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Chapter 2: The Kitty

It was 6:30 in the morning, and the sound of an alarm was ringing throughout the house. The figure in bed rolled over and threw the noisy object against the wall.

The sound of a loud crack was heard but the silence after was worth it until the door slammed open, and a familiar singsong voice yelled,


"What Utau?" The figure now identified as Ikuto mumbled and rolled over rubbing his eyes, "Won't you let me sleep?"

"Come on, your going to make us late again," She whined pulling on his sleeve. "And don't even think of saying to go by myself, and you'll catch up later"

Ikuto sat up in bed and groaned thinking, "Damn there goes Plan A",

"Fine I'm up, happy?" he asked sarcastically, He may love his sister but sometimes she was a pain in the ass.

"No need to be sarcastic, and yes I am happy now hurry up and take a shower so we can go" She said in a motherly like tone.

"Okay, I'll be down in a few minutes," Ikuto called as he heard heels click down the stairs. He lay back in his bed for a while trying to wake up a little more before he got up and went to take a shower.

During showers, Ikuto liked to clear his mind and think about all the things going on in him but lately only one thing has been bothering him,

"How much longer do I have to follow the pink haired brat around?" Ikuto thought scrubbing shampoo into his hair, "Why did the Humpty lock have to choose her?"

"Couldn't it have picked someone less annoying?" He sighed aloud.

After he rinsed the last of the shampoo out, he stepped out of the shower and draped a towel around his hips.

He walked down the hall towards his room to get dressed but as he opened the door, a small blue ball of fur attacked him.

"Ikuto-nyaa!" it said still buried in his chest

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"What is it Yoru?" Ikuto asked pulling the little creature off him,

"I feel something very powerful is coming," Yoru said with his eyes gleaming"I hope its exciting-nyaa"

Ikuto rolling his eyes at his Chara's antics got dressed in his uniform than grabbed his book bag and headed downstairs.

"Finally, you're ready" Utau said coming out of the kitchen with two lunch bags followed by her Chara, "I thought you went back to bed"

"It did cross my mind" Ikuto replied with a smirk,

while petting Yoru she gave her brother a playful glare and handed him one of the bags, before heading out the door with the two behind her.

On the way to school, they stopped a couple times to pick up their friends. Kukai was the first house and as always, he was in the kitchen eating out of a plate of muffins with his brother and Daichi, "Good morning," he said with a mouthful, "Want something to eat?" Kukai's brother already knowing the answer poured two extra glasses of orange juice.

Nadeshiko and Nagihiko's was next, but because their house was slightly out of the way, they just met up the next block over.

The last place to stop was Tadase's, when they reached his house he was walking out the door trying to put his shoe on, when he noticed they where there he ran over and the friends continued heading to school.

They had just gotten to the gate when all of their Chara's started acting strange,

"Ikuto the strong power I was talking about is here-nyaa," Yoru said trying to keep his excitement under control.

"Do you know where it's coming from?" Ikuto asked,
"Not exactly, but I know that it's on the school grounds-nyaa." Yoru replied still trying to pinpoint where the power was coming from.

Ikuto and the rest were still trying to figure out what was going on walking towards the school, when a car they had never seen before pulled up in front of the building.

"I wonder who that could be" Tadase said looking at the car,

"Maybe it's a new kid," Kukai said grabbing Utau's arm running up to it with Nadeshiko, and Nagihiko right behind them.

"Why would someone transfer this time of year?" Ikuto thought, "Well whatever we have to catch up to them". He continued walking and when he finally caught up to his friends, the car had already pulled away and it was only his friends standing there waiting for him.

"Come on Ikuto, were going to be late" Utau said walking up to her brother, when he nodded they walked into the building heading towards the stairs.

After getting to the classroom since there were no assigned seats Ikuto sat in the back row next to the window, while Utau sat in front of him to make sure he stayed awake during class.

After the rest of the students had entered the classroom, the teacher came in and told them to quite down because she needed to tell them something important.

"Class today we will be having three new students joining us, I want you all to be nice to them and help them make friends," She said with a soft smile,

"I'd like you all to meet Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno," the class started getting loader as the three new students walked in the door.

"Okay I'd like you to tell us your names, and one thing about yourself," the teacher continued, "Uzumaki-san would you like to go first?"

"Okay, I'm Naruto Uzumaki," a very chipper voice said gaining Ikuto's interest, he looked up and froze, at the front of the classroom was a beautiful blonde with blue eyes.

"Well something about me, uhm lets see" Naruto said while thinking, the thing he didn't know was that when he was deep in thought he made a pouty face, making all the girls drool and some of the males pants tighten.

"Come on Dobe, it can't be that hard to think" came the black haired new student with a noticeable blush on his face,

"Sasuke!" The cute little blonde growled making some of the students jump at the loudness.

"As I was saying, something about myself, I want to be a ninja?" Naruto said enthusiastically, making everyone in the classroom face palm.

"Well than," The teacher said, "Uchiha-san you can go".

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, and thats all you need to know about me", and the pink haired girl what was her name, Sakura? Well whatever no one cared to listen to her, the girls and guys in the room well all focused on Naruto and Sasuke.

"Until you are used to this school one of the students will be assigned to each of you to show you around," the teacher told them. "does anyone want to volunteer?" as soon as the words were our of her mouth all the hands in the room went up, some of the student were even jumping at the chance to spend time with the cute boys.

"I think I should be the one to lend the blonde a hand," Ikuto said standing up and walking to the front of the class "I am the class president, and it would be no problem"

"That would be splendid thank you Tsukiyomi-san," Said the teacher,

All the ninjas hearing the name of the person they needed to watch looked up to see a handsome young man with blue hair and violet eyes.

"Uzumaki-san this is Ikuto Tsukiyomi, he will be bringing you to your classes for the rest of the week," The teacher stated, "if you need anything just ask him and he will try his best to be of help" Naruto smiled up at the blue haired boy and they exchanged a quick hello, as Utau also walked to the front of the room.

"I would like to be assigned to Uchiha-san if that's alright sensei" The blonde singer spoke.

"Thank you very much Hoshina-san," The teacher said, "Uchiha-san this is Utau Hoshina she will be helping you with your classes and as I told Uzumaki-san if you need anything just ask her" Sasuke nodded his head towards the girl with a silent greeting.

"Now than, that's over with lets get back to…"

"Wait what about me?" asked Sakura interrupting the teacher,

"Oh right Haruno-san, I am sorry I forgot you were even here," the teacher said apolitically, "Who would like to help Haruno-san?" when no hands were raised she decided to just pick someone herself but before she could the door opened reveling another pink haired girl.

"Sorry I'm late" the girl said, "I was stopped and my bag got searched, again" Said the girl trying to act tough. The teacher thought for a minute before clapping her hands together once quietly,

"Hinamori-san thank you for volunteering to help Haruno-san,"

"Wait what…" but before she could finish what she was saying the teacher cut her off,

"This is Amu Hinamori she will show you around, now lets get back to class," the teacher said before starting to write on the chalkboard.

After class the ninjas met up with their assigned partners,

"Can I see you class schedule?" Ikuto asked Naruto who handed it over, "We have all the same classes, let's go" Ikuto couldn't help thinking,"This will be interesting"

"Well see you later Sasuke," Naruto yelled following Ikuto to his next class.

"What does you schedule say" asked Utau, after Sasuke showed her his classes and they happened to all be the same they headed off, The same happened with Amu and Sakura but no words were said between them, Amu just grabbing her paper and walking away with it making Sakura follow.


Ikuto brought Naruto up to the rooftop where he and his friends always ate and as always, he was the first to get there.

"So how do you like your first day so far?" Ikuto asked,
"Its not so bad but I've never really liked school," Naruto replied making Ikuto chuckle,

"I don't think anyone really likes school" He.

They kept talking about random things until the roof door opened revealing Tadase, Kukai, and the twins,

The new arrivals looked at Naruto questioningly.

"Naruto this is Tadase Hotori, Kukai Soma, and Nagihiko and Nadeshiko Fujisaki, and guys this is Naruto Uzumaki," Ikuto said introducing his new friend to his old and his old friends to his new.

"Are you one of the new kids?" asked Tadase, when Naruto nodded his head Kukai ran up to him looking him up and down as the roof door opened again with Utah and Sasuke entering.

"Your way to cute to be a guy" Kukai said making Sasuke laugh and reply,

"You don't even know the half of it, the Dobe here gets mistaken for a girl all the time where we used to live"

"Hey! That's not true I am very manly," Naruto yelled trying to hide his blush.

"You really are cute," Ikuto said leaning on the wall next to him, making Naruto's face even redder "Does he not realize that most guys want to take him home and bind him under their beds?" Ikuto thought. (A/N I'm not a guy and I want to)

"W-wh-what are y-you t-t-talking a-about" Naruto stuttered, Sasuke seeing this growled and walked over to the two and sat right between them making everyone else silent until,



Breaking the silence, the roof door slammed open revealing an angry Sakura stomping in trying to get away from an equally angry Amu.

"What happened with you two?" Nagihiko asked getting ignored,

"I think we need to calm them down first, and then try to talk to them." Nadeshiko said to her brother.

After calming the two pink haired girls down a little they tried to talk to them in separate areas of the roof,
"So what happened Sakura?" Sasuke asked his teammate,
"That rude little bitch called me crazy," Sakura fumed while Sasuke face palmed thinking, "I wonder why"

Over with Amu it wasn't going any better.

"What happened with you and Haruno-san?" asked Tadase,

"That girl is psycho, she tried to kill me," Amu said trying to keep her face neutral but it did nothing since she was screaming.

"So I guess you guys need to work out your issues, because you can't change partners" Kukai said trying to keep them from fighting again.

All the students on the roof finally calmed down the two pink haired girls, when they heard the bell ring meaning lunch had ended.

"Okay I guess we better get going, come on Naruto" called Ikuto from the door.
"Give me a second," Naruto yelled walking over to Sakura, "If you ruin this mission, I will personally give a request to Hokage-sama that you are to be taken out of ANBU is that clear?" Naruto asked in her ear making her shiver from the hatred that laced his voice.

Sakura nodded her head and he left with Ikuto.

Gym was their last class before homeroom and Naruto and Sasuke both had it together, so when they left the locker room they sat on the open bleachers.

"What do you two think you are doing?" Asked Utau, "Were about to start gym get up"

"Yeah I wouldn't be to sure about that," Naruto said relaxing,

"We know the teacher and he won't be here for at least an hour," Sasuke said lying on the seat with his head almost on Naruto's lap.

After they waited about twenty more minutes, Ikuto and his sister finally sat down with the two ninjas,

"I didn't think you were serious about the teacher," Ikuto said yawning, "So how do you know the teacher anyway?"

"He is our guardian," Naruto said with his head down, "Both of our parents are dead"

After the words came out of Naruto's mouth, everyone fell silent.

"So how is everyone today" Asked the very late teacher,
"Why were you late today Kakashi?" Asked Sasuke smirking, "I would love to hear your excuse"

Knowing he could not use most of his best excuses, Kakashi had to think on his toes,

"Well Sasuke I mean Uchiha-san I was walking down the stairs when I saw a student in distress and I stopped to help them," Kakashi said trying to act the role of a teacher.

"So you were to busy reading your porn book to come to class," Naruto said standing up, "Seems like something you would do"

By this point, all the students were watching them and some of the girls were giving him funny looks,
"Well than if your done accusing your teacher, lets get to our activity for today" Kakashi said trying to get off the subject.

"From now to the end of the year we will be working on self defense, and before any of you ask we will also be working on fighting to keep you in shape," Kakashi said handing out cards, "After you flip your card over get into groups based on your cards number" he finished pointing out where each group was to go.

"Now before we begin I want Uzumaki-san and Uchiha-san to come up front and show us what they can do," hearing their names Naruto, and Sasuke went to the middle of the gym and got into fighting stances, "remember this is just a show so please don't kill each other" Kakashi said sitting down with the rest of the class.

Naruto ran at Sasuke with his fist drawn back but as he went to punch him, Sasuke ducked under his arm and kicked Naruto's feet out from under him. Naruto falling back used his hands to jump out of the way of Sasuke's kick, not giving him a minute to steady himself Sasuke continued trying to attack the blonde but before he could land a hit Naruto kicked him in the stomach making him double over and cough.

"Had enough Teme?" Naruto said smiling, "Because we both know you can't win against me"

"No that's enough boys, now get in your groups and you can start by doing thirty laps around the gym" Kakashi laughed as everyone but his fellow ninja groaned, "I can make it fifty"

At that, everyone started jogging around the gym.

When more than half of the students made it to the tenth lap, Ikuto was on his twenty-seventh, and Naruto and Sasuke had already finished long ago but kept running trying to help others that were having issues.

"How the hell did you guys do that" huffed a tired Ikuto, "Normally I'm the first one done but you guys are incredible, the only person I can think of that could keep up with you two is Kukai".

After catching their breaths, the class noticed two things one was that the teacher was gone and two the class had ended almost ten minutes ago.

(Time skip end of school)

When the bell rang Naruto followed Ikuto to the gate where everyone but his teammates where waiting,

"Where's Sasuke and pinky?" questioned Naruto,

"They just left to bad-nyaa"

"Wonderful they left me, how am I supposed to…"

Naruto and everyone else froze; he looked over his shoulder and nearly jumped at the sight of the little flying cat.

"W-w-w-w-what THE HELL IS THAT?" Naruto screamed freaking out making Yoru fall back into Ikuto's arms.

"You can see him?" asked Tadase with confusion clearly written on his face,

"How could I not see a flying cat?" Naruto said still freaking out,

"What the hell is it?"

"He is my Guardian Character" Ikuto said, "His name is Yoru"

"Nice to meet you-nyaa" Yoru said floating up to Naruto.

"I think your forgetting about the rest of us," Kiseki said floating out from behind Tadase, after meeting all of the Guardian Characters Naruto still didn't have a ride home so he went with Ikuto and Utau.

The walk to Ikuto's house was silent other than Naruto talking to the Chara about the possibility of him having one.

"I wonder why Kyuu hasn't talked to me since we got here,"

Naruto thought, "I keep feeling like something is wrong, I can't even feel his presence" Naruto was not paying attention anymore to his surroundings or the others talking to him,

"Blondie hello you in there were already here-nyaa," Yoru said trying to get Naruto's attention.

"Oh sorry I was lost in thought" Said Naruto walking into the house.

"Yeah we noticed" Utau laughed pushing him out of her way, "You hungry?"

Naruto didn't even have to answer his stomach growled answering for him,

"Have any Ramen?" He asked, Ikuto nodded and started boiling water while Utau grabbed three cups of miso ramen from the cabinet.

After eating they were sitting around the living room, watching TV when Ikuto started thinking about the fact Naruto could see their Chara's,

"Maybe he will have one soon," Ikuto thought.

"Its getting kind of late, I'm going to call Kakashi so he can come get me," Naruto said getting up and grabbing his cell.

After about an hour Kakashi finally showed up,

"You realize its 8:30 right?" asked Naruto, "I do have school tomorrow"

"Oh I almost forgot its weird being in school again," Kakashi said driving off to their new house, "Learn anything about Ikuto?"

"No but I can see Chara's" Naruto said thinking about getting his own,

"What's a Chara?" Kakashi asked confused.

"Oh it's a Guardian Character or your would be self" Naruto said telling him about all his new friends and how all of them have one or more Chara's and that there was now a possibility for him to have one.

(Time skip next morning)

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" the person still in bed shrieked

"What's wrong Dobe?" asked a sleepy Sasuke running into his room,

(A/N :D it's time)

"My Chara's are here" Naruto said jumping around holding his new colorful eggs.

"Naruto what are you doing there is still two more hours until we have to get up," Complained Kakashi rubbing his eyes, "Are those what it think they are?" he asked forgetting about being tired.

"Naruto-baka what are you yelling about you woke up Sasuke-kun" Wailed the pink haired girl when she noticed what Naruto was holding, "Why are you holding three eggs?" she asked but was ignored.

"What's a Chara?" Sasuke asked still staring at eggs,

"My would be self, but I have three so my would be selves?" Naruto said questioning himself.

Naruto's Chara eggs were beautiful everyone had to admit one was black with flames and had two chains crossing connected with a red lock. The second egg was a deep purple with blue stripes crisscrossing on the bottom of it and a music symbol on the front, and the third egg was green with math symbols covering it.

Sasuke was still looking at Naruto's eggs and was trying to grasp the situation when he remembered he had found eggs in his bed also,
"Uhm guys I have some too" Sasuke said holding out two eggs of his own. One of his eggs was a pale pink with black stripes, and the second egg was orange with a black swirl.

Everyone in the room was trying to figure out what was going to happen next and why Sasuke and Naruto had Chara eggs,

"I think you two need to have a word with Ikuto when you get to school," Kakashi said walking out of the room.

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