Title: Gradual Twists
Rating: M to NC-17
Summary: John Watson had always known that Sherlock Holmes was anything but predictable; a quality that John had become used to since meeting the taller boy on their first day at St Barts. But nothing was going to prepare him for the twist that their relationship was about to take.
Genre: General, Romance, PWP, AU
Relationship: Pre-slash to slash John/Sherlock
Chapter Length: 221 words
Status: Part 30 of 30


The bookshelf dug into John's back as Sherlock thrusted into him bringing him to climax. His dress shirt was the only thing that he was left wearing, everything else littered the floor of the living room. Sherlock gave one final thrust as he climax, pressing his head into the nape of John's neck and breathing him in.

It was supposed to be slow, or that was how Sherlock had planned it. A final goodbye to the man he loved before he was deployed to Afghanistan to start work as an official army doctor.

Four years of marriage, two more before that as a couple and the longest they had been a part was for those two months over Sherlock's birthday. Sherlock had hoped that this wouldn't happen, that maybe they might send John to a Military hospital in the UK, but they decided that he was needed in the field because he was that damn good.

They spent the night making love and by three that morning Sherlock was tired enough to sleep. He awoke to John kissing him; telling him how much he loved him; telling him that he had left his wedding ring on Sherlock's bedside table so Sherlock knew that John would be back for it.

Then he left, leaving Sherlock to hope that John would come back.

The End


A/N: And that is it my lovely readers. The end of the line for this particular piece of work; not exactly a happy ending but it's an ending. I want to thank everyone that read and commented or reviewed; you're all so lovely and I hope to see you reading my future fanfics.

Now that I'm finished I'm considering, maybe, possibly, writing a sequel. If anyone can give me 30 words that start with B, I might look into writing the next chapter of this series in the New Year.

In regards to my writing, I'm currently in the middle of writing a longer chaptered AU Sherlock fic but it won't be up until after Christmas. I'm still in the planning stages with it – I've got the general idea but at the most it won't be posted until Mid-January. Keep an eye on my Tumblr for updates regarding the new fic and everything else fiction related.

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