss, and proceed to cuddle by the lake. Instead, I find her talking to Steve, looking a little too comfortable. For a moment, I could only watch them with curiosity and a bit of hurt, but I finally get the courage to make my presence known, clearing my throat loudly.

"Logan!" She says, sounding surprised. "I didn't know that you were already here."

"What's going on?" I ask her.

"Look," Camille says, reaching for my hand. "I know that this is gonna hurt you, but I've fallen for Steve. I love you, I really do, but I need to be with someone that I have something in common with. Recently, I've started to realize that you and I just...aren't compatible anymore."

Not compatible? What the hell does she mean by that? I mean, I know what compatible means, but I don't know what Camille means when she says that we're not compatible anymore. Maybe we are more different than we are alike, but I thought opposites attract. This just doesn't make sense. Why would Camille dump me for such a ridiculous reason? Maybe that's just an excuse and there's really a different reason. Maybe I'm not attractive enough for her.

"Then I guess you don't want this." I say coldly, showing her the ring.

"Logan-" Camille says, her eyes filling with tears.

"Take it." I tell her, dropping the ring. I watch as she bends over to pick it up. "I guess you can always pretend that your new boyfriend gave it to you."

"But Logan-"

I just shake my head and turn around, walking back to my car. What did I do wrong? Why doesn't she wanna be with me anymore? I thought that we were really happy together. Of course, I suppose that it's not always a good idea to make assumptions. Just because someone seems to care doesn't always mean that they do.

Charleigh, my overprotective and occasionally bossy and spoiled twin sister, is gonna be beyond pissed. Whenever I start dating an new girl (not that I've ever had a really serious girlfriend before), the first thing she tells that girl is always something along the lines of "If you break his heart, I will break your face." Unfortunately, she has kept her promise before. One girl got a few hair extensions ripped out.

I wipe my tear filled eyes before getting into the drivers seat. I wish I could be like James. He always breaks up with the girl before she can break up with him. I should have done that with Camille. But I didn't know that she was gonna do this. I had no idea that she was gonna fall for another guy.

What does Steve have that I don't have? What does Camille like about him? Is there something I could do to become good enough for her? What can I change about myself that will get her to love me again? I know I sound desperate, but Camille is the first girl that I've ever been truly in love with...and I lost her.

The drive back to the Palm Woods is no fun at all. I'm in no mood to hear the radio blast depressing songs about love, so I don't bother with that. So I just drive in pure silence, except for the sounds of honking car horns and revving engines.

When I pull into my usual parking space, I don't get out of the car right away. I need to regain my composure before I go back to 2J. I don't wanna get any unwanted attention by looking like a miserable wreck.

Finally, I feel like I am able to stay calm, so I step out of the car, lock the vehicle, and walk toward the entrance. I'm honestly not sure if I should feel sad, hurt, or angry. Maybe I'm all three of those things. I guess I'm worried too. There must be something about that guy that she likes better than me. My looks? My body? Is Steve more...attractive than me? I have been eating more lately, but only because Gustavo is constantly yelling at us and I guess I eat when I'm nervous!

The walls inside the elevator are like mirrors, so that gives me an opportunity to check myself. Oh my god...I look awful. No wonder Camille dumped me. Who would wanna date someone like me?


I step onto the second floor and I see Charleigh arguing with her two friends/posse, Britney Zevon and Maddie Stetson. They are two of the most annoying girls I know, but if I told them that, Britney would hit me and Maddie would probably cry. Maddie is one of those girls that can tug at heartstrings with even the slightest little whimper.

"CARLOS, I AM GONNA KILL YOU!" I hear James yell. Next thing I know, I am jumping out of the way as Carlos runs out of the apartment screaming with James chasing him. Then Kendall steps into the hallway, rubbing his temples.

"What was that?" I ask him.

"Carlos dropped James's lucky comb in the toilet." Kendall says, moving out of the way as James chases Carlos in the other direction. "How did your date go?"

"Let's just say that we are no longer are a couple." I grumble, leaning against the wall. I look over at Charleigh, whose head snaps in my direction as soon as I speak. Once I tell her what happened, I'm certain that Camille will be on her "list." That means that she and Camille will no longer be on good terms. Any time someone breaks my heart, she's ready to make their lives a living hell.

She clears her throat before speaking. "Excuse me? What happened?"

"I arrived at the park, Steve was there with Camille, and I found out that Camille has fallen for him. So we broke up." I say calmly.

"Alright, my foot is going up someone's ass-"

"Your foot is gonna do no such thing." I say sternly.

"When I'm sad, I think about kittens." Maddie says quietly. Charleigh and Britney shoot her their famous "just how dumb are you?" faces before looking at me. I roll my eyes and give Charleigh a warning look, wanting to make sure that she knows how I feel about using violence to solve problems. Since we're here with Mama Knight and not our mom, I have to scold Charleigh when she needs it. I'm, like, five minutes older than her so I guess I'm suppose to be more mature.

"I guess I need to take care of this." Kendall says before grabbing James, holding him back.

"Will you calm down? It's just a stupid comb." Charleigh says, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder.

"It's my lucky comb!"

"I'm gonna get ready for bed." I say quietly, walking into the apartment. I get a plain white T shirt, a black hoodie, and some red basketball shorts before walking into the restroom. I shut the door behind me and take my shirt off, looking at my reflection in the mirror. I lightly pinch some skin on my stomach, cringing. I've definitely gotta cut down, just a little bit.

Next, I take my jeans off and step onto the scale. Oh my...175? What the...Ugh, that's not good. I mean, I suppose it's a normal weight for a seventeen year old guy, but it doesn't look so good on me. Just a few weeks ago, I weighed ten pounds less than this. I'll start eating less sweets, replace that with healthier foods, and start exercising more. That'll work, right?

I step off the scale, proceeding to brush my teeth, take a quick shower, and get changed into my nighttime clothes. I start to leave the restroom afterwards, but I find myself leaning against the wall and staring at my reflection for a long time. That is, until someone knocks on the door.

"Hey, I need to brush my teeth!" Kendall's eleven year old sister, Katie, announces.

"Alright, I'm out." I say calmly.

"James, I'm sure it was an accident." Mama Knight says, giving James and Carlos a nice, long lecture. She has to do that quite often. I'm glad I usually don't have to be a part of it. Usually is the key word here. I have been dragged into some of my friends schemes before, only for the four of us to get lectured by Mama Knight later on.

I quietly walk past the living room and into my shared bedroom with Charleigh, who is already in bed, chatting on the phone with Wayne Wayne of all people. I, and the guys, personally couldn't stand him, but Charleigh thinks that he's incredibly sexy so she decided that she wanted him for herself. Once he apologized for lying about his background (His real name is Wally Dooley and he lived in a mansion in Dallas), she gave him another chance. Every time she brings him over and starts flirting with him, I want to barf.

"Let me guess." I say coolly. "Wayne Wayne?"

"Aww, he called me his little 'Honey Boo Boo'." Charleigh coos. "Isn't that sweet?"

"He got your nickname from a reality show about a seven year old beauty queen?" I snort, crawling into bed. "How amusing."

"It's cute!" She retorts, throwing a pillow at me. Is it bad that I find amusement in pissing her off? It's just so hilarious because she has this fiery little temper. When she gets really mad, her face gets all red and her eyes start looking like they're gonna pop out of her head. Hey, I'm her brother. It's my job to be annoying.

"And didn't Mom tell you to stop dating punks?" I question.

"When have I ever listened to a word that she says?"



"One day, that's all gonna come back to bite you in the rear end."


"Blonde skank."



"Suck up."

"I'm going to sleep now." I chuckle, turning the lamp off. "Good night."

"Char, do you want this comb?" James cringes, looking at the black piece of plastic that was previously in the toilet.

"Ew, no!"

"James, Mama Knight washed it for you, so it should be okay." I say carefully.

"Yeah, but it still doesn't feel right using something that was soaked in toilet water." James says, slowly putting the comb down. I take my bowl of oatmeal to the table and sit between Charleigh and Kendall, eating silently. I didn't sleep so well last night. All I could think about was Camille and that...jerk she likes so much. Well, she'll soon be wanting me back. I may not be good enough for her now, but I can fix that. I just need to get in shape.

"Hey, I'm still gonna have that talk with Camille." Charleigh reminds me.


"You kids need to finish up." Mama Knight tells us. "School starts at eight."

We started out going to the the Palm Woods School, here at the hotel, then Gustavo and Kelly discovered a better school closer to the studio. Hollywood Academy is really cool. We've all been enjoying it a lot. The teachers are great, there are plenty of fun extracurriculars, and for the most part, the students are really nice. Well, most of them. Charleigh and her fellow glee club members can be a bit snobbish, but they aren't too bad. Besides, I'm never afraid to tell my sister off if I need to.

"Guess who plans on visiting me at lunch today?" Charleigh says cheerfully.

"I think we already know." Kendall says flatly.

"What's the matter, Kendork? Are you jealous?"

"No way." Kendall says smoothly. Charleigh gives him a smirk and I have to hold back my laughter. I love my sister and my friends to death and I know I shouldn't find it funny when they argue or tease each other, but their banter is hilarious.

"Are you mad because my brother looks better in a sweater vest than you do?"

"Don't bring me into this!" I say as I quickly finish the oatmeal, walking to the kitchen. I can't say that anyone in this apartment is normal, but I guess they're pretty cool. If they weren't a little crazy, this place wouldn't be as much fun.

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