Note: The following story may include spoilers about Okami and Okamiden, the games this fanfiction is based off of. If you don't want spoilers, I suggest you don't read. However, most of the spoilers involve stuff close to the end of the game.

Chapter 1: Hikari's past

Hikari sat in his chair, in his cottage on the coast of Ryoshima. Hikari was 50 years old, and was always thinking of the past. He stared off into space, as if waiting for something to happen. "I remember, I promised I would tell my stories..." He said. "I would tell them to the world. Yes, I had promised that." He stood up, walked to his desk, and prepared to write. "Hmm... Where should I start...? Of course, the journals!" He pulled out dozens of dusty old books, and began to read one title "ONE".

"Travel log, part 1-Log of my travels, Part 1- After leaving Mutt, and my closest thing to family behind, I have started to wander Nippon. Something Akuro said... I still can't get it off my mind... I am the perfect vessel of light? Yes, he had said that. And why could I wear Nagi's armor? Who am I? All these questions will be answered soon. Or at least I hope so. Taka Pass is close, and I plan to investigate the Gale Shrine. -Kuni"

Hikari leaned back and sighed. "I remember when I was Kuni..." He began to drift off into a dream, a dream that began 40 years ago, when he had left on his adventure to find himself. Out on Taka Pass, and it almost felt real... As if each diary was being put together into a movie...

Kuni had been to the Gale Shrine, but had found no hope in finding who he was. "URG..." He moaned. "My feet hurt! And man... I miss Mutt..." The sun was setting. Kuni sighed and rolled out his sleeping bag. "Better luck tomorrow. I need some sleep!" He curled up and stared at the stars. He saw something flicker in the sky. And it was coming for him, no crashing towards him!

Kuni ran like the wind and looked up. The sky was blazed in Jets of Water, Uproars of fire, Fire, Clouds of pure Darkness, Blinding Light, Poison gas, Electric Sparks, Fierce Winds, and falling debris! BOOM! The crashing object slammed against the ground in a small explosion.

Kuni hesitated, and walked forward to examine the object. It was shaped like a UFO, but built like any moon tribe machine. He realized what was happening in the sky. "Orochi's attacking the Celestial Plain!" He screamed in horror. But out of the rubble came a big paw, a small paw, and a small green light.