Chapter 2: The Pups and the Plain, both falling

"Mutt!" Kuni yelled, pulling the paw with all his might. Suddenly, the rubble fell to pieces, and Chibiterasu, Amaterasu, Issun, and Waka stood there. Blood was scattered on various parts of their bodies. "Mutt! Are you okay!?" Kuni ran towards him, but Waka blocked his path. "Kurow!?" Screamed Kuni. "What are you doing!? How are you alive!?" Waka chuckled. "Moi? My name is Waka, Kurow told you about me, did he not?"

Kuni nodded, and Waka continued. "Chibiterasu and Amaterasu are still resting, and need no disturbance. The little bug, Issun, took quite a beating. He might be dead." Kuni stood there silently, watching the Celestial Plain crumble to small bits. Kuni was filled with sudden curiosity, and asked, "If Akuro and Yami have been destroyed... Who is using Orochi?" Waka shrugged. "We have no idea..."

"Travel Log Part 2- Mutt, Amaterasu, Issun, and a mysterious prophet named Waka have crashed in Taka Pass in a moon tribe vehicle. The cause? Orochi has began an assault on the Celestial Plain, the home of the gods and goddesses. I can feel an adventure brewing, with me and mutt together again. -Kuni"

Amaterasu opened her eyes and nudged Chibi. "What happened?" She thought, cleaning her crimson-stained fur. "Orochi attacked the Celestial Plain... He nearly killed me, Waka, Chibi, and might have already killed Issun. But how? Orochi was defeated! Akuro was defeated! Yami was defeated!" She sighed and saw Waka talking to Kuni. Chibiterasu stirred and began to wake up. Amaterasu chewed a holy bone as Chibi stood up with a limp. Chibi and Ammy looked up at the plain. It was slowly falling down to Nippon! If it landed... Everything would be crushed!

Chibi was fully awake, and panicking. Ammy comforted him, and filled him in. When Chibiterasu saw Kuni, his spirit was lifted. His partner was here! "Kuni!" Chibi barked. "Mutt!" A single moment of happiness was shared, but this was life or death. No time for a celebration.