Chapter one

A couple of months after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Hermione were still at the Burrow with the Weasley. Hermione was starting to put some plans together so she could find her parents. George was still at the Burrow and kept saying he wasn't ready to leave yet. Harry spent most of his time sitting outside, thinking about everything that had happened and realising how tired he really was and how much he needed to sleep. Ron spent most of his time with Hermione, helping her with her plans and told her he was going with her when she went to Australia. Charlie had finally gone back to Romania, he didn't really want to, but realised he couldn't put his life on hold any longer. Percy went back to his flat, but didn't know what he was going to do now and if he could get another job at the ministry. Arthur and Molly mainly spent time together, but they had started to have private conversations, usually when everyone was occupied.

'We're going to have to tell them Arthur. Normally they would have felt it by now, but with so much going on, they haven't had a chance.'

'Yes, I know Molly, I suppose we'll have to get this over with. George and Fred never got a chance because of everything either, so George could start to feel it anytime as well. I'll go find them, get them in here,' Arthur sighed then left the living room, he found George first, who was usually in his old room, 'George, I need a word with you in the living room, can you go down now, I have to find Ron and Harry.'

'Oh, is something wrong dad, you look serious.'

'It's not anything dangerous, just important.'

'Okay, I'll go straight down,' George stared at his father for a minute, then headed down to the living room.

Arthur walked into Ron's room, 'Ron, I need a private word in the living room, can you go down now?'

'Um, sure, what's it about?'

'I'll explain soon, I need to find Harry,' Arthur left Ron's room then went downstairs and found Harry sitting outside, 'Harry.'

'Yes Mr. Weasley.'

'Can you come into the living room, I need to talk to you about something.'

'Sure,' Harry got up and followed Mr. Weasley into the living room and saw Ron, George and Mrs. Weasley in there. Harry sat next to Ron who shrugged.

'What's going on dad?' George asked.

'Something we haven't had a chance to explain because of what's being going on in the last few years. Usually parents would explain this to their sons at around sixteen years of age. Harry, I know Sirius wouldn't have told you as there wasn't time, Dumbledore and I discussed which one of us would explain to you.'

'Is this a sex talk dad, because if it is, mum shouldn't be here,' Ron said as his ears went red.

'Sort of, but not the normal talk most fathers would give their sons.' Arthur sat in his usual seat, 'What I am about to tell you is something that all men go through. Usually at the age of eighteen, or near enough to that, but because of Voldemort, all the threats, death eaters and everything else, you would not have felt what you should have and you will soon. Charlie, Bill and Percy have all gone through this, all men do.'

'I don't think I like the sound of this dad, what are we going to feel?' George asked looking a little anxious.

'Alright, there's no easy way to say this. Soon you will feel a pull, it's like you know you have to go somewhere, but you're not sure where. Now when this happens, you have to leave, it could be for a month, or a week, even a few months. There's no set time for you to go through this, all men are different, but usually it's no more than a few weeks, that's average. Now when you leave to go wherever you feel the pull, then you will start to feel things. Now this is the time you will figure out you're sexuality. Most young men will automatically assume they are straight. You three have dated girls, which is normal. But the moment you start to feel this, you might find you are gay.'

'I'm not gay, I love Hermione,' Ron said as he stood up.

'We know Ron, but you can't change this, it happens, but you might find out you're straight. No one knows until you leave. I loved you're mother when I felt the pull, I'm sure Harry's father felt the same for his mother. But if you try to ignore it, then you won't be able to have any sort of relationship, whether it is with a woman or a man. Healers have been trying to work out why some men turn out straight when they used to think they were gay and some men who think their straight end up gay. They have never found out, men just have to go and wait to see what happens. Bill thought he was straight and when he came back, he was. Charlie was sleeping with woman before he left, now he's gay. Percy is straight and as you know, so am I. James Potter was straight as he married Lily and had Harry. I never got a chance to ask Sirius, but he would have found out, I just don't know which way he went. Kingsley told me I can tell you this, he thought he was gay when he was young, but found out he's straight and that's when he met his wife.'

'Where do we go?' Harry asked.

'Normally it's not far, it could be across the country, it could be the next town. I do know of some that have gone overseas, but that doesn't happen very often. A lot of blokes would discuss this after they have gone through it, because one thing we all found was it never started until after we finished our last year at Hogwarts. So anytime from seventeen to twenty is the range. Ron is eighteen, Harry is about to turn eighteen, George is twenty one. But because of our lives over the last few years, a lot of young men wouldn't have felt anything due to being so stressed and tense all the time.'

'Do woman go through this?' George asked.

'No, but usually the parents will have to explain to their daughters in case they are seeing a young man then he suddenly leaves. So since Hermione's parents aren't here Ron, we will explain it to her and I'm sorry, but there's nothing you can do. You just try to live as normal as possible until it happens. There's one more thing, but I will discuss that with the three of you but in private.'

'I wonder if Angelina's parents have told her then,' George said as he sat there thinking.

'All parents do George, but next time you see her, you could mention it, see if they have.'

'Um, Mr. Weasley, if you're going to tell Hermione, then you should explain to Ginny,' Harry sighed.

'Ginny, is she seeing someone?' Molly asked.

'Well, sort of, just before Dumbledore died, we were dating. I knew I had to leave, so I thought she'd be in danger, so I broke up with her. Now Ginny and I spoke a little about what would happen if Voldemort was ever gone, but we both thought we would get back together. We haven't since the fighting because she's still angry with me for ignoring her in the room of requirement.'

'Okay, we'll explain it to Hermione and Ginny. So George, I'll talk to you in your room soon, Ron why don't you wait in your room, Harry, you could wait outside if you like. This next bit, most young men usually don't like anyone else around when it gets explained. So we'll get the girls, talk to them, then explain the rest to you three.'

George looked at Ron and Harry, then left, Harry and Ron looked at each other, then they left. Arthur went upstairs again to find his daughter and Hermione who were both in Ginny's room.

'Can I speak with both of you down in the living room?'

'Okay Mr. Weasley,' Hermione put her plans aside and followed Ginny and Mr. Weasley out of the room and down the stairs. 'Is something wrong, especially since you just spoke with Ron?'

'I just spoke with Ron, George and Harry, let's just sit down a minute so I can explain.'

Hermione and Ginny looked at each other then sat down on the couch, Mr. Weasley back in his favourite old chair.

'Now even though you know a lot about everything Hermione, you probably wouldn't know about this. Another thing, usually your parents would explain this, I would presume it's the same in the muggle world as the wizarding world but I'm not certain about that. Since you're parents have been gone for a while, we thought we should tell you. Now normally Ginny wouldn't be told for at least another year, but Harry thought she should be told as he explained that you two were dating before he had to leave with Hermione and Ron.'

'We were, but I'm still angry with him.'

'Yes, he mentioned that. Now what I'm about to tell you is something you can't change, no woman can change the outcome. A young man from the age of seventeen up to the age of twenty will go through this and nothing can stop it.'

'I don't think I like the sound of this dad.'

'Depending on the outcome, you might not. So here goes, a young man will feel a pull, like they need to be somewhere. They have to go when they feel this, now they could be gone for a week, up to a few months. George, Ron and Harry haven't felt it yet because of what's been going on the last few years. We all might have had a few good times during all the bad, but we were all stressed wondering what was going to happen, so this feeling we get never got a chance to surface, but now everything has settled down, those three will start to feel it soon. Now what happens when they leave is what you might not like. It's the time that all young men work out their sexuality, meaning, whether they are straight or gay. Charlie thought he was straight before he felt it, now he's gay. Kingsley thought he was gay, but worked out he's straight. Ron actually got angry before saying he wasn't gay and loved Hermione, which he does right now, but this could change Hermione and no one knows why. If for this reason Harry and Ron leave and they do change, there's nothing either of you can do to stop it. Let's say Ron comes back and realises he's gay, he will explain it to you Hermione, but there won't be anything you can do. It's very hard on woman when this happens. No healer has been able to work out why men feel this or why some change when they are away.'

Ginny stared at her father, then Hermione before looking at her mother, 'You know how I always felt about Harry, what if he changes, I always planned to marry Harry one day.'

'We're sorry Ginny dear, but we have to wait until he goes away. Now I know you have a temper, but if Harry does change, please don't take it out on him, he can't do anything about it, he can't ignore it or change it. I loved you're father before he felt the pull, I'm just lucky he stayed the same,' Molly smiled at her husband.

'Bill never changed, neither did Percy, I never did and James Potter did marry Lily and had Harry. Sirius I never got a chance to ask and I don't really know anything about him apart from when the Potters were killed and he was sent away, nothing personal anyway. For all I know Sirius might have been gay. So just please remember what we have told you, I know this is hard and you have to wait to see what happens. So why don't you two go back to what you were doing, but think about this, because if either Ron or Harry change, there's nothing you can do.'

'I hope Ron doesn't change, it took us so long to finally admit our feeling,' Hermione stood up feeling very worried and she could see Ginny was upset wondering what was going to happen with Harry. So the two girls left the room, Hermione went straight in to find Ron, Ginny went outside to speak with Harry and both girls hoped they would have their men when this was over.