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Chapter Three: Scrambled Egg's

The two boy were discussing about their Egg's, when Sasuke looked over at Naruto's clock on the bedside table telling him they should start getting ready. Both boy ran to the bathroom fighting over who got the first shower with Sasuke wining, in his defense he did offer to shower with Naruto making the blonde blush and walk away without saying a word.

After both boys were showered and dressed, they only needed to finish eating before they headed out to the car where Kakashi was waiting.

"Ready to go?" he asked from the driver's seat,

"Hey! What about me, WAIT!" Sakura yelled running out the door pulling on her shoes and holding her skirt up, the car was already pulling away when Kakashi finally acknowledged her.

"Oh sorry Sakura, you're just going to have to walk" Kakashi said, "you should have been ready when I told you to be," he called driving away,

(A/N the schools 15 miles away from their house and they cant use their ninja training to help them hehe)

A few miles down the road Naruto couldn't hold it any longer and started laughing,

"That was awesome," he said wiping the tears from his face while Sasuke chuckled and nodded in agreement, "Thanks Kakashi"

"No problem, she was getting on my nerves anyways," he said smiling at the two boys in the rear view mirror, "probably because I didn't show up for her class"

"I'm glad those two have opened up to the other a bit more, they really needed a friend that understood them" He smiled to himself before sighing, " If only I could say the same for Pinky"

As the car pulled into the school area, they saw Ikuto and their new friends waiting for them.

"Hey Naruto what's up?" Ikuto said putting his arm around Naruto's shoulder, "Oh hi Sasuke" getting only a glare as a response,

"H-hi Ikuto," Naruto stuttered trying to pry the taller boy off him blushing, "Oh yeah, guess what?" He said finally getting out of the taller boys grasp.

"Ikuto-nyaa" Yoru whispered into said boy's ear "Blondie and the Emo Ducky have Egg's-nyaa," the cat chuckled sitting on the boys shoulder.

"You and Sasuke have Egg's" Ikuto smirked,

"How did you know?" Naruto asked pouting,

Usuratonkachi," Sasuke said hitting Naruto in the back of the head. (A/N feel the wrath of GIBBS)

"Sasuke~" Naruto whined holding his injured head, "What the hell was that for?"

"did that cat thing there tell you" he said pointing at Yoru ignoring the whining blonde,

"Maybe he did maybe he didn't, so are you going to tell me" Ikuto said smirking at Sasuke trying to rile him up.

Sasuke was about to attack the "smartass" as he liked to call him, before the blonde girl that had been helping him yesterday started talking,

"Come on Ikuto that's enough, so are you going to show us your egg's," Utau asked pushing her brother aside, "Well come on show us." she said impatiently.

"Alright if you rea.."

"Naruto-Baka i'm gonna kick your ass!"

The banshee known as Sakura screamed running towards the group fuming.

The rest of the group hearing rather than seeing Sakura stood in front of Naruto to protect the cute blonde but while they weren't paying attention Kukai grabbed him and hid in the bushes.

"What the hell is your deformity, Sakura," Sasuke yelled steeping out in front seeing the girl still approaching fast, "You know what don't tell me, I Don't care enough to listen!" He grabbed her wrist when she got close enough and launched her through a group of trees.

The group of teenagers watched, some of them smiling at watching her slam into the tree causing a small explosion, and the rest slightly concerned. ( A/N for the tree (; )

"Well...Uhm is she going to be okay?" Tadase asked looking at the newly formed crater,

"Don't worry about it, if anything I'd be more concerned about the trees," Sasuke smirk happy with his work.

Looking around he noticed something strange, "Where's the Dobe?"

"H-h-hey what a-are you d-d-doing?!" Came a girly squeak from the bushes,

"Nothing you wouldn't like" said a second voice. When realization hit them, Sasuke and Ikuto ran over to the bushes and pulled out a flustered Naruto with his shirt opened and a smirking Kukai whose pants looked a little tighter.

"What the hell do you think you were doing?!" Sasuke growled, he lifted him by his collar until his feet no longer touched the ground while an irritated Ikuto cuddled the shaking blonde.

"Nothing." the redhead said looking everywhere but at Sasuke,

"Tell me now or you see that crater over there, you will soon be acquainted!" Sasuke said grinding his teeth and his eyes starting to go red.

"Okay, Okay I'll tell you so please put me down?" Kukai shivered at the chilling glare's, "I may have kissed him a little."

The one's who hear what he said took several steps back trying to get away from the dark clouds forming around the two dark haired boys which made them think of death.

Naruto still shaken could feel Sasuke's overwhelming power seeping out of him, and could tell he was doing everything he could to not rip the boys balls off.

He knew he needed to act quickly, so the blonde ran to Sasuke and hugged the raven from behind,

"Sasuke, please calm down" Naruto said whispering so only Sasuke would hear him, "put him down, I'm okay so please look at me,"

The raven had only moved to free himself from the blond to pound the living daylights out of the red head in his grip.

"Please Sasuke just stop this and look at me!" Naruto yelled at the still unmoving boy making everyone go silent.

"What he did was wrong," Sasuke finally said breaking the silence, "he did such a terrible thing to you and you want to protect him?" Sasuke finally turned towards the boy still hugging him, "He deserves to get the shit beat out of him."

"Sasuke I think he has been punished enough already," Naruto said hugging the raven a little tighter.

"But he.." Sasuke started to protest but Naruto cut him off,

"I said its enough." it was said with such authority Sasuke felt shivers go down his spine. Over by the bushes no one had noticed the bag shaking as if something was trying to get out.

Sasuke knowing he could not ignore his captain reluctantly let the red head fall to his knees, he turned to apologize to his teammate but froze once he took in the sight in front of him.

Now standing in front of him was his crush, with his shirt still open revealing to everyone there his god like body,

"Naruto, you shirt is kind of open" Ikuto said trying not to drool or stare too much. "Don't rape, don't rape," he mentally yelled at himself,

"Oh yeah, thanks" Naruto said trying to re-button his shirt with a pout on his face the whole time.

After a few more attempts all ending in pant tightening failures, Tadase walk over to him, "Let me help," he said straightening out the other blondes shirt but stopped after opening it and gasped, "Where did you get that?" making the others look over at the two.

Everyone but Sasuke's eyes doubled in size when they saw a large scar running from his left collarbone going diagonally down his body farther than what his pants would allow them to see.

"Oh I uhm…" He said trying to come up with a reason that did not involve him being almost killed, "I was climbing a tree… and I fell?" looking around it was clear no one believed him.

"Why does no one believe me?" he thought, "I did fall out of the tree, it may have been because I was almost killed but I still did fall."

"Not that you don't have a great body and all," Utau said looking at Naruto and giving him a smile showing she knew he didn't want to talk about the scar "but are you going to show us your Eggs?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot" He said going to grab his eggs, Sasuke doing the same.

"Wow you have three eggs," Kukai said still looking a little pale and keeping distance from the ninja,

"That's the same as Amu"

"Whats the same as me?" the pinked haired girl followed by her Chara's asked walking towards them her hand on her hip, and pushing out her chest to try and make her small A cup look bigger but before she got her answer the ground started shaking and a beastly howl was heard.

"Great Sakura's awake," Naruto whispered looking a little worried.

"What was that?" Nadeshiko asked standing next to him,

"Oh nothing, just talking to myself" he said scratching the back of his head.

"Naruto I want a word with you," the she bitch screamed,

Naruto looked over at Sasuke and when the dark haired boy nodded his head, the Blonde followed the banshee.

"Sure why not Sakura-chan?" he said with a fake smile thinking, "What the hell does she want?," "I have to talk with you anyways."

"Shut up and just follow me!" she demanded.

They walked to a secluded area on the school grounds, unaware one of the eggs in Naruto's bag was shaking violently as if it knew something was going to happen.

Sakura sitting down on the middle of a bench looked at Naruto with so much hatred, you could feel it in the air.

"Naruto I want you to stay away from them," She said crossing her legs,

"Stay away from who Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked with mock confusion showing on his face.

"Away from MY Sasuke, Ikuto, and Kukai they obviously like me and you keep getting in the way!" She yelled standing,"all you know is how to screw things up for me," she continued yelling not noticing the blonde clench his fists.

The thing still ranting and yelling wasn't paying attention to the person it was venting to and couldn't feel the chakra flaring and growing more and more every second.

"Your pathetic, useless, nothing but a burden, I don't know how you made ANBU let alone ANBU captain," Sakura said not paying attention to her superior,

"No one loves you, no one ever will, I want you to understand your place in life and stay away from me and MY men!"

Naruto couldnt take it any longer he couldnt even hear the stupid girl anymore, he had already lost his mask letting his full anger show clear as day on his face,

his chakra was leaking out in a rather alarming rate, and the stupid pink haired thing in front of him hadn't even realized it yet.

"HARUNO!" Naruto growled full of hatred and power making the girl freeze and pale,

Sasuke could feel Naruto's rage and felt his chakra spike,

"What did she do?" he thought but before he could go look the egg with the chains and lock flew out of Naruto's bag and in a blood red light shot out to where its owner was.

"Haruno-san, you do know who you're talking to right?" Naruto said a fake smile on his face and his voice laced with hatred and fury.

"Uhm" was all she could say before she looked at him,

and standing before her was the class clown.

The boy everyone called a monster.

The boy no one cared for or loved.

The boy that was always trying to get attention whether good or bad.

But above all else,

The boy who no matter how many times she rejected him, punched him, called him stupid, and ignored him he asked her out on a daily with a large smile and blue eyes that could put the sky to shame.

The eyes that always looked so beautiful to her but she could never admit she was to much of a cowardly fangirl with a reputation and she ruined it, his cold eyes now almost a dead ocean color were glaring at her filled with uncontrollable anger, hatred, and a small hint of sadness.

It scared her, it scared her so badly she was shaking. Everything she thought she knew about her teammate was gone and in its place was an deadly ANBU captain that looked ready to finish off an enemy.

"Do you want to know something Haruno-san?" he spat her name with disgust moving closer to her, "Before we left for this mission I asked Baa-chan something. Do you want to know what I asked?"

Sakura nodded her head in fear of her voice failing her.

"Why was Haruno assigned to this mission, I don't think she is capable of getting her head out of her ass long enough to even save her own life." Naruto said pacing back and forth still close to her so she could not escape even if she was able to walk, before stopping back in front of her smiling that fake smile that made her sick to her stomach

"Haruno-san I as you captain hereby remove you from this mission and revoke your title as ANBU"

"What you can't do that!" Sakura screamed growing a pair.

"Actually I can I'm the captain of this mission and you superior in ANBU rank" he said standing his ground.

"I refuse to leave, MY Sasuke will back me up on this," She yelled as the others burst through the trees, not looking at Naruto or Sakura but above Naruto's shoulder.

They soon realized he hadn't even noticed his egg was there.

(A/N lol dense much)

*Clink, Clink, Crack* (A/N the sounds of chains letting go and egg cracking)

"Kit punch her and put her in her place, she can't talk to you like that," a voice said making everyone jump.

"Sounds good enough to me," he thought "Haruno-san, you will listen to me! I am your commanding officer!" he yelled punching her in the face, knocking her out cold.

"Kakashi" Naruto said calling the older man to his side.
"Let me guess she stepped out of line?" he asked trying to hold back a chuckle but stopped, "you want to take her back don't you," he sighed looking over to the blonde after getting no reply from his first question.

"I would also like you to give this message to Tsunade-sama as well" He said his captain tone still present, "You are not to return until you receive a reply and fulfill what is asked of you"

"Of course Fox" Kakashi chuckled he always found it weird when Naruto acted like a leader but it was a good weird.

Kakashi picked up the pink woman as if she was no more than trash "Well I'll be off oh and Naruto, you might want to look over you left shoulder" he said pointing before he made a few hand signs and stepped through the portal that appeared before him.



Everyone yelled at once making Naruto cover his sensitive ears,

"Naruto what happened?" Sasuke asked coming over and standing next to his blonde teammate,

"Sakura was being… well herself so I removed her form the mission and revoked her ANBU title" Naruto said as if it was nothing, forgetting that their friends were surrounding them.

"Naruto is that you Chara?"

Ikuto said grabbing Naruto's shoulder turning him towards him,

"Better question what the hell just happened, and what do you mean by mission?"

They all soon focused on the tiny fox-like Chara floating around Naruto's head,

"First of all Sasuke and I are Ninja from the hidden leaf village Konaha. We were assigned a mission by our Hokage our village leader from the school principle to watch over a student here that is in danger." Naruto said switching back to ANBU mode,

"But what happened with the uhm what's her face?" Kukai asked starring at Naruto's body and not his face.

"Sakura put our mission in jeopardy by being conceited and only caring about being a fangirl," the blonde replied "I have sent her back home and removed her rank. Kakashi will be bringing a few replacements."

Naruto said starting to come back to his bubbly self "and he might just kill me when he gets back, and yes I do believe that's my Chara" as he finished their eyes widened and their jaws dropped.

"So wait you're ninjas?" Utau asked being the first to come back to reality,

"Hn" Sasuke grunted looking at Naruto's Chara, "Dobe how long are you going to ignore him?"

"I'm not ignoring him I'm just waiting for the fur ball to come down here" said blonde smirked, Sasuke heard him counting down from three and could already guess what he was waiting for.

And as he said one the Chara flew down straight at Naruto,


The Chara yelled in Naruto's face getting his claws ready for the response.

"And here I thought you were loud when you were inside of me" The blonde said looking in the eyes of his old friend,

"I guess this is the reason I haven't heard from you in a while Kyuu?"

"You guess is as good as mine, I thought you were just ignoring me at first but I wasn't able to contact you at all no matter how hard I tried" Kyuu said sounding angry,

"Did you miss me?" Naruto asked smirking, he jumped and hugged Kyuu to his chest gently as to not hurt his tiny friend, "If it makes a difference I missed you," He said so only the red fox-like Chara could hear, getting a purr in return.

"Wait this is Kyuubi No Kitsune?" Sasuke asked, "Isn't the nine tails supposed to be sealed inside of you?

"Yep/Yep" Kyuu and Naruto said at the same time still cuddling,

"Must not rip off clothes bend him over and..."

(A/N sorry rated T not M)

The three boys with tighter pants mentally yelled at themselves.

"Uhm Naruto you might want to watch what your doing" Nagihiko said with a small chuckle, "Don't want to get attacked by hormone driven boys do you?"

"What do you mean Nagi? Naruto asked with pure innocence written all over his face, "Does he really think I don't know what I'm doing?"

"You're so cute!" the male twin squealed glomping the adorable blonde.

"Hey what are you..." Naruto tried to say,

"You make me want to!" but instead of finishing his thought aloud he kissed Naruto making the boy squeak.

Sasuke hearing his Dobe making girly noises looked over in his direction and noticed that Ikuto and kukai both in Chara mode were trying to get to Nagihiko, while his sister who was also in Chara mode was holding their shirts keeping them in place as if it was nothing.

"What are you two doing?" he asked confused, "Note to self never piss off Nadeshiko"

"He kissed him!" they both yelled.

Naruto sitting on the ground behind Nagihiko was trying to get away without him the others noticing, "Gah! I'm such an idiot, I didn't think he liked me too" he thought, looking over at Kyuu he had a great idea "what if I did a Chara change?"

"Kyuu Chara change with me now!" Naruto yelled,

"Sure thing kit" Kyuu said floating over to him.

Everyone was watching Naruto waiting to see what was going to happen when a pair of fox ears popped out of his hair and nine fluffy tails appeared from behind him, the only thing running through their minds was "CUTE!"

"Naruto you look so cute!" Amu said running up and hug... tackled him, making him scream and fall on his ass with her on top of him.

Ikuto cleared his throat trying to get their attention while Sasuke dragged his Dobe out from the clutches of the pink women,

"So uhm how do I look?" the blonde asked looking away embarrassed because everyone was looking him up and down as if he was a piece of meat. (A/N if only he knew)

"You look good enough to eat" Kukai said licking his lips, he walked up to the fox boy and whispered in his ear making sure to just barely touch it "In fact how about you come over and I can make you purr". Naruto let out a small moan from the sensation on his sensitive ear, when he heard the sound that came out of him his face turned a bright red.

"If you wanted to die so badly you could have asked," Sasuke growled his eyes red and sparks coming from his hand, everyone stepped back from the ninja knowing they could not and did not intend to stop him.

"S-stop p-please" Naruto tried to say without moaning his whole face a deep red now from the unwanted stimulation to his ear,

"Why should I stop, you look like your enjoying this" he said seductively running one hand down Naruto's body until he got to the blondes pants while the other was stroking one of the tails getting a satisfying moan in response.

"You keep telling me to stop but this," Kukai said grabbing the other boys arousal through his pants, "is telling me to keep going."

"CHIDORI!" Sasuke yelled at the top of his lungs running at the red head molesting his crush,

"Sasuke wait! I'm right here," Naruto said grabbing him from behind, Sasuke looked between the boy holding him and the one being violated a few times before it hit him,

"That's a shadow clone isn't it," he said feeling stupid that he could not tell the difference between the real Naruto and the fake.

Naruto laughed and nodded his head,

"I can't wait to see his face when it disappears, the only problem is I get the memories of the clone," he said with a small blush.

Sasuke looked over at Kukai and the clone just as it burst into a cloud of smoke,

"When you said you get the memory did you mean that you will feel what it felt?" he asked looking at the blonde fox next to him.

Naruto had closed his eyes when he heard the clone disappear, and felt his body starting to heat up as the memory of the clone came rushing to him. He felt all the touches the breath in his ear as if it was happening to him, he felt his pants start to tighten and was trying to hold back the moan that was caught in his throat.

"Sa-suke" the fox boy finally moaned, "He-help m-me"

Sasuke was mesmerized by the boy his ear's were laid back, his tails were curling and swaying back and forth. His entire face was red and he was panting and sweating but the thing that made Sasuke's mind turn to mush was that the blonde was moaning his name over and over again.

Sasuke did not know if he should take him there or bring him somewhere more privet but he had to do it fast or one of the other boys would get him.

"Hey Duck butt you better not be thinking or ravishing my little kit!" Kyuu yelled floating over to the blonde trying to keep others away, "I don't think he would want to talk to you if you just jumped him after he was violated"

Sasuke started walking to the blonde that was on the ground still dazed from the immense pleasure that was coursing through him,

"If I don't do something they will," Sasuke growled pointing at the three boys looking ready to pounce on his Dobe.

"You don't need to worry about them, we'll hold them back" called all the Chara, "what you need to do is help Naruto"

The Chara were working on holding the hormonal teens back while the girls and Tadase Chara transformed into Amulet Dia, Yamato Maihime, and Platinum Royale to help Sasuke get Naruto away.

"Sasuke we need to get Naruto home, where do you live?" Tadase asked using Holy Crown to block the sex driven boy's path to them as they ran towards the ninjas place.

"Thank you for bringing him to me" Ikuto said jumping in front of them grabbing for Naruto who was in Sasuke's arms,

"I do not think so!" Sasuke yelled punching Ikuto square in the face.

"Fine than I guess we have to get serious, Yoru!" Ikuto jumped into the air as he Chara transformed into Seven Seas Treasure.

"Keep going we'll hold him off" Amu said holding up a globe looking thing, "Twinkle Shield" she yelled making stars and gold shimmering light fly out of the globe making a shield around them.

"I hope that's not all you have, Emerald line!" The sexy pirate yelled slicing right through the shield but was stopped as she kept using it.

"Forget about us?" Kukai asked Chara transformed as Sky Jack, with Nagihiko right behind him Chara transformed as Beat Jumper.

"I say we get serious about our little fox, don't you agree?" Nagihiko asked the red head,

"Let's do this!" Kukai yelled speeding up with his skateboard.

"Dance of The Cherry Blossoms" Nadeshiko called out while cherry blossoms floated around her as she danced, making the two boys stop almost as if they were under hypnoses.

"Keep going we have everything under control" Amu yelled switching from Amulet Dia to Amulet Heart using her heart rod as a blocker against Ikuto's sword.

Sasuke and Tadase had gotten Naruto to the main gate of the school when a few people dressed in black cloaks with red clouds appeared in front of them.

"We'll be taking him if you don't mind" the only thing going through Sasuke's mind was "Shit!"

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