Chapter 15

Edward curled around her in the bathtub, keeping her in his arms at all times. The tears were intermittent and unpredictable. She'd cry over the slightest provocation, and she could barely understand herself, why she was so emotional.

He fed her like a child, and now he was washing her.

Would she ever be the same again?

She turned to the side, curled into a ball and cuddled into him.

"When you're ready to talk about it some more, I wanna hear what's going on inside that head," he cooed, kissing the top of her crown.

"You're finally naked with me, Sir," was all she could say.

He hadn't done that before, had he?

She couldn't remember. It seemed like she'd seen bits of him, but this was everything, and he was so warm, all granite muscles and so safe . . .

"Sssuuffffuuuh," she sucked in a stuttering breath, but it was no use. She burst into tears again.

He rocked her gently and petted her hair, peppering her crown with delicate kisses.

"It's okay—I've got you. Let it out, little one. This was a big step for you tonight. You went through so much, and I'm so very proud of you. It was so beautiful to witness, I became teary-eyed a few times myself."

Her head jerked up, and though he looked blurry through her tears, she whispered, "You did."

"Yep." He smiled and ran his forefinger down the bridge of her nose then settled it on the dip above her top lip. It kind of floated there, then he said, "Open."

She did, and his finger dipped inside, but did the most unexpected thing.

He caressed the frenulum attached inside her lower lip. Was it supposed to be erotic? Because damn, if it wasn't turning her on.

"Try not to squirm, sweetheart. You're sloshing water out of the tub. Just relax into me, and feel this. It'll help," he said.

Her eyes went big, and she stared at him as she tried to settle down, but it was so difficult.

He dipped his head down, pulled his finger out of her lip and sucked her lower lip into his mouth then used his tongue to slide it up and down that same connective piece of tissue.

She moaned and her hand cupped his chest, bracing herself for what he might do next.

How was he doing this? It was an innocent spot, but yet, she was having a hard time not wanting to . . . Well, she wanted to slam her pussy down on his cock, impale herself since he still wouldn't do it.

The second her stomach coiled tight over the thought of how he kept avoiding intercourse, a fresh rainstorm of tears started up.

He let his tongue slip out of her mouth and kissed her gently.

She waited for him to frown or tell her she was stupid, give up and walk away, but instead, this unpredictable man held her closer and was even more gentle with her.

"I love how you feel everything so deeply. Do you know how wonderful that is? It means you're opening up, and that's a painful process. But it's an honor to watch it unfold. You really are a glorious creature," he said, his voice as gentle as his hands, now running circles all over her back, in her hair and on her shoulders.

She sniffed back the tears, melted into him and listened to his low, deep voice. It warmed her insides and soothed her scattered thoughts.

"I'm here for you; anything you need. All you ever need to do is talk to me," he said.

She hiccuped a lazy sigh, and he chuckled.

After several minutes of her holding him so tight her arms were beginning to ache, he said it was time to get out.

Her whole body sagged.

He'd be leaving now.

Somehow, she held back the tears this time.

"Okay," she said, keeping her face down.

If she looked somewhere else, maybe it would hurt less.

"Isabella, I brought a bag of clothes with me. I'll be staying the night."

She looked up and her breath caught somewhere between her tight belly and her heart.

He smiled. "We both need more than a little cuddling in the water and some food." He held his hand out, she took it, and he helped her out.

It was stupid, but she found herself crumbling inside again over the simple things he did like drying her off.

Her hand drifted through his damp hair.

Maybe he wasn't treating her like a child after all. Maybe he was like her—so filled with a need to devote himself to his partner, that he couldn't help himself.

"Thank you," she said then bit her lip as her hands kept running through his hair.

He tipped his head back. "No need to thank me. I love taking care of you."

She beamed at him and her insides lit up when he moved slowly up her hips and gave them a little pleasure grope.

Why did it hit her so hard when he was playful in small ways like that?

Was it because it felt so real? Like he really did enjoy being with her?

How could that be? Wasn't she a burden?

He stood up, towering over her, and she wanted to beg to touch him all over, but instead, she tucked her hands behind her and gripped the backs of her thighs.

"I'm going to massage you then you're going to sleep with me. So, if you have nightly routines, I want you to do them right now because once you're in bed with me, you'll need my permission to get up again." He motioned with his chin at her toothbrush.

She startled for a second, since she'd been lost in thought as she studied his amazing body. God, he was gorgeous.

Slim hips sat atop toned, tight, shapely legs. He wasn't one of those guys that only concentrated on the top half.

His abs were amazing, and those hips flexors were like an aphrodisiac to her.

She exhaled absently when he stepped closer, pinched her chin and tipped her head up. "I know there are all sorts of interesting new sights to see, but eyes here for a moment."

Her face heated. "Yes, sorry, I . . . Uh . . ." She looked away.

"Eyes; I'm not kidding. Look here, and listen to me." He chuckled when her feet shifted and her legs wiggled. "Get ready for bed now, only no clothes. Understand?"

She tried to nod, but he still had hold of her chin. "Yes, I understand, Sir."

"Good. I'll be getting ready as well," he said. He smiled, then let go of her.

He left her in the bathroom, and for a moment, all she could do was grip the edge of the counter, count to ten in her head, breathe deeply and keep her head tucked down and shoulders back.

Her legs were bobbing all over the place.

How could she be horny again? All he'd done was that little massage thingy in the tub to her lower inner lip.

She pushed off the counter, and went into busy mode.

Her first action was to drain the tub, then wipe it down.

After that was completed, she picked up the towels off the floor, hung them up to dry, and when she was about to wipe down the mirrors, she turned to find him watching her in the doorway.

She jumped and crossed one ankle over the other, her hands instantly crossing over her chest to cover up.

"Did I tell you to clean? Or did I tell you to get ready for bed?"

"N-no, Sir. You didn't say to clean, b-b-but, I—"

"Stop stalling, little one. If I want you to clean, I'll let you know. Don't worry about that stuff. Brush teeth, use the toilet or whatever else you need, but now you've only got three minutes. I want you in bed before I hit the three minute mark, or there'll be consequences." He tapped his fingers on the door jamb, let go and went back into the bedroom.

She lunged for her toothbrush, brushed her teeth like a fiend, rinsed, spit, closed the door, used the toilet and quickly washed her hands.

How long did it take her? She had no idea, but her nerves were jumping around.

Her legs were quick to carry her to the bed. He was already there, and when she slid in next to him, his breath was minty fresh and he smelled incredible.

She leaned in to inhale, but he turned her over onto her stomach, and within seconds, there was oil slicking up his hands and they moved over her entire body, relaxing her into the mattress.

Before she knew it, she was dozing off.

"I love your hands," she mumbled, half asleep.

He dug a little deeper into her muscles.

"And your body—definitely love your cock. I wish you'd . . ." fuck me hard with it . . .

"Is that why you were crying in the tub?" he asked.

She nodded and her lip was being a pouty bitch, jutting out ridiculously.

It was hard to suck it back in when her mouth was like rubber—all loose and limp.

"You want to be fucked, don't you, little one?"

She whimpered in response.

"This isn't all about sex though . . . It's more than that. And you have things you need to take care of and to learn," he said, his voice a warm, thick blanket, wrapping around her mind.

She slipped closer to a dream-like state.

"Such lovely skin," he observed, his fingers tracing down the edges of her spine.

Her shoulders crept to her ears, and she sighed.

"I'll touch every inch of it before I . . ."

That was the last thing she heard before he was lifting her up, turning her over and resting her up against his chest while he lay on his back.

"Tell me now while you're a little more rested—what did you like about tonight's scene?"

"Everything," she muttered, "but mostly it was . . . The way you reacted. I'd hear your breath catch fire, and I knew I was doing what you wanted. It was . . . God, I loved that."

"Sweet girl," he murmured, kissing her temple and stroking her side. "What was the most difficult part?"

"The same," she sighed and inched closer to him, in case he tried to reject her after her answer.

"That's fair. It scares you I might accept you as you are."

"That's not a question," she managed to say through a hazy mind.

"Nope. I don't need to ask that—it's pretty obvious."

She dropped her head and nuzzled into the dip between his well-shaped shoulder and delicious chest.

"I wish I was less transparent." She yawned and wrapped a leg over him, effectively trapping him in her bed.

He tilted onto his side a little more and wrapped his top around her back, almost suffocating her into his chest.

"That's something I can't allow," he said. "Tomorrow, I want you to journal all about tonight. What you think caused the tears—in more depth—and don't even think about if I'll be reading it or not. That's not your concern. I'll be calling you several times at work. Answer every time, and you'll be glad you did." He pressed his lips hard against her forehead. "Sleep now. I'll dress you before work, and you'll start your day off right."

She gave a throaty moan of approval and the warmth and protection took over—sending her straight to sleep on his command.

God, he was good. And what would she ever do without him?

Her dreams were intermingled with such moments of bliss in his arms, and alternated with crying jags after he left her.

It wasn't until she woke in the morning to an empty bed in the morning, that she knew it was all an illusion.

Until . . .

"Morning, little one," he said in the cheeriest way possible, startling her.

She grabbed the sheets and tucked them up under her chin.

He waltzed into the room with a stack of hot pancakes on a plate, ready to eat and a smile more brilliant than the tempting food.

I love you . . .

She kept her gaze on the plate in his hands.

If she saw those mesmerizing green eyes, she'd blurt it out, and it would be a disaster.

He slipped the plate of food onto the nightstand, and said, "Don't touch it. I'll be right back with your drink."

He returned a few minutes later with a glass of milk.

She frowned. "I hate milk."

"Today you don't." He almost skipped to her side. "You need the protein."

She grimaced. "I had that in my fridge because I cook with it, but I don't drink it."

"My sub does whatever she's told because her favorite part of being with me, is that she wants to hear my exaggerated breathing when I'm pleased."

How was it possible he was even more delectable than the food when he grinned at her in that smug way?

She swallowed and sat still, waiting for him to tell her what the plan was.

"I'm going to feed you," he said.

Figures. She bit back the urge to whine about it and roll her eyes.

Another swallow from her and an understanding nod.

"You're going to eat it all, and then we'll shower and I'll dress you."

"Sir, may I speak freely?"

He grinned and slipped onto the bed, then reached over and grabbed the plate. "Yes, you may."

"This is much earlier than I usually get up. Is there any way I can get up, use the restroom first and check my email? That's my usual morning routi—"

"No. That's going to take you away from me and get you thinking too much about your day. I want you focused entirely on me and what I want." He cut through the stack of pancakes and held out a bite for her.

She dutifully opened her mouth, swallowed, and oddly, it was nice—to be fed this way in bed, like royalty or something.

Her insides slowly filled as she took in whatever he gave her.

Even the milk, though the taste was disgusting to her, was sitting well with her insides.

Or maybe it was all due to him and his presence?

There was something about him telling her what to do, what to think, that spread this calm, wavelike motion through her.

"Tell me who you belong to," he said.

"You, Sir. All day long I'll be thinking of you."

"Fuck yeah, you will. And when I call, what are you to do?"

"Drop what I'm doing if I can, and answer, Sir."

"No." He set the plate down, cupped her jaw and said, "You will answer no matter what, even if it's to say you'll call me back in ten minutes. You will always acknowledge my presence in your life."

She bit back a groan as her pussy clenched. Shit, that was hot.

Her tongue rolled back in her mouth and her mouth tightened shut. "Mmnn," she groaned in agreement.

"Something getting to you, sweetheart?" His taunting, lopsided smirk, made it worse.

Her left leg twitched as she tried to covertly close her legs together.

His eyes were drawn to her leg, and he instantly spread them open wide.

"You need to finish the last few bites of your meal, but I haven't eaten yet, little one, and I'm really hungry," he lilted.

He lowered her onto her back, climbed over her and when she tried to touch him, he immediately hopped up, grabbed his tie for work and bound her hands over her head, securing them to her slatted headboard.

"So sorry your breakfast wasn't nearly as satisfying as mine," he growled then proceeded to eat her out like he was a starving man.




Edward called her. This was the first series of six he planned.

After all the nasty looks she gave him this morning when he dressed her, he had her drop to her knees and service him before he left.

She got her breakfast of champions as well, so it was a nice morning.

Spending the night with her was . . . Hell, he loved it.

Never did he think he'd desire to do that with a sub on a regular basis, but with her? Fuck.

He tapped his pen on his desk and his chest heated at the vision of her big brown earthy eyes, watching him come in her mouth.

God, she loved to watch him.

He was gonna need to blindfold her more often because it made him orgasm too quickly.

"Well, hellooooh, Sir," she answered in a breathy tone that made his balls tighten and rise.

"God, you tasted good this morning. I'm still thinking about it," he blurted and caught his hand, drifting toward his semi-erect cock.

"Good. I . . ." He could hear her tip forward in her chair, the wheels squeaking for a second ". . . I loved hearing the sounds you made when you were tasting me. It made me so creamy and wet, Sir."

"Fuck, I may need to visit you today, but I have a lot of work I need to get done." He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. This was getting out of hand. He inhaled deeply and slowly then went back to his original plan. "That can be decided later, though. Head to the bathroom, once there, take pictures of your entire outfit. I want to see what you're wearing underneath as well."

"You know what I'm wearing. You dressed me." She gasped, and at the end of the breath, it went almost shrill. "You think I went home and changed, don't you, Sir? You don't trust me."

He chuckled. "Paranoid, little subbie? I never said that. Don't you put words in my mouth, or I'll put them back on your ass in the form of punishment."

She huffed. "Fine."


"Sir, I'll do what you ask, but I prefer you tell me your reasons."

"I'm sure you do." He ran his hand over the edge of his keyboard. It was so fun getting in her head.

"You're not going to tell me though, are you?"

"Sir, and if I have to remind you one more time, there'll be more than reasons being flung at you."

"Shit," she muttered under her breath.

He smirked. "Don't you mean, 'Shit, Sir?'"

She giggled. "Yes, Sir, that's exactly what I mean. Do you ever get sick of reading my mind?"

"Nope. And it's a gift that keeps on being extended your way, so get used to it. Pictures incoming on my phone in ten."

"Okay, Sir. I'll take a break and do that now."

"Good girl. Love hearing that switch in your tone from lippy to submissive. It suits you better."

"This might just be what I need so my morning goes better, Sir." She sounded a little airier.

"It is exactly what you and I both need. Now do it before I get antsy. You wouldn't want that," he breathed.

His hand was back on his tight, greedy groin.

She wanted him to fuck her, that was obvious, and he was dying to have her, but she had to learn.

This sub was more to him than a person to train. She was a beautiful, exquisite angel in need of finding her wings. And that wasn't going to happen if he lost himself inside her.

He could very easily do that—give in and forget what the purpose of their relationship was.

God, he wanted to forget this was only a deal to her.

"I can't wait to see them. Make me proud with your photography skills."

She snorted a laugh. "I'll try, but no promises on that one, my gentlemanly Sir."

He laughed, too, and then ended the call.

Five minutes and thirty-four seconds later, his phone was flooded with images of her body, her clothes he dressed her in, and she even thought of the little details like her stockings, shoes, hair, facial shot, so he could make sure her makeup was still appropriate.

She hadn't modified a thing, and though she was wearing plain cotton panties and a matching bra, fuck, she looked amazing. It was that girl next-door shit on her, when she was made up in a more natural way, that made her absolutely stunning and completely irresistable. Her whole person changed, and her goodness shined through.

His cock was out, he was fisting it and moaning her name seconds later as he came undone with his phone in one hand, his heart in his throat and her scent on his shirt from this morning.

Dammit. He was going to cave soon, fuck her as rough as he could, but he . . .

No! She's special. Treat her that way. Not some piece of ass for your dick to play with.

He shot her back a quick email.

Thank you. Loved it, even the ones I didn't ask for. Your homework the second you get home, if you still have that bag of clothes I told you to throw out from your closet, which I think you do, since I don't think you got a chance to take care of it, then I want you to dig out your most provocative work outfit and show me how slutty you want to be at work. If there was nothing holding you back, what you would wear. I'll be at your house at five-thirty sharp. Have dinner ready, wear the outfit and be waiting for me by the door, kneeling on your cushion, hands clasped behind your back, eyes closed. I'll call you back in one hour. Be ready for it.

He went back to work once his dick was tucked back away and tried to stop thinking about how good it would feel to finally be inside her.

A half hour later, he was interrupted from work when there was an incoming text from Rose.

Need help to orchestrate a scene this weekend. I need a few close friends to witness this public one. You in?

He shot her back a simple—Yes. Tell me more later tonight in email.

She said she would and he went back to work.

Right as he was about to call Bella, he got a text from Jasper.

He groaned. What the hell? Why were all his buddies suddenly infiltrating his phone?

Weren't they at work, calling their subs, too?

Well, Jasper wasn't. He was at home now with Alice pretty much constantly.

He picked it up and read it fast so he could call Bella. She would be waiting.

Need help with Alice tonight. Need to step out to get some work things situated. Can you come with Bella to watch her?

I'll send Bella if Rose can be there as well. I think she'd like to have some girl time.

I want a Dom here in case Alice needs to be restrained. She's having some issues with needing to shower frequently.

Christ. It's that bad? I'm so sorry. But, you don't think Rose can handle it? If they need me, I'll be right over. Edward's gut bit into him—Alice. He should be contacting Jasper more often to make sure they were okay, but his thoughts constantly circled around Bella, it left little time to think about much else.

Yeah, that should be fine. I think Rose will be all right. I think Alice will like this arrangement as well.

Great. Bella will be there after dinner. 6:30 too late?

No, that's fine. I'll see the girls then.

He probably should've said yes, he'd go too, but something inside his gut said this would be good for Bella. She probably needed to vent and get some feedback from other female friends right now.

He went ahead and called Bella up.

When she answered, his body tightened up, ready to take hold of her flesh and claim it for his own.

He squared his shoulders and told her, "Change of plans for tonight. Do all the things I told you before, but after we eat, I'm taking you somewhere and dropping you off. You have my permission to wear whatever you want for this occasion."

"Really, Sir?" Her voice broke with gladness.

"Really. Something comfortable, but if it's too tight or revealing, I'll—"

"It won't be. I promise, Sir. Oh, God, thank you!" she cried with a heartwarming sound of utter happiness.

"I fucking love it when you get thrilled over the little things," he said with a slight tremor to his voice. Her exuberance was infectious, as was her sweet spirit.

"My toes are curling, that's how not little this is to me. I love it when I earn your trust, Sir." she said. "Sooo much." She stifled a giggle.

He settled back in his seat, smiled as he gazed out the window. Sunshine had nothing on her in terms of warming him up and sustaining that filled, sated feeling.

"I love it, too, sweet girl. There's nothing better than how you sound right now." Well, maybe shoving his dick in her, but . . . Well, that would have to be discovered later.

"I can't wait to see you. Do you know how much I'm looking forward to tonight, darling?"

Darling? That was . . . Had she called him that before?

His smile spread to his heart.

"Not any more than I am. Take care. Enjoy your workday. I wanna hear about it when I call in an hour, and tell me the good portions of your day first because I want to hear you all happy worked up again. It's nice to have it intermittently throughout the day," he confessed.

Why was he telling her so much? Fuck, he was forgetting himself. He liked to keep his sub on their toes, not giving everything away without them working for it some, but she was so ecstatic right now. He'd damn near give her anything when she was in this state.

His heart flooded and expanded as he thought about how many more things he wanted to give her besides clothes.

Like a collar?

He swallowed as a lump formed in his throat.

"Hmm . . ." Her smile in her voice melted that tight, throat constricting right out of him. "If I didn't know better, Sir, I'd swear these phone calls are you becoming addicted to me, rather than you checking up on me like a good watchdog." She chuckled.

Jesus. She had it pretty much right.

He hadn't even realized that was truly what he was doing until now.

"I want another set of pictures."

"Dare I ask why, Sir?"

"No, you daren't," he said, echoing her heart-warming chuckle.

He grabbed his drink and took a sip.

"I'll mix it up a little for your amusement, Sir, if that's okay with you?" she asked, but he could tell she wasn't really inquiring at all. She was being a little sassy.

"Little one, you do whatever you like, as long you stick within the parameters I set for you. That's what I want—for you to find yourself along the way, as I prod you in the right direction." He took another sip. It was helping him to calm down so he wouldn't feel the need to jerk off to her voice. His hands were already shaking, dying to do it while he listened to her laugh and carry on.

"If you prod me anymore than you already do, I may want to forgo panties and stick with adult diapers; I'm always wet because of you and your prodding, Sir."

She giggled freely, without trying to drown it out with her hand or something else, and that was all it took.

His dick was in his hand, and he knew he had to end the call.

"Oh, Sir, I almost forgot. I have something for you." Her voice was filled with mischief. He was tugging at the root when she gave a stifled little moan, and said, "Are you touching yourself, Sir? It sounds like you are."

"Mmnnungh," he softly grunted. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

He ended the call.

A moment later, he lost sense of himself, took a picture of his cock dribbling on his hand, sent it to her with a little message that said, You don't have to wear, tight revealing things to your work place because this is what you do to me.

He got back a deluge of shots of her tits bared, her legs spread with her other hand, shoving the crotch of her panties aside and he could barely make out the moistness there, but it was unmistakable—she was wet for him.

No messages from her, but he didn't need any. Pictures spoke volumes of what he did to her as well.

Her clothes were still the same, but his weren't. He spilled come on his pants and had to change into his backup pair. Great.

He might not want to place his next few calls to her he'd planned.




Bella's eyes were closed when Edward walked in her front door.

His scent hit her and she wavered for a moment in spot, a little buzzed from it.

All at once, she was gripped by the upper arms, lifted and shoved against the wall as his lips slammed into hers.

He bit her lower lip, his tongue did that slidey thing it did when they were in the tub last night.

She moaned right away, and right when she went to grope his chest, he had both of her wrists clasped in one of his hands, pinned to the wall above her and his hard erection was pressed above her pubic bone, grinding hard.

His other hand fisted her slutty skirt she used to wear to work. The seam ripped as he roughly shoved the skin tight material up.

That wasn't the only garment he shredded. Her panties were yanked and torn from her body.

She moaned as he slid his mouth down her neck and bit around the center of her throat.


It was amazing the way it rippled down to her clit.

He sucked and nibbled at that spot, his fingers now moving at a torturously slow pace into her folds, barely grazing the edge of her clit.

The dichotomy of his fast paced lips, and slow, too gentle fingers on her pussy, were confusing her.

To make matters worse, he'd grind into her hip then retreat for a few seconds, unexpectedly nailing her into the wall with his dick, anywhere it seemed but in her pussy.

Why? Why wouldn't he have sex with her?

She was clean. He could use a condom, anything, but she needed him to fuck her.

Her whimper of pain came out in a hoarse whine.

"Fuck—this is why you can't wear this shit. It turns men into animals," he said, releasing her and stepping back.

"Nobody's ever done that to me before," she said, her hands moving to her swollen, sensitive lips.

"They want to. I guarantee it, and no one gets to think of you that way except me. See why you have to get rid of these clothes?" he asked, his hands fisting at his sides.

He looked ready to beat the shit out of some nameless guys he was conjuring up in his head.

"Okay, yeah—I think I get it now, Sir." She tried to fill her lungs, but her entire body was weakened from his assault moments ago.

But all too soon, his expression went impassive, they were sitting down to eat with her skirt all ripped up and no panties covering her ass.

She ate in silence, wondering what the hell he was thinking, and where he was taking her afterward.

"Stop trying to guess," he finally said, wiping his lips with a napkin.

How did he make even that insanely seductive?

Her eyes followed his lips.

"I-I'm not," she lied.

"You are. Don't pretend you aren't curious, but I don't want to ruin the surprise, so instead of thinking about that, get over here—I want you in my lap." He pointed at his prominent erection.

She grinned and slinked over to him, straddling him right away.

His mouth was surprisingly quick but not as fast his fingers, undoing her blouse and twisting the peaks of her tightened nipples.

Her head tipped back, and his hips shifted up.

Over and over again, he started dry humping her.

His hand flung out, clearing his spot on the table, shoving plates and utensils aside.

In one swift move, he had her turned over, pushed up onto the table, legs spread and out of nowhere, he had some silky type of scarf wound around her hands; above her head and on the table.

He fucked her through his clothes, rough and hard, biting the back of her neck, his hands angrily shoving her hair up and fisting it out of the way.

"You are to think of me all night when you're away from me. I want to have your journal entries to read while you're gone, and don't you dare touch yourself while we're parted." He grunted and his hips shifted up, hitting right where her entrance was.

If he'd remove those damned clothes, he'd be inside her.

Her hands popped up off the table, and she debated slipping one hand out and reaching behind her to try and pull down his pants, but she stopped.

He'd be upset if she did that.

So, she bit her lip, quietly moaned and listened to his erotic, tortured raspy breaths as he continued to slam his clothed dick into her.

"Why do you do this to me, Isabella? Why do you do this?" he chanted in time with his thrusts. "Want. You. Want. You. Why do you. Do this. To me? Why?" His tip pushed really hard then stilled, and she bit back a cry, imagining him coming in his pants.

In a blinding flash, he had tossed her off the table, onto the floor, but somehow cushioned the blow.

He was on top of her, fucking her faster—still fully clothed, but his hands shredded her blouse and her bra, and he was biting her nipples, pulling them hard with his lips and her legs wound around him as her back continuously bowed off the ground.

"Fuuuuck . . . I'll miss you tonight," he ground, "so much. I'll go crazy without you."

Before she could answer, he went to kneeling, yanked her legs off him and his dick was out, pumping furiously in his hands.

Right as the first signs of precome showed up, she opened her mouth wide, and with frightening speed, he straddled her chest and was spurting into her mouth with dying, strangled groans, emanating out of him, his gaze directed entirely on her. His warm, thick come, landed on her lips and happy tears streamed down her cheeks as it hit her.

He wants me, too . . .




On the drive over to wherever it was Edward was taking Bella, he kept giving her these heated looks that made the top of her stomach quiver and her toes bunch into knots.

It would go from one second looking like he might panic and keep her with him, to the next second, his eyes saying in that moment he surrendered all he was, and she could do any damned thing to him she wished.

She didn't know what to make of it, other than keep staring at him, which was totally unlike her.

Shouldn't she look away? Wasn't that what a submissive did, but how could she, when he was looking at her like his next breath depended on her?

Out of nowhere, her hand shot out and she clutched his leg. "Hey, are you going to be all right?" She paused, waiting for a reaction, then tacked on, "Sir."

"Don't worry about me," he said, his breath sounding like a tinny hiss.

But then his hand curled around hers and rather than peel her fingers off him, he dug them tighter into his thigh.

"When I think about you tonight, I'll have a hard time breathing or even thinking straight, Sir," she admitted.

He smiled but there was a touch of sadness in his eyes.

Why? What would make him look like that?

Did she say something wrong?

He pulled up into an unfamiliar driveway and parked the car. As it idled, he turned fully to her, gripped the back of her head and pressed his forehead to hers. "Do you know what you mean to me? How you drive me absolutely fucking insane for you?" His breath pelted her lips, her chin, and even that was making her feel needier than ever.

Oh, God, if he'd only fucked her at her place tonight before dinner, maybe she'd be less apt to wanna throw herself back in his lap and hope he'd lose complete control this time.

He was so close at her place—the way he animalistically dry humped her. It was exhilarating but also the most frustrating experience of her life.

The man said she was driving him fucking insane? What about him? He had no idea how annoying it was to constantly be walking around with thick puddles of her own natural lubricant permanently between her thighs. Soon she'd chafe, and there was nothing sexy about a rash between the thighs.

Bastard—fuck me already!

She sighed. "Can I call you if I miss you too much, Sir?"

"You may text me—no phone calls, but I doubt you'll want to. You'll be having too much fun," he said, smiling, but still, it wasn't all the way there in his eyes. It sounded a little unconvincing.

He released her and when her hand rested on the door, ready to open it, he released a low whine, sounding like it had been trapped deep in the back of his throat.

A flood of heated longing, swept through her heart and lowered into her belly.

"Please, Sir . . . If you make sounds like that." She shook her head, hanging it in the process. It was already difficult to leave.

"I'll walk you up," he said, shoving himself forcefully out the door.

He was at her side, helping her out and walking her in silence to the front door.

His hand was loose in hers, but she clutched his tightly.

Don't let go . . .

He knocked on the door, and the second it opened and Jasper stood there, she lowered her gaze.

Was he sharing her with another Dom?

What the fuck? They'd agreed—both their lists said they didn't have any desire to be polyamorous. Had he changed his mind?

She tilted her head to the side to give Sir a nasty look.

He smiled at her then turned his gaze to Jasper. "I didn't make you late did I?"

"Nah, I'm good. I'll leave in just a moment. Rose should be here soon and then I'll take off," Jasper replied.

"How's Alice doing?" Edward asked.

"Today was a good day. Only one attempt to get into the bathroom, but I caught her before she got very far. I restrained her, occupied her head space for a while and then she was good again. Her therapy session today was good as well. We're making progress." Jasper opened the door and welcomed them in.

Edward barely stepped over the threshold and stopped. "I better not come in any further, otherwise I might not want to leave this little one. She's been . . . Well, let's just say parting is difficult for us both." He reached out and traced three fingertips down her cheek. His gaze was harsh on her for a moment. "You have my full permission to speak and have as much fun as you wish. Listen to Jasper and do whatever he says. After he leaves, Rose will be in charge. If you have any questions, text me." He pulled his hand back.

Bella looked up at him with longing.

Don't go.

Edward groaned through his teeth, leaned in and kissed her then said a quick goodbye.

He was out the door, and she was standing there before Jasper without an idea of why she was here.

Jasper's foot stomped for a second, he tilted his head back and blew out like he was exhausted and filled with so much concern, he was about to scream.

She took her gaze off him, feeling like she was prying into a personal moment.

A few more frustrated breaths by him, and then she could hear his head drop back down to looking at her.

"I'm so glad you're here. Alice needs you ladies tonight. I've got some details I need to hash out for work. I hate to leave her, but I don't have a choice this time." His foot scuffed the hardwood floor. "Will you take good care of her for me?"

Her eyes watered and she dared to look at him. "Of course I will, Sir. She's like family to me; a sister I care deeply about, and I'll do anything to help keep her safe and happy. I'm sorry I haven't been here for her more," she rambled, guilt blanketing her soul in a thick, dark sheath.

"She loves you, too, and Rose. Recently, she's talking about you both a lot in her therapy sessions. She says you both were the first women she ever wanted to be around. That she felt compelled to reach out to you in particular. There's a goodness in you that both Alice and I see, and now Edward as well. I don't know what it is about you, Bella, but you have one of those pure souls, yet you can't see it at all. It baffles me, actually."

She smiled, but her mouth quivered because there was too much emotion to contain.

"Can I see her now, Sir?" she asked, her voice timid and squeaky.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. I'm certain she's back in the bedroom, wondering who just arrived and what's taking so long. I tried to get her in the best mood possible before you came here." He grinned, but it looked a little dirty, like he was imagining whatever they'd just done.

Oh, don't tell me they just fucked . . .

A stab of jealousy lanced through her gut. She looked away, and then followed after him.

The second she saw Alice, her body fell apart on her.

She flung herself at her best friend, and in the next heartbeat, they were kissing each other's cheeks, crying happy tears and talking in that fast-paced, girly way men couldn't comprehend. Jasper shrugged and backed up, giving them space to gush, glow and be in a place where only women would understand what was going on . . .


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