Chapter 19

Rose was a mess, waiting for her pet to call her. Or did he say he'd text?

She was bouncing around, unable to focus on a damn thing.

Was he okay?

Did he need her?

She picked up her phone and started dialing him when Carl broke into her office, his hair mussed up and his eyes wild.

"What the hell happened?" he shrieked.

"I can explain." She set her phone down and her hands were up in the air in a surrender fashion.

"You got that old woman to sign the contracts? How did you do that? We've had more than a dozen different lawyers work with her, and always it's the same—she tells them to get out of her face, throws a tantrum, breaks their pen or some silly nonsense, and then she's even worse to work with the next time around. I can't believe you did this!"

"Well, I did have some help. I didn't do it all on my own, actually the lead engineer on-site there was instrumental in it and—"

"C'mere!" He picked her up out of her chair and twirled her around, pretending to dance with her.


"Okay, okay, I just . . . God, I can't believe you did it!"

"You didn't have faith in me?" She blinked and smiled.

"Of course I did, but I gave you this impossible task because I knew it wouldn't break you like it did the others. The heads of the company have been looking at the file all afternoon, and they're also looking at your resume. You were trying for partner, right?"

She nodded and her mouth went dry. Swallowing was tantamount to trying to breathe in outer space. It wasn't happening.

The process was usually really slow and painful.

"I think you've got it; good for you! This contract is huge—so massive, it'll keep us all employed for a good long time. Wow!"

He bounced out of the room quicker than he rammed his way in.

What the fuck just happened?

She walked in a daze over to the door and was about to shut it, when suddenly an idea struck her.

Rose's feet raced after Carl and she grabbed him by the arm.

"Hey, is it okay if I go home and celebrate? You know—take the rest of the day off?" She smirked.

"You can throw a damn parade down Main Street for all I care, sweetie, after what you just did? We'll probably all have to bow down to you now when you walk through the halls."

She laughed. "Okay, let's not get carried away."

"I'm gettin' carried away because our bonuses will be real fat this year thanks to you." He shook her hand and cleared his throat. "It's an honor having you in our ranks. You'll outrank me soon enough, and to tell the truth—it's about goddamn time. You're the most talented lawyer here."

Her eyes misted. "Stop it—my mascara, you big jerk." She giggled and had to look down for a second.

"I mean it. Yes, go home. I demand you take the rest of the day off."

She laughed once more since there were only three hours left before she would've been done with the work day anyway.

God, her insides lit up like crazy. Emmett was probably home already.

Please, let him be at my place.

She raced back to her office, shut everything down, grabbed her phone and took off out the door before anyone else congratulated her like Carl did. She'd need to be better prepared for it next time so she didn't come off as such a gushy woman.

On her way home she stopped at two stores to get a few things for her favorite man in the whole world.

He'd been through hell today, and for her—it was an amazing advancement for her career. The injustice of it stung hard. She wanted to celebrate, but how could she when he was probably in agony?

Well, maybe not in agony. He never seemed to get down unless she told him to kneel.

She snickered.

God, he was so hot on his knees, looking up at her like he was begging for her to do anything at all as long as she would touch him.

Fuck—this car was too slow.

The tires squealed as she cornered onto her street, and when she finally got into her garage, her heart rate spiked, making her lose her breath.

She grabbed the two bags, headed inside and called out, "Emmett. Are you here?"

"Mistress, you're home?"

"Home . . ." Yes, she was. Their home.

She slipped her shoes off, dropped her bags and raced straight toward him.

He was naked, and looked like he'd been eating a bowl of her ice cream.

She chuckled. "God, I missed you."

"But we just fucked not that long ago, Mistress." His tongue swiped across his bottom lip in an obscene way and then he wore a rakish smile.

She pinched his ass. "Naked. I love it. And no, I did not forget what we did that. Are you okay? I mean, you got fired . . . Or did they . . . Did they change their mind when you explained?"

"I didn't explain anything, Rosie. It's none of their goddamn business what our relationship is. I would've quit even if they hadn't fired me. I want to be here for you. Anytime you need something, I need to be available. My job was getting in the way, and I can survive without that income," he said, his hands now tucked behind his back.

She let go of him. "You would've quit for me without me even asking?" Her voice broke and her throat constricted. Damn, those misters on her eyes were out of control today. Her heart flooded with so much emotion, she had to reach out and grab his shoulders so it wouldn't take her down. "You really do love me, don't you?"

"I love you more than a man has any right to. It's not fair for one person to be this happy, and it's all because of you."

"Fucking hell, Emmett. You're moving in tonight. You're damn right you don't need that job because of that contract today you ensured I landed, I may be making partner very soon."

"Congratulations, Mistress!" His hands flew out, he cupped her head and leaned in for a kiss. He smirked for a second, realized he was breaking rules by touching her without permission but he did it anyway.

"I love you, pet. So much," she sighed.

"That's good because I'm not going anywhere. I already boxed up a bunch of my stuff at my place right after I went home. They're out in my car. Can I go get them, Mistress?"

"No. I need to fuck your face right now," she said, pointing at the floor.

"Fuck . . . I would've quit my job weeks ago if I knew I'd get this in return," he growled, sliding down to his knees.

"First, you better figure out how you're going to undress me with nothing but your teeth," she said, eyes glinting.

"Mistress, you brought gifts," he said, motioning with his head over to the side.

"Well, you've earned them. But they're for tonight. I'm going to do our scene tonight rather than this weekend. Though, I did get you something you might not want." She left him on his knees, his eyes following after her, and she pulled out a large bouquet of flowers for him.

She walked back over, extended them out to him.

"Mistress, would I be able to play with these on your body a little? Would your pet be able to play with you a little and try to please you?"

She nodded, giggled and ran her hands through his hair. "You've earned as much touching as you like until we scene tonight," she said, her voice smoother than it had ever been. It was soft, it was silk, it was all for him—this man that made her crazy in love.

He took the flowers, set them aside, crawled around her backside and began pulling on her zipper with his teeth.

She groaned as his teeth nipped at the hem and he managed to drag her very tight skirt off.

A few times he accidentally bit her, and she'd suck in some air and wobbled a little, then leaned into him for support.

"Is my Mistress getting lightheaded?" he teased.

"I'm not lightheaded—I'm ready to fuck your face," she said, patting his head. "Up. Rip the buttons off my blouse with your teeth, and when you're done with that, I want you to pull my bra straps down with your tongue and lips only."

He grinned and his dimples pitted. "Anything my Mistress wants."

"Including a wedding?"

His breath stopped mid-exhale. "Wh-what are you saying? You want to get married?"

She nodded then reached into her bra. "Emmett—I love you more than you can possibly know. I want to offer you my collar and this ring. I have to know you're mine and no one else can have you."

"Fuck! Rosie! God, yes!" He jumped and covered his mouth for a second. "Stay here, please, Mistress! I need to get something."

She watched him in wry amusement as he raced around the house, throwing his clothes back on and then he headed out the door, with such manic energy he made the Tasmanian Devil look like he moved in slow motion.

"Shit. I like him naked," she said to herself, curling the ring onto her thumb. She hoped it would fit him.

When he came back inside, his cheeks were red, his smile bigger than she'd ever seen it, and he was chuckling.

"Scared the neighbor," he said.

"I'm sure you did," she said, pointing at his very obvious erection.

He laughed, shook his head and gave her a mock glare. "They couldn't see that. I was cursing in my car as I looked for this." He ran over to her, dropped down to his knee and looked up at her with large, pleading eyes. "I know you already said it first, but I was hoping to do it the traditional route."

She put a hand over her heart. Who did that, honestly? What a prissy thing to do. She never had before, but she could barely contain her exploding heart. "You don't have to ask, since you know I already want to, but I'll allow it only if you get naked first."

He put the ring in his mouth. She couldn't see it, and as she tried to squint and get a better look at it, he turned around.



She grabbed his ass, and licked up the back of his neck.

"Hiding it from me?"

He nodded and chuckled deep in the back of his throat.

His clothes were flying off him, even though he had to work around her manhandling him.

"So sexy, so masculine, and nothing but hard slabs of muscle and flesh, but that's not why I can't live without you," she whispered at the edge of his ear. She fingered the hair at the nape of his neck. He sighed and goose bumps erupted down the back of his neck.

She smiled.

He pulled the ring out of his mouth, put it in his fist and then turned around slowly.

Even though he towered over her, she'd never felt more in control than she did right then.

"What does, Mistress—please tell me . . ." His voice cracked.

"There's never been a man that sets me on fire the way you do, and it's not just because you let me take control. It's this—the way you care about how I feel about you, about my job, and how I feel about myself. I've never been this strong, and it's because you look at me like I'm a goddess."

"You are, Mistress Rosie. You're the definition of what a woman is supposed to be."

She chuckled and cupped his chiseled jaw. "Most of the world would disagree with you."

"That's because they can't see the softness that comes from your strength. You're all woman when you tell me what you need. How many women can say what they want and not cower away after doing it? I know it's difficult for even you to do it, and that makes me cherish it and love you even more."

"God, Emmett—how did I ever live without you?"

"I don't know. But let's never find that out. Can I please do this now?"

"You may." She pointed for him to get back into position.

He knelt immediately, bent his head down for a second, and she swore he muttered some sort of prayer. Her eyes went wide and when he looked up, tears were streaking down his cheeks.

"Rosalie Hale—Mistress of my dreams—I'd love to wear your collar, and in exchange I'd like to offer you this ring as a sign of my undying fidelity and devotion to you. Will you please marry me?"

"Can you stop making me cry?" she said, laughing through tears sliding down her cheeks to match his.

"Nope. Not tonight."

"Tomorrow maybe?"

He beamed at her. "If you say the word, then it'll happen."

"Get your tongue ready, pet—I'm gonna fuck your face the second that ring's on me."

He slipped it on her finger and then clasped his hands behind his back.

"Touch me—and don't stop until I come all over your tongue," she said and lowered herself down to him.

He reached out, his hands shaking. "God, I can't believe I'm allowed to do this."

"Put your ring on, Emmett, and then you can thank me."

She'd set it aside when he'd run around like a maniac.

He reached over to the coffee table, put it on and smiled hard then cried some more.

"It's perfect. It fits."

"Mine does, too," she echoed his sentiments.

He kissed his ring, kissed hers then kissed his way down her body.

She let him do what he wanted for a while. He dragged each flower up and down her body, and even covered one of the rose's tips with her juices and then he licked it off the bud.

It was erotic, so sensual, she finally had to push him down to the ground, straddled his shoulders and placed her pussy over his mouth.

"Pet—grab my hips and squeeze if I'm suffocating you because I plan to be here for a long time, and I'm not going to be soft about it," she warned.

He nodded, sucked his wet lips in for a second and then gripped her thighs as she settled down over his mouth.

She moaned on contact, and couldn't believe how eager he was to do this for her.

It never really appealed to her before. Oral didn't do much for her.

But with the lip-smacking sounds he was making between her thighs, the way he was squirming and moaning, she knew it wasn't going to take as long as she'd anticipated before she came.

"I'm gonna make tonight so special for you, pet. You'll love it."

"Mmm . . ." His fingers dug into her legs.

She ground harder into his mouth.

His teeth nipped at her clit, and she gasped. "Naughty, pet! That's a delicate place. Be nice."

He chuckled, sucked the tip of it into his mouth then probed her slit with his tongue.

"That's it—such a good boy. My pet knows what I like. He knows I get real wet when he makes those dirty sounds."

He growled and then his fingers played at her crack, making their way to her asshole.

"My pet wants to get dirty, huh?"

He nodded and kept lapping at her, his fingers still roaming, and about to probe.

"I think my pet's hinting he wants me to play with his anus. Is that what he wants? Does he want me to strap on, and fuck his ass hard while I jack him off?"

"Gaaawd!" he groaned.

"Finish me off first, and I'll give you anything you want," she said.

His fingers moved away from her ass, found her clit and he circled it as his tongue traced lines along the edge of her inner lips and her clit.

"Oh, such a good boy, such a smart tongue—making me want to come already. If I come hard, gush all over your tongue, will you thank me? Will you tell me my come means more to you than your job you gave up?"

A loud, dying raspy sound drifted out of him, and his entire body tensed then relaxed.

"Wanna come?"

"Mmhmm . . ."

"Suck me harder. Lick me and make me so wet I slip over your face."

She dug her hips in, rocked up and down his face.

The friction from the little bit of whiskers on his chin were getting her there along with all the toe curling things he was doing.

"So close . . . Pet, you're about to get me off."

He whimpered and pushed the hood up on her clit then flicked over and over again at the pink, swollen bundle of nerves that were now exposed.

"Shiiit . . . That's good. Your training has made you an expert—I'm gonna do that for you, too. I'm gonna go train as a sub so I can . . . Ohhhhh God!"

His fingers were inside her, hitting her G-spot, and he was sucking on her inner thigh.

"I'll do whatever it takes to be the best Mistress for you—I want that for you. I love you."

He bit into her thigh, and suddenly, a rush ran up that spot to her pussy, it contracted violently, and she rasped low and gritty, "I'm coming . . . Oh, God, right there . . . You've done it—made me come with your mouth."

Right as her orgasm was about to hit her, he flipped her over, and his cock was inside her.

"Come on me—come on my dick, please, Mistress . . . Don't stop."

She grabbed the back of his head, slammed his mouth down on hers, sucked in his tongue and bit back a scream when he suddenly jerked and thrashed above her.

She writhed beneath him, and for the first time ever, she reveled in having an orgasm with a man on top of her.

It felt right—it felt special.

It was exactly what she needed to even out today's events and make her feel like she gave her pet exactly what he needed.

"Ooohhhh . . . I can't breathe—best day of my life. You're the reason . . ." he trailed off.

"The reason?"

"The reason I finally feel like a man."

She chuckled and he leaned over slid his forehead across hers and kissed her softly.

"Do you know how backwards we are?" she asked.

"I do. And I don't fucking care."

"I don't either."

Before they could talk about tonight's scene, he rolled off her, pulled her into his side, and they stroked each other's bodies until they both fell asleep on the carpet, their clothes strewn around them like wildflowers in a meadow.




"We're on our way," Edward said.

"Okay, stay on the south end. I'll let you in, and Jasper will meet us in the center," Rose told him and then ended the call.

Jasper and Alice were so incredible the way they pulled this all together for her.

He had told Emmett he wanted to throw him an impromptu Bachelor party, teasing Emmett that he'd probably elope so he could marry his Mistress before she changed her mind.

Rose rushed around once Jasper exchanged one very large, very pouting pet for a very ecstatic Alice.

Emmett didn't want to leave his Mistress, and she didn't want to be parted either, but she absolutely had to give him this. There was no way she was going to let this go.

She'd lied and told him they'd do their scene tomorrow night instead.

God, love him, he was so gullible and believed every little thing she said.

Not that she'd ever be deceitful in a mean way—but for a surprise like this, yeah, she'd lie a little. It'd be worth it to see how fucking high he'd get off it.

Jesus, she pulled some serious strings to make this happen tonight.

"You got the bags?" she asked Alice in the backseat.


"You know what they need to put on?"

"Relax, Rose. We know where to be, what to say, how to dress, how to breathe. It's gonna be fine."

"You don't have to really watch if you don't want to," she told her friend.

Was Alice cringing back there, thinking about watching Rose fuck her pet?

"I know. And I probably won't—not with Jasper next to me. I can't ever seem to stop watching him. He makes me open my eyes wide and watch him while I come. It's amazing. At first I hated that. It was really difficult for me, but now I get a rush from it. He does the same thing for me. He stares at me as he comes and shudders. It blows me away and gives me chills every time."

"Good to know . . . I don't think about what he's looking at as long as he's listening to me and doing what I say. I guess I'm more auditory than visual. Just the sound of him before he comes undone is what makes me go insane. God, I can come so fast after hearing him like that."

"They're all we'll ever want, aren't they?" Alice's voice was breathy.

"Yeah, they are. I can't believe we all found who we were looking for simply by going to that interview night for the club."

"And it only took an hour," Alice observed.

"That's true."

They pulled up on site, Rose swiped the borrowed badge on the panel and the gates opened wide.

A moment later, Edward's car pulled up behind them and he came through as well.

Her heart constricted. Where was Jasper?

The gate might close before he got through.

"Where the fuck are they?"

Alice was tapping away at her phone. "I'm texting him right now. He said he's had to make sure Emmett kept his blindfold on, but he's gonna be here in a few seconds."

Just as she'd said, he cornered and raced through the opening before the gates closed. He slowed down and pulled over so Rose could take the lead.

The other two cars went in a different direction.

She could barely breathe she was so freaking excited.

"I've been thinking this one up for weeks," Rose breathed.

"Really? Wow, he's so blessed you're doing this for him."

"I'm the lucky one. He lets me fly and be free. He trusts me to take care of him and bring his fantasies to life. It's rare he dislikes something I do. I swear, Alice . . . I could do this type of thing everyday if I had time."

"How funny . . . Jasper said the same thing to me the other day after he found me in the bathroom at a restaurant. He was worried I was—well, you know. He felt silly for distrusting me, so he pulled together a scene real quick in the parking lot to reward me. I don't know how he did it, but he found a motorcycle, draped me over it and fucked me from behind while he had my wrists bound behind me with my stockings. It was hard not to scream, so he pushed my panties into my mouth to keep me quiet. It kind of worked. He said I still screamed, but I don't remember that. I only remember my come sliding down my leg and streaking down the side of the motorcycle. Jasper had me wipe it off with my hair the second my orgasm was over."

"My Lord . . . He's good at improvising, isn't he?"

"You wouldn't believe the speed and his reflexes. Holy shit. He fingered me in a grocery store once when I tried to escape to the restroom. I was panicking. He took me over to a bench by the pharmacy, sat me on his lap and fingered me, forced me to orgasm three times to teach me a lesson. I guess that's not really the same, since it was supposed to be a correction, but I loved that he did that for me."

The car was parked now.

Rose turned around. "Hey, Alice—I can never thank you enough for this. I owe ya, and Jasper, too."

"You don't owe us a thing. We're happy to help."

"Well, I . . . Yeah, okay." Rose's jaw clicked closed.

Alice leaned forward hugged her over the seat and grabbed her bag she needed.

Rose took the other and they parted ways.

Even in the dark, she knew exactly where she was going.

She used her phone as a flashlight to make sure she didn't trip and fall.

The boots made it easy to walk fast.

As she kept a smooth pace, she pulled her hardhat out of the bag she was carrying.

She'd placed a head flashlight to it and flicked it on then put her phone in the bag since she no longer needed the light it provided.

"Can I take this stupid thing off now?" Emmett grumbled, not too far ahead of her.

She heard Jasper chuckle. "Not yet."

Rose stepped forth as quietly as possible, but Emmett was immediately alerted to her presence.

Probably smelled how aroused she was.

"Mistress . . . ?" Emmett said in a damn near orgasmic moan.

"Yes, pet, I'm here for you."

She motioned for Jasper to find Alice off to the right about twenty feet away.

"Where are we?" Emmett asked with his blindfold secured in place.

"In a safe place." She circled around him, dragging her index finger over his chest, his shoulders and back. "A place where I can devour you. A place you've been dying to have me."

He gasped. "Are you serious, Mistress?"

"Oh, I am, but you might be thinking you get to decide how this is done. I know it's your fantasy, but I'll show you how it's supposed to go. Now . . ." She stroked his forming erection through his jeans. "Drop. You're going to crawl."


"Is there a reason you're questioning me?"

"N-no, Mistress. I'll do whatever you think is best." He stretched his arms out, she took his hands and lowered him down to the dirt. Before he bent over onto all fours, she pulled out his work gloves and put them on him, followed by velcro cuffs on his wrists.

He was panting already. "God, Rosie, this is amazing. I can't believe you're doing this for me."

"For me. It's all about what I need," she reminded.

"And you need me, Mistress. I know you do," he breathed.

"No more talk, or I'll gag you, and I brought duct tape, pet." She placed a collar around his neck and hooked a leash to the D ring.

His chest was rising and falling rapidly, his breaths rushing out of him as his lips parted.

"Follow," she said, tugging on the leash.

"Anywhere," he replied, out of breath.

Slowly, she strung him along, making sure there was nothing dangerous in his path.

It was only a few feet away, but she took a leisurely pace so he could burn with anticipation, and she could enjoy every morsel of his excitement.

"Up, my beautiful man," she said, stroking her fingers through his hair once he was where she needed him to be.

He kept his head bent down, even though he was still blindfolded. "Yes, Mistress." His tone was so respectful, so docile, it had her gripping the leash hard, but she was careful not to pull on it. Her pussy throbbed for him.

"Mistress, would you describe to me what you're wearing?" he whispered, his voice breaking a little. "Please?"

"Why don't you tell me what you imagine I wore for you as I get you situated? Hmm . . . ?" She guided him up against the metal scaffolding.

His breath caught several times, and when she rubbed the instep of her work boot on his jeans, he grunted.

"Oh, God . . . Yes, Mistress . . . Yessss." His hands bunched and flexed. "Please . . . I love you, and I love this scene already."

"Such a good pet. In need of reward." She stretched one arm out to the side, but not too far out in case she had to break him free in a hurry. The velcro cuffs made a loud startling noise, making him jump, but then he grinned. She secured both his wrists, and then she unbuttoned his shirt with painstaking slow movements. Her breath fanned out across his chest. "What do you think I'm wearing? Hmm . . . ? I wanna hear it."

"Pencil skirt—black. White silk blouse, tight enough that if you lean over, it puckers between the buttons and I can see a hint of your luscious breasts. White lacy bra and matching thong, with accompanying garter belt, and oh fuck . . . Tell me, Mistress . . . You're wearing my boots? And my hardhat?"

"Very good, only I wore my own hat. Yours doesn't fit. The boots are a bit large as well, but for you, I wore them." She licked from the hollow of his throat, straight up his Adam's apple and over to his dimple in his cheek. Her breasts rubbed into his chest and he bit his bottom lip, his face scrunching up. "How have you imagined taking me on your work site? Me wrapping my legs around the metal bars and fucking you as I bounce up and down on your shaft? Or maybe you imagined me standing in front of you, hiking up my skirt from behind and leaning over as you take me from behind?"

He exhaled in slow, measured waves. "Christ . . . Rosie . . . I don't . . . Whatever Mistress wants. Anything you like."

"What about fucking me in the ass? We've never done that before, and my pet has been so delicious lately—helping me land that monstrous account, and his monstrous cock should be praised for it. Maybe I'll give you head first, and then I'll milk your prostate and give you any hole you want."

"May I taste you, Mistress? Please?" he whimpered, his head lolling to the right.

She reached up under her skirt, slipped her finger in the side of her thong and slicked up her finger then painted his philtrum and top lip with it so he could smell and taste it.

"Does that help you decide?" She leaned in, wet his lobe and nipped at the sensitive spot beneath his ear. "If not, I'm more than happy to take the decision from you."

"Oh, fuck, Rosie . . . Just take my cock out and handle it, please? Mistress, I . . . You have no idea how much I want you right now."

"I think I'm getting the idea," she said, unzipping him at a mind-numbing sluggish pace.

She raised her hand in the air, her signal to her helpers, and they began catcalling exactly the way heinous, crude construction workers would.

Emmett grinned and thrust his hips up.

"Who's watching, Mistress?"

"That's for me to know, but you can decide exactly how much skin on your Mistress they see," she cooed and stroked his cock before releasing it.

"What about me? Do I decide how much of me they see?"

She tipped her head back and chuckled. "No, you don't because I know you don't give a fuck if everyone and anyone sees your dick. You're proud of this piece of equipment, and I don't blame you." She pushed the fly open wider, pushed his jeans down to the bottom of his hips and let him hang out freely.

She maneuvered her way down to her knees, pulled out one of her goodies from her bag and then she lubricated it up with her tongue.

Emmett was bent over as far as he could go as if to try and see what she was doing.

Once it was slick enough, she placed the metal cockring on him and moved it to the base.

The coolness of the metal made his dick jerk.


He nodded and whimpered once more.

"I can fix that," she said and then she sucked his cock into her mouth and pulled him deep.

He pulled at his cuffs, but not hard enough to break free.

There was more hooting and hollering behind them, and it made him moan louder.

She licked the cockring, sucked at the base of his shaft and then grabbed his ass.

The second she gripped his cheeks, he grunted and pre-come dribbled out.

"For me . . ." She flattened her tongue and absorbed him onto it.

"I know what I want, Mistress. May I tell you?" he gritted.

"You may," she said, looking at his agonized face, twisting into a pleasured grimace. She pumped him in her fist. "Tell me exactly what you want, in detail."

"I want to fuck you through the scaffolding."

Her lips twitched up into a slanted grin. "How naughty of you—a construction scene turned into a pseudo prison scene with bars as a barrier?"

"Y-y-yesssss," he breathed, "I'm naughty, Mistress—soooo bad for you."

She pinched his sack, he gasped and she raised herself up to standing, using his thighs for leverage.

"Will you allow it, Mistress?" he said, choking on his words.

"I'll do whatever you like, pet, as long as you scream for me when you come—promise me you will, and I'll make sure you have the orgasm of a lifetime," she said.

He nodded and swallowed hard.

"Fabulous." She leaned over, grabbed the bag, pulled out a plug and the lube. After she had it greased up, she moved behind him, and through the framework, she played with his asshole, smothering his back with her breasts.

"You smell so good, Emmett. Have I ever told you this is what a man should smell like? A man that turns me on so much, I have to keep my hands busy so I'm not touching my pussy all the time, getting myself off. A touch of clean citrus scent and musk with a hint of animalistic woodsiness. Add the aroma of sex on top of it, and I'm high off you." She inhaled deeply at the back of his neck. In the next breath, she wiggled the plug into his anus.

His head hung forward and his breathing increased.

She shined the light from her helmet on his ass, and his cheeks were clenched tight. "Is it too big?"

"It's perfect," he responded. "I just need a moment to absorb what we're doing . . ."

"Okay, I'll give you a breather while I prepare for the next part. How about I free your wrists and turn you around so I can take you through the bars?"

"Mmhmm," he said, his mouth in a tight line, his jaw clamped shut.

"Listen to me . . . Breathe . . . Deep, slow breaths." She stroked his chest and leaned into him. "I know it's a lot to take in, but I'm here. I'm listening to you and watching out for you. I know what you need, and I want to give this to you. Can you keep going if I give you a minute?"

"Mmm . . ." He whimpered a tense moan.

"Emmett . . . If you don't give me a deep breath, mouth opened, I'll end this right now . . ."

His bottom jaw fell open and he exhaled with a shaky shrill sound.

She waved for Edward and Jasper.

They came forward quickly and silently.

She pointed for them to leave the premises completely. They didn't need an audience anymore.

They nodded and took off before she could change her mind.

"Em, it's just you and me. They're gone. What do you need?"

"You, Mistress. Just you. Kiss me," he said, swallowing.

She cupped under his chin, giving him support and with as much tenderness as she could muster, she pressed her lips into his.

"Mmmmnnnnnuuugh," he groaned, and then tears slipped out from under his blindfold.

She removed it.

"Make me come, pet. Look at me as I take your cock inside me," she said.

His eyes opened, and though the light was low, they were bright and filled with so much emotion, she got choked up. "Beautiful—stunning man. I love you."

"I love you, too."

She got him turned around, pulled his hands through the metal scaffolding, and instead of cuffing him to the bars, she cuffed his wrists together, behind her waist.

"We're gonna take it slow," she told him. She climbed up the bars, feeling akin to a monkey in heat, and wrapped her legs around the frame. "Fuck me, pet. Fuck me the way you want to, and if I want something different, I'll tell you."

"Gaaaawd, Rosie, I . . . You're doing this for me . . . And I . . . I want to . . . Fuuuuck!" He pushed his hips forward, and though he'd never get in there very deep with bars creating a gap between them, it still felt wonderful.

"Yes, my sexy pet, just like a fucking criminal, make me come," she cooed.

He gripped her hard behind her back, and there was nothing slow or polite about the way he fucked her. The way he made these maddening throaty, strangled sounds and the way he rattled the cage around her, had her mewling.

"How bad do you want me to gush on your cock? Bad enough you'll let me do this?" She pulled her ass back so he couldn't reach her with his dick.

"Please . . . No! Nooooo, Mistress!" He tried to use his hands to bring her back, but her legs were strong enough and he was at an awkward angle, he couldn't do anything about it.

She was prepared. With a wicked glint in her eyes, she pulled another trick out of her sleeve, only this one was in her bra.

She took out a stretchy cockring with a vibrating bullet, and put it on above the metal cockring in place. Perfect. This one should be able to reach her clit since it needed to be further up his shaft since the bars kept some space between them.

She turned it on and then moved her cunt back into reach.

"Oh, thank God." He slammed into her as far as he could go, and the vibrator grazed the tip of her clit.

"It won't take me long . . . I'm so wet for you—I'm ready to come." She pursed her lips through the bars.

He growled and nipped at her lips, clawed at her lower back and his throat bobbed. Any second, he was going to lose it.

"They can still see us, pet. I didn't tell them to go. They're watching you fuck me like an animal where you used to work, and the security cameras are seeing this. Tomorrow, all your old work colleagues will know you were inside me, that you made me come all over your hard dick, and that you screamed my name like a little girl."

"Aaaaaghhhhahhh!" he groaned and his hips hit the bars, making a clanking sound.

"You like that, don't you? Knowing they're seeing your giant cock slipping inside my tight cunt. Knowing they can see what a kinky fucker you are as you let me bind you to this scaffolding. They know you're mine—my pet I do with as I please. They saw me plug your ass, and right now, it's moving inside you, while you're inside me. It's what you've dreamed of since the moment you first saw me and touched my ass. You dreamed of being chained and out of your mind where all could see how much you love being controlled and your cock taken."

"Ohhhhh God! Mistress!" His head fell back, he licked his lips and his shoulders bunched and corded as his hands dug into the small of her back. "Please."

"Like a goddamn animal—a prisoner. My prisoner I'm punishing by fucking through these bars, and never letting him get balls deep. That's what my pet deserves for fantasizing about such dark, dirty things." She reached through with her right hand and right as that dick plunged inside one more time, she yanked that butt plug out, and he convulsed on the spot.

"Rosiiiiiieeeee! Fuuuuuuck! My God!" He spun into a racking orgasm, his legs bucking into the bars as he spasmed.

All at once, a searing heat flew through her veins, powered through her belly and overwhelmed her pussy. It contracted violently and she flew apart, gripping onto him with her free hand through the bars.

"Oh my God, oh God, oh fuuuuucking God," she chanted, breathless as her entire body clenched then released in rhythmic episodes.

"Yessss, Mistress . . ." he said, voice low and soft.

They hung limp through the bars and they both chuckled.

"Let's do that for our honeymoon," he suggested.

"Let's worry about getting you home and unwinding before we plan out how bad we'll be after we say, 'I do,'" she said.

"Uuuuhhhuhhh," he inhaled and exhaled in long sweeping breaths. "Anything you say."

"And this is why I'm addicted to you." She kissed him through the bars, released him and pulled her jellied legs off the bars. They both stumbled their way back to her car.

Thank God she was able to finally show him how much he meant to her. And she'd do her damnedest to show him as often as possible. He deserved it—her beautiful pet.


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