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First Time Seeing Him Drunk

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I looked at my bedroom door. It is closed and locked. I can smell the alcohol on Ja'fars breath, cheeks flushed, and eyes glazed over. Ja'far can sometimes be a bit scary and very serious. For example his seriousness in wanting to kill Judal.

"Masrur, You are a good listener." Ja'far comments and his arms still around my shoulders. "You are so hard, Masrur."

Ja'far wiggles a little on my lap, my cheeks burning, and he giggles. It is difficult to keep a calm expression.

"You are hard and muscular while I'm soft and not that muscular at all. Your shoulders are strong." Ja'far stated in a far-off voice and moves his hands from my shoulders to my chest area.

"Your chest is really muscular." Ja'far commented while running his hand up and down. His hands are soft and delicate, but yet firm. I felt his hand traveling downwards. Is he going to touch me there? No he is just touching my stomach. "You have abs and stuff. You are really amazing, Masrur."

His bare shoulders are showing. His outfit seems to be slipping. It has been unbuttoned and I can see his pale shoulders. Ja'far giggles, he starts to strip, and now he is bare all the way to his hips.

"See I have no abs." Ja'far informs me and I notice his nipples are hard. He feel cold. Ja'far hugs me, his breath on my neck, and my body feels hotter. Ja'fars body is a bit cold, but I do not mind. "You are so warm, Masrur. I hope you are not catching a cold."

"Ja'far, You should cover yourself up." I told him. It is harder to resist when he is half-way undressed and...

"Mmm...I feel warmer this way, Masrur." Ja'far moaned, his half-lidded eyes looking into mine, and I gently pat his shoulder.

"Okay." I said in a low voice and Ja'far smiles at me.

"Thank you." Ja'far commented before rolling over on my bed. "Can I sleep with you, Masrur? I don't feel like going to my bed. The floor is cold and the world is spinning."

I look at him. His hair is disarrayed, those pleading eyes looking into mine, lips parted in a plea, everything expect from the hip down is exposed, and his nipples are cold. I closed my eyes and forced myself to remain cool calm collect.

"Okay." I told him and he smiled brightly at me. "You can sleep with me, Ja'far."

Ja'far pulls a blanket up, snuggles up against my chest, and covers us with the blanket.

"I feel much warmer." Ja'far comments and his arms are around my upper chest. "You are hot, Masrur. So warm."

I moved my arms into a comfortable position which is behind Ja'fars back.

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