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Kyuubi / Chara.

Chapter one: Mission Start

The sun was high in the sky today in Konoha, I guess you could say that it was a normal day "NARUTO GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP!" but when you happen to be ninjas, nothing is really considered normal anymore.

The loud scream could only be described as a Banshee from civilians that where outside, to the person sleeping however it could only be one thing.

"Sakura-chan I am up already why are you yelling?" a blonde haired boy yawned sitting up in bed, he tried focusing on the clock but before he could she started yelling again.

"Naruto you Baka your late for a mission, again!" the pink haired girl now identified as Sakura said stomping over to the blonde.

"Hey Kyuu why did I choose her again?" Naruto thought already ignoring the pink haired girl,

"It makes people think your an idiot, and if we want the village to leave us alone they need to keep thinking that" Kyuubi growled back to him from his cage.

"I mean I could have chosen someone nice like Hinata or Tenten or a rock"

the fox chuckled, "First off Hinata can't even look in you direction without fainting, you don't hang around Tenten enough and the rock, well actually that could work"

"It has more of a personality than the pink beast" Naruto mentally chuckled,

"And its quite"

"Naruto Baka are you even paying attention" screamed she-bitch.

The whole time Naruto was talking to Kyuubi Sakura was yelling about how he was always late, annoying, and getting in her way (Hint Sasuke Hint), she even blamed him for her bad hair days, her broken nails, and ripping her favorite dress.

"God dammit Sakura, close your mouth already I think I'm going deaf!" Naruto finally yelled tired of her screaming in his ear.

Well in his defense, he was not a morning person, because if he was he wouldn't have angered the girl. Sure during missions she may be what's the word useless but if she does land a hit on you, lets just say it would not end pretty.

"Naruto you Idiot!" she yelled yanking off his blankets,

"Wait Sakura, I said wait" He yelled trying to at least grab his sheet but she had already pulled them out of reach. Under the blankets was a very nude Naruto, so as a girl the first thing Sakura did was scream,

"Kyaa! NARUTO-BAKA Put on some clothes!" she said facing away from him.

"Give me back a blanket at least, and I did say wait" he said mumbling the last part,

after getting the blanket he went to get out of bed tripping over the blanket.

"AAHHHH!" he yelled landing face first dropping the blanket.

"What are you... Kyaa!" the pink beast yelled again, this time cracking her knuckles walking towards our blonde,

"Sakura, wait I was just" he tried getting to his feet but the girl kept approaching.

After getting to his feet holding the blanket, Naruto regretted it almost instantly. Sakura was pissed beyond reasoning, The small fact she could break a tree with one punch did not make him feel any better. So he did the one thing he could do that no one would question him for, In other words, he played the love struck fool.

"Y-you know I-I'm reallyyy sorry r-right Sakura-chan" Naruto tried to say while backing away from her, but Sakura wasn't going to let that happen, because of him she had to go out of her way and lost precious time with Sasuke.

"Kit run!" The fox yelled in his head already making his feet move away from the irate girl.

The first thing that came to mind was his window that he was being cornered to,

"Shit it's locked" he thought, and it would take to long to open.

"Naruto your three hours late, and this is the fourth time this week" Sakura said cracking her knuckles, "he ruined my time with Sasuke-kun, he had better be prepared to pay for it CHAA!"

His door was the next best thing to pop into his head so he tried to run to it but in the process, he tripped over the desk next to him and landed on the floor face first again.

"Ouch" Naruto said swearing a few times before looking to his door, where he saw his rival and best friend smirking at him.

Sasuke had been leaning on the door the whole time and was trying not to laugh at Naruto's failing attempt to get away from Sakura but he couldn't blame him, when she was pissed things never ended up going well for anyone.

"He didn't seem all to happy seeing her" Sasuke thought but before he even started to question it, he had to rile up his favorite blonde-haired boy.

"Having fun down there Dobe?" Sasuke asked sarcastically still thinking of how Naruto reacted to the pink haired bitch on waking up, he could always find out about it later so he might as well mess with him now.

"SASUKE!" Naruto yelled forgetting about his blanket ran at Sasuke with his fist clenched and ready to fight but sadly, Sakura intercepted and punched him square in the jaw making him land back on his bed.

Sitting there pretending to be dazed Naruto couldn't help thinking "Really, people think I like this freak? She is goo-goo for Sasuke, and all she does is hit me. Am I that convincing about my stupidity?"
"Well personally I forgot you were acting"Kyuubi said, and Naruto could feel him smirking,
"I didn't ask you"Naruto said with a mental frown.

"Well actually you did" the fox's smirk only grew,

"Shut up" Naruto huffed.

While Naruto was having his mental argument Sakura was getting impatient,

"Naruto I swear if you don't get up now, I will have Lady Tsunade come and get you" she threatened but before she even finished Naruto had run into the bathroom.

He had just finished stripping down when he heard Sakura yell,

"You have five minutes"

After Naruto had washed up and gotten dressed thanks to Sasuke getting him some clothes, they headed out to the Hokage tower.

-_-Hokage Tower-_-

Tsunade had just finished another stack of papers in her office all of which were payments for damaged property on missions, if she hated anything about being Hokage it had to be all the damn paperwork.

"Will this ever end?" she questioned, "I really need a drink right now, if only I could find where Shizune hid my sake"

Tsunade had gotten up and was rummaging around her office when she noticed that a part of the bookshelf wasn't all the way against the wall,
"That's strange" she thought, "That wasn't like that before"
and than it hit her. "AHA!"she yelled"I found it!"after pushing the bookshelf out of the way and retrieving her beloved beverage, she heard steps coming closer. She quickly stashed her sake in the desk just as the door slammed open, revealing the Shinobi she had called for hours ago.

"So what's the mission Baa-chan?" Naruto asked practically jumping into the room, he kept walking until he sat on the couch near her desk that clients normally used.

"What did you just call me Gaki!" Tsunade fumed, you could literally see the vain in her forehead pulsing, Naruto noticing this tried to keep quiet when something or better yet someone caught his attention from the corner of his eye,

"You have to try better than that" he thought.

"Really Naruto your part of the ANBU now and you still act like you're in the academy?" Kakashi chuckled coming into the room from the window, he had been sitting outside for about twenty minutes waiting for the rest of his old genin team to get there when he had started reading his orange covered book.

"KAKASHI you're even later than Naruto you have no right to be talking about acting your own…." Was all Sakura was able to get out before she was cut off

"Hokage-sama can we just get to the mission already or would you rather have to listen to her scream for another minute" Sasuke interrupted coldly "I thought my ears were going to bleed," he thought. You could practically see Sakura deflate at the comment from her crush, but she picked herself right back up after she convinced herself he was just playing hard to get.

"This mission will take place in Japan.." Tsunade said getting down to business.

No one noticed when she narrowed her eyes towards Naruto trying to tell him something, well Kakashi might have but the only one to speak up about it was Kyuubi.

"Remember she said act stupid until you have no other choice" Came Kyuubi's rough voice "We don't need anymore people finding a reason to hurt you.

"I know Kyuu but I just wish I could just be myself," He thought mentally sighing,

"i guess its time for the Dobe to make his entrance."

Without a hint on what he was thinking Naruto asked, "Where's Japan? What elemental country is it in?"

Naruto already knew about this mission and had been informed about it weeks before, The Hokage had already discussed with him about keeping his "True Self" hidden, like how he would normally, Naruto had tried to make her change her mind but she had already put her foot down saying it was for the best.

Tsunade loved Naruto as if he were her own son she tried to always keep him safe even with their lives as ninja's, every mission she would always tell him to come home in one piece and no mater how often they fought they both knew the other only meant they cared.

Getting back to the situation at hand Sasuke was staring at Naruto like he had three heads,

"We're in Japan Dobe," he said trying to figure out what was going on in the others head, "I know you can't be that stupid Naruto what are you getting at?" Sasuke couldn't figure out why he cared so much about the Dobe.

"Teme!" Naruto growled already knowing Sasuke would make a comment on his intelligence, he jumped off the couch and went to punch him when was interrupted yet again.

"ENOUGH!" Tsunade yelled slamming her hands on her desk cracking it down the middle making everyone in the room go silent, "As I was saying you will be going to Japan, but in a different world," She continued while keeping an eye on Naruto and Sasuke.

"A different world?" questioned Sakura, "why are the ANBU needed and for how long?"

However, all she was really thinking of was how long she gets to spend time with Sasuke.

"For this mission you will be heading to Seiyo Academy, were you three will go undercover as High School students and Kakashi will be the new Gym teacher."

Naruto snickered hearing Kakashi sigh at being a teacher,

"There have been reports about the Akatsuki, it will probably last for the whole school year or until you have completed the mission. I want everyone to meet up in one hour to get more information from Kakashi is that clear?"Tsunade finished before four yes's were heard and she dismissed the ANBU members so they could pack what they would need for the long mission ahead.

Right before they left Kakashi told them to meet up at the bridge when they were done packing.

Time Skip To Bridge-_-_

The three ex-team seven members were standing at their old meeting spot, and had already been waiting for 2 hours.

"Is he really going to be late two times in one day" Sakura bitched, not that she was complaining about getting to be with Sasuke she was just getting sick of his and Naruto's habit of always being late.

"It's not that bad Sakura-chan the weathers nice and it's beautiful out" Naruto said trying to convince her. "Does she ever shut up?" he thought, "I'm about two seconds away from killer her"

"Naruto-baka go away!" Sakura yelled "He's so stupid he should just go away so I can be with my Sasuke-kun alone CHAA!" her inner voice wailed.

"I don't know what he see's in her she's annoying, and can't take a hint" Sasuke thought, he had been watching the blonde get yelled at and was getting sick of how Sakura treated him, "might as well save him" he smirkedbefore kicking Naruto off the bridge, "And might as well have some fun with him while I'm at it"

"Dobe lets spar while we wait, might as well pass the time doing something," Sasuke said looking down at Naruto, "We'll probably be here for another hour anyways"

"You're on and when I win, you will see how awesome I am!" Naruto yelled jumping up while making a pose that would make Lee and Gai proud (A/N is that a sunset…)

"Dobe were just sparring not trying to kill each other…" he sighed before cringing, "was that a sunset?"

Out of sight Kakashi laughed at how the three were doing, he knew that Naruto would notice him so he just sat and watched his old student act like kids again.

"I wonder how they can be so carefree" he asked aloud to himself.


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