Arnold shifted his eyes from the running water of the water fountain, the ledge of which he was now sitting on beside a gorgeous girl, and up to quickly look at her beautiful blue eyes again. Midnight had passed not so long ago, and after hours of talking on the lounge inside, she had suggested moving somewhere quieter. Somewhere quieter with him, to talk to him more, he could hardly believe she was still here with him.

Actually, he cursed time for continuing to pass them by, because the later in the night it became, the closer he was to having to say goodbye and whatever he had right now, whoever she was, this was absolute perfection. She wasn't just her looks, she was intelligent and easy to talk to, he didn't think he had ever met anybody quite like her.

"I prefer something a little more gutsy than that." she laughed a little, in response to his latest remark regarding movies, "Evil Twin is where it's at."

Arnold laughed back, smiling at her, "I don't think I've ever met a girl who loves Evil Twin, maybe just a few who tolerate it."

"Oh, well, my tastes vary." she added with a little sparkle in her eye, "I also enjoy watching The Notebook and crying into my pillow."

"Horror movies and love stories?" he responded, raising an eyebrow, "You must have a split personality."

The girl sighed a little, shifting in her place beside the fountain and gazing up toward the skies, "You'd be surprised." she said softly.

Arnold frowned, she was very cryptic, he'd noticed it all throughout their talk, like she was hiding more than just her face behind a mask, but pieces of her personality behind, well, who knew what.

Figuring better than to question her statement, Arnold stuck to the movie topic, "So, what attracts you both gory murder movies and shameless romance flicks?" he inquired.

"Power, I guess, I like things that are powerful. Killing people is obviously powerful, because well, you're taking their life from them." she said thoughtfully, rolling a ringlet of her curly hair between her fingers, "Love is powerful too, it's only an emotion, but it's stronger than any of us."

"I never thought of it like that." Arnold responded, he'd have to ponder that further at later date, it was a deep thought.

"Once you find love, you just can't let it go. No matter how hard you try." she continued, glancing down at her costume and running a finger over the edge of her dress, "Makes you do some pretty crazy stuff."

Arnold took a deep breath, and mentally prepared himself for the move he was about to make, lifting his hand and placing it gently over hers. She froze momentarily, her eyes flicking up to meet his, uncertainty shining through for a brief moment. He felt his heart rate increase as they become closer, he felt nervous, was she moving toward him or was he imagining it?

She was so close he could see the small specks of pale green between the blue of her eyes, the soft pale skin of her cheeks beneath the mask and the glittery pink shimmer of her lips, the lips that were so close to his. Arnold wasn't entirely sure if he was even breathing anymore, when he felt the soft touch of her lips on his, brushing lightly against each other. She pushed closer, and he felt a tingle surge through his entire body, her kisses were like electricity.

She pulled away first, startling him a little as she gently stroked his cheek.

"You never told me your name." he tried to say, but it came out almost as a whisper.

She shifted away from him slightly, moving to look up at the sky once more, "That's because I can't." she said, her lips forming a sad smile.

Arnold frowned, "What if I never see you again?"

She laughed a little, "Oh, you will." she promised.

He wanted to ask more, he wanted to push her for her name, but he knew he couldn't, he knew it wouldn't be right. Moments later the double doors leading out to the fountain creaked open and in the doorway appeared the figure of a petite girl, also dressed as a fairy.

"Um, I was just... looking for a friend..." the girl said slowly, eyeing down the girl sitting next to Arnold.

Noticing a particular bracelet, namely one Gerald had dragged him through multiple shops over many tedious hours to find, Arnold raised an eyebrow and asked, "Phoebe, is that you?"

"Yes, Arnold." she confirmed, sounding slightly nervous, "I was just... um, looking for Helga."

Arnold was a little shocked, he hadn't even realised Helga was here, she didn't often attend Rhonda's parties, "Oh, I haven't seen her Phoebe." he informed her, a little sadly, he truly wished she would stop avoiding him.

"That's alright Arnold." Phoebe assured him, "I just thought I'd check out here for her, but it's very clear she is... not... out here, so bye."

Phoebe rushed off, with incredible haste, back through the doors and presumably down to the ballroom to check for Helga once more. Arnold sighed; he almost wanted to go with her.

"I should go find my friends, too." the mystery girl spoke up.

Arnold turned to face her, "Please tell me who you are?" he asked, just one last time, as she stood and moved toward the doors.

Slowly, the girl shook her head, "Sorry." she said softly, returning for one quick moment to press a kiss to his cheek, "Goodnight."

With that, she hurried through the doors and was gone.