This is just a fic that I dreamed up. In "A Servant of Two Masters" Morgana had Merlin all alone in her hovel in the woods with no one around and she sent him after Arthur of all things. If I had Merlin all alone in a hut with no one around to hear him scream I would have done so many more naughty things with him. The head of the Fomori will make the person completely and utterly lose themselves and follow one command. They won't rest until it is fulfilled. Enjoy!

I do not own Merlin…I just borrow them inside my brain!

"Fomori are creatures of dark magic, even if you cut off their heads you cannot kill them." Morgana turned her head to look at Merlin. "Another will just grow in its place." She began walking towards him. "In the days of the Old Religion they were revered by the High Priestesses as they allowed them to control people's minds." Every second she came ever closer to Merlin, hanging by his hands. She stopped in front of him. "Fomori will suck the life force out of you. Everything that makes you Merlin will be gone," her eyes gleamed, "And in its place there will be one thought, one thought that will grow until it's consumed you completely."

She began to walk around him and stopped at his back then whispered, "One thought that will be your life's work. You won't be able to rest until it's done. And that one thought is simple. You must pleasure me. Utterly and entirely." She thrust the Fomori head into his neck, holding him still as he thrashed, her eyes watching his every move as he cried out. He settled down unconscious as the Fomori head settled into the back of his neck.

Morgana was unsure of what to do next. She had planned this flawlessly and after she was done with him, she would send him on another mission to kill Arthur. Her hands wandered down his back. It seemed ages ago that she was staring at him in Camelot. Until he poisoned her, she would have done anything for him, Arthur and Gwen. She took her hands away and clenched her fists. This was his entire fault. His and Uther's...and Arthurs. While she wasn't a virgin, the only encounter had been between herself and Arthur, who unbeknownst to her was her brother. It was a rushed and hurried affair and hadn't lived up to her expectations that were communicated to her from other ladies. She had tried seeking her own pleasure a few times, but she was always afraid she would be caught doing such scandalous things, even for herself. Now she was powerful and a woman and she would have the man she had wanted for a long time, even if it was a lie. Perhaps she would find peace from her loss and fear and hate if only for a few minutes.

For the most part she was unsure of when her captive would awaken and what he would do when he awoke. She felt nervous and paced a few steps around him. Maybe she would free his hands. He would have to please her. He would be unable to hurt her and if he did she would stop him. Her hands smoothed down her dress and hair. This was making her feel increasingly vulnerable and she hated it. She reached up to undo the ties to his hands, not paying attention to Merlin, whose eyes were beginning to blink open. As soon as she released his hands he moved like lightning and pushed her against the wall of her home. His gaze was intense as he stared at her. Morgana's heart began to beat faster, not from fear, but excitement. The fact that he was in control of her was arousing. One hand was at her waist and the other behind her head, buried in her hair.

"Morgana." His whisper was thick and made her knees weak. His head bent down and his lips touched her neck. She gave a quiet sigh as he began to kiss up and down her neck, nipping and sucking as he went, his eyes hooded and dark. His hand on her waist was beginning to travel up and down her side, stroking and soothing, ever closer to her breasts. A strange heat was beginning to pool in her lower belly, the breaths at her neck warming her and making her shiver. He reached a spot behind her ear that made her gasp and clench her thighs. Merlin gave a dark chuckle and began to attack that spot in earnest, biting and sucking.

Morgana's hips began to shift of their own accord, unconsciously trying to relieve the tension building between her thighs. As if sensing her movement he moved closer and nudged her knees apart, while still holding her against the wall. She felt something thick and hard at her belly and was impressed upon by the size of it. The hand at her side began to stroke the underside of her breast, making her whimper and buck again. He growled then lifted her up against the wall, setting her core against his thickness; even through the clothes she could feel the pressure of his manhood. And instead of cooling the fires to give her some relief it only made her burn hotter as she writhed against him. He groaned against her neck and bucked back against her. Her sharp cry startled her as much as it aroused her partner. His dark chuckle was her only warning as he pulled her legs up and began to thrust against her.

"Merlin!" she cried out. The place between her legs throbbed and beat with her heart, a heady thick liquid feeling started. It felt like heaven between them and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his buttocks. His hands grasped her hips and the new position opened her even more to him, intensifying her pleasure. The wall of her home thudded underneath them. The feeling between her legs began to grow and spin her tighter and tighter, her cries grew louder and louder, thrumming pleasure between them there was.

"Come for me, Morgana." He growled against her ear. A few strokes later and she came undone, her climax crashing into her. Her core began to spasm against him, her nails dug into his shoulders, she threw her head back and screamed, eyes flashing gold as a vase shattered. Neither of the pair noticed as Merlin was on too enthralled with Morgana, his eyes dark as he kept going, watching the ethereal pale beauty against him. Her head was thrown back, the column of her neck graceful, her hair lustrous and curled. Her eyes were closed and lips parted and blood red. She was the most magnificent sight he had ever seen.

Every stroke kept the orgasm going, liquid pleasure beat through her, dampening through her undergarments and leaving her soaking, still convulsing and writhing beneath him, crying out in little breaths. Her body was quivering, out of control, she couldn't think, wish, there was only him and her. His thrusts slowed, breathing harsh and fast. She began to come down from her high, going limp in his arms. She was panting, mewling, and grasping at him, saying his name like a prayer, "Merlin." Her core was still sensitive as he moved his hips again. She buried her head against his neck and clenched onto him again. "Please."

"Please what, Morgana?"

"I don't know." She slurred out.

"You didn't think we were done did you?"

She blinked and raised her head, "What?" She whispered.

"Oh no. Not even close. You can still move."

She couldn't stop her core from clenching again and the moan that erupted from her mouth. His dark chuckle surprised her as he pulled back from the wall with her in his arms and headed for the bed.

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