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Summary: The Earth needed Heaven, Heaven needed the Archangels, and they needed Sam. Fem! Archangels. Rated M for later chapters, Lemons, SamXArchangels, Slight Destiel.

Sammy's Angels

God was furious at the state of things. So many of his children had died at the time of his leave of absence. There were no more then at least a thousand angels left in heaven, Gabriel and Raphael were dead, Michael was trapped in the cage with Lucifer, and there were so many demons running around. And not the ones that his son Lucifer had created.

How could this have happened? How did any of this happened? Oh, wait he knew. His idiot children decided to break open the sixty-six seals and free that bastard of his, Lucifer. Then in doing that, busted open the gates of hell all the way open, so many of Lucifer's minions escaped. They had done a number on the earth. God learned all of this from Joshua, who had been keeping him informed all this time, but he didn't believe to what extent how true the angels words were.

His anger was replace with interest as Joshua told him of how Sam and Dean Winchesters had manage to stop his children from ruining the earth with the help of a fallen angel. He couldn't help but feel proud of Castiel. Sure he hated it when angels rebelled against him and heaven, but this time he was rather…. Relived, that one had the courage to rebel for what was right.

But then disappointment and anger came when he found out that Castiel had betrayed the Winchesters, made a deal with a demon who was calling himself the 'king of hell', opened the doors to purgatory and absorbing the souls that were there and proclaiming himself God, killing thousands of angels, and freeing the leviathans. Those damn gluttonous beast were a mistake that he made that he wasn't able to kill.

At least they had manage to defeat the leviathans. That reassured God a little. But then everything else after that…


Still. God felt a need to find the Winchesters and reward them some how. For all they have suffered and done for the world. As soon as he left the garden, he scoured the earth for Sam and Dean. His search had led him to a bar in New Orleans. He made sure to cloak himself so he could not be seen by anyone. Human or angel.

Inside the bar at a pool table he saw Dean Winchester and his child Castiel. From the looks of it, Dean was teaching the angel how to play. God saw no sign of Sam Winchester anywhere. He watched as the man and fallen angel conversed.

" No Cas, you want to avoid getting the eight ball into any of the holes before getting in all your balls." Dean said pinching the bridge of his nose. He couldnt help but wonder how someone who knew everything, didnt no jack about anything.

Castiel slightly tilted his head to the side in questioning. " Dean, which ones were mine again?"

" Stripes, Cas, the stripe ones."

God chuckled lightly at the annoyed look in the humans eye, but he noticed something else in Deans look at Cas. It held amusement patience, interest, and something else. It made him wonder if the man had feelings for the angel. It wasn't anything new for an angel to take a human for a consort, but it was rare. And very dangerous.

After Cas made a shot he looked at Dean. " How do you think Sam is doing?"

Dean picked up his bear from a nearby table he left it to sit on, taking a sip he set it down and went around the table towards the white ball. " He said he was enjoying Miami a lot. Don't worry about him Cas, he probably on a beach with some chick about to get some. Lets just leave him be for a while." He smirked when he made a shot and the ball he was gunning for went into a hole.

Cas looked at him in confusion, " Get some what?"

Dean gave him a drool stare. Its still amazed him after all these years, that Cas was still Cas. God found this scene very humorous, but he decided to leave to check on Sam Winchester.

Dean is a very wrong man. Or he must have been talking of another Sam, because when God had located Sam in Miami, he wasn't on a beach with a female. He was in a run-down, horrid, disgusting looking motel room, laying on a tattered bed reading a book. He seemed to be reading intently, anticipating what was on the next page of whatever he was reading.

God studied his appearance. The man had a full on beard. His hair was parted in the middle, very long going slightly pass his neck. His clothes were wrinkled, and his nails needed to be clipped. God could practically smell the misery coming off the man. He looked so….Defeated?

Was that even the right word?

God couldn't believe all the misery that was going on in heaven and on earth. There had to be a change. Yes, a really big change. Heaven needed to regain some of its order. But for that he needed leaders. Ones who knew how to command a army and maintain the balances of power.


Yes he could probably free Michael from the pit without freeing Lucifer. But what would that do? His sons would always be trying to kill each other without a care of putting humanity in the crossfire. Another apocalypse might occur, and he had to leave again soon. He couldn't just leave thing the way they are. Earth need angels to guard man. But angels needed the archangels to lead them. Maybe if the original four came together again, then they could bring back heavens might. That was it! Many Millennial ago, when his sons were together leading the angels they had one many battles. Heaven was at its strongest back then.

But bringing back his two fallen sons and freeing his other two might result in a death battle that could destroy the earth. They needed a truce.

They needed something to be tied to. Something that would make them have no choice but to work together. Or maybe, give them a reason to want to live in peace.

Glancing at Samuel Winchester, God couldn't help but look into his very soul. He had always a habit of doing it with humans since they first came into existence. He was intrigued at what he saw in the man.

Sam's soul was very unique. Very one of a kind.

It shined a bright white that was rimmed with black. Kindness and gentleness all around, but beneath the surface…


Potential that could led Sam to become a very powerful being. But with the power, was something dark and dangerous.

Like a tiger hiding in the bushes, wait for a chance to pounce and kill.

But the lighter side of his soul one out. Reveling the soft side to him. Sam was just a human looking for happiness.

For love.

He want someone he could share his life with. A companion that he could actually be with.

Then an idea formed in Gods head. That's it! This was they way to reunite his family. If this was going to work, God was going to need an expert in this department. He vanished out of the roach motel to go visit a very old face.

Sam shot out of bed quickly pulling out the knife from under his pillow, ready to fight an enemy. But no one was there. He could have sworn something was here for a second. He had felt that supernatural vibe he use to get.

Or maybe your just imagining it.

Yeah, that was probably it. It wasn't the first time he done that. He couldn't truly convince himself he was safe. He didnt know why. There were no more demons or leviathans on earth anymore. Gods weren't running amok as far as he knew. And those bastards from Purgatory were gone were dealt with.

He wasn't even a hunter anymore and he still acted like one. Dean didnt act like this. He was living it up going around the country with Cas. And knowing Cas- who had gotten refined taste somewhere along the chaos that were their lives- They were definitely staying at some top class Hotels.

Sam wasn't mad at them or anything. He was glad they were making the most of things and enjoying the peace. It was partially why he left them.

Laying back down on the beaten down bed, Sam grabbed his book, opened up to the page he was previously on, and continued his reading of Paradise lost.

The sound of crows crowing made his eyes snap open and he jumped to his feet into a fighting stance. His sense alert, he had a sword in hand that he conjured from nothing. When he realized that he was alone was when his nerves became at ease. Lucifer look around the familiar setting of Stull Cemetery.

What the hell?

The lasting he could remember was the cage, and fighting Michael. Their swords were clashing. Grace flaring with the heat of the battle, and Micheal had shot a bolt of energy at him. He repelled it and then flew at his brother to deal another barrage of attacks. Micheal dodged all of them, and then they both retreated to rest.

No. There was more to it. He had felt another presence in the cage, but before he could react to it, he was hit by something hard and was knocked out. He had been fighting Michael for so long that he was to exhausted to anticipate an attack from a third party.

Who ever had attacked him must have pulled him out of the cage.

But why?

Who could have had the power to invade hell, go into the cage, and knock him out with but a single hit? Was Michael still in the cage? He wasn't here so he must have been left in the cage. A satisfied smile crept onto the Devils face at the thought of his brother alone in the cage freezing, and occasionally roasting his wings off. And speaking of wings, his were still ruffled up.

Flexing his tired, sore wings, Lucifer closed his eye as he felt a breeze come in. Grazing his wings in the way he liked. It had been so long since he actually took the time to fly around in the sky. His wings needed the exercise, but more then that they really need to enjoy more breezes like this. He became more at ease as the breeze lightly dancing across every inch of his body.

His body…

His naked body...


His eye snapping open wide, Lucifer looked down at his naked body. His sun kiss, tawny golden skin was not decaying in any way, and it wasn't even Sam's body. But the big hint to that was that he had breast! He was in a female vessel.

Manifesting a full length mirror in front of him Lucifer stared back at the women in the reflection. Looking down at his stomach he saw that he had no belly button. Then it dawned on him.

This wasn't a vessel.

It was his grace in human form. His human form.


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