Olivia groaned as the elevator seemed to be moving extra slow today. She was suppose to have been home over twenty minutes ago getting ready for their date night. Of course as luck would have it they had caught the perp and for a guy who looked and acted like he was ready to sing for all to hear he took his time. What both her and Elliot thought would be a five minute confession turned into an almost two hour interrogation session.

She leaned back against the elevator and thought about the last eight months. So much had changed since that night they both had thought they had lost it all. The whole date night theory only lasted a little over a month when they snagged a case that had affected Alex like no other.

A woman had been raped in a stairwell only to be rescued by an unknown hero. Turned out that hero was an illegal immigrant that had been raped repeatedly in the Congo as a means of control. The accused tried to have her deported which was when they discovered that rape was not grounds for asylum in the US. As the case progressed Alex felt it was her calling to work for what was called The International Criminal Court or the ICC. Olivia who had always been determined not to hold her back in any way shape or form supported her one hundred and fifty percent.

The downfall of her working with the ICC was that she had to spend the first four months in the Congo. Olivia was none too thrilled over that fact. She hated the thought of her wife in a war torn country without proper protection or protection from someone she didn't know. Alex had tried to get her to go with her citing that they needed an investigator to help them form the case and she was more than qualified. Olivia had refused stating that there were too many victims here that needed her. Alex more than understood and told her there would always be a position open for her if she changed her mind.

The first four months were spent with extremely high phone bills and lacking lots of sleep. Neither complained if that was what they needed to do to see each other on a daily basis. The second Alex's four months was up she took the first flight home and stated that was the last time she would ever be away from her that long. Now she only left for trials which seemed to occur every three months or so and the rest of the time she lobbied for changes in asylum laws and worked with the ICC on other trials as co counsel. Between that and Babs their marriage was stronger than it could ever be. The ding of the elevator brought her back to the present.

"Give me ten minutes to shower and change and we will leave." Olivia said as she came rushing through the door. She was halfway up the stairs when she realized that Alex was in a pair of shorts and one of her t-shirts. She was also currently on the phone talking to someone.

"Why aren't you ready?" Olivia asked hoping that Alex wasn't mad over her being late.

"It's not a problem" Alex said into the phone holding up a hand indicating to Olivia to wait for a minute "I should be able to leave here Monday morning and meet with you by noon. We can go over what you have and see what we need for a stronger ace."

Olivia cocked her head to the side and studied her wife. Who was she talking to and what plans was she making. Better yet why wasn't she dressed for their night out? Alex had told her to be ready at no later than six-thirty because she had booked reservations at the newest restaurant that took over a month of waiting to get a table.

"Ok see you next week." Alex said as she hung up the phone as she looked up at her wife "Good evening my love how was your day?"


"Well now you get to relax." Alex said with a smile that always melted Olivia's heart "Go shower and put on some relaxing clothes. I'll be waiting for you."

"What about dinner reservations?" Olivia asked worried that she was going to be upset.

"Canceled and that is fine" Alex said stopping Olivia's apologies before they started.

Olivia nodded as she ran up the stairs and probably took the quickest shower on record. She threw on a pair of well worn NYPD jogging pants and a t-shirt before she headed back downstairs.

"So did he finally confess or is he going to make Paxton work for it?" Alex asked as she handed Olivia a beer.

"He confessed after what seemed like forever. When we caught him he said bring him the ADA and he would tell all. No sooner than Paxton arrived he shut up and decided he might not want to talk."

"How did you guys get him to talk?"

"Elliot pulled the, I understand on how women get, card. "

"That always works."

"It does." Olivia said raising an eyebrow to Alex "Why aren't we going out to dinner like planned and who was that on the phone?"

"I called and canceled the reservation when you called about having to interrogate the perp."

"I'm sorry" Olivia groaned.

"Don't be." Alex whispered as she led Olivia into the living room "Instead of a night out on the town with my beautiful wife showing her off I will be wrapped in her arms on our couch watching a movie and eating our favorite pizza. Believe me when I say this is better."

"You're the boss" Olivia said as she settled on the couch "You still haven't answered about who that was on the phone. "

"And it only took me nine years and almost six years of marriage for you to realize that." Alex said laughing as she settled herself against Olivia after she handed her some pizza. "That was my boss with the ICC. He has an attorney in DC that has a case that they need assistance with. He would like me to go to DC and see how to salvage the case. Apparently it's a rookie prosecutor who happens to have butchered the hell out of the case.

"Hey I am not trained." Olivia said in defense both knowing it was a lie Alex had her so wrapped around her finger it wasn't funny "I am my own woman and do what I want when I want."

"You tell yourself that dear." Alex said patting her leg. "Anyways I will fly out Monday morning after you leave for work and should be back by no later than Thursday night."

"Honey as much as I hate not having you here if you need to stay longer stay."

"Believe me I hate being away but as I recall you are not on call next weekend so we will get the whole weekend to ourselves. I plan to spend every valuable minute with you."

"Make you a deal." Olivia said as she took a bite of her pizza "If you're not done by Thursday call me and let me know. I will get off early on Friday and fly down to DC. We can spend the weekend together there. You can work during the day but at night you are all mine. "

"How did I get so lucky?" Alex asked turning to look into Olivia's eyes. The love she saw shining from her face caused her throat to tighten like always.

"Years ago I asked you out and for some unseen reason, that I am thankful for, you said yes."

"Best thing I ever did." Alex whispered against Olivia's lips as she kissed her.

As she settled back against Olivia, Alex silently thanked Babs Duffy for leading them to where they were today. Their marriage was the strongest it had ever been and that was all because of the feisty red head who made them realize what they were losing. True that for some Jealousy is a bad thing in a relationship but for them it was best thing that ever occurred between them.

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