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"Liv its nothing." Elliot said trying to pull away from Olivia

"Will you please hold steady" She said trying her best to clean the cut above his left eye.

"What happened to him?" Alex asked walking in and seeing her wife trying to clean a cut on Elliot's face

"Technical term punched by a chick." Fin said enjoying the scene before him a little too much.

"Ha ha" Elliot said looking over Olivia's shoulder wanting to wipe that smirk off of Fin's face "Wait till I get a confession out of her."

"All done." Olivia said trying her hardest not to laugh as well.

"Hold on a suspect assaults a police officer and charges get filed." Alex stated

"I'm fine." Elliot said getting up and walking away.

"Would you be saying that if it was a two hundred pound man who slugged you?" Alex asked with a knowing smile on her face.

"Well the next time one does I'll let you know." He said as he left the squad room with Olivia right behind him.

Alex was leaning against his desk when he walked back in.

"That was quick she didn't punch you again did she?"

"Well you know some women don't want to talk man to man."

"Stabler" Babs Duffy said entering the room

"I wish she refused to talk to me." He said pointing at Duffy.

"Look you pig headed son of a bitch you can't drag an innocent…"Duffy was saying till she saw Alex standing there and stopped her ranting.

"Hi, Babs Duffy" She said with a whole new tone in her voice and extending her hand.

"Alex Cabot." Alex answered shaking her hand before starting to leave "I'll leave you two alone."

"You don't have to."

"No you want to say something" Elliot answered as he guided her away from his partner's wife knowing the look she had on her face when she looked at Alex. "Let's do it in the box."

Alex turned around and stopped in her tracks when she saw Liv standing in the door way. The look of jealousy was written all over her face. As much as it should infuriate her that Liv had that look it honestly turned her on. There had been a few times in their relationship she had ever seen that look. Even though they both knew neither would ever do anything to jeopardize what they had it was nice to know the other was jealous from time to time. It added spice to their relationship.

"Feeling threatened detective?" Alex asked as she sauntered up to Olivia adding a little extra sway in her hips as she got closer.

Olivia swallowed hard seeing the look in Alex's eyes. As much as she had tried to hide the look of jealousy on her face when she saw Babs flirting with Alex she couldn't. At that moment it took all she had not to walk up and cold cock the bitch that had been tormenting them all day. She was silently thanking Elliot when he moved her away from Alex and out of the room.

"She was flirting with you." Olivia said stating the obvious through clenched teeth.

"That she was detective." Alex said as she patted her arm and leaned in close "Maybe I wanted to take her up on the unspoken offer."

Alex pulled back and looked into Olivia's eyes. She knew she hit a cord and would pay for it later but hell she loved to tease Olivia. She gave Olivia a knowing smile as she continued on out of the precinct.

Olivia stood glued to where she was. Not believing her ears. Alex wanted to take her up on it. Oh she would so pay for that later. She wasn't sure how but she would. And the answer to that question came the next day when they arrest the perp and Elliot was questioning him.

"Why isn't he nailing him?" Alex asked frustrated. Olivia hadn't come home last night because she was stuck working the case and Alex was hoping she would come home and make her pay for her comment. Instead she had received a text stating that she was having to pull guard duty on Babs.

That text alone had infuriated her beyond belief. It wasn't that she didn't trust Olivia. Because she did, she knew with her heart, body, and soul that Olivia was hers and she was Olivia's. They were soul mates. But the thought that Babs was making moves on her wife was sending her over the edge. That was a new feeling to her and one she truly didn't understand.

It wouldn't be the first time a woman would have made a pass at Olivia. Hell women did it all the time. Alex wished she could count on one hand how many times that occurred but she couldn't. Olivia's response was always the same. Thank you very much ma'am I'm flattered but I'm married. There were a few that would say they didn't care and it could be their secret. Olivia would smile at them and again tell them thank you but that she would know and nothing on this earth was worth her losing the most important thing to her. Later that night they would laugh about the incident but this time it was different and she couldn't put her finger on why.

"Elliot is just getting started." Olivia answered not taking her eyes off her partner. She knew that if she looked at Alex she would cave and answer her unspoken questions that her eyes held. Truthfully there was a part of her that was beyond pissed that Alex even remotely thought or considered that she would be unfaithful. She had never once given her a reason to question her faithfulness and after being together for eight years married for five she sure as hell wasn't going to start now.

"With no DNA or victim ID I need Whatley spilling his guts on Elliot's shoes and we are a hell of a long way from that happening." Alex said pacing the room while silently questioning Olivia "Why didn't you come home last night? Where were you and what were you doing?"

"I have an idea that just might speed up the process." Olivia said taking a look at Alex and looking into those crystal blue eyes that stole her heart the second she walked into the precinct nine years before as well as answering some unspoken questions. "You knew I was working and how dare you question my faithfulness to you."

As she walked into the room she realized the perfect way to get her back. Alex had once told her after a night of making love that she loved how she took charge in an interrogation room. That it was a huge turn on to watch her dominate the suspect. Alex liked to watch her being dominate she was going to get it. Oh revenge was going to be so sweet.