Midna's breath caught in her throat as she looked at the familiar green material that she'd recognize anywhere. She was too shocked to say anything. Time seemed to slow down and freeze and she forget where she was and what was going on as she looked up at him. His back was to her, and to her something seemed….off about it. It took her a moment before she noticed the point of the glowing white sword sticking out of it.

Then she remembered. She was in the arena, fighting with Kenil who was possessed by Ganondorf. He had held up his sword to run it through her…and Link had gotten in front of her just before he could. As she realized that, everything sped up, the crowd now silent. Kenil laughing as he noticed who he'd impaled. "I don't know how you're here, or how you got in the way that fast, but let me just say-thank you. It's going to be a lot easier to take over the world with you dead."

And then to both Midna and Ganon's surprise….the hero started laughing. He fell to his knees, still with the sages' sword run through his chest as he very slowly managed to say three words, coughing out blood moments afterwards. "Look behind you." And then he collapsed, as Kenil turned away and then he stumbled backwards.

"No…that's not….that's not possible! That….it can't be!" As he stumbled backwards, he tripped over Link and collapsed on the ground. As he did Red, Violet, and Blue stepped up to him surrounding him as they smiled. Violet glanced at Midna and spoke.

"Look in Green's Adventure Pouch. There should be a bottle with shining golden jelly-like stuff inside of it. Make him drink it, and he'll be fine." Midna stared for a few seconds before remembering that Link was dyeing and she fumbled trying to open his pouch. She rifled through it, glancing at the Dark Mirror curiously before she found the bottle. She pulled it out and opened it, pouring it into Link's mouth.

"Ugh…..what….happened." Very slowly he sat up, rubbing his head confused and then his gaze slid to Midna. "I'm dreaming aren't I?" There were tears in her eyes as she shook her head no, wrapping her arms around him as she choked out.

"Don't ever do that again dog boy. I thought….I thought you were dead." He laughed smiling as Blue interrupted them.

"Ya know the whole lovey-dovey thing is amazing, really, but we don't have time for this. All four of us have to do it together for it to work ya know."

"Right….sorry." He stood up moving towards Ganon.

"How…the….that cursed Four Sword doesn't exist for another few centuries at the least! It's not possible." The four heroes grinned as one, speaking together.

"You're right. It doesn't. After all, this is the Master Four Sword." And then together all four of them drove their blades into his chest. He screamed, and his form flickered, as Ganon's spirit overshadowed his body. The four blades were impaled in the glowing white wound that the sages had given to him, and as Green spoke again his voice had an echo.

"I call upon the goddess Farore, for Courage." The Triforce on his hand started to shine, becoming brighter and brighter.

Red spoke next. "I call upon the goddess Din, for power." The Triforce on Ganon's hand began to shine, mimicking what Link's had done.

Blue spoke next. "I call upon the goddess Nayru, for wisdom." Back in the Light Realm Zelda's Triforce began shining just as brightly as the others, mimicking what the others were doing.

Violet spoke last. "And I call upon the goddess Hyelia," The other three Links joined in and their voices echoed as they spoke.

"for the combined might of many, joined as one." All three Triforces began to glow brighter and brighter until they were impossible to look at….and all three flashed at the same time; and as they did fire surrounded Ganon's hand as Din appeared there.

"This gift was never meant to be given to you. Your oldest ancestor stole it from me, and from there he made sure it would travel down through his bloodline. Now with the combined might of myself and the other three goddesses I take back what belongs to me, and I banish you to the darkest corners of the spirit world; where you may spend eternity." With that, her body began to fade until she was no longer there. When she was gone, Kenil was dead, with no sign of Ganon inside of him.

~With Violet~

Violet swung her blade and drove it into the ground, the black Triforce on the hilt shining as she spoke. "I call upon the ancient magicks of Hyrule, to give me courage." As she spoke, all of Hyrule shook, cracks spreading outwards from her blade. "I call upon the ancient magicks of my home planet, Sylvianti to give me power." A dark cloud formed above the castle, and the shaking became more violent. As the world known as Sylvianti crumbled, folding in on itself, a beam of pure darkness came down from the clouds and engulfed Violet.

"I call upon the ancient magicks of my adopted home, Earth to give me wisdom." On Earth, all chaos broke loose, and World War III began. The cracks at Violet's feet widened and a shadowy substance began to rise up from in them, sliding into her body.

As she began the final line of her spell all of Hyrule seemed to go into chaos and above Hyrule, the four godesses watched helplessly as Violet finished it. When Din had intervened in the arena, she'd unbalanced the scales; and now Violet was balancing them. "I call upon the ancient magicks of my bloodline...I call upon my hatred of my twin sister...and I call upon the balance of light and darkness to recreate me as a goddess of the darkness!" As she finished it, she froze, crystalite forming over her body before she shattered into millions of tiny pieces.

The pieces seemed to melt, and as they did a black liquid formed where they had been moments before. The black liquid poured together, forming a puddle and a form seemed to rise out of it, until Violet rose out of it, tilting her head back and laughing. All of Hyrule was underneath cloud cover now, and worst of all, nothing could be done for light side; because the scales had been balanced by Violet's transformation.

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