Chapter 10

"Melissa, it's time for you to move on," Edward began.

She stiffened and her face dropped.

"I can see you disagree with this decision. You have my permission to speak freely, but I expect you to be respectful. Use your training."

Her lips trembled. "But why, Master Edward?"

"You're done with your training, and I have a few different Doms asking about you." He kept a good foot of distance between them.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

He pulled her into him. "I know it's hard to move on sometimes, but you're so ready to please a master of your choosing. You've been a terrific trainee, and I treasured the time we were able to spend together." He stroked her hair, and she sniffed then her spine went rigid.

"This sub isn't ready to move on yet," she whispered.

"You are. I'm the trainer, and I say you've completed all the training."

She pulled her cheek off his chest and stared into his blue eyes. He blinked and smiled back. His fingers carefully tucked her hair behind her ears. "Such a good girl," he said. He cupped her chin.

She exhaled, her shoulders rounded and her hands cupped his chest like she was trying to cling to him for as long as she could.

"Did this sub do something wrong? Master Jasper said last weekend this sub still had a lot to learn," she said.

Just then, her head turned, and she scowled at somebody.

Edward turned them both around, only to find a Bella, dressed all in black, but not quite looking like she belonged here in this establishment. An uncomfortable stiffness radiated off her every pore.

"Sir, can I speak with you?" Bella asked, her eyes immediately on the floor and her hands clasped before her, almost tucked between her inner thighs.

"A moment, please," he told Bella.

Bella shifted her weight and though she kept her head down, he could tell she was trying to get a good look at Melissa.

Oh fuck. What was she doing here on her own? And why hadn't she told him she was going to be here tonight?

He growled in her general direction.

Bella stepped back and her chin deepened its bend toward her chest.

He swung Melissa around so she wouldn't be distracted. "Okay, deep breath. Repeat after me . . ."

Melissa sucked in a tight breath, and her eyes were filled with tears. She nodded, but barely.

"I am a beautiful woman, and my gift to my master is my subservience."

"This girl is. . . a beautiful woman, and her gift . . ." she took a stuttering breath, and sounded on the verge of sobbing ". . . to her master is her subservience." She knew the rest of the recitation, since Edward had each of his subs say this mantra when he released them over to the club. So, she went ahead and said the rest, "She willingly gives her mind, her body, her obedience. She will strive to ever please him as he takes care of her needs." She sunk to her knees and bowed her head, tucking her hands in her lap.

He stroked his hand through her hair, smiling. "You were supposed to wait for me to say the rest, but since I know you're frustrated, I'll let it go . . ."

Bella's breath hitched behind him.

He motioned for one of the other trainers, Master Carlisle, to help Melissa mingle tonight. She'd need someone she could trust at her side as she braved her way through the club, and she'd played with Carlisle a few times. They seemed to get along well.

"Master Carlisle, Melissa's ready to leave my side now." He handed Carlisle her cuffs. "Will you please make sure she's well taken care of, and she's able to speak to these three Doms tonight that have asked about her?" He pulled out a small slip of paper with three names on it.

"I will, Master Edward. I'm happy to help out, and Melissa's a well-trained sub, so she's always a pleasure to be around." Carlisle crouched down and touched her shoulder. "Come with me."

Melissa rose with grace even though it was clear she was unhappy with this change in plans.

When Edward turned toward Bella, she was hunched over, biting her thumb nail and shaking so bad, she looked like she might fall over.

"Isabella," he said, approaching her, his hand extended. "Is there a reason you failed to tell me you'd be here tonight? I thought trust was something you and I were working on. This does not build trust."

She put her trembling petite hand in his, and on contact, two things happened.

Her whole body seemed to relax, and she also exploded into a dialog with about a thousand words a minute.

"Edward, I mean, Sir, there's a problem. Do I call you Sir here, or just Edward, or Master Edward?" He blinked and simply smirked at her. She was so damn cute. He leaned his weight back into his heels, let go of her hand and crossed his arms over his chest as she continued to ramble, "I didn't know what to do. I really thought . . . Well, maybe I should've followed. I don't know, but I was thinking . . . Well, you always know what to do in these types of situations, and you're so powerful, and I'm, well . . . just Bella. And I hate admitting this, more than anything, but he scares me, and—"

"Scares you?" he said, his chest tightening and his biceps flexing when his fingers squeezed. "Who scares you? Did somebody approach you already? Dammit, Isabella. This is why you're not supposed to be unaccompanied in the club. When I said the club could help solve some of your issues, I didn't mean for you to—"

She suddenly lurched forward, covered his lips with hers, and absolute dread saturated those pupils as they dilated and turned her eyes to a midnight storm. She pulled away abruptly and whispered, "Tim. He's here." She ran her fingertip over his lips and settled there, looking transfixed by his mouth.

Oh God, that did things to him.

He slid her finger off his lips then shook his head. "That's not possible. I made sure he was on the list of banned customers."

"Well he is," she said, swallowing hard. Her hand wrapped around his forearm as a plea for help. "Please, I'm freaking out. He was here with my purse I accidentally left at the restaurant the other night."

"Why didn't you tell me he had it? I would've retrieved it for you, and I would've had fun tearing his dick off in the process." His jaw flexed.

"No, you don't get it . . ." She looked over her shoulder and then leaned further toward him. "Alice wouldn't listen to me. She went to go get it back for me, and I couldn't stop her. She went with him."

"Fuck!" he gritted. "Did she leave the club with him?" His eyes slid closed and his jaw felt wired shut, it was so locked in place.

"I'm so, so, sorry, Sir. I've already screwed all this up. I should've gone after them," she said, voice breaking and shattering him inside in so many tiny pieces, he placed his hand over his neck to make sure his pulse was still there.

"No, you shouldn't have. I'm glad you came to get me. That was the right thing to do. Now." He paused, and reached out to stroke her arm, to help soothe her. She was so quick to blame herself for everything. "Do you have any idea of where they might've gone?"

She leaned into his touch and her arm, chilly on contact, warmed instantly. "I think maybe . . . One of the dungeon rooms? But I can't be sure. They didn't leave the club though."

"Okay, let's start there. I'm gonna have you stay with—"

"Don't leave me!" she almost shouted. Her eyes flew open wide, and she suddenly cupped a hand over her mouth. "Sorry."

"Don't apologize. I understand you're worried for your friend, but it's not safe for you to come with me, and I don't know what that man's capable of."

"There's something else," she mumbled, then dropped her hand. "Tim kind of . . . Well, he . . ." She drifted off and her eyes darted around the room.

"You will tell me now, because I need to know," he said, his spine straightening. "And since you asked before, you may call me Sir while we're here in the club."

"Okay, Sir." She sniffed. "I'll tell you . . . He kind of attacked me after work the other day," she confessed, her head dipping down as she swallowed back tears. "And I didn't let him. I defended myself."

"Sssffff," he sucked in as much air as he could before he went off on her for not sharing this with him directly after it happened. He gripped her arm, but was careful not to harm her. "I'm bringing you to Master Jasper. He'll watch out for you while I go deal with this dickhead."

"He's a Dom, not a dickhead," she said. Edward glared her. "He told me he was when he tried to hurt me. He wanted me to prove I was a femdom."

"That man," Edward began, the tendons in his neck very prominent while his teeth were making a sort of hissing noise, "is not a Dom. He's a sadist—pure and simple. A Dom will never do anything without consent. You remember that. There's no pleasure in it for me if you don't want me to do something to you. He takes sick pleasure out of taking what isn't offered freely to him."

She blinked and her lips parted. Her breathing was shallow, and she paled. "He's with her!"

"I know. Let's get you safe then I'll find Alice."

He wrapped an arm around her back, and led her to where Jasper said he would be. This would be tricky. Technically, Alice signed on to begin training with Jasper, and he'd want to go after her to help her himself, but there was no fucking way Edward was going to let anybody other than himself deal with Tim—the fucker that liked to hurt women because he got off on it.

Edward's pace was swift, and Bella kept up successfully, regardless of her footwear.

She actually walked pretty confidently, and he had to wonder if it was because he was guiding her where to go, and because she knew he wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Jasper had said he would be in dungeon room eight. He had planned a scene with his artistic sub for tonight, and that had to be why he let Alice acquaint herself with the club. Surely, he would've left her with another of the trainers to accompany her.

Edward's shoulders were stiff and aching, and he'd barely done a thing tonight other than release Melissa.

When he gave the appropriate knock on the door, Bella tucked her head into his chest like a skittish little animal, worried there might be predators nearby.

"Nobody's going to touch you. I've got you," he reassured her and kissed her head. He ran his hand down the back of her head, and she tilted her head up, looked into his eyes, and he saw gratitude there. He smiled.

She didn't quite smile back, but he could see her thinking it all through. She gave a silent little nod.

When she seemed ready to handle it, he stepped inside the room with her. He walked over to the wall and motioned for her to stay there and remain quiet.

She glued her back up against the smooth, mirrored wall.

Master Jasper was faced away from them, but his sub could see them clearly, or would've if she wasn't so spellbound by what her master was doing.

"That's right—beautiful," Jasper cooed. He had his fingers inside her pussy, and he pulled them out slowly. He held his index finger and middle finger stuck together. They glistened with fluids, and when he set them before his subs eyes, and separated his fingers like scissors, the clear fluid fanned out like a web. "This is what we made." His voice was soft, but there was a rough edge of want in it. He dipped his wet fingers into a bowl nearby and mixed it around.

When his fingers reappeared, they were covered in a dark blue paint.

He dragged the color across her naked breasts, down her belly and circled her navel.

There were other lighter colors all over her. He was using her as a canvas.

"This is who you are—a brightly colored prism of joy." Jasper went back for another dip.

Edward made this soft, whisper of a whistle—their signal that something was wrong.

Jasper turned his head and Edward held up his pinky finger. Their sign Jasper's new, little one in training, was in trouble.

After a beat, Jasper's eyes went wide with alarm.

He signaled with his head at his sub.

There was no way he could leave his sub bound and in this deep. She looked on the verge of sub space.

Edward stopped breathing, racked his brain over what he should do. He stared, unseeing at the wall.

A moment later, he motioned for Bella to join him, and once she was at his side, he knew where she had to go.

They slipped like ghosts back out the door, and Bella seemed hyper-aware of everything. Each brush of his skin, made her jerk and curl in on herself.

Did that little scene scare her? Shit! This wasn't going how he'd hoped for her first time here.

He walked with a longer stride. Alice could be in a lot of trouble right now.

On the way to his destination, he found two of the dungeon masters and told them to look for Alice. They left in a hurry, but his gut cinched down, telling him to get there before they kicked Tim out. He wanted to see to him personally.

When they got out to the large scening area, Rose was set up and about to begin her demonstration.

As they approached, Rose's eyes grew large. "There you are!" she said to Bella.

"Mistress, I have no time to explain, but I need you to keep an eye on my pet for a few moments until I can get another Dom over here to accompany her, can you do that?" Edward asked her.

Bella stiffened in his hold. He helped her into a chair at the very front of Rose's stage. The table was unoccupied, most likely because people didn't know Mistress Rose yet.

This was a disaster. Edward was supposed to announce her as the new Domme in the club.

Rose limped for a moment as she flew over to Bella's side.

Emmett was missing. Fuck it all! He really should cancel this scene, have Emmett help him take care of the Tim situation.

Instead, he walked over to her staging area, and turned on the mic. He announced, "We'd like to welcome all our new patrons here tonight, and their guests here to observe and get acquainted with our club. We value our members, and try to show it by keeping things fresh. So, to say thank you, we have a special treat tonight for you. Just an Hour has taken on our first female Domme, and she's preparing to share some of her knowledge with you. If you'd like to see what she has to offer as a trainer here, please join her audience at the north end of the public play area. Drinks will be served during, but remember—two drink minimum. Enjoy our very own Mistress Rose."

A few people began immediately making their way over to the area. Without thinking about what he was doing, he walked over to Bella and pulled her dark blouse up, so it covered both her shoulders.

Did they have to be so fucking pale and enticing looking?

Bella blushed a little and dropped her gaze away from him.

"Stay here," he said.

"I will," she responded.

"Sir," he corrected her with a growl.

"Sorry, Sir, I mean, yes, Sir, I'll stay here. Thank you." Her hands were tucked in her lap and she stared at them.

Edward made his way back to Rose, who was now prepping again for her scene. He apologized for throwing that on her in such a regrettable way and explained there was a rather large problem he needed to deal with.

She agreed without saying much, and he took off, found a Dom he trusted to go tend to Bella.

Once that was done, he rushed through the halls and hoped he'd find this asshole before something truly awful happened.




Emmett was occupied; assaulted by women at every turn.

He'd avoided the club for months since it had lost its appeal to him, and now they were throwing themselves at him.

Amber fell at his feet just as he was heading over to the Liberator corner, where he was supposed to scene with Rose in the next ten minutes. "Oh, my God! Master Emmett! Please, may I have permission to speak?" She looked up at him through her lashes and squealed as her bum hopped a little on her heels. Her face lit up.

He'd started out as her trainer, but then when he kind of faded from the scene, she'd called him up.

A sliver of guilt hit him. He remembered how he'd told her maybe they could be friends, but nothing more.

She never called back.

Tonight she was dressed in a lethal combination of a cream colored lacy thong and matching corset with a shelf bra. Her breasts were heaving at him.

The pasties she tacked on barely covered her protruding, erect nipples.

Her shoulders were covered with a sparkling dust and her makeup was flawless.

She had delicate porcelain skin, straight teeth and kissable lips; cock-traps. They used to suck him right in every time, and she was a great deep-throat, but fuck if he was anything but interested at all. With all that before him, and nothing sparked. Nothing at all.

"I'm sorry, Amber, but I'm not a trainer anymore. I'm a sub, and my Mistress is waiting for me," he tried to explain. "Please stand up and enjoy your evening here."

"Please, Master Emmett, I'm free now. Master Daniel moved a week ago, and I'm here tonight to see if I can find a new master.

He smiled to be polite, helped her stand up, but when he tried to explain once more his Mistress was waiting, she ignored his words again and grinned back like she was mistaking his cues as sheer pleasure in seeing her. Did she think he'd come back here for her?

"You may do your worst. This sub has trained for months, and can handle anything. This sub hopes very much to be your permanent submissive," she said, lowering herself to kneeling before him once more.

Shit! He was expecting Rose might figure out tonight he was a part owner of this establishment and former training Dom, but not within less than a half hour of opening and with a former sub at his feet. It was obvious she never read the note he attached to his flowers he'd left for her at her door. He kept meaning to talk to her about it, but dammit, she'd touch him and it was like every thought in his head dissipated. There was something about those fingers on his body that made him come undone.

"Stand up, Amber. I'm not a Dom, and I'm most certainly unavailable."

Amber stood up yet again with his help, and her shamefaced expression framed by her pale hair around her face, made him frown. He wanted to help her find a new master, help her be happy, but he had to get to his Mistress right away. When he glanced at Amber before he prepared to leave, her eyes were misted over and her lips trembled with pain.

"Oh, darling girl, I'm not right for you. I never was. You feel attached because I brought you in and prepared you for others, that's all," he said. Then he kissed her lips and brushed his thumb across the bottom sparkling one, jutting out.

Her gloss was unmarred by his delicate velvet kiss.

Click, click, click!

A woman in heels was most definitely headed this way.

He turned to see his Mistress barreling toward them.

"Amber, please find another Dom to escort you. I have to go." He patted her head and ran toward Rose.

The second he was within death-glare distance, he threw himself at her feet.

"I'm ready, Mistress. Sorry to keep you waiting, and this submissive, plans to make you proud tonight," he said, chin folded into his chest.

Her right stiletto tapped hard on the buffed, concrete flooring.

"We have a scene to do. No more talking to anybody at all until I tell you otherwise. Meet me at the Esse in two minutes. If you're late, I'll have to vary the plan," she said then nodded a small acknowledgment over at a gaping Amber.

As Mistress stepped away from him and turned to go back to their scening area, he noticed a slight limp in her walk. Rose's right leg was dragging somewhat.

Was she okay? Had she twisted her ankle when she marched over to him so fast?

He didn't ever see her wobble when he was watching her in those few short moments, but now . . . It was clear she was hiding some injury.

He ran after her, trying to avoid eye contact with anybody in the club at all. If one more woman approached him . . . Rose would shove her heel up his ass, and though it might be fun if she got him ready for it first, it might not be as pleasant tomorrow when he needed to move around or sit at work.

He took his spot at the Esse, and his eyes traveled along with her every move. It was in his training to study his sub for possible injury or anticipate harm. Something was wrong here. Rose was off with each move.

She stumbled about; tried to hide it unsuccessfully. To others, it might not be apparent, but he knew her walk better than anybody's. It made him hard when he watched her tight ass sway around her house. Her shoulders were always flung back, and her breasts perky and up in the air. Right now, she was a little hunched over, and it wasn't for lack of confidence or nerves. Or at least it didn't seem like it. She was kind of smiling, looking like she was in her element.

She leaned over to fiddle with something in her black duffel bag, and that's when he saw it.

Rose stood up and brushed a few stray hairs out of her face, and his eyes rounded on her when he spotted a small gash on her right palm and scabs from what looked like a scrape on her right inner elbow.

She was wearing black tights, and he wondered if her legs were even more beat up than these areas.

His eyes narrowed. "What the hell?" he blurted. He popped up off the sex furniture and set his hand on her lower back. Her back tensed, and she turned like she was on a pivot.

"Is there a reason my sub is being so flagrantly disobedient? I told you to sit on the Esse." Her blue eyes were like flames of vengeance, ready to consume him.

"You're hurt, Mistress. May I speak to you about my concerns?"

"Yes, you may."

"We should cancel." He swallowed.

"My sexy beast, your job is not to make these decisions. Your job is to please me. Nothing more. I worry about the rest of the details."

"But I . . . I can't enjoy this at all if you're hurting." His lips twitched. He wanted to kiss each of her wounds and wrap her up in his strong warm arms. He felt sick to his stomach to think about her feeling a twinge of pain at all.

She blinked, her lips tried to hide a smile as she pressed her lips together for a moment. "Fuck you and those hot dimples."

"I'm not smiling," he said. In fact, his gut was twisted worse as he continued to worry and wonder how she got so banged up.

"I'm not referring to those," she said, brushing a fingertip across the spot they appeared on his face. "I'm talking about these." She reached behind him, and pressed into one of his ass dimples.

"Can you tell me how you got hurt at least? Please, Mistress. I won't be able to concentrate on what we're doing otherwise," he said, undeterred.

"Not right now." She motioned over her shoulder with her head. "We have an audience."

"I don't give a fuck," he growled. "I care about Mistress. Nothing else."

She pushed on his chest, backed him up to the Esse, and called out, "Thank you for coming." Her eyes went out to the members and their guests, watching her. She chuckled at what was probably her realization she had used an unintended innuendo. "I hope I can share with you some of the things I take pride in as a Domme. And I'd like you all to know, you're not to address my submissive." She leaned toward Emmett. "You may speak to me, but no one else for the duration of our scene."

He nodded.

Without another word, he was stomach down on the Esse with the scoop filling in the dip so he could rest his chest on it. She had his arms strapped down before he could question her again on her health.

"This area is called the Liberator corner. Liberator makes some wonderful sex furniture, but the Esse is my favorite because of its versatility," she said. Rose ran her hand over the suede texture of the Esse's tan cover. Her hand drifted right before his eyes. His cock twitched with anticipation. She dragged her fingers up his spread out arms. Her hand skimmed over his shoulder and stopped shy of one of his dimples she'd referred to moments ago.

A finger slid under the waistband of his dark jeans. That was the clothing she specified for him, and of course, no underwear beneath it.

"Of course, you can leave your sub dressed if you want, but I prefer contact with skin." Her hand slid under his stomach, she popped open the buttons on his fly one at a time, and he had to bite back a groan.

Once she had his pants sufficiently loosened, she slid them down his hips, past his ass and off his legs.

A chill ran down his hamstrings when she blew across his legs as she stood back up with his pants in-hand.

"Very nice," she said and patted his ass.

"Thank you," he whispered.

She pinched his ass, and he bucked instinctively.

Rose propped her right heel up on the back of the Esse, an inch next to his hip, and he strained to look back and see what she was doing.

"Tonight I'm going to show you how to milk a prostrate effectively and force an ejaculation without an orgasm," she explained to the audience.

Emmett scowled. "No orgasm, Mistress?"

"None." She turned her attention back to the room. "The trick to this, is you have to make sure your submissive's stomach is at the highest arch."

His torso hugged the dip in the middle.

"Comfortable?" she whispered to him and kissed his cheek.

He smiled.

"That's my brave sub," she said and dragged her fingers down his back.

Her hands were always so soft and warm. It quelled any fears inside him.

"Now for the legs. We don't want a sub to flail around and accidentally knock a Domme's teeth out." She released his arms and repositioned them then looped the rope through the D rings, and criss crossed it over his back. She tucked his arms at his sides, and then looped it lastly across the dimples above his ass. "As you can see—I've changed the position of his arms. I don't want them to go numb, and stretched out like they were, they'd most likely get sore pretty quickly. Now I've got him in a more natural, resting position. They can stay at his sides indefinitely." She ran a finger under the ropes and checked to make sure it wasn't too snug. Once that was done, she had him spread his legs and she secured those to the furniture as well.

His back arched naturally in this position, but he found himself exaggerating it so his ass would there for her and garner her attention.

I want to please you . . . Make you proud, Mistress.

A thrill chased down his spine at this thought.

Rose leaned over and pressed her tongue into each dimple above his ass and she blew across those too, making goose bumps rise.

He chuckled, and squirmed a little.

"Of course, administering a swat in this position works well too." Her hands caressed his ass, kneaded his skin until he was so relaxed, and then . . .

Smack, smack!

They were light, playful stings. Nothing major.

Emmett wiggled yet again. There just enough give in the soft ropes, it felt like it kissed his skin with each movement.

Fuck. His eyes glazed over and his breathing slowed and deepened.

His ass thrust itself up, even though his cock wanted to drive into something; anything.

"My beast loves a good spanking," she cooed. She tickled and scratched at his cheeks until he was purring inside.

A few moments later, and she was over at her black bag. She pulled out a flogger, and explained something about how to use it correctly.

He couldn't hear her anymore. His eyes drifted about aimlessly.

Bella was in front of the group of onlookers, sitting at a table with a blonde Dom at her right, and looked concerned.

Then Emmett's eyes got heavy . . .

"Oh God!" he moaned as something flicked at his ass. Flashes of heat raced down his legs.

Amber grinned at him from her seat out in the audience.

He barely registered who she was.

Rose had his full attention as she did incredible things to his body. Each touch of the flogger sent him a little higher. His eyes slid up in his head, his neck stretched and tipped back as another soft raining blow landed on his cheeks.

"When the skin's heated, pinked sufficiently, you can then use other implements," he heard Rose say.

He snuggled his chest down into the cushion. A humming sensation built in his heart and thrummed with a steady rhythm; his head clouded.

A rush of air swept above his lower back, and he thought she might be showing the crowd her next tool.

There were whispers and a few women even sounded aroused as they gasped.

"Nnnnnnuuuuugg-nnnghhh," he grunted as something harder, something better, stung his butt.

"Oh, such a good boy. Mistress is very pleased," Rose cooed.

Everything was white. Everything was warm, liquid joy.

Her warm hands kneaded his ass and the backs of his thighs.


"Mmmmm!" he moaned, but it died off quickly then morphed into a "Mooore, oh please, God more!" He was panting, out of breath, rubbing his whole body on the soft cloud he clung to. His fists balled and scrunched up under the ropes as he strained to feel more. Tingles flooded his gut and slipped down to his groin, settling there.

Something wet slid between his cheeks.

"Oh, he's so relaxed, there's barely any effort at all to get my fingers inside him," she shared with the crowd.

He sighed, and relaxed even further. Spongy joints spread, and his mouth watered as something probed deeper into his anus.

Suddenly, his dick was blasting a hole into the stuffing. His hands ached to grab onto the edges of anything at all.

"Ready? Safe word's red—you remember that?"

"Mmm," he grunted.

"Always remind your sub of their safeword before pushing them further," she told her observers. "Time to fly, my beautiful man. And you're gonna do it with my fingers inside you."

Oh, Gaaaawd . . .

His crack burned, and the opening felt like it was being sliced open, but it translated over into exactly what his body wanted. Each muscle in his chest constricted, his feet stretched up on tiptoes, reaching higher, higher, higher . . .

"Iiiiiihhhhhhiiiiihhhhhiiiiii hhhh," a high pitched noise rose out of his chest as his entire body sang, rocked back and forth and he saw streaks of dark shadows pass him by. "Oh, ohhhhhh, mmmmmyyyyGod!" suddenly ripped out of him.

His shoulder blades pulled together, and the ropes pulled the opposite direction, forcing him to take something cold and round inside him. It probed and was hard, unforgiving as it pressed into a spot inside about to explode. The tip of his dick was moist, but Mistress Rose had yet to touch him there.

He closed his eyes, his lips parted and nothing mattered anymore.

Drool rolled out of his mouth.

He tried to suck it back in, but his tongue wasn't working properly. It was heavy, and lolling out of his mouth.

His head tingled, and right as he thought he might drift away, something inside him snapped, shooting a jab of electricity up his thighs while simultaneously, the same thing happened at the small of his back, and it all broke apart at the tip of his cock.

"That's it, give it all to your Mistress . . ."

The cool, hard thing in his ass was gone. There was a warm wave, happening inside him, instead.

"You have to caress the spot. Once it's juicy and swollen, then you can press harder. See?" Rose said.

His breaths were ragged, choppy, and his dick pulsed violently, but it was still hard.

"No orgasm, but look at how wet my palm is," she exclaimed. "God, have you ever seen anything sexier in your life?" Something heavy settled on the middle of his back, but . . .

The white . . . The waves . . .

He rocked. His ass cheeks were so warm. Was he sitting on the beach and forgot his towel and trunks again?

His head tipped back, and the sun shined down on him. He soaked it up, reveled in how it penetrated his pores and brought life into his soul.

". . . was twice, yes, and thank you. It's the power-G probe. Good question, you'll find that . . ."

The waves traveled up his toes, consumed his legs, and the warm sand encircled his waist, burying him slightly into the beach. He blinked and wiggled his fingers over the top of the foamy surf rushing around him.

"Once more," a soft, tinkling voice said.

And oh . . . The sun's rays carried him out into the ocean, and he rested on top of the waves for several minutes. The breeze on his back was nice, and even though his face was submerged in the water, he could breathe if he needed to. He turned his head to the side, and it was even better.

A curl of the water rose over his shoulders, and cupped his right one tight enough it rode him to the crest of a big wave.

His abs tightened, he took a deep breath and . . . "Ffffffffffohhhhhh, ffffoooohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh!" he screamed in euphoria as he was jettisoned faster than he thought was possible. And when he landed in a soft heap, his head never felt so light and free.

"Emmett . . . I need you back with me," Rose said, her kiss landing on the corner of his mouth.

His eyes opened a crack, and her soft smile welcomed him.

"Have a good time?" she asked.

"I . . . Shhhh . . . Tried t-to have a . . ." His lips were rubber, and his spine had dissolved in that ocean he left behind, because he couldn't move. His whole body tingled, and his legs weren't numb, but they were weak.

"If you want to ask a few question later, please feel free," she announced. "I'll be around in the club when my sub feels up to moving around again."

She rubbed along his lower back and then pressure was released, making his skin spark with heat.

Her hands massaged vigorously. She did the same for the other areas where he'd been restrained.

A kiss would follow as well.

Rose pulled a blanket out of her bag, wrapped it around Emmett before she helped him stand up.

His dick was no longer hard, and his neck failed to support him as his head felt heavy and lolled forward.

She made sure he was decent—the blanket keeping him covered.

"I thought you said you weren't going to let him come?" Amber asked.

"I did say that, but I had to reward my pet, didn't I? He went into sub space so easily and trusted me so implicitly; it was my honor to stroke his shaft at the end and complete the cycle. It's not always necessary or desirable to have a full orgasm, but I showed twice how I could milk his prostate without him having a full orgasm. It's amazing how resilient and powerful that G-spot is." Rose beamed at him, kissed his temple and wrapped an arm around his back. "Now, if you'll excuse me." She yelled out to the crowd. "Thank you all for coming, but I need to attend to my sub. Enjoy your evening."

His head buzzed off the sensation of her breath on his face in that one tiny moment, so much that he stepped back and almost fell.

Rose led him over to the recovery area, and sat him down on the comfy couch. She somehow slipped her body in behind him so she was trapped up against the cushion.

"Lean your head back into me," she said.

Her palm wrapped around his forehead and she guided him back.

"Do you know how amazing you were tonight? How proud I was to be a part of that? You amaze me," she said, her voice shaky with thick emotions. "It was beautiful. You're beautiful—fucking perfect." She paused and took a deep breath. Her arms moved past his face quickly as she retreated her hands, bringing them toward her own face, and he could tell she was swiping away tears. "I'll never forget this night. Never!"

He sighed a deep, heavy groan then went raspy all of a sudden as his heart swelled. "Neither will I. That was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced."

"Fuck, you have no idea how sexy that was, seeing your face like that. You adjusted to all the extreme things I did to your ass so quickly, and then you slipped straight into space, I almost didn't recognize it at first, until I swatted you and you didn't even move. I thought maybe I'd hurt you too much, but then you mumbled something about the ocean."

"I was at the beach, sitting on sand with my bare ass, then a wave swept me out, and I hung out for a while as I bobbed along. It was comfortable then things got intense. A massive wave took me back to shore." He yawned and closed his eyes. His skin kept tingling, and he settled into his Mistress, wrapped around him like this blanket.

"Wow," she whispered. Her hands drifted through his hair. "I can't believe it."

He drifted off, almost asleep when he heard something shuffle toward them.

One groggy eye opened.

Blonde hair, not his Mistresses, appeared before him. Somebody was leaning over, their breasts almost in his lap.

"Oh, I love watching him when he's like this," Amber said.

Rose covered up his bare shoulders with the blanket and stroked down his arms. His head was heavy against her. He should say something, but the words wouldn't come. A weight was in his throat, cutting off the motion needed for speech. He sucked in some air, but it didn't help. His hands flopped inside the blanket as he tried to reach for Rose's comforting fingers.

"You mean you love seeing him like this right now," Rose corrected. "And you shouldn't be back here." She wondered where her Dom was, letting this sub be all mouthy and roam around, getting in the way.

"Oh, maybe he didn't tell you. I used to be Master Emmett's sub back when he first opened the club with Master Jasper and Master Edward five years ago. He used to look like this all the time when he'd fuck my face and come so hard he could barely stand after. He's my favorite owner, and the best master ever," Amber said. Then she ghosted her fingers over his cheek. "I'm Amber. And I'm signing up to be on his wait list when he starts taking on subs again."

Rose gripped Amber's fingers and squeezed, removing them off his face. "Thanks. I'll pass that info along when he's not high from my fucking fingers," she snarled.

Amber yanked her hand away then left in a hurry.

"Is there something my beast needs to tell me?" Rose gritted.

He swallowed. "Uhh . . . the note was with the flowers," he managed to choke out.

A Dom dressed in thick black jeans, a crisp black button up and Doc Martens, jogged over to them, and took a breath as he bent over at the waist and set his hands on his knees to brace himself. He was out of breath and appeared to be struggling to find his thoughts. "Master Emmett," he began. "We've got a shit-load of trouble. Alice is . . . Well, it's bad! Master Edward and Master Jasper told me to send for you right away. The police are on their way . . ."


I don't do this very often, but this chapter most definitely was written to a song: Say When by the Fray. Great tune. I highly suggest looking it up if you've never heard it before. I may have to create a playlist for this story. It's a very moody little bitch at times, so I need to have the right song to get the mood right so it doesn't stress me out and put me on my knees.

Thank you to my pre-readers. This story has quickly become one of my most frightening and most exhilarating projects. Why, you might ask? Well, because with science fiction, there are no rules. With contemporary romance, again, depending on the background of it, it's kind of up to me to decide where it'll go. Historical fiction is scary too, but not to this extent. But this world—there are rules. There are nuances there that can't be faked. It has to be done correctly, because I respect this lifestyle choice so much I don't want to mess up my portrayal of it. Thank goodness I have amazing pre-readers and have the opportunity to get insider info from a Dom/sub couple. I can't even begin to explain how amazing the interchanges have been so far. Breathtaking and mind-bending doesn't even begin to describe it. My word—if I survive this without imploding, it'll be a miracle. But if I go, I do it with a broad smile, a keener understanding and a hope that maybe somebody enjoyed reading this. And just maybe they learned more about this beautiful world that holds colors my eyes didn't even recognize a few short months ago before I began learning more.

How's that for lacking words for how much this touches my heart and soul? The misconceptions on what it means to be in a committed Dom/sub relationship are staggering, and I'm glad I'm not in that camp anymore. I envy the purity, the passion, and the absolute surrender…