Link stood beside Zelda, smiling as he looked at Midna and she stood beside the mirror, nervous. "Thank you. Maybe if all in Hyrule are like you...then maybe you'll do all right." A look seemed to pass between Zelda and Midna, and Link swore sorrow flashed in Midna's eyes. It turned out he was right. She stepped up the ghostly stairs, and stood on the ghostly pedestal looking back at Link and a single tear rolled down her cheek. "Link...I..." He watched confused and perplexed as the tear fell, and she pushed it enchanting it or something. "...See you later..." A forced smile spread across her face as the tear, now solid, collided with the mirror. He watched in horror as cracks ran along the surface of it.

He stepped forward as if to stop Midna, but when he stepped on the bottom step it vanished. One by one the steps vanished until only the pedestal that Midna stood on remained. The mirror was glowing intensly now, a pale circle of light leading from it, to Midna, to the rock slate behind her. Link looked at Midna tears running down his face and she looked back. The next moment she was disappearing, turning into those black squares that signalized Twilight teleportation. The mirror shattered and at the same moment that it did...he shattered. He stepped up to the remains of the mirror his voice barely audible. "" Zelda looked at Link before looking down.

"...I'll wait for you ahead." She turned and left the chamber leaving him to think those over in peace. He looked down at one of the mirror shards, shimmering and glowing, a single symbol visable in it's piece. He picked it up and clenched it tightly in his fist, feeling it cut through the Hero's clothes he wore...and he didn't care. He slid the glass shard into a pouch around his neck, Midna had enchanted it for him. It worked like her invisible storage space. He pulled the Twilight Shard from out of the bag and then he turned and ran, one instant himself...the next instant the Blue-Eyed Beast racing from the Mirror Chamber.

"Link!" Zelda stepped forward as the wolf raced past her, and Epona reared up in protest. She watched helplessly as he raced ahead frightening the guards who stood beside her cart. They came back to her.

"Your highness are you okay? Where's the hero?" Zelda just shook her head.

"Make sure Epona is taken care of. The hero is...shattered."

~Three Years Later~

One of the soldiers stepped into the throne room and Zelda looked up hopefully. "Yes?"

"Your highness, someone is here to see you." She was filled with hope for a moment.


"She says her name is...Illia?" Zelda was disappointed. "Should I send her away?" But not that disappointed.

"No. Send her in." The soldier left and moments later Illia stepped into the room. She looked angry and upset to say the Zelda. She opened her mouth to speak but Illia cut her off.

"I don't wanna hear it. I wanna know what you did to Link to make him act the way he is. He won't mention anything about it, he acts..." She couldn't come up with the right word.

"Shattered?" Zelda supplied.

"Yes! I want to know what you did! He was happy...happier than he's ever been...then he goes to the mirror with you and that girl-Millla? Mina?-whoever she was and he doesn't come back for weeks before finally coming back, without Epona, and shuts himself in his house." Zelda winced. She hadn't known it was that bad. She decided to explain, starting from the beginning.

"As you know Link saved Hyrule. Because is the Hero of Light and Shadow..." She began to explain everything including Link's feeling for Midna. "And then he rushed out of the Mirror Chamber in wolf form. I have no idea where he went just that I received multiple reports of 'huge gray wolves with blue eyes' during that time period. When they stopped I assumed he had returned to Ordan and waited for him to return and take Epona home. He never came by though."

This seemed to only infuriate Illia more. "You call yourself his friend yet you do nothing to help!?" Zelda looked at her before speaking.

"But I do. I've been searching, searching and looking for something, anything that could help Link but I can't find it. Please take Epona back to Ordan and help him in anyway you can." Illia sighed and left turning to get Epona she presumed. Zelda was about to retire for the night when the door opened again.

"Your highness...I believe you are looking for the Hero's Grove?" Zelda looked at the woman surprised.

"Who...who are you..." The old woman smiled at the princess.

"I go by many names, but the most common Hyelia..."

~With Link~

He looked at the outfit neatly laid out on the bed. It was the only neat aspect of the room. Everything else...trashed. He had gone threw the stages of depression roughly, and in anger it hadn't helped that he had so many tools of destruction. Zelda continued to look for another way...but Link had given up hope. He had searched so long...and had found nothing. He pulled out the shard of the mirror from that day, it was about the size of a fairy. He looked into it his eyes dull, shattered. Like the rest of him. Sometimes he would see certain things, a field, a room of council reporters, sometimes a little girl...who looked like Midna...but never Midna herself.

Today he saw the little girl again. She was laughing at something someone else had said. He heard nothing from the mirror, only saw the image it chose to show him. He hadn't left his house in nearly three weeks now. He had no intention of doing it anytime soon either. He liked watching the little girl, she was a Twili; that much was obvious. But there was something odd about her. He could never tell. He'd always try to guess. Sometimes he'd guess her hair, or her powers, but he never guessed what it actually was.

~With Midna~

Three Years, Three Months, Three Days, 3 Hours, 3 Minutes, and 3 Seconds. That's how much time had passed since she had destroyed the mirror. She had been counting. A spell she had devised told her, reminded her of the day she had destroyed her life. The spell was powered by a talisman. The talisman was a shard of the mirror she wore tied around her neck. When she had found it it had showed Link, shuffling through the glass of the mirror shards with tears in his eyes. It always showed Link now, and somehow she knew he could see what the mirror shard could see.

Midna looked up and smiled. "Sophie...come out." The little girl smiled as she came out revealing herself to her mother...and to the mirror shard. She was three years old, and was the heir to the Twilight Throne. Several odd things about her was the fact that her eyes were blue, not red; which was unusual for a Twili. Another was the fact that she seemed to age on a different scale than others, biologically; she was three years old. Physically and mentally, she was six years old. Midna had been worried something had been wrong with Sophie but she had been reassured it was just a result of her parentage.

"Mommy when I am going to meet my daddy?" Tears filled Midna's eyes as she looked away.

"I...I told's hard to say...he...he's not always available." Sophie frowned.

"Does he not like me...?"

"No! Not at all!" Midna was quick to answer that. "It's just that...he's a hero and he has to do hero stuff to keep you safe." She leaned down and kissed her daughter. "Now go and play with Kinla why don't you?" Sophie smiled and ran off to play as Midna turned away, looking out the window. She wondered if even Zelda knew, because she had kept Sophie a secret from them both.