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Dizzying flashes of light surrounded the Sun God as he found himself falling through a world of oblivion.

"Woah!" he cried out when he hit a cold, stone floor.

"Welcome Apollo... We have a new assignment for you."

Apollo suddenly scowled, "Would you just come out already?! I'm sick of you talking in the shadows like some evil fortune teller!"

When he finally finished his little rant, he looked up to see a blonde, scantily clad figure relaxing on the plush couch before him. He raised his eyebrows appreciably, and then, with a wink, proceeded to make his way over to her.

Before he could even get close though, a manicured hand came up, literally freezing him in his tracks.

"Na-ah. Business only," came the statement that was instantly matched by a pout coming from the God's part.

He sighed, "So my new assignment... What is it...?"

"Kill Xena."

He blinked. Once. Twice. Then stood up to gaze around him.

There was nothing, he didn't even know how he was standing.

Suddenly, he felt two hands starting to caress his arms. He recognised the touch, soft, passionate... Xena's. He smiled then looked down at her hands.

The look quickly turned into a long, persistent stare.


Blood, all over her hands. Leaving a trail of it wherever she touched him.

He jerked away, seeing his own hands covered in it. Mortal blood… could be anyone's. Could be Xena's. Turning around, he met his love's eyes. Still a piercing, fiery blue. Then he looked at what she was wearing…. armour, his armour. The battle dress he gave her when she was his warlord.


"Shhhhh," it all ran together when she passionately kissed him on the mouth. "Good isn't it, Ares? You having me back….. The darkness... I'm yours...all yours"

She kissed him again, tongue demanding entry. Her hands gripping his hair, staining it with blood. Whether he was shocked, surprised or disgusted, he couldn't tell but he pulled back, looking at her again. She had a feral grin plastered on her visage.

He frowned. This isn't what he wanted. He wanted the new Xena. Not the old one.

She leaned in again but this time, he pulled away, not wanting to touch her. She reached for him and he grabbed her wrists, stopping them mid-air from touching his chest.

He looked at them again, still stained with blood. Suddenly, they started to change.

They started to shrivel up, warts exploding over the surface, surrounded by ugly, scarred and cracked skin. Startled, he let them go, taking another step back.

"It's good, isn't it Areeees... Everything you've ever wanted..."

"No, no, no..."

"What do you mean no?! Don't you want me any more Ares?" her voice was high pitched, scratchy, like broken shards of glass. Her face and body started to transform and scantily clad, blonde figure was now in Xena's place.


"Hello Ares..."

"That was …you?" he asked.

"Just a vision of the future..." a wicked grin came over her pale visage. "I'm gonna guess you don't want that happening?"

Ares eyes were blazing with anger, "What do you want?"

Her voice came out shrill but commanding, "Furies! The verdict is settled. Ares is guilty of the crimes said against him. He will be punished with madness!" With one last evil grin, she disappeared.

Panting, Ares sat bolt right in bed. Sweat lined his brow and he reached for Xena.

"Ares, wha-what are you doing?"

Frantically, he pulled her form towards him, wrapping his arms around her tightly. He buried her face in her hair, breathing in deeply, the soft scent.

Still confused, Xena caressed his arms lightly, "Ares... what happened?"

His only response was a sweet, protective kiss on her forehead before pulling back to look at her.

She frowned and brough a hand up to smooth back his hair and took the corner of the sheet to wipe his brow.

"You're sweating Ares, what did you see?"

"Don't ever change, Baby, not ever," he said bringing her to sit properly on his lap, facing him. To be more comfortable, she wrapped her legs around his waist while he convulsively gripped hers.

He kissed her softly before saying: "I love you now, not when you were a warlord. I love you."

He leaned in again and kissed her tenderly and lovingly, but the other Xena, the one that tasted of blood, invaded his mind. He pulled back abruptly.

Slowly, he felt himself go crazy. He wanted to rip this women apart but at the same time, throw her down and fuck her hard.

Putting his hands on his temples, he vainly tried to keep in control.

"You need to get away from me," at her confused look he added: "Don't worry, it will be over soon. It'll be ok, just get 'Dite to take you away. I'm sorry Xe... but you're not safe around me at the moment..."


"NO! Please, just go... I don't want to hurt you," his eyes were sad and his voice so pleading that she jumped off him grabbing the sheet off the bed to cover her naked body.

To think, only a few hours before, they were making love and now he was asking her to leave?!

Shaking her head vigorously at the strangeness of the situation, she walked out of the room, felling his burning gaze on her form.

Ares continued to stare, even when the door was closed and he could no longer see her. His eyes glued until he heard a shout then pink light fill the cracks around the door. Only then could he lean back, happy with the knowledge she was safe- for now...

A satisfied smile graced Alecto's features. The other two Furies were grinning like crazy behind her.

"We did it! Now Xena is no longer under Ares' protection and he won't come like a puppy when he's called 'cause he doesn't trust himself with her... Perfect... Apollo now you can kill her..."

The other two Furies laughed uncontrollably and Alecto and Apollo joined in. Until Apollo slipped an arm around her waist and pulled the blonde towards him.

"Yeah, now it's my turn to win," with that line, he crushed his lips down onto hers.