Young was used to watching and guarding over her, even in the safety of their room. At night he would wake up, sit up in bed and watch her sleep. He never seized to be amazed at having her next to him. This person from heaven, High Doctor was his woman. He was not sure how to stretch out time, make each minute last an hour, and hour - a day, a day - eternity.

Choi Young was not the kind who prayed or believed in the kindness of Buddha. It was not because he was against it on principle or was rebellious. He saw too many deaths, too much suffering and injustice that he knew better to rely on ephemeral powers. The mere fact that the one woman in the universe, who finally made him want to live, was the one that did not even belong in his world, this fact alone showed that human life was nothing, but a joke. There was no logic or fate. Yet, he found himself praying every night like clockwork. He would look up toward the stars, directing his prayer to something more powerful out there, something that created and opened up a Heaven's door for her to enter his world and safe his soul.

He would always offer the same silent prayer:

This is me. Choi Young, general of Woodalchi, here in Goryeo.
I hope that you can hear me.
I put aside my pride and humbly request to save this woman, Yoo Eun Soo from a certain death by poisoning.
I do not ask this for myself, despite harboring a selfish desire to be next to her.
I ask for her, as I believe prayers are answered first from those who beg for others.
I ask for her to be well and not die an untimely death.
I do not bring any material offerings or sacrifices, as I believe they are created to appease men, not you.
I instead will give my solemn vow to be a better man for her.
I am willing to accept any consequences in the future, if her being alive leads to such.
Please, accept my sincere heart.

He would kneel, bowing his proud head readily and then return to bed. There, he would hold her close, hugging her from the back. He would wrap his body around her like a warm blanket, giving her the heat, emanating from within. He would feel her gentle warmth in return, and thank the powers again, in gratitude, because this person's back stayed warm. Laying like this, he was restricted in his affection, only able to caress her hair, gently kissing her shoulders and whispering sweet words into her ear. He believed not once he woke her up.