Bubbline highschool au

It was the time of day where all the students were doing the flapping of the lips. The hallways were crowded with students who were socializing in clumps or trying to finish homework for first period before the bell sounded. The air smelled like anxiety and the mold spores that grow between pages of old textbooks.

Seniors filtered in from the parking lot at the last possible second, while freshman had been in their assigned seats for 30 minutes. The bell rang as the stragglers filed into each of their classes and teachers' doors were shut with a ch-clack of finality.

Across town…

Marceline was running late, more so than usual. Her shitbox car's battery was drained as a result of the interior lights being on all night.

"Dammit" She cursed her forgetfulness as she opened her car door. Up the neighbors' front steps went she, but then a heavenly smell wafted towards her. She swallowed all the saliva that had just filled her mouth and advanced over the last step onto the porch. It smelled like the most heavenly apple pie. Who would be cooking a desert this early in the morning? Whoever it was, she hoped they could help her with a jump. Ooland high school was not within walking distance.

Marceline rapped on the white door and her knuckles came back with little crumbs of paint on them. She wiped her hand on her pant leg and shifted from foot to foot waiting for someone to open up.

When the door was opened, a woman who looked to be around 60 stepped forward and smiled.

"Hello there" she said. "Just who might you be?"

"Hi, I'm Marceline. I just moved into the house next to yours… um, could I trouble you for a jump? I have the cables and everything." Answered Marceline, hoping to display the outward friendliness showed to her by this grandma-ish looking lady.

"Oh, sure. We'll have you fixed up in a jiff." She motioned for Marceline to join her inside.

"My name is Theresa but you can call me Tree Trunks." said Tree Trunks as she left Marceline standing in the foyer.

Marceline smirked at the doorway that Theresa or "Tree Trunks" had disappeared through. It was an odd nickname.

The older woman reappeared with her shoes, a jacket and a container in hand.

"Would you like some apple pie to take with you? I just made it."

"Yeah, you bet." Score thought Marceline silently. "Thanks."

"No problem, Honey." Replied the woman sweetly.

While Marceline went inside to put the pie in the fridge (she snuck a few bites), Tree Trunks set up the jumper cables. It took her a few tries to clamp the cables on the right parts but soon enough, Marceline was backing out of the driveway and on her way to school.

Marceline walked into first hour 15 minutes before it was scheduled to end. She could practically hear the oatmeal sloshing in everyone's heads as they turned to look at her.

Well, better late than never, she thought to herself.

That's when she looked up to see what everyone had stopped staring at her for. They were all looking at Mr. Lemongrab at the front of the room, who'd stopped lecturing after Marceline had walked in. He looked pissed.

"Where's…your late…pass?" He bit out.

"Um, I forgot to get one." She said, trying to feign sheepishness. It didn't look like it was working…

"UNACCEPTABLE!" Shouted Mr. Lemongrab. "Go sit in the hall!"

Marceline knew that this reaction wasn't warranted, but there was no point in arguing with a fricking psycho. She began to gather her things and was making for the door with anger and humiliation brewing in her gut.

She heard a snicker and wasn't surprised to see that it was Elle Espie who had made the noise. Marceline just kept walking. She hadn't been intimidated by Elle since the 6th grade after she'd shoved her and Elle had promptly started crying like the pansy-ass she was and is. Marceline remembered getting no recess for three weeks, but the sense of superiority was worth it.

She plopped down on the blah-colored floor tiles and the blegh-colored lockers with her class-stuff next to her. She wasn't sure what exactly Lemongrab wanted her to do in the hall. It was completely counterproductive…

She flipped her left hand over and pretended to be playing the bass part of "When I'm Sixty-Four" by The Beatles on her palm. Her right hand executed the strumming pattern on the edge of the rip in her jeans. Pretending to play her bass was soothing the poisonous irritation out of her and she took some deep breaths before quietly humming the tune…

Then a door was opened further down the hall and she went silent and her hands were motionless. It looked like the chem geeks were headed outside for an experiment. The teacher was toting a rocket and the science students were acting a bit giddy. Marceline was jealous. In her opinion, It didn't matter if the geeks were weird or not. At least they got to mess around with rockets and junk.

One science geek in particular caught Marceline's eye. The one in a pink dress… Sitting out in the hall hadn't turned out to be such a bad thing. It must've been destiny or something.

How does one manage to look intellectual and feminine at the same time? Mused realized she'd been staring just a smidge too long at Bonnibel. The girl in question saw Marceline staring and did this sort of cute lip-bitey thing and looked at the floor. Was that a faint blush?

God, that was cute thought Marceline. She decided to keep staring. Firstly, because her rebellious nature was kicking in; And Secondly, because Bonnibel was just adorbs.

Bonnibel noticed the purposeful staring as she walked past the girl on the floor. She could feel the other girls' eyes on her. She decided the best course of action would be to stare at the floor and not acknowledge it. If only her face would quit flaming!

When the pink-faced girl was out the door Marceline was smiling to herself and pantomiming the bass line for "I Want You (She's so Heavy)" because that girl was fiiiiiiiiiiine.

The only question now was whether Bonny was blushing because she liked the way Marceline had looked at her or because she was embarrassed…

Marceline was hoping for the first.