Adventure school chapter 4

"Home work is to read pages 125 to 137 and finish the Comprehension Questions for that chapter." said Mr. Pig as he abandoned a white board full of notes and retired to his desk.

His name wasn't actually Mr. Pig. It was Mr. Shirk but Marceline figured that mentally calling someone a name other than their own couldn't do any harm and he DID look rather piggish.

It was the last class of the day, and it would be over in less than 3 minutes. Marceline tapped her fingers against the surface of her desk. She wrote down the assigned homework and snuck a peek at Jake who sat at the back of the room. He took a break from mooning over his girlfriend, Reyna, to give Marceline a thumbs up.

She gave him a crooked smile and rolled her eyes, turning back around. Reyna's name wasn't actually Reyna either. It was Haeun but her classmates and teachers couldn't produce any phonetics that resembled that. Hell, they had quite a bit of trouble pronouncing the Hispanic kids' names, let alone a Korean name. So Haeun chose something that American tongues were more familiar with.

Now that Marceline thought about it, it was kind of sad.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the bell signaling the end of the day.

Getting up from her seat, she felt a surge of energy. Finally, this day was over.

She grabbed her books and, hugging them to her chest, she hurried out of the classroom and into the busy hallway. She avoided clots of students socializing. They'd only slow her down.

Marceline opened her locker and tried to mentally recall what books were needed for tonight's homework.

Let's see...Social Studies and English Comp 12. Got it.

She located the appropriate books and stuffed them in her bag.

Now all I have to do is enjoy the ride home. She thought thankfully.

Marceline had made it into her car and was about half way home when she realized she never did repay Tree Trunks, her neighbor, for giving her car a jump a few weeks ago.

"Hmmmm…." She wondered at what Tree Trunks would want….

Tree Trunks was an older lady, an older lady with an apple pie obsession.

Apples! Cooking apples! She thought excitedly, like she'd solved a difficult puzzle.

Marceline remembered there was a supermarket that wasn't far out of her way. She turned left at the next light in the direction of the store. After parking she walked inside and towards the produce section. That's when she hit an obstacle. There were, like, 50 bamillion types of apples. She fumbled around for a second or two, picking up apples and wondering if they were the right kind. Then she gave up and went to ask for some help. A man with a red vest and button that read "Have a question? I can help!" was in fact very helpful. He showed her what type of apple is good for cooking, especially in pies. She bagged and weighed around 4 pounds of granny smith apples, knowing that this amount of apples would last Tree Trunks about a week to a week and a half at most.

Marceline paid for the apples and walked back to her car. She set the huge bag of apples next to her backpack in the passenger seat and began the rest of the drive home. That's when she started to think: What if Tree Trunks doesn't need any apples? What if she likes to buy her own apples? What if these aren't the right kind after all?

She gripped the steering wheel. Don't go there, Marceline. You're repaying her for a kindness she showed you. Tree Trunks would probably appreciate this even if you brought pears. That's just how she is.

Maybe I'm just not the gift-giving type. Maybe that's just how I am.

Marceline pulled into her gravel driveway and turned off the engine of her car. She noticed a car in Tree Trunks' drive that did not belong to Tree Trunks.

She obviously has company over and I don't wanna bother her, so I'll just ring the bell and leave the apples on the porch and scram. It will just be a random act of kindness and no one will suspect shit.

"Ok, Ok" She chants to psyche herself up. She grabs the bag of apples, walks quickly up the porch. A snippet of muffled conversation seems to slip out from the bottom of the door followed by light laughter. She sets the apples down gently on the welcome mat, takes a breath and rings the doorbell.

She hears the once steady hum of conversation cease and this jolts her to jump over all five stone steps onto the sidewalk. Her right foot lands on the pavement cleanly, but her left foot is a different story. She lands on her left foot sideways and lets out a yelp as she loses her balance. She hits the ground with her hip and sucks in a breath as she feels pain blossom there as well as in her ankle.

"Owwwshit" she muttered through gritted teeth. Just then she heard the door open.

"Is that you, Marceline? Honey, are you Ok?" Tree Trunks said, voice full of concern.

Marceline slowly propped herself up with her hands and opened her watering eyes. She saw Tree Trunks look down at the apples on the porch and then at her on the ground. Then, something clicked inside Tree Trunks' head and her face changed from surprise to compassion. And in the doorway behind Tree Trunks was freaking Mr. Pig.

So that's who was visiting her and right after school, too! Thought Marceline, distracted from her pain.

"Uhm, I'm fine. Just hurt my ankle." said Marceline, trying to figure out how to fix this social blunder.

"Let's get you inside. Shirk, Hon, could you help Marceline into the kitchen?" said Tree Trunks. She hefted the apples up into her arms as her teacher, Mr. Shirk, came down the stairs to offer her a hand.

"I'm fi-" tried Marceline but Shirk was already next to her.

"Hey there, Marceline. Do you think you can walk on your own?"

"I'm not sure…" She let Shirk pull her into a standing position on her right foot. She put some weight on her left side and felt that she could still walk, even if it was pretty uncomfortable.

"I think I just sprained it a little."

"Ok then, I'm just gonna keep my hand under your forearm here so you don't have to put so much weight on that foot." Said Mr. Pig with his deep voice.

She made it up the stairs by taking them one at a time. Mr. Pig was a short, fat man but was surprisingly strong enough to help her into the kitchen without any trouble.

She sat in a white chair breathing in the apples and cinnamon smell of Tree Trunks' house. The bag of apples sat on the counter next to the sink. Mr. Pig sat opposite of her at the table. There were mugs of what smelled like coffee and two plates of partially finished apple pie.

Marceline felt like an idiot. She had failed to give Tree Trunks an anonymous gift, made a fool of herself, interrupted their date and her freaking teacher had to help her crippled ass into the house. Tree Trunks interrupted Marceline's pity party when she walked back into the room toting a small first aid kit and an ice pack.

"Ok Honey, show me the worst of it."

Marceline winced as she rolled up her pant leg to reveal the injured ankle. There was only a small scrape on the skin, but the joint looked to be a bit swollen when compared to her right side.

"That's not so bad. We'll have you fixed up in no time." Said Tree Trunks as she pulled Marceline's foot onto her lap. Tree Trunks plucked some ointment and a bandaid from the first aid kit.

"Thank you." Marceline said quietly as Tree Trunks bandaged her up.

"Oh, no problem. Thanks for the apples! I just ran out of em, too."

"I should get you some more to, like, repay you for this."

"Oh, Sweetie, you don't owe me nothin'! I'm happy to help my neighbor."

Surprised by this genuine statement, Marceline didn't say anything but "Oh."

Tree Trunks set Marceline's foot back on the ground and got up to wash her hands.

"Would you like some pie? Coffee?"

"I-" She was about to say no, but she thought I've already thoroughly embarrassed myself. I might as well have some damn pie.

"Sure but, could I take it home with me? I have some homework for Mr. Shirk's class that I should start." She wasn't honestly interested in doing homework, she just wanted to get into her apartment and away from people.

"I did give an assignment today, didn't I?" Mr. Pig said before eating a bite of pie.

"I forgot Mr. Shirk here works at the high school. It slipped my mind that you might know 'im. Sure, I'll wrap it up for ya. Take that ice pack for your foot."

"Oh, that's Ok. I have a bag of frozen peas I can throw on it."

Tree Trunks looked skeptical but she said "Alright, then." as she handed over the container.

"Thanks again."

"You're Welcome. Don't be a stranger, now."

"See you in class, tomorrow." Called Mr. Pig.

"I won't and, yeah, see you tomorrow." She said as she limped towards the door.

Closing the door behind her, she felt her hip and ankle throbbing. But she also felt happy. Happy because it seemed that Tree Trunks and even Mr. Pig seemed to truly have concern for her. It didn't seem like it burdened them. It kind of reminded her of when her parents took care of her.

It kind of made her miss her Father.

All the while she was thinking these thoughts; she had made it into her apartment. She dumped her backpack on the couch in the living room/kitchen. The rather large container of apple pie had been placed in the fridge.

Marceline had an ice pack on her foot and a cellphone in hand. She dialed the numbers.


"Hey, Dad. How's it going?"

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