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His tanned fingers grazed over the pale skin of his arms as they laid next to each other. It was such soft skin that looked porcelain, like he was so fragile that he could break at any moment. It was their anniversary and they had finally made it to New York. Blaine's fingers slowly ran up and down Kurt's arm as Kurt stared into Blaine's eyes that were focused and the movements of his hand on Kurt's skin. Kurt just loved how Blaine's eyes were a beautiful honey colour that made him melt every time he looked into them. Blaine just loved how soft Kurt's skin felt against his fingers. Oh how he missed just sitting and admiring Kurt, and after a year apart he can finally stop waiting.

"I can't believe you're finally here in New York" Kurt said dreamily.

"Me neither" Blaine agreed not taking his eyes off Kurt's skin. "You have no idea how much I missed you."

"Now you don't have to worry about that."

The two laid there in comfortable silence.

"Blaine" Kurt said softly, gaining Blaine's attention. "Promise me that we will never leave each other again. I can't handle being apart from you again."

"I promise, Kurt. You will never have to worry about that. I am not going anywhere."


"I promise"

"I love you, Blaine"

"I love you too, Kurt"


Blaine Anderson woke up, after falling asleep on a seat in a stake out van, to find his friend Wes Montgomery looking at him. Wes looked at his dear friend with concern clearly written in his eyes. Blaine, Wes and he rest of the team had been staking out a warehouse for illegal weapons dealers and today was the hand off and they were ready to intercept. Ever since moving out to New York, Blaine had not only learnt that the music dream was just a hobby, Blaine had promised to never leave Kurt again, and a music career would cause the couple to be apart for months on end, and he would rather have Kurt more than a music career.

Blaine had also realised that he wanted to help people. It was the music and performing that made Blaine love music it was seeing the smiles on people's faces and helping them to cheer up and love life. If he didn't have a music career than helping people was perfect. Blaine did not like the idea of cutting people open so a career in medicine was out. He hated sitting in front of a computer all day so all government and mental health was also ruled out. At the end of the day, Blaine wanted to be a police officer. He loved the idea of saving people on a daily basis and he could be out in the field instead of being a counsellor where he had to listen to people rattle on about how they hate their spouse.

So Blaine joined the Police Academy. Now ten years after moving out here is has saved countless lives and he is now in charge of his own team, his high school warbler friends. They too shared Blaine's dream of helping people and when they heard that Blaine was joining the police academy in New York, they too joined and now they are one of the best teams in New York City.

"Are you okay?" Wes asked concerned.

Blaine could feel the wet tears forming in his eyes already. This couldn't happen, not now, and most certainly not ever in front of Wes, or anybody for that matter.

"Yeah" Blaine answered, pulling himself together and putting his brave face on. "I'm okay."

Five years ago, Blaine all of a sudden had put on a brave face to hide his emotions whenever he was around people, whether it was family or friends. He refused to let anyone see him be happy, angry, and especially sad. Whenever one of his team mates would bring it up with him, he would just change the subject or dismiss them. No one had ever gotten Blaine to talk about what happened five years ago but all they knew, or guessed, was that it had something to do with Kurt. Blaine never spoke about himself outside of work. He had put on the act since that fateful day when he learnt that if you let your emotions control you, you would be killed. He had been a complete emotional wreck all those years ago during a mission. He let his emotions get the best of him and he failed to notice that he was heading into a trap. He walked in a house and there was a gunman waiting for him. If it wasn't for the fact that Sebastian had a clear shot through the window, stationed with his sniper, Blaine would have been dead. After that, Blaine put the mask on, protecting himself and keeping everyone out. His friends had gotten so used to the 'emotionless' Blaine that when he was not around, they said that he was like a robot or android.

Wes on the other hand was the only one out of the team that had more of an idea of what happened in Blaine's past. Five years ago, Blaine had showed up in the middle of the night, during a storm, at Wes' house. Blaine had looked like he had been crying and he had a few bags with him. Wes could already tell what had happened; he and Kurt had broken up. Blaine just cried in his best friend's arms. For a week Wes had let Blaine stay with him until he could find another apartment. Throughout the entire time, Blaine never spoke once about Kurt; or about anything for that matter. He had become completely closed off and would only talk to Wes when it was about a new case that they were working on. To this day Blaine has never told Wes about what actually happened.

"Are you sure, because you were mumbling in your sleep"

"What was I mumbling?"

"Something about never leaving…"

Blaine looked at his hands sitting his is lap.

"You also just kept repeating, 'I love you', over and over again."

Blaine remained quiet and did not respond to Wes.

"You were dreaming about Kurt again, weren't you?" Wes asked sincerely.

"No" Blaine lied.

"You were" Wes defended. "You had that smile on your face, the one you used to wear whenever Kurt was around."

"Wes, please just leave it."

"No, I will not leave it. Don't push me away, Blaine. You've been doing this to me for years and I just want to know if you're okay. I want to help you."

"Wes!" Blaine snapped. "It was nothing. Just leave it."

Wes went quiet after Blaine's outburst.

"I'm sorry" Blaine said softly. "I didn't mean to snap. It's just been a rough time with the late night stake outs."

By rough time Blaine meant that it had been a rough couple of years.

"Now come on we've got a job to do" he added.

"Okay" Wes replied still unsure.

"Blaine, we have a visual" a voice came through a walkie-talkie.

"Copy that, Jeff" Blaine replied through the device. "All units prepare for infiltration."

It was go time. Blaine and Wes stood in their van minding Wes' technical equipment. Wes was the team's technical specialist and second in command. He could hack into any computer or other electronic device in under a minute. Blaine and Wes pulled out their guns and placed them in their holsters before putting on their bullet proof vests. When they were ready, Blaine and Wes and a few police officers exited the van and made their way to the side of the warehouse. The boys went up to the front door and lent against the wall, keeping out of sight.

"Alpha team is on standby" Blaine said through his walkie-talkie attached to his vest. "Beta team, what is your status?"

"Beta team on standby at the back door" David's voice replied through Blaine's walkie-talkie.

David and Nick and another handful of police officers made up the Beta team. Nick was the team's combat expert. He was always in the gym training and could defeat a guy twice his size without breaking a sweat. David, on the other hand, was not only a field agent but was also the team's forensic scientist. Anything found at a crime scene David would take to the other scientists at the labs to help analyse.

"Zeta team" Blaine said. "Report"

"We still have a visual" Jeff replied.

"What is your position?"

"We are on the roof beams, Fearless" Sebastian answered.

Blaine rolled his eyes at Sebastian. Ever since he had put his mask on, he had never shown any emotion and thus Sebastian called him fearless. Jeff was the team's infiltrator. He had an act for snooping, stealth and sneaking into places without being seen. So naturally he was assigned as watch out in the missions. Sebastian was the weapons specialist. He could use any type of gun from any distance. Sometimes the guy would fire without even having to look, but his favourite weapon was a sniper rifle. You would always see Sebastian situated someplace high with his sniper rifle on target, patiently waiting. This left Blaine as the team leader of the group, and he was good at it. He would always keep a level head in any crisis and knew just what to do to keep everyone safe. He had been in charge of his team for four years and has had no team mate or victim casualty, and he was going to keep it that way.

"Of course you are" Blaine sighed.

"Who do you see?" Wes whispered through his own walkie talkie.

"Everyone, including Daniels" Jeff answered. "You were right, Blaine."

"Crap, I owe him ten bucks" Sebastian groaned.

"Not the time, Bas'" Blaine hissed. "All units move on my count. Bas', you do not fire unless someone is in jeopardy or tries to escape. Everyone understand?"

"Affirmative" everyone responded.

"They have handed over the weapons" Jeff announced.

"All units move, NOW!" Blaine ordered.

Blaine's team stood away from the wall and Blaine kicked open the door with his right foot before they all swarmed in.

"FBI!" Blaine yelled with his gun raised. "Drop your weapons."

The men slowly dropped their weapons as team Alpha and Beta surrounded them all with their weapons raised.

"On your knees and hands behind your head" Blaine ordered.

The men all complied except for one who started running to the other side of the warehouse heading for the front door. Blaine immediately leapt into action and started running after him before he made it out of the door.

"Freeze!" Blaine ordered.

The man did not comply. Blaine growled pushing himself to run faster. Before the man could run to freedom out the door, a loud ear piercing noise echoed through the warehouse and the man stumbled over. He was shot in the leg. Blaine caught up with the criminal and pinned him to the floor and handcuffed his wrists behind his back.

"You are under arrest" Blaine said to the man he pinned.

"Oh yeah" A voice cheered. "Five points!"

"Lucky shot" A reply sounded.

Blaine looked up and saw Sebastian fist pumping the air as Jeff rolled his eyes at his team mate.

"Nothing is by luck. I'm just that good" Sebastian answered cockily.

Blaine returned to his apartment after locking up the criminals. It had been months of work, but he could finally put another case to rest. He walked into his two bedroom apartment to be welcomed by silence. He had been living in the place for almost five years and still couldn't stand the silence. He was used to coming home to the sound of 'Wicked' playing through the stereo with fabrics sprayed all over the floor but now there was nothing, just him and silence. He was alone, he was always alone. He walked into the living room and poured himself a scotch. He took the cup and looked out of his balcony overlooking the city. Everything he did just reminded him of Kurt.

It was the first night since Blaine had moved to New York and to celebrate, Kurt took Blaine to see his first Broadway show followed by watching old musicals, like Rent, on DVD. It was around one am when Blaine noticed that he had fallen asleep and Kurt was outside on the balcony. Kurt placed his hands on the metal railing, admiring the city below. Even though it was way past midnight, Kurt could still hear the sound of the busy city still awake, and it always took his breath away.

"Kurt, what are you doing?" Blaine asked sleepily, finding his boyfriend standing in his NYADA sweatshirt and pyjama pants.

"Nothing" Kurt replied, his gaze fixed on the city, "Just observing."

Blaine walked up behind Kurt and wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist and rested his head on his shoulder.

"Shouldn't that be what I'm doing, you know, since I'm new here?" Blaine teased.

"Funny" Kurt laughed. "The city just always seems to take my breath away."

"You do that to me too" Blaine said, placing a kiss to Kurt's cheek.

Blaine walked back inside his apartment, his chest beginning to tighten at the thought. Him and Kurt had broken up five years ago after Kurt's second design company opened. Ever since coming to New York and finishing NYADA, Kurt had designed multiple clothing lines that sparked interest in investors. Now Kurt owns two design companies, one in New York and one in Paris, and his own label, 'Pavarotti'. Over the years Kurt had become not only one of the top designers but also a huge socialite. Whenever there was a magazine with Kurt on it, Blaine would buy it but would never read it. He had also bought several of Kurt's designer clothes, especially Kurt's designer bow ties, but he could never wear them. He could never face the pain that they would remind him if he put on another bow tie. They just sat in their boxes at the back of his wardrobe gathering dust.

Blaine was too tired after his case so he went to bed without dinner, and just like every other night for the past five years, Blaine only thought about the porcelain angel that he still loved with all his heart.


"FBI, this is Blaine" Blaine greeted to the caller at his desk.

Blaine sat at his desk the next morning completely exhausted. He had again dreamt about Kurt and it always brought him heartache. He couldn't do anything to stop it. He had to suffer in silence because he had no idea where Kurt was and if he let his emotions slip again then he would jeopardise himself or his team.

"Blaine!" Wes called, walking over with David with coffee in their hands.

"Okay, thank you" Blaine said, hanging up the phone.

"Who was that?" David asked taking a sip of his coffee.

"A report of a mysterious meeting in an alley, downtown" Blaine answered, leaning back in his chair accepting the coffee from Wes.

"Well, get one of the freshmen teams to handle it, because we have a meeting with the director" Wes said, pulling Blaine out of his chair and dragging him to the meeting room.

Blaine, David and Wes walked into the meeting room and saw Nick and Jeff already seated.

"Good morning, Agent Anderson" Director John greeted.

"Morning, Director" Blaine greeted taking a seat.

Blaine, Wes and David took a seat at the table opposite to Nick and Jeff. The director was pulling out a number of files and folders and placing them on the table. He set up his laptop on the table and hooked it up to the projector hanging from the ceiling.

"Right, let's get started" John said when he was ready.

He looked around the room and noticed that there was an empty chair next to Nick.

"Where is Agent Smythe?" he sighed annoyed.

"I'm sorry" Sebastian said, barging into the room wearing dark sunglasses. "I'm here, I'm here!"

Blaine, John and Wes sighed as they rolled their eyes.

"Agent Smythe, you're late" John groaned.

"I know. Sorry, Director" Sebastian said sitting down next to Nick, accepting the coffee waiting for him.

"Late night" Wes asked already knowing the answer.

"No" Sebastian answered.

Jeff rolled up his newspaper sitting on the table and whacked Sebastian on the head.

"Maybe" Sebastian corrected.

The director rolled his eyes.

"Moving on," He said, ignoring Sebastian. John handed out files to everyone at the table. "Congratulations on your success yesterday, gentlemen, but I've got a new case for you."

Sebastian groaned in response, earning another newspaper whack by Jeff.

"Hit me again and I'll break your arm" Sebastian threatened before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Gentlemen" John continued, gaining everyone's attention. "As I was saying, I have a new case for you. A high profile person has been missing for a week and it is believed that they have been kidnapped."

"Why is it an FBI case?" David asked, reading the report. "Shouldn't this be a job for the police department?"

"Because the person kidnapped is a senator's son."

Everyone's heads snapped up.

"Oh" Nick said shocked.

"Yes, but there's more" John added. "Not only is he the son of the senator, but he is also a famous socialite, always seen in the media, and is a highly important businessman."

Great, Blaine thought rolling his eyes. Just what his team needed; to find some stuck up rich kid who was too obnoxious and naïve to stay out of the papers and spent too much time angering the wrong kinds of people.

"So the son is kidnapped for blackmail" Blaine deduced.

"Well that's what we thought, Anderson, but we haven't had confirmation" John said. "The senator wants the FBI's best working on this case to find his son, and that's you. You need to locate the son before he is killed. We do not want the media finding out about this. We cannot afford to make things worse."

"So where do you want us to start?" Jeff asked.

"The son was last seen at his office here in New York city. That is where you will start. I need you all to be at the top of your game because the senator has the power to fire all of you, including myself."

"So we are looking for the spoilt rich kid to save ourselves?" Sebastian questioned.

"No" The director said darkly. "Our job is to protect the citizens, and that includes, to use your words, Smythe, 'spoilt rich kids'. You will use every resource to find Senator Hummel's son."

At the same moment, Blaine was drinking his coffee. When the director said those words, Blaine began choking on his coffee while Sebastian spit out his on the table. The director looked at the boys with confusion. Wes started patting Blaine on the back to help him breathe normally again.

"Senator Hummel?" David asked confused.

"That is correct. Senator Burt Hummel" John replied. "Your mission is to find is only son; 'Pavarotti' fashion designer, Kurt Hummel."

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