It was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day. The arcade was closed for the holidays, meaning all of the games had a day off. The king of Sugar Rush never felt more content sleeping the day away in his big, warm sponge cake bed.

Gamers were coming in more frequently these days, and Sugar Rush was becoming an increasingly popular game. He was hosting more races than he could count, and more racing requests still kept coming in. The worst was when Mr. Litwak one day decided to delay closing time for another 3 hours, because of the enormous amount of business he was having. The king of Sugar Rush was not amused.

"Oh my God Litwak, if I could, I would throw you in Nesquick Sand!" The king thoroughly enjoyed that amusing thought. Of course, he would never do such a thing.

Mr. Litwak was a good man and took care of the arcade pretty well. That Fix It Felix Jr. game has been here for almost 30 years, and it still works as if it just got plugged-in yesterday. Well, aside from all the gaming craziness, it was nice to finally get some time to relax.

Unbeknownst to him, a mischievous little thing was slowly tiptoeing her way to his bedroom door. She opened the gingerbread door slowly, making sure not to wake up her unexpected father.

"Coast is clear", she whispered to herself, letting out an evil grin.

She slowly crawled her way in, sneaking closer and closer like a lioness stalking her prey. The closer she crept, the harder it was to hold in her snickering. The look on her father's face was going to be priceless!

When she reached the bed, she looked to the side to see her father's exhausted form slowly rise and fall under the candy wrapper bed sheets. She climbed the candy cane bed frame that enclosed her father's sponge cake bed. When she finally reached the top, she was standing over her father's sleeping form.

"There's only one thing you could do at a time like this … CANNONBALL!" The little princess leapt into the air, curled into a ball, and soared straight into her victim's stomach!

The king's eyes shot open. "SWEET MOTHER OF MONKEY MILK!" the king yelped in shock.

Vanellope fell onto the bed laughing hysterically at her father's reaction. His face was as red as a cherry jolly rancher! "I can't breathe… I can't breathe..." Vanellope let out in between fits of laughter.

It took a moment for the king to finally recollect himself from his surprise attack, but once he did, "...Vanellope!"

Her laughter finally settling down, Vanellope conjured up the best cute-innocent look she could muster and replied, "Yes Dada?"

The king did not smile. "This is unacceptable behavior coming from you! You are my daughter and a princess of Sugar Rush! This cannot go unpunished", the king said sternly.

Vanellope's smile began to falter. Was he really that mad?

"As punishment, I sentence you to 5 minutes with …", the king's stern look suddenly melted into an evil grin, "… the tickle monster!" The king leapt onto his unexpected victim and began his merciless tickle attack.

Vanellope couldn't escape! Before she knew it, her uncontrollable fits of laughter came back with a vengeance. "HAHAHA - Dad stop! - AHAHAHA- I wasn't ready! -HAHAHA- That's not fair! You cheate-HAHAAHA!"

Vanellope's father was the only one that could ever pull a fast one on her. That's probably why she enjoyed pranking him so much. She always loved seeing how he would retaliate against her silly, albeit extreme, pranks. By the end of their tickle wars, they both collapsed on the bed, exhausted from all the fits of laughter.

The king and his daughter spent the rest of their day together. They did everything from climbing candy cane trees in the candy cane forest to having one-on-one races on Sugar Rush's main racetrack. Finishing off the last race of the day, the king and the princess were heading straight for the finish line. The crowd that quickly formed, seeing that their king was racing, roared with cheer as the two racers bolted forward neck-in-neck.

The king's hand was on the throttle, ready to take the final step. But looking at the little girl beside him, the sheer spirit ignited in her eyes, he felt some things were more important than winning. Vanellope broke ahead and with a millisecond to spare, shot through the red and white checkered finish line. The crowd went wild that their princess had won! Vanellope jumped out of her cart and was blowing kisses to her adoring fans.

The king shook his head in amusement and headed towards the adorable winner. "Looks like you finally got lucky", the king said amusingly.

"Luck had nothing to do with it! You just couldn't keep up with my raw, unstoppable talent!" the little winner replied energetically, blowing a raspberry at her competitor.

The king couldn't help, but laugh at that response. She was becoming so obnoxious lately, but in a way, it was starting to become infectious. The king could see a lot of a certain woman in Vanellope. The love of his life. She would have been proud to see how strong her daughter was becoming.

"Hellooooo? Is Dad in there? I'd like to speak to him please!" Vannelope interrupted with her wide, toothy grin.

The king shook himself from his moment of nostalgia, and smiled at his little girl. "Come here you!" the king said, sweeping the unexpected bundle of talent off her feet and onto his shoulders.

"Heyy!" Vanellope squealed, not expecting the sudden scoop of affection.

The king walked along the racetrack with his bundle of joy on his shoulders, showing her off to everyone in the crowd. "Give it up once more for Princess Vannelope!"

The crowd roared louder than they did before, cheering for Sugar Rush's warm and gooey center. The candy audience jumped up and down in their stands with joy. "You know I hate it when you call me princess, right?" Vanellope whispered to her dad.

The king smiled, simply taking in the happiness he felt at that moment. Sometimes he wondered how he could ever be so lucky. "I know."

Not too far away, unknown to the inhabitants of Sugar Rush, a little man was watching silently. His pale, dry lips curled into a smile. A plan most terrifying was beginning to form.