Every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Onodera couldn't take it anymore. It had been only a week and yet this man, Smiley, had complete control of Onodera. He had taken the reins and led Onodera down to a path he could not escape. Just one week and Onodera could hear everything but see nothing. The world he once knew was gone. He had lost the will to live. At first, he used to fight back. At first he would struggle to survive, but after sessions of torture, he couldn't take anymore. Smiley hadn't just destroyed his body, but his mind. As sick as it sounded, Onodera didn't dread the moment Smiley came. He actually looked forward to it, longed for it. Smiley was his only link to the real world. He was the only reason that Onodera wasn't dead yet. The pain was the only thing that kept him in his own body. The thread of his life tried to get away and Onodera wasn't fighting to hold onto them anymore. He wanted death more than anything, but for some reason couldn't find the will to.

Why me? What did I do? I haven't done anything ?

Onodera felt tear roll from his dead eyes. His body shuddered as a sob erupted from his throat. He put his head into his shackled hands and wept. Anger, sadness, and confusion wracked through out his whole body.

Why am I even still alive? What is the reason to live for anymore?

Onodera fell on his side and wailed. He hadn't cried like this ever before. Not even when he was being tortured. Not even when his heart was broken by...Takano. Onodera sat up and blinked, no longer crying.

Takano? Is he the reason I'm still alive?

Onodera stared at the wall ahead of him, a new emotion surging in his belly.

I can't die. Not now. Not when I just found Takano again.

Onodera scanned the room, looking for anything that could help him. He had tried this before, but maybe this time he'd find something. The only things in the room were rats, a broom, and the bag Smiley left in there. Onodera crawled across the room as far as he could, before the chains stopped him. His fingers inches from the bag.

"No," he croaked, his voice not being used in so long. "No!"

Onodera struggled to grab it, but was unsuccessful. He tried a reach it with his legs, but the door swung open. Smiley barged in, and tray in his hands. When he saw Onodera trying to get his bag, he threw the tray across the room and lunged at Onodera. Onodera, already weak because of Smiley's sadistic "fun", lost and the bag was thrown from his reach.

"Now now, little Ritsu. Your not going to get away that easily," Smiley growled as he dragged Onodera back to his spot against the wall. which was now covered in food. "I was going to feed you today but since it's all over the floor, how about you eat from there? If you don't eat it off the floor, you might not get much to eat. You never know when I'm going to feed you again."

Smiley grinned as he knelt down and reached to place a hand Onodera's forehead. Onodera pulled away from Smiley, anger now lighting his once dead eyes.

"Don't touch me!" Onodera tried to yell, but came out more like an angry whisper. Smiley pullled his hand away, surprise darting across his face for a moment.

"I thought I had already broken you. Guess not. Maybe I've been to easy on you," Smiley announced in a girlish tone. "However, I must say, the time I've spent with you is the most fun I've had with anyone before. Your screams just make me want to devour you. I'm so glad I stuck that speaker in your ear. I'm surprised you didn't notice until it was to late. Guess you really are a stupid boy."

"Wait. You put the speaker in my ear?" Onodera whispered.

"Well duh! Come on already Ritsu! I can't believe your this dense. I gave you plenty of warning that I was after you, even before the earring. Didn't you ever notice that dashingly handsome man following you?" Smiley asked, pointing at himself. "I've been here since Jr. High. We used to have classed together? All the hate mail you used to get as a kid?"

Onodera blinked at the man. Hate mail?

"Well, I guess none of that's important. What's important is that you knowledge your sin. Do you now realize it?" Smiley asked, a some what sad glare in his eyes.

Onodera had a pretty good idea, but shook his head. Smiley sighed and stood up.

"Ritsu, you will learn it. Sooner or later. But for now, lets have some fun. I've decided to try something a little new today." Smiley sat down excitedly and pushed Onodera to the floor.

"This is my first time doing this to man, but I get a good idea. I mean, I have seen it done before." Smiley said as he reached for Onodera's pants. Onodera stared at the ceiling, determined to not give this man satisfaction. Not anymore.

I will escape this man.

Button unbuttoned.

I will see not die.

Zipper down.

I will see Takano again.

Pants off.

I will live.

Onodera turned his head to the wall and saw a dull butter knife scattered among the food across the floor. He let ago of a small smile and let it vanish quickly.

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