Hi this is HeadHitman! This is the first time I'm writing a story and it's about my favorite anime and pairing! Sadly the anime ended but I wish to write about a love story between R27! Please support me and I'll try to write as much as I can!

Warnings and Tag: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, TsunaxReborn, Romance, Comedy, Abusive Language, OOC character, 18 year old Reborn, 16 year old Tsuna, maybe a bit of smut, Rivals!


Tsuna's Pov:

H-Hi my name is Tsunayoshi Sawada but…. Well some people call me Tsuna. I'm officially 16 year old and I moved from Italy to Japan. In specific term, I am currently in a town of Namimori, Japan. I've heard it was peaceful and pretty good of a neighborhood. I'm currently worried about myself for now, I've been trained by professional and one of them is gonna be a junior of the school I'm going too. His name is Fon and he's a fierce martial artist… and he's pretty… hot… Anyways! Haha yea I'm bisexual… I think. No I'm actually pretty much asexual. If you don't know what that means its saying I'm into others but a definite no to sex. I think I'm also demisexual… Well let's just ignore my case of being confused in sexuality.

I've arrived to my new house and its pretty close from my new school, Namimori High. I'm going to be living with my dad's companion's son, Mochida. I never liked the guy one bit, but no one believes that Mochida wasn't a good boy, because people always thought of me as the boy who lies or Dame-Tsuna. The only one who believed me was Fon, I always thought of Fon as a really great older brother and maybe a good lover too. I couldn't live with Fon because my dad wouldn't give me the consent to it for some reason which basically pissed me off. Well it's time for me to face reality and get in the damn house that I will hate forever.

I entered the house and found trash all over the ground as I struggled my way toward the living room. I passed the kitchen filled with the rotting scent of food and trash all over the ground, and finally got to the living room where I found the idiot on the sofa, eating a bag of chips while he watched some pornography. Simply disgusted by the foolishness that is shown to my eyes. I say, "Mochida I'm here." He looked at me and snorted, "As if I care Dame-Tsuna. I'm busy so fuck off"

I didn't reply but went upstairs toward the two rooms. One seemed to be his and the other was just filled with garbage, most likely the room I'm suppose to use. I sighed and began cleaning the room while thanking god that it's a Saturday which means no school till a day after. After an hour of cleaning the horrifying mess, I can finally see the other side of the room, and can smell the fresh air from opening the god damn window that's been closed since that moron began living in this place. I got my furniture and luggage in an hour later and finally it looks normal. I decorated the room with sunset orange curtain on the window, a pure white desk and chair, a queen size bed with a white pillow and an orange blanket, and finally got my closet neatly filled with my clothes. I went to the door to put at least 3 extra locks just in case Mochida decides to do something stupid as usual and finally went to my bed and sat down in peace. Thank god there is a bathroom only connected to my room because of Mochida. I took out my silver apple laptop and opened but giggling, to tell you the truth, my desktop wallpaper is Fon! I'd be so embarrassed if he knew about this! It's one of my many secrets that I keep to myself.

As I enjoyed my time I hear massive knocking at my door and I yelled, "What do you want!" I waited for a reply and it was the stupidest one of yet to hear from him. "Hey Dame-Tsuna do my homework! I'm too busy to do some useless shit!" I sighed and said, "You call me Dame-Tsuna and you want me to do the work? Aren't you plain stupid Mochida" then I hear him kick my door and yell, "Shut the fuck up! Why don't you come here and get a beating from me like old times!" I kicked the door and heard him fall in shock and yell out some more curses at me. I sat back down on my bed and tears flowed down, 'Oh how I hate this life! I'll have to deal with him at home and school...' The hunger inside of me died down as all I can think of is to escape this life of mine.

Reborn's Pov:

Let's keep this short. Names Reborn Chaos and I'm 18. I can do whatever I want and do anything my way. I live alone, not into relationships, only into one night stand, love espresso, and hate anyone who gets in my way. I'm bisexual but my rule and my game is that I am never the bottom; I'm always on top of others. I don't have parents and don't need them anyways. I live alone in a mansion because I'm rich obviously. I have 7 other 'companions' who are Colonello, Verde, Lal Mirch, Luce, Skull, Viper, and Fon. Fon seems to be happy these days smiling and talking about this brat name… Tuna? I don't remember that well but seems like he's pretty interesting from what Fon says.

I go to a school called Namimori High which is located in Namimori, Japan. I'm the main attraction, I'm a junior, and it is so fucking boring. There's nothing fun that goes around the place and today is Saturday. I have nothing to do except stay at home all day. It's pretty much peaceful and quiet. Just how I like it. My room is white however in contrast my king size bed has a black pillow and a black blanket, the large desk is black, the curtains are the color of black and purple, and my closet? It's filled with my formal suit and some casual wears and of course my black and orange fedora hat. I have a pet chameleon whose name is Leon; he's the only partner that I have and will ever keep.

I have a job at my age which is being a hitman. The world's greatest hitman of course. I've taken on many jobs and of course they are all hidden under my private records. We all have secrets that we don't reveal to the world and live pretty fine in it too. I looked at my clock and its seven o'clock now. I went downstairs to cook myself some food and after I took a bath and went out for the night. Time to get some of the man in me out.