Suddenly my whole body became stretched and twisted. I was spinning out of control. I couldn't see anything but a small light, which was getting nearer. I almost puked but then before I knew it I was out and I was falling. Fast. I hit the ground. It looked around me and there were only trees and bushes.

"Where the fuck am I?" My body was sore from the fall but I guess I didn't fall that high because none of my bones were broken, but I do have some scratches and a bleeding cut on my temple.

I was still dizzy but I chose to get up. I walked a few steps but before I knew it I tripped and I was rolling on the ground on the side of a slope.

"Shit!" I said to myself when I finally came to a stop. This time, I waited a few minutes before I stood up. I didn't want any of that to happen again. I walked for what seemed like an eternity until I finally saw a spot where there was only knee-high grass and no trees. There was also a small pond. I was walking towards it thinking of cleaning myself up when I saw her.

I sat at her side. She was sleeping. She was beautiful, yes, but there were a lot more beautiful girls when I came from. It bothered me why she was sleeping in a place like this, on a blanket she laid on the ground. I noticed she still had a book in her hand. The cover on the book reads 'The Little Prince'. It looked like a children's book. I raised one eyebrow. What's a teenage girl doing with this kind of book? I stayed there for a while just looking at her. She was wearing denim shorts, a white tank top and a blue-green knitted cardigan. She had curves alright but it was nothing compared to the women back home. My eyes went back to her face. I noticed a thin black wire that extends to her ear. She had earphones on. I pushed her hair back and I took it, hoping I could listen to some music but then her eyes shot open. She immediately sat up and started screaming.

"Wait! Wait! Stop!" desperately tried to calm her down. It earned me a punch on the face.

"Pervert!" She tried to stand up but I put both my hands on either of her shoulders and sat her down.

"Would you just shut up for a moment! I'm not a pervert! I just.. watched you sleep." I wanted to hit my head against a wall after saying that.

"So that's supposed to show that you're not a pervert?!" She was trying so hard to releases herself from my grip but to no avail.

"Stay still! I'm not going to hurt you! If I was, I should've already!" She seemed to calm down. "I'm not.. from around here. I need your help." I couldn't tell her the truth without her thinking I'm crazy.

"Where are you from? And why are you wearing a tux and a backpack on? Those two don't mix you know."

"This is.. uhm… What we normally wear.. back home."

"You rich?"

"Yep. Filthy rich. Look, If you want some money I could give it to you.. a lot of it. I just want you to promise that you'd help me.

"I don't need your money. I'm filthy rich myself. My dad's a big movie producer and my mom's a famous actress. I could live until the day I die without having to work. But I will help you.. if you just tell me why the fuck you're here and who the hell you are."

"Well, if I told ya, you wouldn't believe me." I grinned.

"I'll try to keep an open mind." She smirked.

"Okay. My name is.. Tate. I'm a.. prince.. from the future." I tried to keep my voice as straight as possible so she'd believe me. For a minute, I thought she did, but then she broke out into hysterical laughter.

"I-I Can't believe this shit." She continued laughing. She was laughing so hard she was crying. I was getting irritated, but I knew a way to get her to believe me. So I just waited 'till she finished.

When the laughter died down, I lifted my wrist and pressed the silver button on the left side of my watch. Then a green light shot out of it and scanned her face. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. I pressed the silver button again and a holographic image of her face appeared. My watch spoke with its robotic voice.


"What's your name again?" I was completely satisfied with that look on her face.

"V-v-violet. Violet Harmon." She looked so astonished.

"Violet Harmon." The watch repeated her name and the image disappeared.

"What. Was. That." She leaned in trying to get a better look of the watch.

"Oh that's just my watch." I grinned.

""So you really are from the future? Why did you come here?"

"Well you see, I was gonna be king and my dad arranged a marriage for me. I just turned eighteen. I'm not ready for that shit you know? All I wanted was to get drunk, get stoned and bang hot girls."

"How noble of you. Was your fiancée ugly? Is that why you ran away?"

"Nah. She was hot. But she sleeps around. I'm not saying that I'm only into virgins but she just had one too many. Sssooooo.. now that I told you what you wanted to know, will you help me?"

"Nope!" She smirked. Normally, this would piss me off, her smirking a lot, but it suits her. I'll let it pass.

"What? Why? I told you everything!"

"I want the watch."


"You heard me. Give me the watch and I'll help you." She was very stubborn.

"Fine." I liked my watch.

"So what do you need?" She asked while putting 'my' watch on.

"Probably the bottom two on Maslow's hierarchy of needs."

"Are you some kind of nerd?"

"Only by necessity. I'm a prince. I need to be smart."

"What happened to presidents?"

"Well, the results of the election could easily be changed 'cause of technology. The people didn't trust that anymore. So instead of getting pissed off when some politician cheated, they decided that it's better that the position get inherited. It saved them all of the frustrations."

"Okay. So what else is there with future earth?"

"Well, we have 82 sunsets in a day now."

"That's cool. I like watching sunsets."

"Really? I like watching birds."


"'Coz they can fly away when things get too crazy I guess."

"That's what gave you the brilliant idea of running away?" She smiled.

"Yes." I grinned. I suddenly remembered something. "Aren't your parents gonna look for you?"

"Nah. I got my own place now. You're not the only one who turned eighteen. It was my parent's gift." She smiled even wider. "Besides, it doesn't change anything If I still lived with them or not. They're never home."

"Where are they?" I asked. My eyes never left her face.

"They're always at some event doing their thing. You know, being rich and awesome." Her smile never faded, but I knew she was sad. We were silent for a while.

"Hey, you need to get those cuts cleaned.. and seriously, the tux must go. What's in the bag anyway?" she said.

"Money." I opened the bag to show her. "Lots of it."

"Don't brag. Let's just go back to my house so you clean up. We could order pizza after. I don't cook for anyone."

"Sounds like a plan." I smiled. I put her things in the bag and we got up to our feet.

We were about to leave when we heard a noise. It was getting nearer. We looked at each other, searching the other's face for answers, but we were both clueless. I broke of the silence.

"Are there snakes here?" I asked.

"I don't think so. I always go here. I've never seen one before. Holy shit! What is that?!" Her eyes widened. I turned around to see what it was, but nothing was there.

"What was it? I didn't see anything."

"I-It looked like a slime of some sort. It looked like a.. like a.. like a blob. With glasses on. And a backpack." Her face scrunched up, trying to make sense of it all.

But it did make sense. To me, at least.

"Bob? Bob? It's alright, I'm here. She won't hurt you." I shouted and looked all around me.

"Bob? That thing has a name?" she looked at me like I was being ridiculous.

"Of course he does. He's like the new man's bestfriend. He's very smart. He must've followed me. Oh hey Bob!" Bob slid towards us. Parting the grass that came across his way.

"Bob, this is Violet. She's my friend. Say hi." I carried him so that he came face to face with her.

"Hi.. Bob." She was smiling. I think she likes Bob. Most girls just get repulsed.

Bob jumped and she caught him. She giggled.

"I think he likes you."

"I like him too." She giggled again. I just kept looking at her. I never noticed how beautiful her eyes were.. the way they sparkle. And her smile.. it was.. captivating. Breath-taking even. She caught me looking at her. I turned my gaze at the very interesting grass beneath my feet.

"We should probably go. I'm hungry." She said while putting Bob down.

"Yeah. I'm Hungry too."