Chapter 2

My Boyfriend Freaks


I felt terrible. I really wanted to tell Joshua. It's just that vampire hunters have become numerus, other vamps are after my family line, and I just wanted him to stay clueless so that if they were to capture him, he wouldn't know anything. A nurse came in and said to me, "Visiting hours are over, sweetie. It's time for you to go." I got up and almost walked to the door. But before I could walk Josh pulled my arm and said, "Hey. Make sure you come tomorrow."

"Oh you'll be gone by then. You just need a couple more hours for us to get your papers settled and you'll be on your way," said the nurse.

I was kinda glad because, if I could convince his parents to let him stay over for the night maybe I can keep an eye on him until he gets ready to "transform."

I kissed him before I left. No, I didn't become his girlfriend just for me to cover my tracks with the Others. I actually like him. When I was being picked on in middle school he stood up for me. He was always there for me.

Then I was attacked.

I didn't come to school for 2 weeks. At that time Joshua and I had just gotten together. We were actually happy. But the attack almost destroyed our relationship.

Sorry this chapter was short. Didn't know what else to put. More coming soon though.