I do not own Magi. A little drabble ^_^ Judal's Point of View.

A Small Thought Or Two

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Ja'far completely hates me. I managed to everyone there to feel pity towards me expect for Ja'fa his expression remained hateful, no sign of him feeling sorry or pitying me at all, and I can tell he wished to attack me. However Sinbad had told him to stand down. Sinbad is easy to trick. So far only Ja'far hasn't fallen for it even though he is a small fry.

Of course I was there for business with Sinbad. It is fun seeing people looking upset, depressed, mad, and it makes killing them more fun. Ja'far tries to attack me whenever he sees me, but in end Sinbad always tells him to stand down or grabs him. Ja'far hates me completely and always showing a scary face towards me. Must be so frustrating that he is unable to kill me.

I will destroy Sinbad's beautiful country and I will destroy the chibi magi. I do not hate them, but I want to destroy them. Sinbad's country and the chibi magi.

I do not care if innocent people are killed. I just want war and Sinbad's country will be completely destroyed.

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