hey guys im really sorry about not updating but my laptop is dead, it wasnt put together correctly and it cooked itself :/

i dont know when i will be able to update since all my work was on it and i dont know if it can be recovered or not.

so please be patient if it cant be recovered i will just have to rewrite my rewrite (it was mostly finished) it will be in an old notebook so it will take a bit cause my hand writing is reallly crappy lol

WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEE! l always wanted to yell that really dramatically but seriously you can PM me and review any questions about any of the fic so far and tell me your thought on character interaction and who should get narulovin (even if its onesided(; ) next and if you want to guess what kakashi has to deliver to tsunade than doo it cause i want to torture him fully lol okay guys sorry for this but ill be in touch if anyone does care :)