I am going to repay all you guys with a new story. I am so sorry about how bad my other stories are turning out and I promise to do my best to perfect them.

Am I falling?

Onodera tossed around in his bed, his blanket holding him in a death hold.

Onodera closed his eyes as he fell. It was somehow peaceful, like a whimsical dream. The sounds of his clothes ruffling as the wind caught them and the fell of his hair flying off and on his face was pleasant. But then his eyes snapped open and he panicked. Where's the ground? Why am I falling? Onodera"s limbs thrashed around wildly as he fell. He could see the ground. It was coming, it's coming, it's coming! He could see all of Tokyo below him. Falling faster than he thought he was, he saw a building rush down his side. He looked at the windows, showing him his frightened face like a water reflection. He looked down again and saw the street. 5, 4, 3, 2,... Onodera let out a terrified scream as he was just about the hit the busy road.


Onodera jolted out of bed, his brown hair sticking to his clinging to his skin. He looked around wondering who was screaming, but noticed that it was him. He covered his mouth, unable to stop the scream echoing from behind his hand. He stood up after a long time of calming himself down, and went to the kitchen. Clumsily filling a glass with water and pouring it down his throat, he sat down at his table and held his head in his hands. Not long after, he heard a pounding on his door.

"Onodera, let me in!" Takano's infamous voice yelled at him. Onodera reluctantly got up and dragged himself to the door. He unlocked the latched the locks, hands still shaking, and opened the door a crack. Takano's face came into view and he pushed the door open, storming in.

"Why the hell would you be screaming at 4:00 o'clock in the morning?" he shouted. Onodera looked away and sighed.

"I'm sorry." he answered. It was only then that Takano notice how shaken Onodera looked.

"Hey, what's wrong?" his voice changing completely to a calm, softer tone.

"N...nothing." Onodera stutter and automatically ashamed by it.

"Then why would you scream like you did?" Takano asked, his voice becoming stern.

"I just want to go back to bed. I'll see you tomorrow." Onodera said quickly and shut the door as fast as humanly possible before his boss could react. Locking all the locks, he dashed to his room and dived into his bed. Pulling the covers over his head, he shoved his face into pillow.

"You will pay for your sins. That was only a teaser. I will destroy everything about you and trust me, your death will be far worse than that." a macabre voice sang out to him.

Onodera froze for a moment, but slowly raised his head.

"Who's there?" he asked. When there was no answer, he laid back down feeling incredibly feverish. He closed his eyes and automatically fell into a deep sleep.

A next chapter sneak peek:

Takano had been waiting at Onodera's door, tapping his foot with impatience. After a half hour, he was quite antsy and wanted nothing more than to see Onodera. He wanted to see his "lover" to make sure was alright. Impatience getting the better of him, he banged on the door. After banging on the door for two minutes, he took out the keys he was "borrowing" from Onodera. Jamming the keys into the door, he strolled in.

"Onodera?" he asked furiously as he ventured down the hall. Still no answer. Takano crept up to the what he figured was Onodera"s room, but instead met a bathroom. He looked at the last room in the hall and opened it slowly.
"Ritsu?" he asked but then gasped. " Ritsu!"

Left you awesome people with a cliffhanger. Please tell how to perfect the story or possible idea's I could use for the next chapter. I have a basic idea but for you sadistic minds, tell me your ideas. Sorry for errors.