A/N: Probably the sappiest thing I have ever written, but I wanted to add to my favorite couple's collection of fics. Hope you enjoy! :)

Chakotay did not know when he had fallen for her. He did not know when she had become the world to him. He did not know when he first realized that he did not want to live in a world without her.

He had lovers before, but now he realized that he had never been in love, till her. The woman with the eyes the color of an on coming storm, and a temper to match. Hair a simple brown, but truly the most amazing color he had ever seen.

And he couldn't ask himself, "why her?". He knew why. It was her very essence and soul. Her determination to get her crew, now her family, home. Her compassion for everything, from a Maquis terrorist, to an ex-borg drone, to a race of strangers that she had never met. Her smile. Her strength, gathered in that petite frame. Her intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom. Her.

He loved her. His captain. His savior. His friend. His Kathryn.

And he couldn't tell her any of this, couldn't wrap his arms around her and hold her forever. At least not yet. She had decided to be Captain, friend even, but she did not feel able to be lover. But that was okay.

Because he would wait forever to even tell her he loved her just once.