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Hobbes continued firing, only pausing when he needed to reload. He and Claire were letting each other know when that needed to be done. Claire was a little surprised that Hobbes had had emergency ammo in his van, but after everything she had seen in the past two years she knew she shouldn't have been.

Claire fired a few more shots, "We're getting low on ammunition. I hope you have a back up plan." She let out a small grunt as she felt a sharp pang in her shoulder.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Keep firing!"

Hobbes gave her a questioning look, but complied. He noticed that the gunfire from the Chrysali' agents was dwindling down. After a few more shots from Claire and Hobbes the firing stopped completely. Claire sat on the floorboard of the van, leaning against the seat back.

"Claire, are you okay?" Hobbes brushed some of the glass off of her, surprise covering his features when he pulled back his hand and found it covered in blood.


Alex stood still, trying not to even breath so she could hear where Darien was by the sound his footsteps made on the concrete floor. She heard a sound to the left and turned her head.

"Wrong choice." Darien whispered into her ear.

"Maybe for you." Alex replied. She lashed out at him at first, but realizing that that wasn't going to work she brought her foot up and kicked him in the head, knocking him out. Smiling to herself for a job well done she drug him over to the corner by the collapsed door. "I guess all my training was worth it after all."


At first Hobbes thought he had cut himself on the glass, but then thought better of it. "Claire, you've been shot."

"I'm fine, Bobby. Really I am. Shouldn't you be making sure that all the Chrysalis agents are unarmed or dead?"

Hobbes pulled off his jacket and wrapped it like a sling around her shoulder and arm to try to stop the bleeding. "This is exactly why I didn't want you to come."


"Claire, I'm serious!"

"No, Bobby, behind you!"

Hobbes turned around in time to see a Chrysalis agent standing on the other side of the broken windshield. He started to raise his hand, in which he held a gun. Before he could fire however, Hobbes pointed his own gun at the agent and pulled the trigger. He shot the kid, who couldn't have been any older than twenty, right between the eyes.

Claire looked away in disgust; she would be having nightmares for a long time to come. "I think you should really make sure all the living agents are unarmed."

"Good idea." Hobbes replied. He looked at her shoulder one more time then headed out of the van.


Alex slid down the wall, wrapping her arms around her knees, deep in thought. She wondered when they would be found. If they would be found... She didn't know how long it had been, but she guessed it must have been at least a couple hours since they had gotten trapped. She dreaded the thought of what would happen when Darien woke up. Seeing the strength he had used earlier, she didn't think the extension cord would work.

She sighed and got to her feet, searching for it; she had nothing to lose. At least tying him up would stall him. Alex hated to admit it, but she was scared. For the first time in a while, she was scared to death. Not only did Darien's conscience go out the window as soon as he went quicksilver mad, but he also had added strength. There was no way she could protect herself. The only thing she could do was pray the extension cord would hold him until Hobbes arrived.


Hobbes kept walking through the deep, dry brush. He had to admit, Chrysalis had done a good job at tricking him. He had been so concerned for the safety of his partner and Alex Monroe that he hadn't been thinking straight. Hobbes was pulled out of his thoughts as he found another Chrysali' agent.

He had searched most of the field in a quick sweep, he didn't think he would find any more agents. Checking the agent's pulse, he sighed as he realized the kid was dead. That made four dead, counting the one he had shot between the eyes, and six wounded. Ten agents seemed about right. He headed back toward the van, satisfied that his search was done and he could get Claire to a hospital.

Reaching the van he saw Claire bandaging up one of the wounded agents he had brought over. He had no idea where she had found the supplies she was using, and just watching her try to help someone with one arm in a sling made him wince. The shot she had taken to the shoulder hadn't been that bad, but she had lost a lot of blood and he knew she must have been feeling at least a little dizzy.

Hobbes opened his cell phone and dialed the Agency. Chrysalis would be here soon to do a cleanup. Hobbes wasn't sure that he wanted to be in another gun fight with only a few clips and an injured doctor.

"This is him."

"It was a trap, sir. We still haven't been able to find them."

"Damnit!" The Official replied. Hobbes heard a noise in the background and was sure that the Official had either thrown something or slammed his fist against his desk. "I want them found!"

"I know, sir. We all do."

"Hobbes, do whatever it takes, just find them."

"I will, sir." Hobbes said to the dial tone. Closing his cell phone, a light clicked in his head as he looked over at Claire. "I know how to find them."

She looked at him, puzzlement crossing over her features. "How?"


Alex reached down and found the cord in the dark. Walking toward Darien, she tried not to make any sound. She wondered if he would wake up while she was tying him, and hoped he wouldn't. Rolling Darien over, she started looping the cord around his hands; as soon as she was confident it was the best she could do she ran the cord down to his feet and tied them as well.

Making sure the cord was as tight as possible again, she headed back to a corner and slid down the wall. She knew it wasn't enough space between him and her, but there was nothing else she could do. She wrapped her hands around her knees and started to rock back and forth, wondering if she would ever see her son again.

She regretted giving her son back to Eleanor Stark. When she had done it she had thought that it was what was best for James. She had had no idea that Eleanor had been placating her at the time, and wished that there was something she could do to take it all back. But she knew there was nothing.

Alex felt an object in her back pocket and reached to pull it out, realizing that it was her cell phone. She wanted to slap herself. She knew it wouldn't work, the concrete walls were stopping her from getting a signal. But she had had a special tracker installed in case of an emergency.

She pressed the little red button next to the power one and punched in her four digit code, hoping that it would work without the signal and the dial tone. She heard movement from the other side of the room and knew Darien was starting to stir. She didn't know how much longer she would have. Only one person knew about the tracker, and she hoped he knew what to look for.